Sunday, 28 April 2013

No Boys!

Abi willed herself to be patient as her parents faffed about.  Dad was straightening his bow-tie in the mirror (again!).  Mum was fussing over whether she should wear her fake fur coat or just take a fox fur stole.

More minutes passed and Abi was steadily losing patience with her parents although she remained calm and continued to smile as Mum explained how to cook her brother's favourite meal. Pizza.  Like everyone knows what to do with a pizza right?

Just as Abi was ready to go mad, she was saved by the toot-toot of the taxi.  Almost panicking, Mum and Dad gathered all their things, gave Abi a perfunctory kiss, and finally left.  The fragrance of Mum's perfume hung in the air for a couple of minutes after they had gone.

Finally! Yes!!!!! Abi savoured the moment.  For the next six hours, no parents to tell her when to go to bed or to tell what she could or could not do.  She had the house all to herself.

Well, actually, that was not wholly accurate, Abi remembered with a frown.  Her younger brother, Dan, was still around.  Up in his bedroom playing some silly computer game probably.  Even so, Abi had been left in charge and Dan would do what he was told.

Without another moment's hesitation, Abi whipped out her mobile phoned and called each of the girls in turn to say "OK.  All clear.  Get on over here!"  Abi went to put some pizzas in the oven and prepared drinks and snacks.

Then she ventured upstairs to her brother's room.  The door was closed, but Abi could hear sounds of gunshots and explosions at an annoyingly high volume.  Abi grit her teeth with irritation.  She had been planning a night in with her best friends for weeks and nothing, repeat, nothing, was going to interfere with it. Least of all her little squirt of a brother and his stupid game.

Abi tried banging on the door to get Dan's attention, but the background noise was too loud for him to hear, so Abi barged her way in.  Dan was sitting on the floor, mesmerised by what was going on in whatever alternative reality world he was currently visiting.  He was startled when his sister suddenly appeared.

Abi had only been in the room a matter of seconds and she already felt on the verge of a headache due to the noise. What it must be doing to Dan's senses she dreaded to think.  Thankfully, Dan had paused the game and most of the sound suddenly dissipated, except for some background music.

"Abi!  What ya doing in here?  This is my room!" Dan protested.  Abi realised that he was mortally offended that she had dared to breach his domain and interrupt his game.

Abi pointed to the screen and said "That is way too loud!  Turn it down!"

"No" Dan said sulkily "It's meant to be loud" in a tone that suggested "Girls! Don't they understand ANYTHING?"

"Dan, listen to me and listen good.  My friends will be here soon and we don't want ANY noise or interruptions from you.  Got it?  If you ruin my evening, I'll ruin your life I promise you!  Now turn that thing down and keep it turned down!"

To Abi's surprise, Dan meekly complied. "Thanks!" she said "I've got your pizza in the oven and I'll bring it up to you with a drink shortly.  Please can you stay out of the way for a few hours?"  Dan nodded.

Later, Abi gave Dan his pizza and drink and left him in his room.  She had been relieved at his compliant attitude.  She had expected him to be more of a handful.  Not that she couldn't have dealt with him if he had been of course but it was nice not to have to have a fight for a change.

The girls appeared.  Melanie, Natalie, Helen and Suzie.  They were loaded down with clothes and make up.  Abi led them to the living room and closed the door behind them.  Pinned to the door was a sign that read "No boys!".  Just to make it clear to Dan that the room was out of bounds to him.

The next few hours were paradise. Abi and her friends were all fourteen, all in the same form at school, and all eager to experiment with clothes and make up.  There were hysterics at the girls' first attempts at make up, modelling the clothes and trying to walk in high heels for the first time but with more practice the girls were becoming more accomplished at the feminine arts.

To Abi's intense annoyance, there was a knock at the door.  It could only be Dan.  She raced to the door and opened it a fraction "Go away!" she hissed before closing it again.  The knocking persisted. The other girls looked at Abi "Who's that?" Melanie asked.

"Only my pipsqueak of a brother" Abi said through clenched teeth "Don't worry, I'll get rid of him asap".  I'll murder him for this!

But the other girls shook their heads "Let him in.  It might be fun to have a boy here".

Abi stared at her friends incredulously.  Were they mad?  Reluctantly, she opened the door "What do you want Dan?" she asked angrily.  Dan looked small and curious "I got bored playing my computer game so I wondered what you were doing".

"Dan, me and my friends are doing girl stuff.  Definitely not for boys". Abi hoped the emphasis on "girl" would make him run a mile, or at least, retreat to his room.

But the other girls called out "Hi Dan! Come in and join us!" and so Abi had no choice but to let him in.  The others cooed and fussed over him "Isn't he a little sweetheart?".  They asked Dan for his opinion on how each girl looked, and he had the grace at least to give flattering verdicts, which pleased the girls no end.

A little later, when everyone had got bored of modelling clothes and putting on make up, and they were all flaked out on the sofa someone said "I think Dan would make a good looking girl!  What does everyone else think?"

Everyone agreed.  Except for Abi.  My brother as a girl?  She couldn't think of anything more ludicrous.  And Dan himself "But.....I'm not a girl....."

Melanie kissed him "Not right now, no, but with the right clothes and some make up we'll make you look gorgeous!"

"Don't be silly" Abi intervened "We're not dressing my brother up as a girl!"

"'re a right old miss bossy boots!" Mel turned to Dan "Is she always this stroppy?"

Abi could see immediately that this was one fight she wasn't going to win.  She was already being made to look bad in front of her friends "OK, ok. Fine. We'll turn Dan into a girl, if that's what you want!".  The other girls cheered.

Dan looked distinctly unhappy, but as he was surrounded by the girls, he had no way to escape.

Mel took charge "OK Dan.  Strip down to your undies!"

Dan looked at Abi pleadingly, but his sister looked away.  Reluctantly, he stripped down to his vest and pants.  The girls, armed with emery boards and nail varnish, proceeded to shape and paint Dan's finger and toenails with a purple glittery varnish.

"OK" said Mel "Next. Clothes".  Dan was given a bundle of clothes and sent to his room to change into them.  He came down with his head down and his face red.  He was wearing a floral patterned top that left his arms bare, a pink mini-skirt that left most of his legs bare and a pair of high heeled shoes that eh could barely walk in.  Underneath the skimpy top, it was obvious that he was wearing a lacy bra and he wore a pair of matching lace knickers under the skirt.

The girls then made him up and at the end of the process, his features had been softened and feminised and he looked just like a pretty girl with his false eyelashes and deep red lips.  Finally, Dan was given a long blonde wig to wear that made him look more girlish than ever.

Abi was amazed at the change in her brother's appearance.  With just a change of clothes, the application of cosmetics and a wig, he really had been turned into a girl!  They made him walk around in the high heels, adopting the pose of a female model.

Dan had been embarressed and humiliated at first, but with the encouragement and approval of the girls, he began to accept his new feminine state.  As the evening drew to a close, Dan was quickly de-feminised and willingly escaped to his room and the girls gradually departed.

Abi reflected that everything had turned out alright.  She had been angry at her brother's intrusion, but as he become part of the entertainment and had even become one of the girls, Abi's anger had evaporated.  Better still, during Dan's feminising process and whilst he had been dressed up, Abi had secretly been taking snapshots of him.  From now on, he would have to do whatever Abi told him or she'd make sure those pictures of him as "Danielle" were circulated around the school.  Abi snickered at the knowledge of the power she now held over her brother (and sometime sister).