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Extracts from the diary of a thirteen year old boy - 2013

25 January 2013
America's first female President, Sarah Palin, took office today, promising a new era for the USA in general and women in particular. Mom and sis seemed especially pleased about this. Dad was less so and went to the bar. Dad has really gone downhill since he lost his job and Mom became the wage earner. He is not coping well with having to do housework, which he says is women's work.

1 February 2013
Mom and sister Saskia came home from one of those Female Forwards Meetings. Following Palin's election, they had joined this woman only political party whose aims are to advance women in society once they gain power. Saskia had left one of their pamphlets lying around and I had a peek. What I saw worried me. The party aimed to secure control of the legislature within ten years and pass pro-female legislation to limit the male franchise to those males held university degrees. Some colleges and universities would be barred to males entirely. 40% of the directorships of companies would have to be occupied by females by law. What concerned me more was that there was a section marked "Male Feminisation". Party sisters would pledge to feminise the males in their household, getting them into dresses and skirts and other girly stuff. I threw the pamphlet in the bin. It would never happen to me, I vowed.

20 February 2013
With Dad drinking himself into a stupor at the bar most nights nowadays, Mom and Saskia decided to hold a bra burner at the house and invited over their "sisters" to take part. I was ordered to stay in my room but could see from my window what was going on. Women and girls of all ages were in the garden, around a big bonfire, bringing their bras and panties and other things I didn't have a clue about, and putting them on a fire and cheering loudly and dancing. Confused, I could only watch as the most pure signs of femininity went up in smoke.

27 February 2013
Mom and Saskia were acting weirdly. They had put off their skirts, got their hair cropped short and eschewed all make up and jewellery and proclaiming that they would make the world a better place for women. They decided to start with my baby brother, Rick. I watched with a mixture of horror and fascination as they put the helpless boy into girls' frocks and bonnets and treated him as if he was a girl. I was as helpless as he was and as for Dad, he was too drunk to notice nowadays.

4 March 2013
Mom continued to dress baby Rick up in cute girly costumes. Rick seemed to be enjoying his new clothes. Saskia, meantime, was getting to work on me! She had brought down some of her old dresses, that she refused to wear anymore and suggested that I try them on. I refused point blank, saying I was a boy and boys don't wear dresses. That may be changing was my sister's response.

5 March 2013
Dad finally began to notice the changes in his wife and daughter and baby son and absolutely flipped, ordering that Rick be restored to his proper clothes. Mom said he was in his proper clothes. Dad said he wanted to see Mom and Saskia back in dresses and Mom said that wasn't going to happen and that things needed to be changed in this family and that the women were taking charge and that the males in the household needed to be more flexible to changes in their dress and activities. When Dad asked what that meant, Mom pointed to Rick, wearing a pink baby dress and frilly rhumba knickers and said Dad and I would have to wear feminine clothes and take orders from her in future. She would be head of the household, not Dad anymore. An argument broke out that resulted in Dad packing his things and leaving the house to go live with one of his drinking friends. It was a traumatic day to be sure.

6 March 2013
Following Dad's departure, the atmosphere in the house calmed down and things returned to normal. Mom called a meeting and said that things would be better now Dad was gone but that the door was always open for him to come back as long as he promised to be a better person. Mom then took me aside and said that it was time I began wearing dresses and skirts. I would be a better boy if I did so and would look so pretty. I protested and said no. To my surprise, Mom did not take it any further and even gave me a kiss before I left for school.
But I had underestimated her determination for when I returned home it was to find all of my clothes gone - shipped off to the charity shop -and Saskia's old dresses and skirts - and frilly underwear! - in their place. Mom and Saskia ganged up on me and forced me to yield the clothes I was wearing and I was made to wear a pair of frilly panties, a print frock, pantyhose and a pair of mary-janes. It was a very strange experience. Mom and Saskia were delighted with my appearance but the humiliation of being dressed in my sister's clothes almost made me weep with shame. I also had to wear one of my sister's old nightdresses to bed.

7 March 2013
I dreaded going to school in a dress, but I had no choice as I had nothing else to wear! Trying to avoid being noticed I slipped into class only to find that I was far from being the only boy in a dress. It seemed that overnight the sisters of Female Forwards had orchestrated the debagging of their sons and putting them into dresses. There were just two boys in my class that had escaped that fate - for now. Every girl in school and every female teacher now wore what would have been boy's or man's dress just a day ago. The girls clearly enjoyed the reversal of dress more than we did. Worse was to follow for in assembly the headmistress announced that from now on boys and girls were to wear a prescribed uniform - a skirt, blouse, pantyhouse and mary-janes for boys and a shirt, blazer, trousers and shoes for girls and that the reversal of dress also applied to sports so I would have to wear one of those flimsy wraparound mini skirts that I had so admired when a girl wore them whilst doing sports. When I got home I was told by Mom that from now on I would be doing the chores around the house that Saskia used to do so I spent the evening hoovering and dusting.

10 March 2013
The female dominated student committee announced that all boys' sports team were disbanded and girls only teams were to be set up in their place. Boys would only be allowed to do supportive activities such as baton twirling and cheerleading and the only sports they would be allowed to do were soft sports such as rounders or netball. There were also changes to the cirriculum, with subjects such as home economics and needlework being boys only activities and boys being excluded from Science and Computer Technology classes. Basic math and literacy and practical skills for use in the home would suffice for us, the headmistress said. I was just getting used to having to wear a skirt and pantyhose and seeing other boys wearing them and now my education was being limited. But, what could I do, from what I heard this was happening all over the country.

20 March 2013
Dad came crawling home. His resolve had lasted only as long as he had money to pay for his beer and Mom had denied him access to the family accounts so he soon ran out of money and even his drinking buddies got fed up with him sponging off them and so he ended up penniless and homeless. Mom was willing to take him back, but under strict conditions. There would be no more drinking or fooling around. He would have to keep house and take care of baby Rick and he would have to wear a dress. Dad had nowhere else to go and so had to agree and so when I returned from school one day it was to find Dad in a cute frock changing Rick's diaper. We were pleased to see him though.

2 April 2013
By now I was used to having to wear frilly underwear, dresses and skirts and was learning needlework and home economics rather than the science and computer courses I had enjoyed. The girls at school were becoming more assertive and dominating whilst the adoption of skirts for us boys had made us cowed and inclined to passivity. Saskia, now a member of the football team, insisted that I try out for the cheerleading squad as I had good legs. Embarassed, I put on the ruffled panties, mini-skirt and tight fitting top which showed my midriff that had once belonged to Saskia and was put through my paces. To my surprise I quite liked dancing about and was selected to be a member of the squad. Mom said she was very proud of me, something she had never said when I had won prizes for science.

20 April 2013
Dad, free of the booze and the influence of his drinking buddies to be macho, had become a reformed character. He had found himself fully occupied with housework and much to his astonishment found that he not only enjoyed it, for it filled the empty hours and allowed him to spend time with his baby son, but that he was good at it. Mom was impressed with his new attitude and skills and said he made a better housewife than she had ever been in the early years of their marriage when we had been a "traditional" family with the husband as head and the wife as homemaker. Saskia was a star on the football field and as for me, I was noted as being a good cheerleader and had talent with a needle - and - regarded as being a cutie by the girls.

5 May 2013
After cheerleader practice, I went with my boyfriends for a quick bite to eat and whilst I was there I was asked by Roxanne Walker, President of the student committee no less, if I would be her date on the forthcoming prom. I was so taken aback that I could not speak for a while for I had been attracted to her a few months ago when I wore trousers and she wore dresses and it was kind of embarassing to be wearing a cheerleader's uniform in front of this girl for my shaven legs and ruffles of my panties showed under my tiny skirt, but I said yes and she gave me a peck on the cheek.
Of course, in this topsy turvy world that had been created, I would be the one wearing a prom dress whilst Roxanne wore a tux. How times had changed.

20 May 2013
The night of the prom. The day had been spent by me at Eve's Beauty Salon for a complete makeover, including waxing to remove any stray body hair, a full body massage, my nails being filed and painted, my hair being dyed blonde and styled in corkscrew curls and full make up being applied to my face. My ears had been pierced a few days before and were now ready for diamond earrings to be put into place. I then changed into a seethrough lace chemise and matching panties and wore a corset to bring in my waist and to allow the sheer white stockings that sheathed my slender legs to be attached. The gown itself was gorgeous, powder blue in colour and off the shoulder, with built in silk petticoats and studded with gems so that I shimmered I was too young for heels so I wore elegant pumps. It had been purchased at great expense from an exclusive fashion boutique. Salons and boutiques were now familiar to me and most males nowadays and Dad had persuaded Mum to open accounts at several such places for him and me to shop and be pampered as Dad had seen that his former life had been no life and surrendered to his feminine destiny. A tiara was gently placed on my head. I had never felt so special in my life and Roxanne, my date, was much pleased to have me on her arm. It was such a lovely night and as by now I was used to wearing feminine clothing and having girls take the lead in everything, I allowed myself to enjoy the experience. The highlight of the evening was when Roxanne and I were elected Prom King and Queen. Mom and Saskia were so proud of me, as was Dad and Roxanne and I was proud of myself. The picture of me in my gown, clinging onto Roxanne's arm as we posed as the winners is my most treasured possession.

30 May 2013
My fourteenth birthday. I had asked for a bike a few months ago, before I had started wearing dresses. Now I was in dresses, my presents were make up and jewellery and from Mom, a diary to which only I had the key so that I could record the special life I was now leading. We went out for a family meal at a restaurant, with the male staff dressed as waitresses and waiting on table and the female staff in suits and acting as head waiters or managers. Dad was wearing a designer dress that Mom had bought for him. Their relationship had, she said, greatly improved since Dad had accepted his new role as a trophy husband and homemaker and their love had been rekindled. Saskia wore her tuxedo. Football talent scouts had her earmarked for a career as a professional football player. I wore a pink frock and tiara and was allowed to wear matching high heels as I was the birthday boy. Mom had taught me how to walk in them. Mom was talking about me going to a secretarial college when I finished school as her firm could alway use good secretaries. A secretarial position was, Mom said, a good enough job for me until I married and became a full time husband and homemaker. I realised as I eyed my pink frock that I was happy to have been feminised and with the life that was now mine and that I did not miss my old life one bit, and, looking around at the females in suits and the males in dresses, happily eating and talking, I guessed that nobody else was unhappy with the new world that had been created.

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