Sunday, 23 May 2010

Pink is for boys

We all start out as females in the womb and later those babies whom biology has determined are to have male physical characteristics develop into males. Those designated to have female physical characteristics continue to develop into females.

As soon as a boy child and a girl child are born, society treats them differently. Blue is the colour for boys and although their mother can get away to some extent with adding frills and lace to their baby costumes, society dictates that their maleness is acknowledged and respected. Girls, on the other hand, are treated with less respect and are immediately put into pink, ultra feminine, over the top costumes, dripping with lace and frills, and silks and satins.

Once out of babyhood, the paths of the boy and girl diverge significantly. For the boy, he is "breeched", allowed the privilege of wearing trousers and his clothing is plain and practical. Even on formal occasions, a boy will not be made to wear feminine frills and lace. For the girl, her path is effectively an extended period of babyhood. She has to wear frilly underwear, pantyhose or frilly anklets, mary janes, dainty frocks and has to wear her hair long so that ribbons can be put into it. On formal occasions, when the girl has to be a bridesmaid for example, her clothes will be even more feminine and restrictive.

The differences are not only in clothing. Boys and girls are treated differently. A boy has more freedom and fewer rules and is indulged. A girl is kept on a tight lease, made to be demure, submissive and ladylike and has chores to do and gets little thanks or notice. The message conveyed is that boys are there to be indulged and girls are there to serve them.

At school and for the rest of her life, the girl generally has to wear a dress or skirt and frilly underwear and long hair. The boy continues in trousers, pants and short hair. Women not only have to wear skirts and dresses, but dainty lingerie, stockings and high heels.

The assumption is that males are the stronger, more logical and more practical sex and that females are weaker, more emotionally unstable and frivilous and the ultra feminine clothes that they are made to wear serve to reinforce that impression.

Which though is the stronger sex? Biologically, females have greater endurance and on average live longer and have the ability to conceive, carry and bear children, which makes the female indispensible. Girls and women also mature earlier than boys and men, which gives them a big advantage at school, and is one reason why girls are doing so well academically whilst boys are falling further and further behind. Females are intellectually and emotionally stronger than males, better at focusing on goals, better organised, better team players, better at multi-tasking and better at using technology. Even physically, although the male has a head start in terms of muscle development, if girls and women put their minds to it and work out they can equal and then surpass males physically. The scope for males to develop much more muscle than they already have is limited so females can at least equal them in this area.

Women were forced to be feminine and were forcibly feminised in the past because males deluded society (and themselves) that they were superior and kept women in their place in the home. Women in the past and even to this day unwittingly support the myth of male superiority by continuing to feminise their daughters. Clever, talented girls are held back because they are forced to be feminine whilst their less clever brothers are pushed towards being masculine and to hold leadership roles they are not qualified for.

This is changing though, as it is increasingly becoming evident that it is the female who is superior and that she is rising to leadership of society, in spite of their being feminised and pressured to be beautiful rather than assertive. Males are aware of this and whilst a small minority welcome this development, most are at best confused and some are terrified at the prospect of the inevitability of female domination.

Girls are aware of their superiority over boys and that most of them are more masculine than boys are. All but the most girliest of girls must resent the frills and lace they have to wear and the urge to be pretty rather than smart whilst the boys have the privilege of trousers and not being required to be pretty and being assumed to be smart.

For the last hundred years or so, woman has managed to become more masculine in order to succeed in gaining equality and superiority over man and she is becoming more masculine as time moves on. Males, aware of their inferiority and confused and demotivated by their rapidly disappearing status, are becoming more feminine in nature.

Woman will one day gain control of society and reason that it is for the inferior male to wear the clothes that show and reinforce his femininity, the dress, skirt, high heels and the pretty, dainty, frilly underwear that symbolises pure femininity, whilst the female assumes masculine dress as the superior, more masculine sex. In the new order, a boy baby will be put into a pink, lacy baby frock, bonnet and frilly rhumba pants whilst his sister will be put into a plain blue romper suit.

Once out of babyhood, the girl will graduate to trousers and allowed the freedom to realise her full potential and natural masculinity. Her brother will have the extended period of babyhood in gingham frocks, frilled knickers and anklets, wearing mary janes, perhaps with hosiery, with his hair long or perhaps in ringlets with ribbons and other hair accessories added. He will be encouraged to be pretty and kept under strict rules. He will be made to play with dolls to reinforce his femininity and role as a nurterer and live in a sedate, feminine enviroment. The effect of wearing feminine clothes will induce passivity and submissive behaviour in the boy and bring out his natural femininity.

At school, the girl will score high academically in trousers, the boy will attend in a skirt, blouse, pretty panties and pantyhouse, with his hair still long and maybe still in ribbons and and be encouraged towards homemaking and beauty rather than serious academic study. The girl will go on to university and a career whilst the boy will leave school and become a waitress, maid or secretary, wearing the short skirts, make up, high heels and dainty underwear such a role demands until an assertive, successful and more masculine girl takes him for her husband. The feminine husband will be the homemaker, attired in a dress or skirt during the day, in an elegant gown with his hair styled in a feminine fashion when he has to play his role as trophy husband, and in bed, wearing a basque, lace thong or silky french knickers, sexy stilettos, stockings and suspenders to please a demanding wife.

Femininity is a construct of society and can be imposed on anyone, regardless of their genetic sex. Males imposed it upon females and soon it will be in the power of females to take revenge and impose it upon the male. I hope that day comes soon for the world will be a better place when women and men are in their rightful roles and dress.


  1. I'm not sure about the idea of boys and men in dresses, stockins, etc, but otherwise this role reversal sounds nice. Speaking as a woman who prefers shy, petite guys (being short and petite myself, I've never liked the idea of dating a guy twice my size), the idea of men being housekeeper/submissive role and women being the "stronger sex" sounds like a dream come true. It's nice to see I'm not the only one who's attracted to the idea

    1. Sounds like a bit of man hate dressed up in a pretty box to me.

  2. im against this i think its stupid go to !@#$ its never goin happen i hate people like you wierdo, OGV ORIGIONAL-GANGSTER-VINCE


  3. i dont know about you but i like manhood no bitch aint goin to take that away you must be phycho i am in charge im sorry im an active guy that does martial arts i have two three friends there black belts that aint my real name

  4. i am also single thats how i am goin to stay i a die hard bicycle rider that kayaks in swamps with snakes and alligators i also hunt

  5. stupid idea kinda perveted i find it offensive

  6. if thats your fantasy you keep it aint mine

  7. I disagree with you when you said men are respected more than females. Little boys are taught to respect girls and women. Little girls are never taught to respect boys and men.

  8. This is a very offensive blog to a Mom of three little boys. We teach them to be strong and respectful to girls. We don't teach them to be ashamed of their gender and to cow tow to girls just because they are girls it's a two way street; respect is earned not just given. Hey here is a novel idea why not appreciate the differences between men and women not to bash on each other for them. This causes a "war" between men and women ie not a happy family.

  9. I think that ESCAPE IS IMPOSSIBLE!!!

  10. What you speak of will literally cause a civil war between men and women a d sknce men are basically made for that I'm sure tey would win

  11. This article is pure silliness because it does nothing to address the genetic codes within each gender. It stupidly assumes that mere reversal of environmental conditions, from birth, is enough to change "society" {which one?] in one fell swoop. It stupidly assumes that high heels, fem clothing, etc,is necessary at all. In other words, this is a male written poser fantasy, and its pure bullshit. It's jack off material for men.