Thursday, 20 May 2010

My femme manifesto

If I am to be taken seriously as the girl I wish to be I promise to commit to the following steps on the road to femininity.

1. Within six months, I will replace all of my male underwear with the prettiest lingerie that I can find.
2. I will continue to depilate all of my body hair.
3. I will continue to wear girl's PJ's to bed every night.
4. I will allow my hair to grow often enough to be styled and to accommodate hair accessories.
5. I will wear skirts and dresses as long as possible.
6. I will allow my nails to grow long enough for them to be shaped and will paint them as often as I can.
7. I will learn how to use make up within the next six months and wear make up as often as possible.
8. I will wear hosiery and high heels as often as possible.
9. I will buy a handbag and purse.
10. I will buy and wear jewellery, including earrings, bangles and necklaces.
11. I will wear perfume.
12. I will use female beauty products.
13. I will watch more romcoms and read more women's magazines.
14. I will do more housework - wearing my maid's uniform.
15. I will learn to walk in high heels.
16. I will wear a corset.
17. I will act as a lady at all times.
18. I will refrain from exercise that will develop muscle.
19. I will diet and drop a dress size within six months.
Now come the really tough, scary ones!
20. I will go out fully dressed as a woman within one year.
21. I will have my ears pierced within one year.
22. I will explore gender re-assignment.

Wish me luck!

Jasmine xx

1 comment:

  1. Sounds wonderful Jasmine! Really an all encompassing set of goals. You really have it all thought out. Good luck. I'm sure you will successfully complete all your tasks because you have an enthusiasm for gender role reversal and how it will make for a better world.