Monday, 31 May 2010

Essential Male Femininity

1. All hair on the body should be regularly denuded of hair. The lack of body hair is a sign of classic femininity in contrast to hairiness, a masculine trait. The body looks and feels much smoother and softer and looks more feminine.
2. Head hair should be allowed to grow long to enable it to be styled in a feminine style and to allow hair accessories to be attached. Note: many women love men with long hair and many cannot help but want to be involved in grooming and styling it in a feminine way
3. Nails should be clean, shaped and varnished.
4. Earrings should be worn (preferably as a result of piercing but clip on earrings are fine)
5. Other body piercings are at the discretion of the individual concerned
6. The feminine male should refrain from exercise that will develop muscle - in the new order that is to come, women will prefer their menfolk to be slim and delicate.
7. Feminine males need to diet to seek the worthy goal of becoming slim and lithe.
8. Eyebrows should be plucked.
9. Eyelashes should be curled.
10. Personal hygiene should be of the highest standards i.e no body hair, clean and perfumed flesh.

1. Panties. The wearing of panties is the most pure sign of femininity and a feminine male must wear them at all times even if circumstances mean that he cannot wear any other type of female clothing.
2. Bra. Although there is in most cases no need to wear one, male breasts should be covered to induce modesty, a feminine trait. The removal of a bra for a male should be as traumatic as if it happened to a female.
3. Stockings and pantyhose - these should be worn as often as possible as these define the legs. Alternatively, anklets/frilly socks should be worn with bare legs
4. Trousers - a feminine male should not wear trousers - these are for females as the more masculine and dominant sex.
5. Dress or Skirt and top/blouse - these should be worn as often as possible - with skirts, preferably a mini-skirt should be worn and the hemline of a dress and skirt should be a short as possible.
6. Shoes - these should be female shoes and should try to match the outfit being worn. High heels preferred as these induce feminine traits but pretty flat shoes serve well too.
7. Jewellery - necklaces, bangles, bracelets, rings should be worn as these are symbolic of femininity - traditionally given as trinkets to a woman by a man and reinforcing his status as protector and hers as his property. In the new order, women will be the protectors and providers and we will be dependant upon them - women will be more masculine and treat us as property/concubines.
8. Make Up - as women once had a duty to look pretty, that duty has now fallen to us and we are required to wear full make up to look pretty for our wives and girlfriends.
9. Hair accessories - ribbons, barettes, hair grips and other pretty accessories should be added to enhance the prettiness of the wearer.
10. Other underwear - wear a teddy, a basque, a negligee, bra and panties/thong in the bedroom - as directed by the assertive female in your life.
11. Nightwear - wear a nighdress, ladies PJ - there are many varieties, which is great - when not expected to dress up for your partner as in point 10.

1. Purse and handbag - when you start wearing dresses and skirts you will notice that you no longer have any pockets and so you will need a handbag to carry any spare gear in and a purse to carry your money and credit cards.
2. Perfume - You should perfume your body in feminine scents.

Adopting feminine dress is a positive move for any male,but as important is the psychological side - thinking feminine - feminine dress will help you to feel that being pretty and sweet is your role but you need to abandon male traits and become more submissive and docile and accepting of female leadership in all aspects of your life. Your wife should be the protector and provider and you will be the homemaker and chief childraiser. You will appreciate the prettiness of your clothes and accessories and will be appreciative of being allowed to be feminine and leading a feminine life.

The future is female and females are becoming more masculine. We males must accept that we cannot compete with the superior woman and must adapt and become feminine and serve her as helpmate and homemaker for the good of society.


  1. Excellent and Correct! As usual Russell...You are Right On! Male Femininity is Wonderful!

  2. the items of clothing you suggest although I would agree do often make women objects of sexual desire. They are not designed to that is just how as aculture they are perceived originally they were made for women for practicality women have less hairy legs that they noramlly want to show off which is why they were skirts (although they can wear trousers if they want) men do not, women wear bras to support their breasts men don't have breasts so they're un-necesary. Also, women choose to wear make-up and other things like that most of women I know don't have a yearning to dress like men and be make-up less they would rather express themselves as women.

    1. the reason women wore skirts is become a woman is pants was considered obscene, theres some stuff going back to the depression and industrial revolution where women worked in coal mines wore pants and it was a big problem working alongside men in clothing that showed off theyr waist, legs and booty, there was alot of assault and the like because theyr pretty much wearing very skimpy clothing around men deep in a coal mine...

  3. go cehck ur statistics, im pretty sure violence in young males is higher than ever before and ur saing that we are becoming less masculin, i also dont believe you that women are getting higher grades and better jobs and higher pay than men, maby theres more women around but that doesnt mean they are better than us now and that house husband shit, lol good one, maby a few more but nothing that groundbreaking, more women want a professonal man that makes alot of money and still want to be taken care of even if they do work. look at france in the 1800s, men wer very girly but that didnt last, just because theres a few "guys" out there wearing skinny jeans doesnt mean we are gona start wearing makup, high heels, bra, hose, u can see some trends like this all through time, look at glam rock, the style was started by a closet homosexual from a very popular band of the day, he has admited hes gay now but noone knew they wer taking ques from a gay man on now to dress back then, its all just fads, and i dont see women becoming more masculin unless u count gay women, and i dont beacuse gay is not normal, u do what u want i dont care but if everyone in the world was gay it would literaly stop turning in one generation. i carry a bag with me, for my computer and electronics, because gd its just convenient not because i want to be like a woman but because i only have 2 pockets, socioty is becoming less homophobic not men are becoming women, u pulled this entire thing out of your ass, if u want ur men to do all of this why diont u just try to fuck a girl, u probably will like it beter, if u dont believe me then why dont u go look at some videos on peoples opinion of fem men, theres still plenty of women that love tall, big, hairy,and broad men, in fact most of them do and im not one of those men btw i am more on the feminin side myself but id never wear makeup curl my eyelashes or put on heels. everything you say goes against thousands of years of human biology, men and women are difrent in more ways than you could count, our brains even work difrently, men are made to be hunters and women are gatherers if u dont believe me ask a psychologist, they would laugh at you, as much as women want to escape these gender rolls that are ingrained into our genes u just cant, i only see women talking about how we arent animals and we have no instincts, we run on instincts u just dont know it, biology controles us all

    1. i was thinking about something, we are doing worse in school than we used to, alot of this i think has to do with our society right now.
      look at men today we are irresponsible and lazy,we are taught that being a "slacker" or a "thug" is cool, that or ur a douch that says bro too much in collage frat and is more concerned with getting fked up than actual school, this is glamorized on tv and movies, there are more men in jail than ever before.
      we have no fathers anymore, men and women are getting devorced. if your son grows up without a father he will grow up idolizing ppl on tv instead of theyr his example.
      fathers are also much better for putting the fear of god into a kid, i grew up without a father and i idolized loosers on tv and have no discipline becase we werent afraid of our mother but i remember being afraid of a man way more, it fucked me and my sister up, not having a father.
      we learn by mimicry, we do what we see and if the only male influence is on tv u grow up trying to be like that, it happened to me, i thought it was cool to not care about school and i didn't have that father to put the fear of god into me, it also happened to all those kids in jail now.
      so men are growing up without fathers, got no discpline and bad examples everywhere, we also have testosterone wich makes us more likely to get into trouble than women, so yeah women are kinda in a way naturally more responsible than us, iv'e seen lots of women that are not responsible at all so don't get me the wrong way, they'r not prone to the violence or just for lack of a better word "tomfoolery" than men are.
      society is just generaly fucked up right now, look at how we wer in the 50s, no negative bs on tv, husband and wives stayed together and managed to raise decent children, then came elvis, and then the beatles, people started to loosen up, 70s people start to do drugs, but alot still remain smart, alot of political things happening and more people cared back then, then the 80s and 90s came along and started teaching us to be stupid, role modles like bart simpson told us not to care about anything. no one cares whats in movies and tv as much as before because everyone loosened up about 20-30 years ago, so now we glamorize sex, drugs, partying, paris hilton, gangsters, pot heads, slackers, rebels, and michael bay. do those things sounds responsible to you, no, so our men are failing at life and society is breaking down as we speak, the beetles may have ended the world (lol).
      so women may be taking larger rolls in the home but i dont think it will be an all encompassing thing where all men are at home and all women are out working, i dont think im gona call a group of female furniture movers or a male nanny (my sister and niece were molested so don't judge, women don't do that shit as often) men and women are just different body and mind.

  4. and i really don't think that men are gona start wearing skirts, bra and heels, i think that this is a personal fantasy for your, as i thought you wer a women at first glance, i didn't see the name or face at first, u are wearing a blouse and have a female haircut unlike anything even the most afeminin male would ever consider, outside the social norm. not hating on u but i dont think u have the same perspective as a normal man does, you like to dress like this and i find the thought repulsive and im on the more feminin side myself, but im still a man.
    with the social revolution i was talking about earlyer we are now gradualy becoming more accepting of men doing more femenin things like getting our nails done or caring about ones appearance when u go back to 1950 and aerlyer u had people being biased based on religion, race, creed, sex, and sexual preference, not very open minded to anything.
    but i really dont think that it will become what you think i just see that this generation of men are irresponsible and women are sometimes picking up the slack but i dont see it as a majority its a minority of households that work like this, we are just more open minded about things like this in this day and age.

  5. another reason against role reversal, war, women are too important to send to fight in a war, not to mention women and men are physicaly different, our muscles are larger naturaly, our testosterone makes us that way, and the structure of the muscles is different, women cannot be replaced ni a socioty, each woman can have 1 child a year more or less but a man can have many, we are dispensible, we are better naturaly at fighting, we are more agresive, its in our biology, men and women work as two peices of the same machine, each with a seprate role, one is agresive large and expendable for breeding, we are made to protect our societys and we have a natural want to take charge and lead and if u loook at poles more women are less accepting of a female leader or president, its in our brains, our dna, everything, and theres nothing wrong with men and women being diffrent, we are, and women are fundamentaly much much more important than we are as far as our race continuing, u dont send women to war, or afeminin men.

  6. slow transition at first: now in nylon panties, bra and wear a purse. no body hair and hair done at a beauty shop.
    sleep in my gown--have become a true sissy --all shirts have buttons on the left side--male clothing is at Goodwill

  7. Becoming a very femenine sissy, dressing up as a sexy chic in tight leather pants, lace up thigh high boots, corset, collar and earrings

  8. I love wearing skirts with nice panties underneath, and feeling the vulnerability of having my wife's hand under my skirt at any time. She likes to stand behind me in silence when I'm doing housework and lifting my skirt over my waist, then touching and excite me.
    PD: I'am a male