Monday, 31 May 2010

Essential Male Femininity

1. All hair on the body should be regularly denuded of hair. The lack of body hair is a sign of classic femininity in contrast to hairiness, a masculine trait. The body looks and feels much smoother and softer and looks more feminine.
2. Head hair should be allowed to grow long to enable it to be styled in a feminine style and to allow hair accessories to be attached. Note: many women love men with long hair and many cannot help but want to be involved in grooming and styling it in a feminine way
3. Nails should be clean, shaped and varnished.
4. Earrings should be worn (preferably as a result of piercing but clip on earrings are fine)
5. Other body piercings are at the discretion of the individual concerned
6. The feminine male should refrain from exercise that will develop muscle - in the new order that is to come, women will prefer their menfolk to be slim and delicate.
7. Feminine males need to diet to seek the worthy goal of becoming slim and lithe.
8. Eyebrows should be plucked.
9. Eyelashes should be curled.
10. Personal hygiene should be of the highest standards i.e no body hair, clean and perfumed flesh.

1. Panties. The wearing of panties is the most pure sign of femininity and a feminine male must wear them at all times even if circumstances mean that he cannot wear any other type of female clothing.
2. Bra. Although there is in most cases no need to wear one, male breasts should be covered to induce modesty, a feminine trait. The removal of a bra for a male should be as traumatic as if it happened to a female.
3. Stockings and pantyhose - these should be worn as often as possible as these define the legs. Alternatively, anklets/frilly socks should be worn with bare legs
4. Trousers - a feminine male should not wear trousers - these are for females as the more masculine and dominant sex.
5. Dress or Skirt and top/blouse - these should be worn as often as possible - with skirts, preferably a mini-skirt should be worn and the hemline of a dress and skirt should be a short as possible.
6. Shoes - these should be female shoes and should try to match the outfit being worn. High heels preferred as these induce feminine traits but pretty flat shoes serve well too.
7. Jewellery - necklaces, bangles, bracelets, rings should be worn as these are symbolic of femininity - traditionally given as trinkets to a woman by a man and reinforcing his status as protector and hers as his property. In the new order, women will be the protectors and providers and we will be dependant upon them - women will be more masculine and treat us as property/concubines.
8. Make Up - as women once had a duty to look pretty, that duty has now fallen to us and we are required to wear full make up to look pretty for our wives and girlfriends.
9. Hair accessories - ribbons, barettes, hair grips and other pretty accessories should be added to enhance the prettiness of the wearer.
10. Other underwear - wear a teddy, a basque, a negligee, bra and panties/thong in the bedroom - as directed by the assertive female in your life.
11. Nightwear - wear a nighdress, ladies PJ - there are many varieties, which is great - when not expected to dress up for your partner as in point 10.

1. Purse and handbag - when you start wearing dresses and skirts you will notice that you no longer have any pockets and so you will need a handbag to carry any spare gear in and a purse to carry your money and credit cards.
2. Perfume - You should perfume your body in feminine scents.

Adopting feminine dress is a positive move for any male,but as important is the psychological side - thinking feminine - feminine dress will help you to feel that being pretty and sweet is your role but you need to abandon male traits and become more submissive and docile and accepting of female leadership in all aspects of your life. Your wife should be the protector and provider and you will be the homemaker and chief childraiser. You will appreciate the prettiness of your clothes and accessories and will be appreciative of being allowed to be feminine and leading a feminine life.

The future is female and females are becoming more masculine. We males must accept that we cannot compete with the superior woman and must adapt and become feminine and serve her as helpmate and homemaker for the good of society.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The Male Office Worker 2030

Justin looked wistfully at the mens' suits hanging up in his wardrobe and then looked at himself in the long mirror he had bought and which stood on its own legs in the room. He had had to buy it because his boss insisted on his appearance being perfect.

His appearance right now might be perfect from his boss's point of view but certainly not from his!

Justin was wearing a black mini-skirt, which only just covered his bottom and barely preserved his modesty, encircled by a little black belt with a tiny, shiny, silver buckle. His long legs were encased in sheer, seamed stockings that defined his legs beautifully and were attached to a lacy black suspender belt hidden beneath his skirt. Also hidden beneath the mini-skirt was the pair of white lace panties that Justin wore. On his feet were..well a pair of white and pink trainers. The six inch stillettos were in a carry bag. When he had first been required to wear high heels he had made the mistake of wearing them door to door and had ended up with blistered, sore feet. His boss had scolded him severely saying she didn't need an assistant who limped around the office with burst blisters and sticking plasters. Justin had learnt from the experience the hard way but had learned it well.

Above his mini skirt Justin wore a shiny white silk blouse that covered his torso and arms, with a frilled collar and cuffs, a silver necklace, a thin diamond watch with a tiny diamond face and a bracelet of silver. Silver earrings hung in his pierced earlobes. Justin had been required to shave his entire body until it was free of hair and perfume it with the staple brand "Scent of a Man", a concoction of jasmine, rose and lilac. Justin wore full make up, foundation, blush, lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara and his eyebrows he had plucked and he had been required to curl his long lashes. His hair was styled in a pageboy bob and was brunette in colour. Slung around his shoulder was a large black purse in which he had make up, his money and debit cards, a spare pair of stockings and other odds and ends he had accumulated but had never got rid of.

His nails, on both his hands and his feet, had been filed and shaped and painted with red nail varnish, making his hands and feet look dainty and pretty. Underneath the silk blouse, Justin wore a white lacy boy-bra, as it was unseemly for a male not to cover his breasts.

Justin looked at himself again, the boy secretary, for he was only nineteen and was indeed a secretary, and thought he would pass muster, and then made for the door. He was already running late as it had taken him so long to make himself presentable. The walk to the tube station was only five minutes but for Justin it seemed an enternity as he was all to aware of the stares he was attracting due to his long legs and the provocative wiggle of his bottom, imposed by the tight skirt and suspender belt (it was even worse when he actually had to put the heels on!).

Along the way, Justin saw billboards, mainly of scantily-clad, pretty men, advertising the latest line of boy-bras, sexy lingerie and make up. Just before entering the station, Justin bought a tube of Alluring Adam lipstick and some Luscious Larry eyeshadow from a nearby stall and slipped them into his purse.

Justin had a wait a while as the tube was running late and was conscious of the cold air on his legs and up his excuse for a skirt. Other males were on the platform and attired in a similar manner to himself and there were women too, though women nowadays wore suits, ties and flat shoes and had short hair and no make up or jewellery. Some of them were giving Justin the eye. He had got used to that feeling by now, after two years of having to wear skirts, but it still made him feel terribly vulnerable and a sex object for all women.

On the tube, Justin perched uneasily on his seat, all too aware that his long legs were on display and that eyes were on him. He tried to concentrate on the men's magazine he had pulled out of his purse, which gave him beauty and fashion tips, but was two weeks old. Justin studied the magazine zealously to take his mind off the stares some women were giving his lithe body, until his stop came along and he was able to escape into the office where he worked as a secretary.

His first priority, once inside the building, was to get into the men's room and exchange his trainers for his six inch high stilettos. They had the effect of simultaneously making him feel more powerful and more helpless at one and the same time. Gingerly, Justin tottered out of the men's powder room, which had no urinals and was decorated in cream and floral patterns, the air wafting with perfumes, his heels loudly clacking against the stone floor and attracting attention and made his way to the lift and rode it to the 43rd floor, exiting it to his boss' domain.

Dumping his purse into a drawer, Justin slipped into his workstation, and logged onto his terminal, bringing up his boss's schedule for the day and checking his e-mails. One made him groan inwardly. The boss was attending a social that evening and needed a boy on her arm, namely him. Great, thought Justin, that's my evening gone! He often had to attend socials as Lois' boyfriend in a gown and heels and after a day spent in the office in stilettos the thought of spending more time in them in the evening was not a pleasing one. Lois also used him to run errands for her and had last summer taken him to her holiday home and required him to serve her and her girlfriends as a maid, in full uniform, waiting on them hand and foot. Justin remembered the amused, gloating faces of the women, having a male to serve them in the role that only a few decades ago would have been theirs.

Lois Warde emerged from her spacious office and greeted her assistant. Lois was only five feet tall exactly, but with a strong body and face, and dressed in a suit and tie and sans makeup. Justin, five foot nine high (without the benefit of his high heels) towered over her, but Lois had an aura about her that stated that she was in control of every situation she was in. She also worked out every day and Justin knew that she was physically more powerful than him. Justin found it disconcerting that Lois was only six years older than he and yet was so much more senior and wealthy. Justin got a good wage, for a secretary, but he had to spend most of it on clothes, shoes and beauty services to make him presentable. Justin could not even afford a car, let alone his own flat.

Lois complimented her secretary on his appearance but oh! one of the seams of his stockings was crooked. Justin went through the motions of adjusting the line of his stockings to please the boss, all too aware that there was nothing wrong with them and that it was all just a game to allow the boss an eyeful of stocking tops, lily-white male flesh and frilly underwear, until Lois expressed that she was satisfied with Justin's appearance.

Justin spent the morning dealing with calls and working on assignments for Lois until lunch time came and he was able to totter along to a lunch break in the staff canteen. As he was on a diet, Justin crunched on a carrotstick, dipped in mayonnaise. His stomach growled but Justin dare not eat more as he needed to keep his figure and be able to continue to fit into his current size eight clothes.

He was joined by one of his least favourite people, Dom. Dom was one of those males who had completely embraced his role in the new order and whose dress and behaviour was held up as an ideal for all other males to follow. Dom looked very pretty in his blouse and mini-skirt. He chattered endlessly about the latest news and gossip. Dom had been held up as a role model and when Justin had joined the company two years ago and had turned up for work in less than perfect condition, Dom had been asked helped him perfect his dress and make up and had been a mentor to him. Dom was the most senior secretary in the company.

Grateful for once that his fare was so small, Justin bid his farewells and made his way back to his workstation. Waiting for him was a package containing the dress he was to wear that evening, along with a pair of matching heels and much to his embarassment, pretty underwear. But he knew that he would have no choice but to wear it. It was his duty as a secretary to his boss.

He was examing the dainty, flimsy, see through lingerie he would be wearing, when Ms Robson entered. Justin blanched in horror and hurriedly stuffed the flimsy underwear into a drawer. Ms Robson had a reputation for being a maneater and Justin was all too aware that he was in her sights as her next conquest. Ms Robson was an executive on the same level as his own boss so Justin had to be respectful. Ms Robson complimented him on his appearance, wishing that her own secretary was as well presented. Justin knew she had no secretary at present as she had driven the last seven away by her unusual demands.

Ms Robson went to speak to Lois about some work issue. Justin touched up his make up, feeling embarassed but aware that it was part of his job. Some hours later, Justin finished work, and dressed in the lingerie, emerald green dress and shoes that his boss had provided for him, and spraying himself liberally with perfume, before presenting himself to Lois, who looked him over, nodded in acknowledgement that his appearance was satisfactory and offered her arm. Sheepishly, Justin accepted and Lois led him out of the building and to her top of the range sports car. It was rumoured in the office that it had cost Lois ten times what Justin earned in a year to buy it, but then, Lois earned a six figure salary, plus bonuses, and could easily afford it, along with her Surrey mansion and her french chateau and New York apartment.

Lois drove them to the social event. It was a chance for Lois to gain more clients for the firm and more bonuses for her. Justin was coming along as eye candy, as all the prospective clients were female. During the drive, Justin tried to think back to his childhood when he had been a normal boy, wearing trousers, playing sports and with hopes of a career in the military. That had all changed in the space of ten years when women had become so successful at school, university and the workplace that they had earned all the positions of power and wealth. The best that males could do was to fill the jobs that women did not want such as the jobs that they formerly had to do like secretary for example. Then had come the mania of most women to invert the dress of the sexes so that males ended up in skirts and frilly panties for the amusement of the ladies. Women had taken the men's trousers and would not give them back as they loved having men in miniskirts running around after them. Justin had tried to cling to his masculinity but in order to get a job he had no choice but to don the miniskirt and the clothes induced docility and femininity.

He wriggled in the leather seat of the car in discomfort, realising that he would have to dress like this forever. Lois compliented him on his appearance. On arrival, Lois went to secure her clients whilst Justin had to endure the conversation of several of the women and then, when they started drinking, their unwelcome attention. He felt very alone and vulnerable and self-conscious. His gown was made of chiffon and felt very, very thin at that moment, and underneath that was only a lacy boy-bra and lace, see through, panties, and he felt that the dress and lingerie were merely a wrapping and his naked body was a present for these women judging from the way some of them were mentally undressing him in their eyes! Before he knew it, his bottom was being pinched and fondled, he was pawed and squeezed and he had no choice but to put up with it. Lois expected him to put up with it. Ms Robson was there too, and she insisted on Justin dancing with her, with her leading and Justin having to follow. During the dance, Ms Robson whispered in his ear that he was adorable and pretty and she wanted him. Justin was petrified and felt so vulnerable.

Afterwards, Ms Robson left him alone, thank goodness, and went to talk to Lois, who was beaming. She had obviously had a successful night and had gained new clients. Lois drove Justin home.

A week later, Justin arrived for work to be told that he had re-assigned. To be Ms Robson's secretary. He learnt that Lois had gained the promotion she had been chasing and had moved to the regional office, thanks to Ms Robson, who had been chasing the same job but had agreed to back out to give Lois a clear run, as they were the only two serious candidates under consideration. Ms Robson's price was that Lois give her Justin, Lois was more than happy to do, after all what was one secretary to her.

Justin felt tears rush to his eyes. Lois had promised him that if she got promoted she would take him with her to be her secretary. She had even hinted that he might rise as high as an Executive Personal Assistant, with her sponsorship. Now she had sacrificed him without regret or remorse for self-advancement.

With trepidation, Justin approached his new workstation. On it were bags of expensive lingerie including boy-bras, see through panties, silk stockings, lace thongs, a basque and stilettos. With it was a note to "My new boy friday - I'm going to have soooooo much fun with you wearing your new clothes you sexy, gorgeous little creature!". Justin slumped into his chair in despair. His future would be a nightmare! Ms Robson stood in the doorway of her spacious, executive office eyeing him like a shark eyes its prey.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Pink is for boys

We all start out as females in the womb and later those babies whom biology has determined are to have male physical characteristics develop into males. Those designated to have female physical characteristics continue to develop into females.

As soon as a boy child and a girl child are born, society treats them differently. Blue is the colour for boys and although their mother can get away to some extent with adding frills and lace to their baby costumes, society dictates that their maleness is acknowledged and respected. Girls, on the other hand, are treated with less respect and are immediately put into pink, ultra feminine, over the top costumes, dripping with lace and frills, and silks and satins.

Once out of babyhood, the paths of the boy and girl diverge significantly. For the boy, he is "breeched", allowed the privilege of wearing trousers and his clothing is plain and practical. Even on formal occasions, a boy will not be made to wear feminine frills and lace. For the girl, her path is effectively an extended period of babyhood. She has to wear frilly underwear, pantyhose or frilly anklets, mary janes, dainty frocks and has to wear her hair long so that ribbons can be put into it. On formal occasions, when the girl has to be a bridesmaid for example, her clothes will be even more feminine and restrictive.

The differences are not only in clothing. Boys and girls are treated differently. A boy has more freedom and fewer rules and is indulged. A girl is kept on a tight lease, made to be demure, submissive and ladylike and has chores to do and gets little thanks or notice. The message conveyed is that boys are there to be indulged and girls are there to serve them.

At school and for the rest of her life, the girl generally has to wear a dress or skirt and frilly underwear and long hair. The boy continues in trousers, pants and short hair. Women not only have to wear skirts and dresses, but dainty lingerie, stockings and high heels.

The assumption is that males are the stronger, more logical and more practical sex and that females are weaker, more emotionally unstable and frivilous and the ultra feminine clothes that they are made to wear serve to reinforce that impression.

Which though is the stronger sex? Biologically, females have greater endurance and on average live longer and have the ability to conceive, carry and bear children, which makes the female indispensible. Girls and women also mature earlier than boys and men, which gives them a big advantage at school, and is one reason why girls are doing so well academically whilst boys are falling further and further behind. Females are intellectually and emotionally stronger than males, better at focusing on goals, better organised, better team players, better at multi-tasking and better at using technology. Even physically, although the male has a head start in terms of muscle development, if girls and women put their minds to it and work out they can equal and then surpass males physically. The scope for males to develop much more muscle than they already have is limited so females can at least equal them in this area.

Women were forced to be feminine and were forcibly feminised in the past because males deluded society (and themselves) that they were superior and kept women in their place in the home. Women in the past and even to this day unwittingly support the myth of male superiority by continuing to feminise their daughters. Clever, talented girls are held back because they are forced to be feminine whilst their less clever brothers are pushed towards being masculine and to hold leadership roles they are not qualified for.

This is changing though, as it is increasingly becoming evident that it is the female who is superior and that she is rising to leadership of society, in spite of their being feminised and pressured to be beautiful rather than assertive. Males are aware of this and whilst a small minority welcome this development, most are at best confused and some are terrified at the prospect of the inevitability of female domination.

Girls are aware of their superiority over boys and that most of them are more masculine than boys are. All but the most girliest of girls must resent the frills and lace they have to wear and the urge to be pretty rather than smart whilst the boys have the privilege of trousers and not being required to be pretty and being assumed to be smart.

For the last hundred years or so, woman has managed to become more masculine in order to succeed in gaining equality and superiority over man and she is becoming more masculine as time moves on. Males, aware of their inferiority and confused and demotivated by their rapidly disappearing status, are becoming more feminine in nature.

Woman will one day gain control of society and reason that it is for the inferior male to wear the clothes that show and reinforce his femininity, the dress, skirt, high heels and the pretty, dainty, frilly underwear that symbolises pure femininity, whilst the female assumes masculine dress as the superior, more masculine sex. In the new order, a boy baby will be put into a pink, lacy baby frock, bonnet and frilly rhumba pants whilst his sister will be put into a plain blue romper suit.

Once out of babyhood, the girl will graduate to trousers and allowed the freedom to realise her full potential and natural masculinity. Her brother will have the extended period of babyhood in gingham frocks, frilled knickers and anklets, wearing mary janes, perhaps with hosiery, with his hair long or perhaps in ringlets with ribbons and other hair accessories added. He will be encouraged to be pretty and kept under strict rules. He will be made to play with dolls to reinforce his femininity and role as a nurterer and live in a sedate, feminine enviroment. The effect of wearing feminine clothes will induce passivity and submissive behaviour in the boy and bring out his natural femininity.

At school, the girl will score high academically in trousers, the boy will attend in a skirt, blouse, pretty panties and pantyhouse, with his hair still long and maybe still in ribbons and and be encouraged towards homemaking and beauty rather than serious academic study. The girl will go on to university and a career whilst the boy will leave school and become a waitress, maid or secretary, wearing the short skirts, make up, high heels and dainty underwear such a role demands until an assertive, successful and more masculine girl takes him for her husband. The feminine husband will be the homemaker, attired in a dress or skirt during the day, in an elegant gown with his hair styled in a feminine fashion when he has to play his role as trophy husband, and in bed, wearing a basque, lace thong or silky french knickers, sexy stilettos, stockings and suspenders to please a demanding wife.

Femininity is a construct of society and can be imposed on anyone, regardless of their genetic sex. Males imposed it upon females and soon it will be in the power of females to take revenge and impose it upon the male. I hope that day comes soon for the world will be a better place when women and men are in their rightful roles and dress.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Extracts from the diary of a thirteen year old boy - 2013

25 January 2013
America's first female President, Sarah Palin, took office today, promising a new era for the USA in general and women in particular. Mom and sis seemed especially pleased about this. Dad was less so and went to the bar. Dad has really gone downhill since he lost his job and Mom became the wage earner. He is not coping well with having to do housework, which he says is women's work.

1 February 2013
Mom and sister Saskia came home from one of those Female Forwards Meetings. Following Palin's election, they had joined this woman only political party whose aims are to advance women in society once they gain power. Saskia had left one of their pamphlets lying around and I had a peek. What I saw worried me. The party aimed to secure control of the legislature within ten years and pass pro-female legislation to limit the male franchise to those males held university degrees. Some colleges and universities would be barred to males entirely. 40% of the directorships of companies would have to be occupied by females by law. What concerned me more was that there was a section marked "Male Feminisation". Party sisters would pledge to feminise the males in their household, getting them into dresses and skirts and other girly stuff. I threw the pamphlet in the bin. It would never happen to me, I vowed.

20 February 2013
With Dad drinking himself into a stupor at the bar most nights nowadays, Mom and Saskia decided to hold a bra burner at the house and invited over their "sisters" to take part. I was ordered to stay in my room but could see from my window what was going on. Women and girls of all ages were in the garden, around a big bonfire, bringing their bras and panties and other things I didn't have a clue about, and putting them on a fire and cheering loudly and dancing. Confused, I could only watch as the most pure signs of femininity went up in smoke.

27 February 2013
Mom and Saskia were acting weirdly. They had put off their skirts, got their hair cropped short and eschewed all make up and jewellery and proclaiming that they would make the world a better place for women. They decided to start with my baby brother, Rick. I watched with a mixture of horror and fascination as they put the helpless boy into girls' frocks and bonnets and treated him as if he was a girl. I was as helpless as he was and as for Dad, he was too drunk to notice nowadays.

4 March 2013
Mom continued to dress baby Rick up in cute girly costumes. Rick seemed to be enjoying his new clothes. Saskia, meantime, was getting to work on me! She had brought down some of her old dresses, that she refused to wear anymore and suggested that I try them on. I refused point blank, saying I was a boy and boys don't wear dresses. That may be changing was my sister's response.

5 March 2013
Dad finally began to notice the changes in his wife and daughter and baby son and absolutely flipped, ordering that Rick be restored to his proper clothes. Mom said he was in his proper clothes. Dad said he wanted to see Mom and Saskia back in dresses and Mom said that wasn't going to happen and that things needed to be changed in this family and that the women were taking charge and that the males in the household needed to be more flexible to changes in their dress and activities. When Dad asked what that meant, Mom pointed to Rick, wearing a pink baby dress and frilly rhumba knickers and said Dad and I would have to wear feminine clothes and take orders from her in future. She would be head of the household, not Dad anymore. An argument broke out that resulted in Dad packing his things and leaving the house to go live with one of his drinking friends. It was a traumatic day to be sure.

6 March 2013
Following Dad's departure, the atmosphere in the house calmed down and things returned to normal. Mom called a meeting and said that things would be better now Dad was gone but that the door was always open for him to come back as long as he promised to be a better person. Mom then took me aside and said that it was time I began wearing dresses and skirts. I would be a better boy if I did so and would look so pretty. I protested and said no. To my surprise, Mom did not take it any further and even gave me a kiss before I left for school.
But I had underestimated her determination for when I returned home it was to find all of my clothes gone - shipped off to the charity shop -and Saskia's old dresses and skirts - and frilly underwear! - in their place. Mom and Saskia ganged up on me and forced me to yield the clothes I was wearing and I was made to wear a pair of frilly panties, a print frock, pantyhose and a pair of mary-janes. It was a very strange experience. Mom and Saskia were delighted with my appearance but the humiliation of being dressed in my sister's clothes almost made me weep with shame. I also had to wear one of my sister's old nightdresses to bed.

7 March 2013
I dreaded going to school in a dress, but I had no choice as I had nothing else to wear! Trying to avoid being noticed I slipped into class only to find that I was far from being the only boy in a dress. It seemed that overnight the sisters of Female Forwards had orchestrated the debagging of their sons and putting them into dresses. There were just two boys in my class that had escaped that fate - for now. Every girl in school and every female teacher now wore what would have been boy's or man's dress just a day ago. The girls clearly enjoyed the reversal of dress more than we did. Worse was to follow for in assembly the headmistress announced that from now on boys and girls were to wear a prescribed uniform - a skirt, blouse, pantyhouse and mary-janes for boys and a shirt, blazer, trousers and shoes for girls and that the reversal of dress also applied to sports so I would have to wear one of those flimsy wraparound mini skirts that I had so admired when a girl wore them whilst doing sports. When I got home I was told by Mom that from now on I would be doing the chores around the house that Saskia used to do so I spent the evening hoovering and dusting.

10 March 2013
The female dominated student committee announced that all boys' sports team were disbanded and girls only teams were to be set up in their place. Boys would only be allowed to do supportive activities such as baton twirling and cheerleading and the only sports they would be allowed to do were soft sports such as rounders or netball. There were also changes to the cirriculum, with subjects such as home economics and needlework being boys only activities and boys being excluded from Science and Computer Technology classes. Basic math and literacy and practical skills for use in the home would suffice for us, the headmistress said. I was just getting used to having to wear a skirt and pantyhose and seeing other boys wearing them and now my education was being limited. But, what could I do, from what I heard this was happening all over the country.

20 March 2013
Dad came crawling home. His resolve had lasted only as long as he had money to pay for his beer and Mom had denied him access to the family accounts so he soon ran out of money and even his drinking buddies got fed up with him sponging off them and so he ended up penniless and homeless. Mom was willing to take him back, but under strict conditions. There would be no more drinking or fooling around. He would have to keep house and take care of baby Rick and he would have to wear a dress. Dad had nowhere else to go and so had to agree and so when I returned from school one day it was to find Dad in a cute frock changing Rick's diaper. We were pleased to see him though.

2 April 2013
By now I was used to having to wear frilly underwear, dresses and skirts and was learning needlework and home economics rather than the science and computer courses I had enjoyed. The girls at school were becoming more assertive and dominating whilst the adoption of skirts for us boys had made us cowed and inclined to passivity. Saskia, now a member of the football team, insisted that I try out for the cheerleading squad as I had good legs. Embarassed, I put on the ruffled panties, mini-skirt and tight fitting top which showed my midriff that had once belonged to Saskia and was put through my paces. To my surprise I quite liked dancing about and was selected to be a member of the squad. Mom said she was very proud of me, something she had never said when I had won prizes for science.

20 April 2013
Dad, free of the booze and the influence of his drinking buddies to be macho, had become a reformed character. He had found himself fully occupied with housework and much to his astonishment found that he not only enjoyed it, for it filled the empty hours and allowed him to spend time with his baby son, but that he was good at it. Mom was impressed with his new attitude and skills and said he made a better housewife than she had ever been in the early years of their marriage when we had been a "traditional" family with the husband as head and the wife as homemaker. Saskia was a star on the football field and as for me, I was noted as being a good cheerleader and had talent with a needle - and - regarded as being a cutie by the girls.

5 May 2013
After cheerleader practice, I went with my boyfriends for a quick bite to eat and whilst I was there I was asked by Roxanne Walker, President of the student committee no less, if I would be her date on the forthcoming prom. I was so taken aback that I could not speak for a while for I had been attracted to her a few months ago when I wore trousers and she wore dresses and it was kind of embarassing to be wearing a cheerleader's uniform in front of this girl for my shaven legs and ruffles of my panties showed under my tiny skirt, but I said yes and she gave me a peck on the cheek.
Of course, in this topsy turvy world that had been created, I would be the one wearing a prom dress whilst Roxanne wore a tux. How times had changed.

20 May 2013
The night of the prom. The day had been spent by me at Eve's Beauty Salon for a complete makeover, including waxing to remove any stray body hair, a full body massage, my nails being filed and painted, my hair being dyed blonde and styled in corkscrew curls and full make up being applied to my face. My ears had been pierced a few days before and were now ready for diamond earrings to be put into place. I then changed into a seethrough lace chemise and matching panties and wore a corset to bring in my waist and to allow the sheer white stockings that sheathed my slender legs to be attached. The gown itself was gorgeous, powder blue in colour and off the shoulder, with built in silk petticoats and studded with gems so that I shimmered I was too young for heels so I wore elegant pumps. It had been purchased at great expense from an exclusive fashion boutique. Salons and boutiques were now familiar to me and most males nowadays and Dad had persuaded Mum to open accounts at several such places for him and me to shop and be pampered as Dad had seen that his former life had been no life and surrendered to his feminine destiny. A tiara was gently placed on my head. I had never felt so special in my life and Roxanne, my date, was much pleased to have me on her arm. It was such a lovely night and as by now I was used to wearing feminine clothing and having girls take the lead in everything, I allowed myself to enjoy the experience. The highlight of the evening was when Roxanne and I were elected Prom King and Queen. Mom and Saskia were so proud of me, as was Dad and Roxanne and I was proud of myself. The picture of me in my gown, clinging onto Roxanne's arm as we posed as the winners is my most treasured possession.

30 May 2013
My fourteenth birthday. I had asked for a bike a few months ago, before I had started wearing dresses. Now I was in dresses, my presents were make up and jewellery and from Mom, a diary to which only I had the key so that I could record the special life I was now leading. We went out for a family meal at a restaurant, with the male staff dressed as waitresses and waiting on table and the female staff in suits and acting as head waiters or managers. Dad was wearing a designer dress that Mom had bought for him. Their relationship had, she said, greatly improved since Dad had accepted his new role as a trophy husband and homemaker and their love had been rekindled. Saskia wore her tuxedo. Football talent scouts had her earmarked for a career as a professional football player. I wore a pink frock and tiara and was allowed to wear matching high heels as I was the birthday boy. Mom had taught me how to walk in them. Mom was talking about me going to a secretarial college when I finished school as her firm could alway use good secretaries. A secretarial position was, Mom said, a good enough job for me until I married and became a full time husband and homemaker. I realised as I eyed my pink frock that I was happy to have been feminised and with the life that was now mine and that I did not miss my old life one bit, and, looking around at the females in suits and the males in dresses, happily eating and talking, I guessed that nobody else was unhappy with the new world that had been created.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Extracts from the diary of a thirteen year old boy - 2084

25 January 2084

Today President Jenna Falconer was sworn in as President, taking over from President Mary White, who had been President for eight years. Mom was saying that ever since she can remember the President had been a woman and it must be at least seventy years since a man had been in the White House. It was, Mom said, because women were cleverer and better leaders. When I said a man might be President some day, Mom laughed and told me not to be so silly. Boys don't get to be President any more like in the old days. Boys need to concentrate on being good homemakers like Dad was.

1 February 2084
I put on my prettiest pink frock and asked Mom to help me fix my hair and make up for I was going on a date with Lucy Chan. Lucy was smart and strong and captain of the football team. Every boy wanted to be noticed by her. I'd been a cheerleader at her last match, where Lucy had scored the winning point, and had been bowled over when, out of the blue, she had asked me out! Lucy came to the house, dressed in a smart suit. She towered over me and made me feel vulnerable and in need of her strong arms around me. Lucy smiled and admired my pretty dress. Once we had eaten and gone to my room, Lucy had taken me in her arms and kissed and caressed me. The pleasure was almost unbearable. Then she had left with a farewell kiss and an approving smile. I spent the night dreaming about being in her arms.

14 February 2084
Valentine's day. With Dad's help, I had put together a beautiful card for my paramour, Lucy, and posted it to her. I had had to do a lot of chores around the house to earn the money for the materials and postage and had put a lot of myself into the card. Dad was really sweet and helpful. I waited hopefully for the post and when it came there was a card for me! I was so excited that I danced about like I had when I had been a very little boy, my skirts rising so high my lace panties could be seen which earned me a ticking off from Dad. A boy should not be so immodest he admonished. I ripped open the card and although it did not give the name of the sender I knew it was from my Lucy. My joy was unbounded.

2 March 2084
Double History. As a boy I am required to take homemaking, fashion and beauty, childcare and secretarial classes as mandatories, along with basic math and english. My electives were French and History. Girls do not take such classes, they are smart at math, science, languages and computer technology which everyone knows boys are hopeless at so we boys are steered away from such subjects into the gentler arts. In my history class I was amazed to learn that centuries ago men were rulers, generals and businessmen, positions now filled exclusively by women, and that women were once homemakers, secretaries and maids and the property of men. I couldn't imagine such a world. We are taught from birth that men exist to serve women so it's hard to believe that they once ruled over them. But, as history shows, women are naturally superior in every way and assumed their natural role as leaders after liberating themselves from male dominance.

16 March 2084
I had another date with Lucy at a burger bar. I wore my denim mini skirt with my legs bare and felt very daring, perhaps too daring! But Lucy seemed to appreciate the effort I had made for her and held my hand all the way to the eatery which made me tremble with delight. Over food, Lucy told me how pretty I was and that she would like for me to become her boyfriend. I was so happy I almost wet myself. Needless to say, I accepted her as my girlfriend which won me a kiss from her sweet lips! Lucy went on to talk about the future - she wanted to go on to university and then play football as a professional. She asked what I wanted to do. I shrugged. Not many boys went to university nowadays and they did not get executive positions. The best I could hope for was to get good grades at school and become a secretary so that's what I said. Lucy laughed and squeezed my hand approvingly and I guessed I'd answered correctly.
Lucy took me into her arms and gave me a hard kiss which took my breath away. She insisted on escorting me home as she was concerned for my safety. My poor, over taxed brain buzzed with happiness at these developments. As we approached my house, Lucy made a request that I surrender the panties I now wore as a favour to her. I was quite mortifed and went red, stammering that I was a well brought up boy! Lucy patted my hand in understanding. Another time, perhaps, she suggested. She gave me another kiss and departed.

12 April 2084
I had to go for the fitting of my bridesmaid's dress. My cousin, Keith, was getting married to a successful attorney (he had been her assistant) and he had struggled to find bridemaids so I have been drafted. Dad had driven me over to Keith's town, along with my sister Kayleigh and we had entered the bridal salon. Keith was fretting over his own gown, a gorgeous creation of lace and silk. He looked quite the beautiful bride. The other two bridesmaids were in their lingerie delicately blushing as Kayleigh entered. Kayleigh was amused at how modest and demure the boys were, but Kayleigh wasn't staying as she had football practice and made her farewells. The mysteries of a bridal salon were for males only and Dad shooed her away. I was given a bundle of delicate silk lingerie and changed into this behind a screen and then had to endure a wait of hours whilst the bride continued to fret over his own dress and that of the bridesmaids. He was so anxious not to disappoint his new wife. At last I had a corset tightened around me and a very pretty gown of pink coral was placed on me. I was fussed over for some hours before the dress was proclaimed an adequate fit. Almost a whole day was spent to perfect the fitting of a dress. What we boys must endure to be beautiful!

2 May 2084
The day of the wedding. Keith looked so sweet as a bride but went into his usual hysterics beforehand, an overwrought bride is a staple at most weddings I have attended. His wife was tall, strong and dark haired and she exuded confidence and assertiveness and dressed in the traditional groom's suit, looking very elegant. She was extremely bossy with her bride's helpers, bidding me to raise my head and adjusting my tiara and snapping at the others, but she was also complementary at other times, saying how pretty I was. The highlight of the day for me was that Lucy was there, as a guest of our family now that she was officially my girlfriend, and she also fed me compliments which made me blush and giggle and led me on to the dancefloor and danced with me. I was in heaven. Lucy took me aside and we had an exciting time in each others company which left me so breathless and distracted that Lucy was able to relieve me of the silk panties I wore with little opposition as her trophy. Thankfully, the evening was drawing to a close by the time we re-joined it and so I had little time to be embarassed!

11 May 2084
Mom and Dad had rowed. It didn't happen often but when it did it was best to batten down the hatches and ride it out. Mom, Dad said, was spending too much time at work and not enough time with him and the kids. Mom retorted that she was the executive vice president of a major company and had to work long hours for the good of us all. As usual, Dad backed down, weeping, for Mom held the keys to our kingdom. Without the huge salary she earned Dad and I would no longer be wearing the prettiest dresses and exquisitely crafted lingerie that we took for granted and Dad had never earned a bean in his life. Still, Mom took him in her arms and assured him that he was the one she loved and that seemed to remedy all.

28 May 2084
This was the proudest day of my life, for I was to dance as the Prima Ballerina in the school performance. Ballet was a passion for me and I had danced since I was a very little boy. I was quite the envy of the other ballerinas, who could be so bitchy at times! For the performance that night I donned my tutu and ballet slippers and danced Swan Lake, lifted with ease by a strapping girl. My grace and poise were faultless I knew. Lucy was in the audience. Somewhere for I could not see her. I was pleased that, for once, she could watch me doing what I did best as I watched her scoring points, what she did best, from the touchline. I received applause and flowers and compliments but what I treasured most was what Lucy whispered into my ear "I love you".

30 May 2084
My birthday. I was fourteen now, a big boy, said my father, and that deserved a special treat. I had received cards and presents, including an apron, some jewellery and make up, but Dad took me for my first visit to a beauty parlour. I had my long brown hair styled into a beehive, I had all my body hair waxed and removed, I had my first manicure and pedicure and facial and Dad had the same. To be so pampered was an experience I will never forgot. Dad then took me shopping and let me try on loads of clothes and I selected some tops and skirts and a new emerald green frock and matching shoes and purse. I would wear them for Lucy for our next date. Dad said that I was blossoming into quite the pretty young man and that Lucy was lucky to have me as a boyfriend.

3 June 2084
My routine was interrupted by some talent scouts for the Missouri Ballet. They had witnessed my performance and had been impressed. They wanted me to join their troupe as a ballerina. I loved dancing and wanted to accept but it would mean leaving town and leaving Lucy. I demurred and said I needed more time to consider. With trembling hands I called Lucy and asked her to come over. I was in turmoil by the time she arrived but when she took me in her arms and kissed me I calmed down and spoke to her about my offer. Lucy's response was for me to go for it. She had her own plans, which included me, she hinted, to play football for a major team. I knew she could do it and I knew that, one day, whatever I decided, I would graduate from bridesmaid to bride.

Womanless Beauty Pageants


I have discovered on various other sites the phenomenon known as the Womanless Beauty Pageant (WBP). Males of all ages, but the contestants seem to be predominantly boys of school age and younger, parade about in pretty dresses and heels and wear wigs and make up, in the hope of winning a tiara and sash.

The vast majority of them look very convincing as girls!

What a truly wonderful concept and what a great way to get boys into femininity! The hardest obstacle - intially getting a boy to wear anything that he associates as being girly - is overcome with gentle encouragement and the assurance that he won't be the only boy wearing a dress. Once the boy is fully dressed up as a beauty queen, he will soon get used to the strange experience of suddenly having a skirt swishing around his legs, balancing and wobbling in high heels, having long hair, wearing clinking, pretty jewellery and wearing cosmetics and even find it fun, especially once he joins the other "ladies" and compares how he looks alongside them.

He will find out that he can be as pretty and feminine as any girl and will gain a insight into femininity. He may, hopefully, want to enjoy the experience again and, overcoming his embarassment and male pride, be brave enough to ask his mother to furnish him with a new wardrobe for him to explore and appreciate his girlish nature.

Boys (and men) of all ages should be actively encouraged to take part in a WBP - this is a great way to begin to get males to become more feminine and will perhaps give the significant females in their lives, seeing how pretty their men and boys can be with a little effort, ideas about keeping them that way! As far as I can see, the WBP was born and is practised in the USA at present, but I hope that the WBP will soon be imported to the UK, Europe and the rest of the world - imagine how much better the world would be with males concentrating on trying to be Miss World, rather than trying to dominate the world. I for one would love to take part in one when they arrive over here and will happily put on my gown and high heels.



Thursday, 20 May 2010

My femme manifesto

If I am to be taken seriously as the girl I wish to be I promise to commit to the following steps on the road to femininity.

1. Within six months, I will replace all of my male underwear with the prettiest lingerie that I can find.
2. I will continue to depilate all of my body hair.
3. I will continue to wear girl's PJ's to bed every night.
4. I will allow my hair to grow often enough to be styled and to accommodate hair accessories.
5. I will wear skirts and dresses as long as possible.
6. I will allow my nails to grow long enough for them to be shaped and will paint them as often as I can.
7. I will learn how to use make up within the next six months and wear make up as often as possible.
8. I will wear hosiery and high heels as often as possible.
9. I will buy a handbag and purse.
10. I will buy and wear jewellery, including earrings, bangles and necklaces.
11. I will wear perfume.
12. I will use female beauty products.
13. I will watch more romcoms and read more women's magazines.
14. I will do more housework - wearing my maid's uniform.
15. I will learn to walk in high heels.
16. I will wear a corset.
17. I will act as a lady at all times.
18. I will refrain from exercise that will develop muscle.
19. I will diet and drop a dress size within six months.
Now come the really tough, scary ones!
20. I will go out fully dressed as a woman within one year.
21. I will have my ears pierced within one year.
22. I will explore gender re-assignment.

Wish me luck!

Jasmine xx

Sunday, 16 May 2010

I'm a strong advocate of gender role reversal, having seen the unstoppable rise of the female sex over the last thirty or so years. Girls are greatly outperforming boys in the classroom and now form a solid majority of graduates and women are doing better than men in the workplace and more and more of them now earn more than their spouse. Fewer males are going on to higher education, more of them are being made redundant from the workplace (in the recent recession in the UK half a million men lost their jobs against only thirty thousand or so women) and increasingly becoming stay at home fathers because their wives earn more. At this rate women will soon form a majority of the workforce and dominant in the education system and the professions.

Women sought equality and new way of living and working alongside men but what is happening is the old system of breadwinner vs homemaker is still in place, only the women are now increasingly becoming the breadwinners and the men are becoming the homemakers. And not only the roles are changing, but so too are the personalities of men and women. Women, buoyed up with success and achievement, are becoming more ambitious, assertive and dominant and won't take any nonsense from men, while men, turned into homemakers, are becoming more passive and submissive and eager to please. True, some men won't change from the old stereotypical model, but in the main, realising that the old system no longer works for them but for women, men are becoming more feminine whilst the women become more masculine.

I'm a new man that recognises that the future is female and that as man can no longer compete in the classroom or the office against the superior woman, the only place left for him is in her former realm, the home. As women become dominant in the world at large, as men once were, men will find themselves confined to the home, as women once were.

I'm happy that this is happening, that our natural leader, woman, is finally taking her rightful place in society and that man is taking his in the home.

Woman, weighed down with responsibilities and power, will forsake the feminine fripperies that once attended them. She will wear trousers rather than skirts and flat shoes rather than high heels, as they are more practical for a working woman. Make up and jewellery will have no place in the workplace as there will no longer be a need for woman to employ her feminine wiles on men. Having her hair and nails done is also no longer practical for the workplace and she will no longer be required to shave off her body hair. Frilly knickers will be replaced by more practical (and boring) underpants.

The clothing and beauty products and services industries, abandoned by women, will have to tap into a new consumer. Man. Perhaps encouraged (or forced) by their women, man will be encouraged to wear more elaborate shoes, gradually evolving into the high heels once worn by woman, dresses and skirts with ever rising hemlines. Once in a skirt, man will have to shave the unsightly body hair on his his legs and any other body hair his superior spouse dictates that he remove and wear hosiery to show off his legs.

Woman will further beautify her male spouse and children by having them file and paint their nails, allowing their hair to grow long so that it can be styled, dyed and have hair accessories, such as ribbons and barettes, added, buying them pretty jewellery, including earrings for which male ears will need to be pierced to accommodate them, to adorn their bodies and wear full make up. Underneath his skirts, man will wear the frilly underwear his female spouse used to wear, including girdles and suspender belts and basques and even corsetry. Thus attired, males will be discouraged from working or engaging in any physical activity outside the home and encouraged to live a traditionally feminine lifestyle.

Women will lead in trousers and men will support them in skirts.

Society is gradually heading in this direction and I will fit right in when it finally happens. I'm a submissive, feminine male who frequently dons his mini skirt and high heels and who shaves off all his body hair and I instinctively know that this is how I should be dressed and that one day an assertive woman will sweep me off my feet and marry me (with me wearing the wedding dress and bridal lingerie and me taking her name). She will be the dominant breadwinner and head of the house and I will be the submissive and obedient homemaker and I wouldn't have it any other way.