Friday, 21 May 2010

Womanless Beauty Pageants


I have discovered on various other sites the phenomenon known as the Womanless Beauty Pageant (WBP). Males of all ages, but the contestants seem to be predominantly boys of school age and younger, parade about in pretty dresses and heels and wear wigs and make up, in the hope of winning a tiara and sash.

The vast majority of them look very convincing as girls!

What a truly wonderful concept and what a great way to get boys into femininity! The hardest obstacle - intially getting a boy to wear anything that he associates as being girly - is overcome with gentle encouragement and the assurance that he won't be the only boy wearing a dress. Once the boy is fully dressed up as a beauty queen, he will soon get used to the strange experience of suddenly having a skirt swishing around his legs, balancing and wobbling in high heels, having long hair, wearing clinking, pretty jewellery and wearing cosmetics and even find it fun, especially once he joins the other "ladies" and compares how he looks alongside them.

He will find out that he can be as pretty and feminine as any girl and will gain a insight into femininity. He may, hopefully, want to enjoy the experience again and, overcoming his embarassment and male pride, be brave enough to ask his mother to furnish him with a new wardrobe for him to explore and appreciate his girlish nature.

Boys (and men) of all ages should be actively encouraged to take part in a WBP - this is a great way to begin to get males to become more feminine and will perhaps give the significant females in their lives, seeing how pretty their men and boys can be with a little effort, ideas about keeping them that way! As far as I can see, the WBP was born and is practised in the USA at present, but I hope that the WBP will soon be imported to the UK, Europe and the rest of the world - imagine how much better the world would be with males concentrating on trying to be Miss World, rather than trying to dominate the world. I for one would love to take part in one when they arrive over here and will happily put on my gown and high heels.



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