Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The Male Office Worker 2030

Justin looked wistfully at the mens' suits hanging up in his wardrobe and then looked at himself in the long mirror he had bought and which stood on its own legs in the room. He had had to buy it because his boss insisted on his appearance being perfect.

His appearance right now might be perfect from his boss's point of view but certainly not from his!

Justin was wearing a black mini-skirt, which only just covered his bottom and barely preserved his modesty, encircled by a little black belt with a tiny, shiny, silver buckle. His long legs were encased in sheer, seamed stockings that defined his legs beautifully and were attached to a lacy black suspender belt hidden beneath his skirt. Also hidden beneath the mini-skirt was the pair of white lace panties that Justin wore. On his feet were..well a pair of white and pink trainers. The six inch stillettos were in a carry bag. When he had first been required to wear high heels he had made the mistake of wearing them door to door and had ended up with blistered, sore feet. His boss had scolded him severely saying she didn't need an assistant who limped around the office with burst blisters and sticking plasters. Justin had learnt from the experience the hard way but had learned it well.

Above his mini skirt Justin wore a shiny white silk blouse that covered his torso and arms, with a frilled collar and cuffs, a silver necklace, a thin diamond watch with a tiny diamond face and a bracelet of silver. Silver earrings hung in his pierced earlobes. Justin had been required to shave his entire body until it was free of hair and perfume it with the staple brand "Scent of a Man", a concoction of jasmine, rose and lilac. Justin wore full make up, foundation, blush, lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara and his eyebrows he had plucked and he had been required to curl his long lashes. His hair was styled in a pageboy bob and was brunette in colour. Slung around his shoulder was a large black purse in which he had make up, his money and debit cards, a spare pair of stockings and other odds and ends he had accumulated but had never got rid of.

His nails, on both his hands and his feet, had been filed and shaped and painted with red nail varnish, making his hands and feet look dainty and pretty. Underneath the silk blouse, Justin wore a white lacy boy-bra, as it was unseemly for a male not to cover his breasts.

Justin looked at himself again, the boy secretary, for he was only nineteen and was indeed a secretary, and thought he would pass muster, and then made for the door. He was already running late as it had taken him so long to make himself presentable. The walk to the tube station was only five minutes but for Justin it seemed an enternity as he was all to aware of the stares he was attracting due to his long legs and the provocative wiggle of his bottom, imposed by the tight skirt and suspender belt (it was even worse when he actually had to put the heels on!).

Along the way, Justin saw billboards, mainly of scantily-clad, pretty men, advertising the latest line of boy-bras, sexy lingerie and make up. Just before entering the station, Justin bought a tube of Alluring Adam lipstick and some Luscious Larry eyeshadow from a nearby stall and slipped them into his purse.

Justin had a wait a while as the tube was running late and was conscious of the cold air on his legs and up his excuse for a skirt. Other males were on the platform and attired in a similar manner to himself and there were women too, though women nowadays wore suits, ties and flat shoes and had short hair and no make up or jewellery. Some of them were giving Justin the eye. He had got used to that feeling by now, after two years of having to wear skirts, but it still made him feel terribly vulnerable and a sex object for all women.

On the tube, Justin perched uneasily on his seat, all too aware that his long legs were on display and that eyes were on him. He tried to concentrate on the men's magazine he had pulled out of his purse, which gave him beauty and fashion tips, but was two weeks old. Justin studied the magazine zealously to take his mind off the stares some women were giving his lithe body, until his stop came along and he was able to escape into the office where he worked as a secretary.

His first priority, once inside the building, was to get into the men's room and exchange his trainers for his six inch high stilettos. They had the effect of simultaneously making him feel more powerful and more helpless at one and the same time. Gingerly, Justin tottered out of the men's powder room, which had no urinals and was decorated in cream and floral patterns, the air wafting with perfumes, his heels loudly clacking against the stone floor and attracting attention and made his way to the lift and rode it to the 43rd floor, exiting it to his boss' domain.

Dumping his purse into a drawer, Justin slipped into his workstation, and logged onto his terminal, bringing up his boss's schedule for the day and checking his e-mails. One made him groan inwardly. The boss was attending a social that evening and needed a boy on her arm, namely him. Great, thought Justin, that's my evening gone! He often had to attend socials as Lois' boyfriend in a gown and heels and after a day spent in the office in stilettos the thought of spending more time in them in the evening was not a pleasing one. Lois also used him to run errands for her and had last summer taken him to her holiday home and required him to serve her and her girlfriends as a maid, in full uniform, waiting on them hand and foot. Justin remembered the amused, gloating faces of the women, having a male to serve them in the role that only a few decades ago would have been theirs.

Lois Warde emerged from her spacious office and greeted her assistant. Lois was only five feet tall exactly, but with a strong body and face, and dressed in a suit and tie and sans makeup. Justin, five foot nine high (without the benefit of his high heels) towered over her, but Lois had an aura about her that stated that she was in control of every situation she was in. She also worked out every day and Justin knew that she was physically more powerful than him. Justin found it disconcerting that Lois was only six years older than he and yet was so much more senior and wealthy. Justin got a good wage, for a secretary, but he had to spend most of it on clothes, shoes and beauty services to make him presentable. Justin could not even afford a car, let alone his own flat.

Lois complimented her secretary on his appearance but oh! one of the seams of his stockings was crooked. Justin went through the motions of adjusting the line of his stockings to please the boss, all too aware that there was nothing wrong with them and that it was all just a game to allow the boss an eyeful of stocking tops, lily-white male flesh and frilly underwear, until Lois expressed that she was satisfied with Justin's appearance.

Justin spent the morning dealing with calls and working on assignments for Lois until lunch time came and he was able to totter along to a lunch break in the staff canteen. As he was on a diet, Justin crunched on a carrotstick, dipped in mayonnaise. His stomach growled but Justin dare not eat more as he needed to keep his figure and be able to continue to fit into his current size eight clothes.

He was joined by one of his least favourite people, Dom. Dom was one of those males who had completely embraced his role in the new order and whose dress and behaviour was held up as an ideal for all other males to follow. Dom looked very pretty in his blouse and mini-skirt. He chattered endlessly about the latest news and gossip. Dom had been held up as a role model and when Justin had joined the company two years ago and had turned up for work in less than perfect condition, Dom had been asked helped him perfect his dress and make up and had been a mentor to him. Dom was the most senior secretary in the company.

Grateful for once that his fare was so small, Justin bid his farewells and made his way back to his workstation. Waiting for him was a package containing the dress he was to wear that evening, along with a pair of matching heels and much to his embarassment, pretty underwear. But he knew that he would have no choice but to wear it. It was his duty as a secretary to his boss.

He was examing the dainty, flimsy, see through lingerie he would be wearing, when Ms Robson entered. Justin blanched in horror and hurriedly stuffed the flimsy underwear into a drawer. Ms Robson had a reputation for being a maneater and Justin was all too aware that he was in her sights as her next conquest. Ms Robson was an executive on the same level as his own boss so Justin had to be respectful. Ms Robson complimented him on his appearance, wishing that her own secretary was as well presented. Justin knew she had no secretary at present as she had driven the last seven away by her unusual demands.

Ms Robson went to speak to Lois about some work issue. Justin touched up his make up, feeling embarassed but aware that it was part of his job. Some hours later, Justin finished work, and dressed in the lingerie, emerald green dress and shoes that his boss had provided for him, and spraying himself liberally with perfume, before presenting himself to Lois, who looked him over, nodded in acknowledgement that his appearance was satisfactory and offered her arm. Sheepishly, Justin accepted and Lois led him out of the building and to her top of the range sports car. It was rumoured in the office that it had cost Lois ten times what Justin earned in a year to buy it, but then, Lois earned a six figure salary, plus bonuses, and could easily afford it, along with her Surrey mansion and her french chateau and New York apartment.

Lois drove them to the social event. It was a chance for Lois to gain more clients for the firm and more bonuses for her. Justin was coming along as eye candy, as all the prospective clients were female. During the drive, Justin tried to think back to his childhood when he had been a normal boy, wearing trousers, playing sports and with hopes of a career in the military. That had all changed in the space of ten years when women had become so successful at school, university and the workplace that they had earned all the positions of power and wealth. The best that males could do was to fill the jobs that women did not want such as the jobs that they formerly had to do like secretary for example. Then had come the mania of most women to invert the dress of the sexes so that males ended up in skirts and frilly panties for the amusement of the ladies. Women had taken the men's trousers and would not give them back as they loved having men in miniskirts running around after them. Justin had tried to cling to his masculinity but in order to get a job he had no choice but to don the miniskirt and the clothes induced docility and femininity.

He wriggled in the leather seat of the car in discomfort, realising that he would have to dress like this forever. Lois compliented him on his appearance. On arrival, Lois went to secure her clients whilst Justin had to endure the conversation of several of the women and then, when they started drinking, their unwelcome attention. He felt very alone and vulnerable and self-conscious. His gown was made of chiffon and felt very, very thin at that moment, and underneath that was only a lacy boy-bra and lace, see through, panties, and he felt that the dress and lingerie were merely a wrapping and his naked body was a present for these women judging from the way some of them were mentally undressing him in their eyes! Before he knew it, his bottom was being pinched and fondled, he was pawed and squeezed and he had no choice but to put up with it. Lois expected him to put up with it. Ms Robson was there too, and she insisted on Justin dancing with her, with her leading and Justin having to follow. During the dance, Ms Robson whispered in his ear that he was adorable and pretty and she wanted him. Justin was petrified and felt so vulnerable.

Afterwards, Ms Robson left him alone, thank goodness, and went to talk to Lois, who was beaming. She had obviously had a successful night and had gained new clients. Lois drove Justin home.

A week later, Justin arrived for work to be told that he had re-assigned. To be Ms Robson's secretary. He learnt that Lois had gained the promotion she had been chasing and had moved to the regional office, thanks to Ms Robson, who had been chasing the same job but had agreed to back out to give Lois a clear run, as they were the only two serious candidates under consideration. Ms Robson's price was that Lois give her Justin, Lois was more than happy to do, after all what was one secretary to her.

Justin felt tears rush to his eyes. Lois had promised him that if she got promoted she would take him with her to be her secretary. She had even hinted that he might rise as high as an Executive Personal Assistant, with her sponsorship. Now she had sacrificed him without regret or remorse for self-advancement.

With trepidation, Justin approached his new workstation. On it were bags of expensive lingerie including boy-bras, see through panties, silk stockings, lace thongs, a basque and stilettos. With it was a note to "My new boy friday - I'm going to have soooooo much fun with you wearing your new clothes you sexy, gorgeous little creature!". Justin slumped into his chair in despair. His future would be a nightmare! Ms Robson stood in the doorway of her spacious, executive office eyeing him like a shark eyes its prey.


  1. Nice blog.

    Judging from this post, you'd like mine too.

  2. I like your gender role reversal stories.

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