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Extracts from the diary of a thirteen year old boy - 2084

25 January 2084

Today President Jenna Falconer was sworn in as President, taking over from President Mary White, who had been President for eight years. Mom was saying that ever since she can remember the President had been a woman and it must be at least seventy years since a man had been in the White House. It was, Mom said, because women were cleverer and better leaders. When I said a man might be President some day, Mom laughed and told me not to be so silly. Boys don't get to be President any more like in the old days. Boys need to concentrate on being good homemakers like Dad was.

1 February 2084
I put on my prettiest pink frock and asked Mom to help me fix my hair and make up for I was going on a date with Lucy Chan. Lucy was smart and strong and captain of the football team. Every boy wanted to be noticed by her. I'd been a cheerleader at her last match, where Lucy had scored the winning point, and had been bowled over when, out of the blue, she had asked me out! Lucy came to the house, dressed in a smart suit. She towered over me and made me feel vulnerable and in need of her strong arms around me. Lucy smiled and admired my pretty dress. Once we had eaten and gone to my room, Lucy had taken me in her arms and kissed and caressed me. The pleasure was almost unbearable. Then she had left with a farewell kiss and an approving smile. I spent the night dreaming about being in her arms.

14 February 2084
Valentine's day. With Dad's help, I had put together a beautiful card for my paramour, Lucy, and posted it to her. I had had to do a lot of chores around the house to earn the money for the materials and postage and had put a lot of myself into the card. Dad was really sweet and helpful. I waited hopefully for the post and when it came there was a card for me! I was so excited that I danced about like I had when I had been a very little boy, my skirts rising so high my lace panties could be seen which earned me a ticking off from Dad. A boy should not be so immodest he admonished. I ripped open the card and although it did not give the name of the sender I knew it was from my Lucy. My joy was unbounded.

2 March 2084
Double History. As a boy I am required to take homemaking, fashion and beauty, childcare and secretarial classes as mandatories, along with basic math and english. My electives were French and History. Girls do not take such classes, they are smart at math, science, languages and computer technology which everyone knows boys are hopeless at so we boys are steered away from such subjects into the gentler arts. In my history class I was amazed to learn that centuries ago men were rulers, generals and businessmen, positions now filled exclusively by women, and that women were once homemakers, secretaries and maids and the property of men. I couldn't imagine such a world. We are taught from birth that men exist to serve women so it's hard to believe that they once ruled over them. But, as history shows, women are naturally superior in every way and assumed their natural role as leaders after liberating themselves from male dominance.

16 March 2084
I had another date with Lucy at a burger bar. I wore my denim mini skirt with my legs bare and felt very daring, perhaps too daring! But Lucy seemed to appreciate the effort I had made for her and held my hand all the way to the eatery which made me tremble with delight. Over food, Lucy told me how pretty I was and that she would like for me to become her boyfriend. I was so happy I almost wet myself. Needless to say, I accepted her as my girlfriend which won me a kiss from her sweet lips! Lucy went on to talk about the future - she wanted to go on to university and then play football as a professional. She asked what I wanted to do. I shrugged. Not many boys went to university nowadays and they did not get executive positions. The best I could hope for was to get good grades at school and become a secretary so that's what I said. Lucy laughed and squeezed my hand approvingly and I guessed I'd answered correctly.
Lucy took me into her arms and gave me a hard kiss which took my breath away. She insisted on escorting me home as she was concerned for my safety. My poor, over taxed brain buzzed with happiness at these developments. As we approached my house, Lucy made a request that I surrender the panties I now wore as a favour to her. I was quite mortifed and went red, stammering that I was a well brought up boy! Lucy patted my hand in understanding. Another time, perhaps, she suggested. She gave me another kiss and departed.

12 April 2084
I had to go for the fitting of my bridesmaid's dress. My cousin, Keith, was getting married to a successful attorney (he had been her assistant) and he had struggled to find bridemaids so I have been drafted. Dad had driven me over to Keith's town, along with my sister Kayleigh and we had entered the bridal salon. Keith was fretting over his own gown, a gorgeous creation of lace and silk. He looked quite the beautiful bride. The other two bridesmaids were in their lingerie delicately blushing as Kayleigh entered. Kayleigh was amused at how modest and demure the boys were, but Kayleigh wasn't staying as she had football practice and made her farewells. The mysteries of a bridal salon were for males only and Dad shooed her away. I was given a bundle of delicate silk lingerie and changed into this behind a screen and then had to endure a wait of hours whilst the bride continued to fret over his own dress and that of the bridesmaids. He was so anxious not to disappoint his new wife. At last I had a corset tightened around me and a very pretty gown of pink coral was placed on me. I was fussed over for some hours before the dress was proclaimed an adequate fit. Almost a whole day was spent to perfect the fitting of a dress. What we boys must endure to be beautiful!

2 May 2084
The day of the wedding. Keith looked so sweet as a bride but went into his usual hysterics beforehand, an overwrought bride is a staple at most weddings I have attended. His wife was tall, strong and dark haired and she exuded confidence and assertiveness and dressed in the traditional groom's suit, looking very elegant. She was extremely bossy with her bride's helpers, bidding me to raise my head and adjusting my tiara and snapping at the others, but she was also complementary at other times, saying how pretty I was. The highlight of the day for me was that Lucy was there, as a guest of our family now that she was officially my girlfriend, and she also fed me compliments which made me blush and giggle and led me on to the dancefloor and danced with me. I was in heaven. Lucy took me aside and we had an exciting time in each others company which left me so breathless and distracted that Lucy was able to relieve me of the silk panties I wore with little opposition as her trophy. Thankfully, the evening was drawing to a close by the time we re-joined it and so I had little time to be embarassed!

11 May 2084
Mom and Dad had rowed. It didn't happen often but when it did it was best to batten down the hatches and ride it out. Mom, Dad said, was spending too much time at work and not enough time with him and the kids. Mom retorted that she was the executive vice president of a major company and had to work long hours for the good of us all. As usual, Dad backed down, weeping, for Mom held the keys to our kingdom. Without the huge salary she earned Dad and I would no longer be wearing the prettiest dresses and exquisitely crafted lingerie that we took for granted and Dad had never earned a bean in his life. Still, Mom took him in her arms and assured him that he was the one she loved and that seemed to remedy all.

28 May 2084
This was the proudest day of my life, for I was to dance as the Prima Ballerina in the school performance. Ballet was a passion for me and I had danced since I was a very little boy. I was quite the envy of the other ballerinas, who could be so bitchy at times! For the performance that night I donned my tutu and ballet slippers and danced Swan Lake, lifted with ease by a strapping girl. My grace and poise were faultless I knew. Lucy was in the audience. Somewhere for I could not see her. I was pleased that, for once, she could watch me doing what I did best as I watched her scoring points, what she did best, from the touchline. I received applause and flowers and compliments but what I treasured most was what Lucy whispered into my ear "I love you".

30 May 2084
My birthday. I was fourteen now, a big boy, said my father, and that deserved a special treat. I had received cards and presents, including an apron, some jewellery and make up, but Dad took me for my first visit to a beauty parlour. I had my long brown hair styled into a beehive, I had all my body hair waxed and removed, I had my first manicure and pedicure and facial and Dad had the same. To be so pampered was an experience I will never forgot. Dad then took me shopping and let me try on loads of clothes and I selected some tops and skirts and a new emerald green frock and matching shoes and purse. I would wear them for Lucy for our next date. Dad said that I was blossoming into quite the pretty young man and that Lucy was lucky to have me as a boyfriend.

3 June 2084
My routine was interrupted by some talent scouts for the Missouri Ballet. They had witnessed my performance and had been impressed. They wanted me to join their troupe as a ballerina. I loved dancing and wanted to accept but it would mean leaving town and leaving Lucy. I demurred and said I needed more time to consider. With trembling hands I called Lucy and asked her to come over. I was in turmoil by the time she arrived but when she took me in her arms and kissed me I calmed down and spoke to her about my offer. Lucy's response was for me to go for it. She had her own plans, which included me, she hinted, to play football for a major team. I knew she could do it and I knew that, one day, whatever I decided, I would graduate from bridesmaid to bride.

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