Thursday, 13 December 2012

The Prefect's Sister

Freddie watched as his little sister Hannah pranced about in her sparkly pink fairy costume as gracefully as a ballerina.  Hannah wore a little silver tiara with pink fluffy bits in it and carried a pink wand with a glittering star at the end of it.

The adults clapped at her antics appreciatively.  Freddie joined, half-heartedly.  At the best of times, he had very little interest in his sister.  She was, after all, just a little girl who played with her dolls and danced about at every chance she got.

Veronica Latimer or "Roni" to her friends, was a much more interesting girl than his baby sister.  She was pretty, she was smart and she was confident.  Freddie wanted to be with her more than anything in the world.

There were two problems.  One, Roni was two years older than Freddie. He was as much a baby to her as his own sister was to himself, and two, Roni was a Prefect whilst Freddie was a nobody, a nothing.

In fact, the only time she noticed Freddie at all was if she spotted him dropping litter or some other petty act of misconduct and issued him with a stern reprimand prior to reporting him to his form tutor.  Freddie had spent time in detention thanks to Roni Latimer.

At school, Freddie resolved to do something so that Roni would notice him.  He tried out for the football and rugby teams, but he was rubbish at football and too small and weedy to do well at rugby.

After letting in fifteen goals as the team's goalie, the rest of his team poured scorn on him "A girl could do better than you, Norris" they taunted him "You'd be better off in the netball team!".  This provoked loud howls of laughter "Nah, even they're not that desperate to have loser like Norris in their team, though he'd look pretty in one of those pleated skirts".  Almost in tears, Freddie fled to the changing rooms.

Realising that he wasn't going to impress Roni on the sports field, Freddie tried Drama.  But, he was a terrible actor and kept forgetting his lines, much to the exasperation of the teacher and other pupils.  The teacher took Freddie aside and gently told him that the stage was clearly not for him.  Perhaps he might be better as a stage hand or handing out programmes.  But Freddie wasn't interested in any role except one where he could be noticed by Roni.

That left things like cookery or dance, but Freddie thought these to be too feminine.  He wanted Roni to see him as a masculine boy and he could not do that wearing an apron or dancing the tango.  The only way he could get to see Roni for any length of time was by attending meetings of the school council as a member of the audience.  These sessions were so interminable that few students bothered.  So Freddie sat through meeting after meeting that covered of such grave import as giving a vote of thanks to the local church or motioning that the lockers in the girls' changing area be given a fresh coat of paint.

Roni, he noted during these meetings, was on fine form.  She was always putting up motions, or arguing against the motions of others.  Although she was a junior member of the council, she seemed to dominate it at times.

As tedious as the school council meetings were, Freddie persevered with them.  They were the only way he could get to see Roni.  After two months, Freddie was hopeful that his diligent attendance might be bearing fruit.  On the last few meetings, whilst others debated and Roni was silent, Freddie believed that she was looking at him with some intensity for a few moments.

Suddenly, after one meeting ended, Freddie was leaving when he suddenly felt a hand on his arm.  He spun around and was stunned to find that it was Roni.

"Hi there!  Freddie, isn't it?  From form 12?".  Freddie could only nod.  Roni, super cool and confident Roni, in her immaculate school uniform and long blonde hair, was standing less than a foot away from him.  He couldn't speak.

"I've noticed you taking an interest in our meetings.  That's great.  I wish some of the other students here had more interest.  You ought to stand for the school council yourself".

Freddie had no interest in joining the school council, but now that he had Roni's attention he wasn't going to blow by telling her that.  He merely nodded again.

Roni could sense his uneasiness in her presence. She took one of Freddie's hands "You need to loosen up.  Come with me".  Leading Freddie by the hand she steered him into the school canteen. Then, she got them both fizzy drinks, which Roni paid for.  Freddie thought he was the luckiest boy alive.  Roni spoke to him, trying to put him at his ease.  It worked.  Freddie gradually began to feel more comfortable around her, so comfortable that he talked to her about his family, something he rarely did.

Roni was particularly interested to hear that he had a younger sister.  To Freddie's surprise, she said "You lucky thing, I wish I had a sister.  I'm an only child" with sincerity.

Freddie said, in an unusual burst of confidence "No, you're lucky.  I often wish I was an only child.  I have to share my parents with my sister".

Roni frowned at this outburst and shook her head "You wouldn't wish that if you were me.  I feel so lonely sometimes.  There's stuff you can't share, even with your parents, but you could with a sister.  Girl stuff, you know".

Freddie didn't know, but he nodded "I can understand that" he said.

Roni leant over and gave one of his hands a squeeze "You seem a nice boy".  She leant back in her chair and sighed "You aren't like the other boys round here.  Jerks.  All of them.  Trying to be all macho and tough" she said with a vehemence that shocked Freddie.

Roni continued "I've been out with some of them, you know.  Grade A Jerks! Treated me like...well, not good anyway.  But you seem different, a boy I can actually talk to.  A boy who has a mind of his own.  I'd really like to see more of you...."

Freddie almost fainted.  By any standard, that was as close to asking him out on a date without actually saying so explicitly.

Roni was studying him intently with those large, pale blue eyes that seemed to balloon in size whenever she chose and enhanced her beauty and attractiveness "So...shall we meet up again?  After school one day?  You can come round my place.  My parents are hardly there what with their jobs and stuff".

Freddie's mouth was dry and so he could only nod again.  He was thrilled beyond measure at this unexpected outcome and also slightly ashamed of his performance in front of this girl that he so admired.

Roni seemed satisfied with his response however. "Great! I'll text you.  It'll probably be next week now as I've got stuff on".  She leant over again and gave him a light kiss before gathering her things and leaving Freddie stunned but happy.

It was nine days later before Freddie got the promised text and in those nine days he had never been so nervous and so restless in his life.  He couldn't sleep, he couldn't concentrate on school work and his appetite was so small that his mother was becoming concerned about him.

Now he faced the prospect of having Roni all to himself, he grew even more nervous.  He sat through his lessons and walked about the school zombie-like.  When the four o clock bell rang for the end of lessons, he got another text from Roni "Meet me in the school car park".

Freddie hurried over to find Roni chatting with some other girls.  Roni quickly left them and joined Freddie.  The girls gaped and looked at each other.  Freddie flushed slightly, but Roni seemed oblivious to them, which rather impressed Freddie.

"Here's our ride" said Roni.  Freddie saw a taxi pull up.  Roni exchanged greetings with the driver, a woman, as it happened.  Roni even let Freddie sit in the front seat, something he was rarely allowed to do in his parents' car.  Freddie was impressed that Roni could afford a cab.  A cab fare was about a week's pocket money for him.

The taxi ride was brief and the driver dropped them off outside a large detached house on a street in one of the smarter areas of town.  Freddie guessed that Roni's parents must be fairly well off to live in a place like this.

Roni removed a shiny gold key from her purse and let them into the house and gave Freddie a brief tour.  The rooms were all big and well furnished.  The living room had a large plasma TV and all of the other gizmos.  Of greater interest, of course, was Roni's own room.

Freddie was slightly disappointed by it.  Roni had her own TV, DVD player, sound system and personal computer, but the decor was a dullish green.  Freddie expected that most girls of Roni's age would have pictures of hunky footballers or pop stars on their walls, but Roni had none of that.  The pictures that hung from her walls were like those in his own sitting room, of landscapes or birds.  Freddie noted that she had a bookcase stuffed full of books and a wardrobe and dresser.  All that, plus a single bed, were all that comprised Roni's room.

The tour over, Roni took Freddie to the kitchen and sat him down whilst she got him a soft drink.  From a large chest up freezer full with food, Roni took out a large pizza and stuck this in the oven. Half an hour later, Freddie was munching on the pizza with Roni.  After they had finished, Roni cleared it all away and put the dishes and glasses in a dishwasher.

As the kitchen was filled with the sound of the dishwasher doing its work, Roni beckoned him to follow her.  Roni led him to the spacious couch and gestured for him to sit.  Roni put a DVD on and then sat beside Freddie.  Really close beside him.  Then, unexpectedly, she began to kiss and cuddle him.  Freddie was startled and had no idea what to do, but it was enjoyable being this close to Roni and being touched and kissed by her.

Roni stopped after a few minutes and settled down to watch the DVD.  Freddie's mind was not on the DVD but on what he had just experienced.  It was like nothing he had ever experienced before. Roni looked at him for a while and then decided to turn the DVD off.  She gestured for Freddie to follow her upstairs to her room.

Roni was still wearing her school uniform.  For that matter, Freddie was still wearing his.  But whereas Freddie looked like a typical snotty schoolboy in his get up, Roni looked like a goddess in hers, with her crisp white blouse, tight one piece gymslip and stockinged long legs.

Roni opened her her wardrobe to reveal another three sets of the same uniform "Now you know how it is I always look perfect!" she said. "But" she said "that's not why I brought you up here.  I was just wondering what you might look like wearing one of my uniforms.  Pretty cute, I'd guess".

Freddie didn't know what to say.  His instinct was to refuse outright.  But then Roni might be offended and that would be the end of him and Roni.  He merely shuffled uncomfortably.

"Oh, go on" said Roni encouragingly "It's only a bit of fun between us and I won't tell anyone.  Promise".  She looked at Freddie with those big blue eyes again.

Against his better judgement, Freddie gave in and within half an hour he was wearing one of Roni's uniforms.  It was a strange feeling to be wearing a skirt and to have stockinged legs and Freddie felt acutely self-conscious.  When he looked in the mirror at himself dressed as he was, he cringed.

Although Roni was a girl, she had a two year advantage on Freddie in age and so her uniform was too big for Freddie.  It hung on him limply.  He looked, as Roni had pointed out laughingly, somewhat like a girl with his small stature, stick-like legs and small features.  But compared to Roni, whose uniform of course fit her perfectly and showed off her budding bosom and curves to the best advantage, Freddie's impersonation of a schoolgirl was on the scruffy and scrawny side.

And, even though he was dressed the same as Roni, he somehow looked more infantile, rather like a younger sister who would always be second best to her older sibling.  Roni saw his slight distress and confusion and took him by the hand and led him to the bed before kissing him passionately.

"You make quite a good looking girl" she gushed.  Then she allowed Freddie to get back into his normal clothes before summoning a taxi to take him home.

Over the next few days, Freddie thought about his new experience.  He really shouldn't have allowed Roni to coax him into wearing a girl's uniform.  But, after thinking about it, he decided it was just a bit of harmless fun.  A one off.

Then, during double French, Freddie got a text from Roni asking him to come round to her place again that evening.  Freddie was slightly tempted to refuse, but his attraction to Roni won out over his doubts and so he found himself once again alone with Roni.

Roni was kind of flustered, which was unusual for her.  Usually, she was ice-cool and in control, but she seemed panicky.  Freddie tentatively asked her what the matter was.

Roni clasped one of Freddie's hands "I really need your help tomorrow night!" she said in a higher pitch of voice than was usual for her "I have to give a lecture to some Girl Guides. I have an idea what to do, but it won't work without you".

Freddie had an uneasy feeling about this "I'm not dressing up as a girl again!" he said firmly.

Roni chuckled "Don't worry, I don't need you as a girl, silly" and then went on to explain her idea in more detail.  It was, Freddie decided, a good plan, especially as it did not require him to wear a skirt.

They spent the rest of the evening rehearsing Roni's performance.  It was pretty intense and there was no time for any fun like the previous time.  Roni at last was satisfied and Freddie was finally allowed to go home.

Less than 24 hours later found Roni and Freddie outside the cabin that served as the home of the local Girl Guides. Several of them passed, in their uniforms and gave them curious stares.  They had a right to stare.  Roni was dressed in a long black cloak and her stockinged legs shivered in the frigig night air.  Freddie was also wearing a cloak over a suit with a bow tie.  He also had a cane and top hat and a fake bushy moustache.

They hurried inside and set up and then before they knew it, the curtains were pulled back to reveal them.  Their exclusively female audience clapped politely.

Roni had been obliged to remove her cloak for her act.  She was dressed in a tight black leotard, with a small bow tie and cuffs on the end of her long, bare arms, and she teetered in a pair of high heels.  Raising her voice, she cried "Ladies -and gentleman - please welcome the Great Gogort, Master of Magic!"

The girls clapped a little more enthusiastically as a nervous Freddie walked onto the stage.  He did exactly as Roni had shown him.  He tried to shuffle a deck of cards and ended up spilling them all over the place.  He tried to produce a coin from thin air but produced only thin air.  Not surprisingly, the audience began to boo loudly.

Roni stepped forward "OK, girls.  So much for the Great Gorgot.  Wanna see some real magic?"

"Yes please!" chorused the audience as one.

After appropriating Freddie's hat and cloak, she gave a real demonstration of her magician's skills, using Freddie as her assistant.  By the end, the girls were clapping their hearts out.

"Thanks ladies" Roni said humbly "Now, the point of that show was not only to entertain you with magic tricks but to show you that just because a girl looks pretty, she is not useless, and just as importantly, girls are every bit as good as boys, better sometimes. And I'll leave you with those thoughts".

Roni got a standing ovation for that speech.  Roni was very happy with the way the evening had gone.  Freddie less so.  He felt a little used and made to look a fool in front of a load of girls to boot!  Although he had not had to wear the assistant's revealing outfit, he may as well have done.

Roni cheered him up by congratulating him on his performance "I couldn't have managed without you!" she said, kissing him and giving his hand a little squeeze.

Freddie went home, wondering where his relationship with Roni was going.

There was a fortnight's gap before he was asked round to Roni's again.  Freddie wondered, not for the first time, why she couldn't come round to his for a change.  His home was not as nice as Roni's perhaps but it was perfectly respectable.  But Roni said she didn't want adults and kids in the way of their fun.

After eating and watching some TV, Freddie soon found out what Roni had in mind for in one of the guest bedrooms was a pile of girls' clothes. Not a school uniform this time, but some old clothes of Roni's from a few years ago.  They should, she said, fit him well enough.

But Freddie decided it was time to put his foot down.  He was supposed to be the male in this relationship.  He wanted Roni as a girlfriend, but he didn't want to end up as one himself! "Look, Roni" he said "I like you a lot.  But this dressing me up as a girl thing is not on!" he told her firmly.

The transformation in Roni was sudden and frightening.  Her eyes became slits so that she looked almost feline.  Her wrath was palpable.  When she spoke, it was more like a sibilant hiss "Is that so? OK, Mr Macho, then you can leave!  Get out of my house right now!"

Freddie had known that girls can be scary when they were angry, but Roni was scarier than any girl he had ever known.  He didn't want to see her as angry as she was now and he didn't fancy having to walk home.  He doubted Roni would pay for a cab in her current mood.

"Ok Roni, I'm sorry!  I didn't mean to upset you.  I don't want to go home" Freddie said with humility.

Those words seemed to instantly calm Roni down and she smiled "OK, apology accepted.  But I want to see you wearing these, OK?"

Freddie blanched but nodded.  Roni left to give him some privacy.  Blushing, Freddie got undressed and forced himself to put on the white lace trimmed panties and matching vest, stripey multi-coloured thick stockings, a white top with some lace detail, a denim mini skirt and a pale pink cardigan.  Finally, he fitted his stockinged feet into a pair of shiny black flats with cute little bows on the front.

Reluctantly, he announced that he was ready, and Roni entered.  The contrast in their dress could not have been more different.  Roni had likewise changed, but into a pair of jeans, a shirt and denim jacket.  Freddie felt quite girlish and infantile in comparison.  He looked a lot like his baby sister dressed as he was.

But Roni was pleased.  The tigress of not so long ago became almost kittenish.  She insisted on brushing Freddie's hair over and over again, even though it was too short for such treatment. Roni even got out her make up and dabbed some of this on Freddie's features. The effect was to make him look even more girlish.

Freddie was embaressed to be dressed and treated this way by someone who as supposed to be the girl in the relationship, but didn't know what to do to stop it.  He had had a taste what would happen if he rebelled.

Roni was happy, calling Freddie, her little sister, which made Freddie cringe even more.  After a few hours of wearing girls' stuff, having his hair brushed and his face prettified, Roni reluctantly released him from his feminine bondage.  Freddie was glad to escape and go home.  It had all been a freaky experience.

The summer holidays - six long weeks of freedom - were coming up.  Freddie usually went on holiday with his family, as they had relatives in Australia and Canada.  He didn't suppose he would get to see Roni at all during that time.  He saw her face fall as he told her about how he spent his summers.  She had obviously hoped to see him, which encouraged Freddie.  Maybe she was falling for him too and would give up this cross-dressing nonsense in favour of a more natural relationship.

But, the week before school broke up, his mother received the devastating news that he father, who had moved to Australia to enjoy his retirement, had been taken ill.  After a quick family conference, it was decided that Freddie and Hannah would have to stay with with an aunt in Hertfordshire.

It was disappointing not be able to go to see his grandfather, but Aunt Pam was not a bad sort.  He told Roni all this over lunch and to his surprise she seemed to perk up.  When he got back home from school, he was astonished to see Roni, in her school uniform, talking to his mother very politely and pleasantly.  Mum seemed to take a real shine to Roni.

"Here, Freddie" said his mum "You didn't tell me you had a girlfriend!  You've been holding out on us you little rascal!"

This was true.  Freddie had told his mum he was going round a mate's house to play computer games.

"And she's a school prefect!" mum exclaimed, pointing at the little badge pinned to Roni's chest "You would do well to follow her example young man".

Freddie cringed at being shown up by his mum in front of Roni.  Roni chipped in innocently "As we agreed, I've asked your mum about you coming to stay at mine over the summer!"

Freddie was stunned.  He had not agreed anything of the kind with Roni.  She had gone behind his back without even asking him!  But he knew that he dared not object.  Roni was a guest and his mum clearly liked her.  He wondered what his mum had said.

Roni put him out of his misery "Your mum said it's ok for you to stay at mine, what with my parents being there and all"

"And you'll get to spend more time with your girlfriend!" Mum pointed out.

Freddie was thrilled by the prospect of spending more time with Roni, but scared of what she had in mind for him.  At least her parents would be there, he thought.  She couldn't dress him up as a girl in front of them.

A little over a week later, Freddie's parents dropped him off at Roni's house.  Roni came out and waved as the car carrying Freddie's parents sped off towards Hertfordshire, where Hannah would be deposited with Aunt Pam.

Roni helped Freddie with his bags to the guest bedroom where he would be staying.  "Where are your parents?" he asked.  Roni smiled "In Boston, on a business trip, for the next two months!"

"But you said...."

"I lied" Roni said simply "Your mum would never have left you if she had known my parents were away.  But we'll be OK.  I'll take good care of you, I promise, and no-one will be any the wiser.  So, no harm done right?"

"Right" said Freddie weakly.  He felt like slumping down.  Roni had lied to his mum...and to get her own way.  And he was trapped here for the next six weeks.  He could try to phone his parents and get them to turn back but he doubted Roni would let him and she was bigger and stronger than him and had already shown her deviousness.

"I need to use the bathroom" Freddie said.  If he could only get a few moments alone he could fire off a text to his parents, pleading illness.  They would turn back and there would be nothing Roni could do about it.

"No problem, you know where it is" said Roni sweetly.

Breathing a huge sigh of relief, Freddie went upstairs to the bathroom and locked the door.  There. Even if Roni belatedly worked out what he was up to she would never be able to stop him.  He reached in his pocket for his mobile that he had slipped in there only an hour earlier.  It was gone! Frantically, he searched all his pockets but it was not there.  Either he had somehow dropped it or.....with a sinking heart he realised what must have happened.  Roni, the girl with magic tricks, had palmed it off him, probably when she helped him with the cases.

"Oi, Freddie! You OK up there?" came Roni's voice, loudly.

Freddie left the bathroom and bounded downstairs "Where's my mobile?", he demanded.

Roni looked genuinely non-plussed "Don't ask me!  Sorry, can't help you there darling.  Look, forget your silly phone.  What do you need it for now you're here with me?  I'll go and make us some lunch.  Everything will be fine, you'll see!"

Freddie wasn't convinced.

The evening passed without incident.  Roni had insisted on putting on some DVD's.  There was a really old one called "Some Like It Hot" and a more recent one called "Tootsie", and some others.  They all seemed to be about men ending up in drag.  Roni clearly had a thing about seeing men in dresses.

Freddie found it creepy and was wondering how he could escape from this weird girl.  But then, Roni would kiss and cuddle him and he didn't feel scared of her any more.

In the morning, Roni served Freddie breakfast in bed and seemed attentive to his every need. As Freddie ate, there was a loud banging at the door.  "Ah, they've arrived at last!" She rushed out before Freddie could ask here what had arrived.

After a long interval, Freddie ventured downstairs.  The sitting room was filled with boxes with labels on from retail outlets called "Li'l Miss Attire", "Frillyknicks" and "".  Roni was busily removing the items from the boxes.

Freddie saw that the contents were dresses and underwear that would be considered even by a real girl to be too frilly and fussy. Dresses of shiny silk and satin, with lace petticoats, and ruffled panties. And Freddie noted that they were about his size.

Roni, seeing Freddie, held up a green be-ribboned frock and saw "Ta-ra!  Your new clothes!"

Freddie cast his head down "Roni, I can't wear those things.  They're horribly girly!  Even my sister would refuse to wear that stuff!"

Roni became angry again and even started throwing things at Freddie until he relented.  Cringing, he  allowed himself to be put into the ruffled white panties, frilled ankle socks and magenta frock.  He had to wear a pair of shiny mary janes to complete the ensemble.

Now he looked like a little girl of about eight!  But Roni was still not satisfied. She got some hair rollers out, heated these up and put these in Freddie's hair.  It was just about long enough to accommodate the tiny rollers.  The hot rollers hurt.  After a few hours, Roni took them out and Freddie found that he had curls!

The effect of curling his hair was astonishing. He looked more like a girl than ever. In fact, looking at himself in the mirror, it was hard to imagine that a boy lay beneath those lovely tresses and pretty layers of clothing.

Roni was triumphant and crowned her achievement by managing to tie a white bow in Freddie's hair "There! Now you really are my little sister!"  She kissed him on the forehead.

So began Freddie's bizarre life as Roni's little sister.  Under Roni's direction, he had depilate himself daily, get his hair fixed and had to change dresses three times a day.  Roni insisted on him going to bed at seven and he had to wear a frilly nightdress and have his hair put in rollers.

Freddie found the whole experience humiliating.  He had to get used to walking around in dresses that swished as he moved and having fussy bits of lace and frills ever in his vision.  Worst of all, although his very frilly panties were concealed beneath the skirts of his dress, he knew, and Roni knew, all of the time, that he was wearing them.

Roni of course lounged at her ease in a jeans and t-shirt, enjoying seeing her little sister properly dressed and behaved.

Three weeks into the vacation, Freddie was eating his breakfast.  Cornflakes, held in a shiny pink bowl with flowers on.  Even the spoon was pink.  Roni's gender re-orientation was relentless.  Roni had cooked herself some bacon and eggs and was wolfing these down when there was suddenly a noise.  Somebody was entering the house!

Roni put a finger to her lips to motion Freddie to be quiet.  There was a look of panic on her features.  There was the sound of voices "Roni?  Where are you?" asked a female voice.
Roni's head almost crashed onto the table in despair "Oh, no! It's my parents!" she whispered. She leant over "Stay here.  And don't say a word!" she hissed into Freddie's ear.  She went out to greet her parents.

The business trip had gone awry and hence Roni's parents had decided that there was no point remaining in the States and so had come home.  This much Freddie was able to glean from the conversation happening in the other room.  For the time being, Roni's parents were not aware of his presence.  Roni was trying to keep them away from the kitchen, but with little success.

To Freddie's horror, a man and a woman barged their way past Roni and into the kitchen.  They were stunned to see what appeared to be a little girl sat at their kitchen table. "Roni, what is this girl doing here?" Roni's mother demanded.  Freddie noted that she seemed to be the dominant partner in the marriage.  Roni's dad hung back, silent.

"This is Hannah. Mum.  Her grandfather, who lives in Australia by the way, took a turn for the worse and Hannah's parents begged me to take care of her at very short notice. What else could I do but agree?"

Freddie was impressed both by Roni's quick thinking and the way she spoke.  There was no tremor of panic in her voice.  Her mother was instantly mollified "Well, alright.  I'm pleased that you helped someone out. But I would have preferred it if you had called me and let me know first!"  The woman, dressed in a smart business suit with much jewellery, switched her attention to Freddie "Hello, little girl.  You look very pretty!" she said in sugary tones that made Freddie cringe.

"Alan!" said the woman, addressing her husband "don't you think Hannah is very pretty?"  Alan murmured something indistinct.  He wasn't interested in little girls, Freddie realised.

Roni stepped forward and offered Freddie a hand "Excuse us please, mother, but Hannah needs to use the bathroom.  Isn't that right, Hannah?"  Freddie nodded and meekly took Roni's hand and followed her out of the kitchen.

"What an adorable child!" Roni's mother said after them.

Roni took Freddie upstairs to the bathroom and locked the door.  She sat down on the loo and held her head in her hands.  Bewildered, Freddie asked "What do we do now?  I can't stay like this for the next three weeks!"

Roni grabbed him by the shoulders and shook him "You're going to have to!  You had better behave exactly like the little girl you appear to be or I will be in BIG TROUBLE!!!!" Pausing, Roni said "Look, it's not going to be that difficult.  You've managed ok as a girl for almost three weeks.  Three more weeks, that's all I ask, and I'll do anything for you.  Anything!" she begged.

Freddie gave this some thought. Although he still hated it, Roni was right when she said he had done well thus far.  He could cope with girlhood for a while longer.  And at the end of it Roni would be so grateful that she would do anything for him.  So he agreed.

But, as Freddie was to find, it was the worst thing he could have done for Roni's mother, Sylvia, decided to take an interest in "Hannah".  Whilst they were watching TV, Sylvia suddenly frowned and said "Hannah, sweetie, where are your dolls?".  Freddie looked blank.  "Your dollies, child!  Every little girl likes to play with dollies!  Even you, Roni!"

Freddie saw Roni scowl at the memory.

" left them at home" said Freddie weakly.

Sylvia shook her head "This will never do!  Come along, young lady, let's go and get you some dolls to play with! Alan! Get the car out!"

Freddie froze.  He was going to have to go outside dressed as a sissy girl!  He was terrified!  With obvious reluctance, Roni put a pink wool coat on him and a white woollen hat and mittens "Just hold on to my hand sweetie" she whispered.  This calmed Freddie somewhat, but his debut on the public stage as a little girl was still too frightening to contemplate.

The drive to the mall seemed over in no time and Freddie suddenly found himself amidst a sea of shoppers.  He was drawing attention.  Not because he had been flagged as being a boy in girls' clothing but because of his prettiness and the fussiness of his clothes.  No other girl in sight was dressed as he was.

They entered a posh department store and ride the lift to the Toys and Games Department.  Freddie looked wistfully at the Boys' Toys department, with its computer games, mountain bikes and action figures but their destination was the Girls' Toys Department.  Freddie was dazzled by the pinkness of everything.  At Sylvia's bidding, Freddie was shown an array of dolls, complete with dolls' houses, prams and accessories.  Freddie felt like dying of shame at having to choose such girly toys.

There was one doll that he noticed that was different.  It was an Amazon woman clad in armour and wielding a sword. That doll wouldn't be so bad. "I want that one!" he piped up.  Sylvia frowned again "Sweetie, I really don't think that doll is appropriate for you.  You are so pretty and ladylike!".  To Freddie's dismay, she reached out for a doll that was a baby one, complete with dummy and nappy "Baby Tiffany". A pram, tea set and baby bath were added to the purchases to Freddie's horror.

Freddie was given his doll to play with on the journey home and he had to make a show of cosseting and mothering the plastic baby.  Whilst the adults, and Roni, lounged about, Freddie had to make a show of bathing and feeding baby Tiffany.  If his sister could see him now, he would die of shame.

It was the pram that bothered him most though.  It had sat for the last two days in the lounge.  Eventually, Sylvia would insist on him using it to take Tiffany for a walk and that meant going outside.  The fateful day came and he was put outside in the garden with his baby and pram.  He pushed the pram with little enthusiasm, cursing Roni for putting him in this humiliating position in the first place.

He was startled by the sound of someone coming over the fence. It was a boy, no, it was a girl who looked very tomboyish.  She gave a friendly wave "Hi there.  I'm Mary! What's your name?"

"Hannah" said Freddie, blushing.

Mary regarded him "Hi Hannah.  How old are you?"

Freddie blushed again "I'm eight years old" he lied.

"Well, what do you know?  I'm eight too!" then the girl looked at him curiously "But you look kinda big to be eight and what's with the frilly dresses?  You look about five!  Sorry, but you do!"

Freddie, to his horror, burst into tears.  Startled, Mary raced over to him and took him in her arms "There, there, little girlie" she cooed.  Then she drew back "Hey, you aren't a girl!"

Freddie said "Please don't tell anyone" he begged.

Mary said "You're a boy.  And you enjoy wearing dresses that frilly, playing with dolls and....wearing girls' knickers? You wear girls' pants right?"

Freddie cringed as he said "Yes, I love it.  Especially the knickers".

Mary collapsed into mirth "That is so cute....well...Hannah...your secret is safe with me....enjoy playing with your dollies!"  Mary rapidly climbed back over the fence and disappeared out of sight.

Roni came rushing out "Who was that, Hannah?" she demanded.

Freddie shrugged "Girl next door.  She thinks I'm a very sissy girl and wants nothing to do with me".

Roni nodded "Good.  You're doing very well so far.  Only two weeks left of this charade"

Freddie watched her leave in puzzlement.  If his innate maleness was so obvious to an eight year old girl like Mary, why didn't anyone twig what he really was?

The next two weeks passed in a daze for Freddie.  He was gradually getting used to the routine of little girlhood.  Only one more humiliation was in store for him.  In the last week of his stay, the Latimers went out for the day, leaving Freddie in the charge of Roni. When they returned, they summoned Freddie to them.

"Dearest Hannah" said Sylvia "As you will soon be leaving us and as you have been a well behaved young lady, we have bought you a little gift".  Alan handed Freddie a gift wrapped present.  Puzzled, he pulled off the wrapping paper to find......a fairy outfit....exactly like the one his sister wore but in his size.

Freddie was stunned and ashamed. He couldn't, wouldn't wear this!

"Well, what do you say, Hannah?" asked Sylvia.

Freddie mumbled something that sounded like "Thank you".

"Speak up, girl!" Sylvia snapped "Don't you like your present?"

Before Freddie could speak again, Roni intervened "She loves it.  She's just very shy, aren't you sweetie?".  Freddie nodded.

"In fact" said Roni "She's so thrilled that she wants to wear it right now, isn't that so Hannah sweetie?"

Freddie could only nod again.

Half an hour later, Freddie edged into the room.  He had never felt so ridiculous in his life as he did right now.  He was wearing a pink leotard, with a pink bodice and a fluffy pink tutu.  His legs were bare except for the satin ballet slippers that he had to wear on his feet.  He wore a dainty tiara with pink fluffy bits in and carried a wand.  Two large silver and pink angels wings protruded from his back.

For the first time in his life he had some sympathy for his sister and, for that matter, for all womankind.  Being forced to wear such ludicrous outfits just to look enchanting.  And enchanting was just how the Latimers' described "Hannah" in "her" fairy costume.  At the end of his routine, taught to him by Roni, he involuntarily bobbed a curtsey which earned him a round of applause.  Quite where that had come from, Freddie would never know.

The last day of Freddie's stay arrived.  In one way it would be a relief to return to boys' clothes and habits but there was the pressing problem of how to get Freddie back into boys' clothes before his parents returned to pick him up without the Latimers realising that their little fairy princess was in fact a boy.

As usual, it was Roni who came up with the idea.  In the last hour before Freddie's parents were due to arrive, Roni pretended to have severe stomach cramps.  The Latimers decided that they had to get her to a hospital right away and so left.  "Hannah' would be fine for half an hour.  As soon as they were gone, Freddie changed back into boys' clothes and brushed out his curls.  His hair was still curlier than usual, but he hoped no-one would notice.  His parents arrived and took him, blissfully unaware that half an hour earlier their son had been dressed as a sweet little girl.

Freddie and Roni continued to meet over the next six months, but by now Roni's mind was focused on her studies and her career.  She became Deputy Head Girl and then Head Girl and won various school prizes for her school work and extra-cirricular activities.  Meanwhile, Freddie's body was beginning to develop into a more male form.  He was now taller than Roni and physically stronger and he had to shave. He was now too big and, too male, to pass for a girl anymore.

It was his feminine physique and features that had attracted Roni to him, Freddie realised, plus the fact that she could easily dominate him.  Now that he was becoming a man, he no longer held any attraction for her.  Their meetings grew more infrequent and then ceased altogether.  Freddie wondered if Roni had found another femme boy to wear the dresses and play with Tiffany.

Freddie was now fourteen, and his experiences of three years earlier seemed almost like an illusion. Had he really allowed himself to be dressed as a girl?  He scoffed at the notion.

On one day, during his summer holidays, his mother decided to take him shopping "Your clothes are an absolute disgrace Freddie" she scolded him.  They went into the Boys Department of the same department store where Freddie had last entered dressed as an eight year old girl.  Freddie's mother picked over the shirts and trousers fussily.  Freddie rejected all of her choices.

Bored, Freddie turned around and was startled by the sight of a male mannikin wearing an elaborate and rather pretty dress.  There was a sign over the small section that had been marked off that stated that the dress was part of the "Femme Boy" range.  Freddie stared in disbelief.  They actually marketed and sold dresses for boys?  When did this happen?

Mum noticed him staring at the mannikin "Oh, yes, the Femme Boy Department.  Since you don't like anything here, lets go and take a look over there!"

Freddie protested "No mum, I'm not wearing a dress!"

Mum steered him over to an assistant "Let's see what dresses you have here, young man".

The young man, clad himself in a chic skirt and cream blouse, showed them a lovely peach silk dress.  Mum picked up the dress and thrust it at Freddie "Go and get changed into this!".

Muttering, Freddie did as he was told.  The dress was specially designed for the young male form and clung to him, except for the large skirt that swayed as he moved about.  He felt silly as he sidled out of the changing booth.

"There, he looks very nice!" said Freddie's Mum "We'll take it.  And the other items too, please".  The assistant rang up the purchases.  Mum took Freddie by the hand and led him to the gents loos. She handed him some other items and told him to put them on.  Freddie found a pair of frilly ankle socks, a pair of black flat shoes and a pair of frilled and beribboned knickers.  Swallowing his pride, he put these on.

Mum was well pleased with Freddie's new clothes and he was required to wear them at all times when he was not at school and to keep them clean and tidy.  Over time, Freddie's hair grew out so that it could be styled and he was taught how to use make up.  Thus, in his last years at school, Freddie lived a masculine life at school and a feminine one at home.

And he was not the only boy subjected to femininity.  His mother took him back often to the store to buy him new underwear and dresses and Freddie saw that the Femme Boy section had been expanded and that it was more populated by boys in dresses who hung their heads in shame.