Saturday, 5 June 2010

Jasmine's adventures in denim mini-skirts


I've always find denim mini-skirts very sexy and decided recently to purchase one. My usual dress size is a 12 (UK/European standards) and so I bought one in that size and rushed home to try it on. As a genetic male, trying the skirt on to see if it fitted was not an option.

When I tried it on I found that it was way too big for me. It hung on my hips. I went back and bought another at a size 10. I thought that it would fit and it did, kind of, but there was still ample room.

I then scoured charity shops and found one that I thought was an 8 but which at closer examination was in fact a six. And there was still room. Maybe I can squeeze into a 4?

In the space of as many weeks, I now own three mini-skirts, all of different sizes, whereas before I owned none at all! And I may yet try for the size 4.


Jasmine xx


  1. My waist is a little bigger than yours Jasmine. I bought a miniskirt of light flared fabric above the knee, and I am the happiest female man on earth when I put it on. Thanks for your blog, I would love you to publish new stories. A greeting mate