Sunday, 16 May 2010

I'm a strong advocate of gender role reversal, having seen the unstoppable rise of the female sex over the last thirty or so years. Girls are greatly outperforming boys in the classroom and now form a solid majority of graduates and women are doing better than men in the workplace and more and more of them now earn more than their spouse. Fewer males are going on to higher education, more of them are being made redundant from the workplace (in the recent recession in the UK half a million men lost their jobs against only thirty thousand or so women) and increasingly becoming stay at home fathers because their wives earn more. At this rate women will soon form a majority of the workforce and dominant in the education system and the professions.

Women sought equality and new way of living and working alongside men but what is happening is the old system of breadwinner vs homemaker is still in place, only the women are now increasingly becoming the breadwinners and the men are becoming the homemakers. And not only the roles are changing, but so too are the personalities of men and women. Women, buoyed up with success and achievement, are becoming more ambitious, assertive and dominant and won't take any nonsense from men, while men, turned into homemakers, are becoming more passive and submissive and eager to please. True, some men won't change from the old stereotypical model, but in the main, realising that the old system no longer works for them but for women, men are becoming more feminine whilst the women become more masculine.

I'm a new man that recognises that the future is female and that as man can no longer compete in the classroom or the office against the superior woman, the only place left for him is in her former realm, the home. As women become dominant in the world at large, as men once were, men will find themselves confined to the home, as women once were.

I'm happy that this is happening, that our natural leader, woman, is finally taking her rightful place in society and that man is taking his in the home.

Woman, weighed down with responsibilities and power, will forsake the feminine fripperies that once attended them. She will wear trousers rather than skirts and flat shoes rather than high heels, as they are more practical for a working woman. Make up and jewellery will have no place in the workplace as there will no longer be a need for woman to employ her feminine wiles on men. Having her hair and nails done is also no longer practical for the workplace and she will no longer be required to shave off her body hair. Frilly knickers will be replaced by more practical (and boring) underpants.

The clothing and beauty products and services industries, abandoned by women, will have to tap into a new consumer. Man. Perhaps encouraged (or forced) by their women, man will be encouraged to wear more elaborate shoes, gradually evolving into the high heels once worn by woman, dresses and skirts with ever rising hemlines. Once in a skirt, man will have to shave the unsightly body hair on his his legs and any other body hair his superior spouse dictates that he remove and wear hosiery to show off his legs.

Woman will further beautify her male spouse and children by having them file and paint their nails, allowing their hair to grow long so that it can be styled, dyed and have hair accessories, such as ribbons and barettes, added, buying them pretty jewellery, including earrings for which male ears will need to be pierced to accommodate them, to adorn their bodies and wear full make up. Underneath his skirts, man will wear the frilly underwear his female spouse used to wear, including girdles and suspender belts and basques and even corsetry. Thus attired, males will be discouraged from working or engaging in any physical activity outside the home and encouraged to live a traditionally feminine lifestyle.

Women will lead in trousers and men will support them in skirts.

Society is gradually heading in this direction and I will fit right in when it finally happens. I'm a submissive, feminine male who frequently dons his mini skirt and high heels and who shaves off all his body hair and I instinctively know that this is how I should be dressed and that one day an assertive woman will sweep me off my feet and marry me (with me wearing the wedding dress and bridal lingerie and me taking her name). She will be the dominant breadwinner and head of the house and I will be the submissive and obedient homemaker and I wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. That is my idea of a beautiful world. Women finally taking their rightful place as leaders in the workforce, and men happy at home where they belong. What was once unthinkable is today commonplace. The culture is evolving steadily toward encouraging masculinity in women, and femininity in men. Just as it should be.

  2. What are young boys supposed to do? Do we just accept our fate?

  3. Dear emilyilis

    That's up to the boys - at the moment they are really not helping themselves. They're falling further and further behind girls at school and university because they think school is uncool. Girls know that a good degree is the passport to a good career whilst boys are turning their backs on education.
    Unless boys change their thinking, the girls will take all the degrees and the jobs and the boys will be keeping house and raising the kids. Then the girls will put them in the dresses, frilly underwear and heels that they used to wear because she earns the money and will be calling the shots. Welcome to the future of gender role reversal.

  4. so you think that although it was ghastly un-moral to treat woman as only capable of house work and being unable to be the breadwinner and be restricted by their clothingit will be fine in the future for men to be treated this way. your views are messed up, i believe that in the future men and women should be equal

    1. the article in this link : supports my theory in the last parafraph explaining that the situation will likely be arranged to be beneficial for both genders. You also haven't taken into account that whilst this is happening in the U.S. and the western world the future is more likely to be dominated by south-east asian countries like China where women are still treated as the inferior gender and don't have equal opportunities.

  5. Write more stories from the world with gender roles changed please! I am a man who wears skirts, panties and stockings, a female man, but I am a man, and my wife wears pants in the relationship. I especially love the stories of strong girls in school who control the guys just put on skirts. Is it possible that there are new stories in this blog?