Monday, 27 September 2010

Men:Surplus to Requirements?

As a result of feminism and great social and economic change that has taken place over the last thirty or so years, the status of the human male has taken a real battering.

Girls are running rings around the boys academically and the slump in boys' academic performance has educators and policymakers talking of a "boy crisis" that will leave half the population undereducated and ill-equipped to play any role in the post-industrial economy.

The post-industrial economy, meanwhile, favours skills such as communication, networking, team-working and multi-tasking, skills where women hold the advantage over men. The numbers of females entering the workplace is rising but the real change is that the number of males in the workplace is shrinking with every recession.

Opportunities for well educated, ambitious females are limitless, whilst opportunities for the less well educated male are limited. Women's pay is rising, whilst that of men is falling. The gender pay gap is being reversed in favour of women.

Men, and the skills they bring to the table, are no longer needed by a greatly changed economy, it would seem.

They are also no longer needed by women. Women are now better educated than men, are able to do any job a male can do, and she can support herself and her children financially. The number of unmarried women and divorce rates have never been higher and the number of marriages taking place has never been so low.

More and more women are choosing to live their lives without a man in it. Men are not wanted as partners nor as fathers.

Even biologically, men are now redundant, as women can have babies by anonymous sperm donors. Male sperm can now be produced artificially in a laboratory.

Having been heavily demoted in status and earning power, and with his skills almost irrelevant to an economy which values the skills that women can provide better than they can, man is now having to ask uncomfortable questions like"What use am I?" and "What is my role?"

Males treated females as second-class citizens for centuries, but now the tables have turned and males are not only the second sex, but feminism and female empowerment have made man obsolete.

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Friday, 24 September 2010

The Crisis of Masculinity - 2010

"Women really have become the dominant gender," says Garcia, "what concerns me is that guys are rapidly falling behind. Women are becoming better educated than men, earning more than men, and, generally speaking, not needing men at all. Meanwhile, as a group, men are losing their way." (Guy Garcia, author of "The Decline of Men: How American Male is Tuning Out, Giving Up and Flipping Off his Future")

"Independent, adventurous, competitive and ambitious, such words were often used to describe men, but today they are commonly used on post-1980s college girls.
According to a research conducted by East China Normal University, nearly one third of college girls show a mixed personality with strong masculinity and femininity, and the proportion among the post1970s college girls is only 14 percent" (China Daily, 12/07/2007).

"The book (Saving Boys) theorizes that with exam results and physical, and mental health down among males, China is entering a possible masculinity crisis. Meanwhile, the sharp increase in obesity, Internet addiction and psychological disorders such as hyperactivity and autism, as well as rising crime levels, all point towards an upcoming flashpoint". (Global Times, 30/04/2010).

"Now, the whole issue of men - the point of them, their purpose, their value, their justification - is a matter for public debate. Serious commentators declare that men are redundant, that women do not need them and children would be better off without them. At the beginning of the twenty-first century it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that men are in serious trouble." (Anthony Clare, author of "On Men: Masculinity in Crisis", 2000).

These are some quotes from articles that I saw whilst surfing the net. As you can see, they all speak not only of the crisis facing masculinity but of the masculinisation of females, and especially of girls.

The quotes also range in date from the turn of the current century right up to, well, pretty much now, really. There are many, many posts on the same themes to be found if you have the time and the inclination to search for them.

The quote by Guy Garcia, which leads this post, covers succintly what is happening to the male in the 21st Century. The decline of the male from the dominant position he held only a few decades ago is startling:

Boys are trailing behind girls at every level if the education system, not only in the western world, but in Japan and Asia. The majority of graduates are now young women. These young women are set to secure professional, highly paid, careers and it is likely that they will out-earn their male partner.

It is even being suggested that boys are at least two years behind girls in verbal, reading and writing abilities and should therefore start school two years later. Seven year old boys will have to be in the same class as five year old girls to stand any chance of equalling them academically.

Male graduates are not only fewer in numbers, but, it has been reported, find it far more difficult to find a graduate level job than female graduates. It is theorised that female graduates are, in general, more focused, better organised and more proactive job hunters than their male counterparts.

Women are entering the workforce in increasing numbers and are rapidly moving up the career ladder. Conversely, men are being made redundant or laid off in increasing numbers, due to the structural changes taking place in the economy. Most of the victims are older men aged 40 plus, who find it far more difficult to get back into work than a woman would.

The whole basis of male authority within the family depends upon his earning power. Once he loses his income, or his wife becomes the main breadwinner, that authority is gone and it is the woman who becomes the de facto head of the household. The lower earning, or unemployed or househusband male is relegated to the more junior role in the relationship.

Many more men then before are becoming househusbands to their more successful female partners (Up tenfold in the UK between 2000 - 2010 - BBC News). From what articles I have seen on this, many men actually cope quite well with the housework, child rearing etc, but complain that their female partners treat them just like a submissive victorian housewife, either taking them for granted or criticising their work and trying to supervise them. Strangely, it seems that the role reversal is often more difficult for the woman to come to terms with than the man.

I have read an article where the husband and wife switched traditional roles and he became a happy househusband, but his wife gradually lost respect for him and divorced him, taking the children with her. Losing the children was the hardest part for the divorced ex-househusband.
One of the comments following the article I saw was along the lines of "now men are getting the complete experience of being a wife!".

It has been observed that it is far easier for a female to engage in masculine careers and activities than it is for a male to try to engage in feminine careers and activities. Women, it seems, have the choice of being both breadwinner and homemaker, whilst men are still labelled as breadwinners (even if they can't be any more) and when they try to become homemakers or a traditionally feminine occupation, such as secretary, the response from society is generally negative.

Yet, based on the trends, it is increasingly looking like that the only place left for man to be of value to his family and to society as a whole will be in the home. Males are losing out educationally and professionally to females. Females are abandoning the home and most are determined not to be homemakers (unless they wish to of course). An article I saw by BBC News at the beginning of this year asked women whose partners had become househusbands if they wanted to swap places with him. Only 11% of those women canvassed said yes.

Men, once the undisputed master within his own home, is having to earn his right to remain a part of it, whether it is as a househusband or as the lower earning spouse.

Menial jobs and househusbandry will be the only jobs left that men will be qualified to do at the rate women are advancing across the workforce. Female empowerment and success is an unstoppable force, blowing apart the myth of male superiority, and pushing men aside.

The switch of traditional gender roles is, frankly, inevitable, given woman's continuing advancement and the shocking speed of male decline. By the end of this century, it will be more usual for the family to depend on a woman's income and for the children to be brought up by their father.

But, not only are the traditional gender roles being switched, but so too are the attitudes and behaviours of the genders.

In Japan, there is talk of a masculinity crisis, as boys and young men have become more obsessed by their appearance, clothes and weight, whilst their female counterparts are firmly focused on their education and careers. The girls are the go-getters, whilst the boys are passive and, well, feminine, by comparison.

Looks like Japan will be a nation of determined career women and pretty househusbands within a short span.

Even in China, where a son is still more highly valued than a daughter, especially in a culture where couples are only allowed one child, boys are being sent to a boot camp in order for them to "Man Up". Their parents were concerned that they were becoming more passive and lazy and feminine when compared to girls, who are doing much better than boys in the education system and who are also more active, independent, resourceful and assertive.

In the western world, girls are being encouraged to take on the world, to be adventurous, assertive and to take on leadership roles. Boys are being mollycoddled, wrapped up in cotton wool and discouraged from remotely dangerous activities. The traditional upbringing of the sexes is in full reverse!

More girls are taking up sports and more boys are deserting the sportsfield for their games consoles. Eventually girls will be fitter, more inclined to be competitive and to take risks (key masculine qualities) and will even be physically stronger than boys.

At the early years of the 21st century, the upbringing of boys and girls, as compared to a century earlier, has been almost been completely reversed. Boys are the new girls, and girls are the new boys.

In short, whilst the current generation of women will cling on to aspects of their femininity, their daughters and granddaughters are becoming more masculine, whilst their sons and grandsons are becoming more feminine. As Garcia says in his book, men are becoming the new women.

I predict that Career Women, Househusbands, Masculine Girls and Feminine Boys will be the norm by the end of this century, turning the traditional rosy picture of the idealised family on its head.

As masculine woman becomes dominant, it will only be a matter of time before she demands a trade with her male, but more feminine, partner - his trousers, shirt, underwear and shoes in exchange for her blouse, skirt, lingerie and high heels.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The New Girl - 2000

Ben Williams strode into school on the first day of the new term with a confident swagger, as if he ruled the place.

Which, actually, was not so far from the truth.

The Headmaster and the teaching staff might run the school, but amongst the pupils, Ben Williams was the undisputed ruler.

Ben was only fourteen, but he was a huge boy. He was almost six feet tall, which made him taller than most in school, including the staff. He was also broad and physically powerful for his age. For almost half his young life, he had been a boxer at his father's boxing school. And he was hard. Seriously hard.

Ben routinely beat up boys older than him, even the prefects when they tried to impose their authority over him.

For a year now, since he had defeated the previous bully and put him in his place, Ben had instituted a reign of terror over the pupils. With the boys, he demanded their lunch money as "protection money", beat up any boy who tried to resist and humiliated his chosen victims by locking them into a locker, spanking them or making them strip.

The girls of the school were hardly worth his trouble. He left them alone. Girls were pretty, but insignificant in his world. They were little swots. Always sticking their hands up in class to answer questions and always doing their homework on time. They were like robots. Ben didn't like girls very much and an instinct in him warned him to steer clear of them. So, he left them be.

As he strode through the corridor, followed by his gang of six other boys, Ben felt like a king. This was going to be a good year at school.

His reign of terror continued unabated for three weeks into the new academic year and Ben and his gang had become very efficient at collecting their protection money undetected.

In the fourth week, though, to their consternation and disbelief, when they went to collect their protection money, it was to find that another gang had already done so. A gang, according to all they spoke to, of girls of all things. Ben could not believe what he was hearing.

He got his gang to spread out around the school and find this rival gang. A bunch of girls would be easy to put in their place once he found them. One of his minions came back to tell him that the gang was in the school playground, and that one of their victims, taken along against his will, confirmed that this was the rival gang.

Right, thought Ben, mere girls they may be, but they would be crushed. He and his gang marched out to confront their rivals. The seven girls stood chatting amongst themselves. As far as Ben could tell they were no different from any other girl he had ever seen. The girls broke off their conversation and looked up as they noticed the approach of Ben and his gang.

One girl, clearly the leader, stepped forward. She was about five feet and six inches tall, slim, with her brown hair tied in a ponytail "Can we help you?" she asked in a sugary voice, all sweetness and innocence.

"I want a word with you lot!" said Ben aggressively "What's your game, trying to muscle in on my operation?". Ben drew himself to his full height. He was confident that his macho physique and tone would cause these girls to wilt before him.

To his surprise and anger the girl seemed totally unimpressed. "What's the problem, big boy, afraid of a little competition?" she asked, in that irritating girly voice "Afraid of a few girlies?"

Ben saw red and advanced towards the girl menacingly. He would put her in her place! The rest of his gang followed him.

Ben threw a punch at the girl that, had it connected, should have flattened her, but his fist met empty air. The girl had dodged the blow with unbelievable speed. To his shock, the girl punched him on the nose, and Ben felt the pain.

The girl kept up her attack. Ben realised that she was good. Very good. In spite of his skill as a boxer, he had difficulty holding his own. Finally, she delivered a blow which knocked him over, allowing her to pin him to the ground.

Ben suddenly became aware that he was on his own. His gang had been roundly defeated and had fled. The other girls surrounded him as he lay helpless on the ground.

He was humiliated to have been beaten by a girl and to be completely at her mercy, but he also felt an unaccustomed emotion. Fear.

Suddenly, the girl released him and ordered him to stand up. Relieved that they weren't going to do anything to him whilst he had been helpless, Ben got to his feet.

"Right" said the girl "let that be a lesson to you. We're the new gang now and if we see you and your mates trying anything, we'll give you a real beating, OK?"

Ben couldn't believe what was happening. He had just lost his position as the school bully. To a girl! But he knew that he had no choice but to accept the situation, so he nodded.

"Good boy. Now, hand over your lunch money".

This was an added humiliation, Ben knew, treating him like one of his own victims. He reluctantly handed over his lunch money. He would have to go hungry. The girl took the money "Now push off!"

Ben turned and walked away, utterly humiliated. The girls added to the humiliation by laughing as he walked away.

Ben went to the boys' toilets and looked at himself in the mirror. He had a split lip and a black eye and his nose was aching. Teachers and his parents would ask how he got them, but he would not tell the truth. It was too humiliating!

A few days later, Ben gathered his gang, and some other boys and tried to ambush the rival gang. In spite of superior numbers, they were beaten and Ben got knocked unconscious. Ben woke up to find himself stripped to his underwear and his clothes strewn around on the floor.

When he arrived for school the following day, he found in his locker a photograph which caused him to blush crimson. It showed him on the ground, clad only in his underpants, with a victorious Jackie standing over him, with one foot planted on his body in a victory pose. A permanent reminder that he, the toughest boy in school, had been beaten by a girl.

From then on, from being the bully, Ben became the girls' chief victim. They demanded his lunch money from him every day, demanded that he drop his trousers for them and gave him a spanking on his bottom with a paddle that Jackie, the new bully, carried in her bag, and then sent him on his way, almost crying with pain and humiliation.

His former gang and other students avoided him. Any association with him, they feared, would bring the wrath of the gang down on their heads.

One day, Ben found himself surrounded by the gang, who insisted that he accompany them. To the girls' toilets. There were two girls inside, but Jackie ordered them out. The girls looked ready to answer back, but the look on Jackie's face, plus the presence of the rest of her gang, and the girls exited the room in haste.

Jackie posted one of her gang on guard so that they would not be interrupted. Ben wondered what they were going to do to him now.

Jackie stood in front of him "Right you, strip!"

Ben was astounded. She could not be serious "No way" he said "I'm not doing that!"

"Grab him!" Jackie ordered the other five girls with her. Big and strong as he was, Ben could not prevail against six girls and he was quickly held with his arms behind his back, helpless. Jackie punched him in his unprotected gut, again and again and again, until he begged her to stop.

"Alright, now strip unless you want more of the same!"

Ben had no choice. He took all of his outer clothes, so that he was just standing in his underpants in front of six girls, who were giggling. Ben felt ashamed to be so helpless and humiliated.

One of the other girls handed Jackie a bag. Jackie opened it and held it upside down so that its contents came out and landed in a pile on the floor.

It was a complete girl's school uniform.

Ben now realised with horror that the girls intended that he wore it. And that he would have no choice in the matter.

Humiliating as it was to do it, Ben tried to beg "Please, don't make me wear those things!", but if anything, his attempts to obtain mercy had the effect of hardening Jackie's resolve.

"Oh, stop snivelling and get dressed" Jackie ordered him.

With great reluctance and much shame, Ben picked up the blouse and began to button it up.

"No, silly, you need to put your bra on first!" said Jackie. She picked up the girls' brassiere and threw it at him.

Going red, Ben took off the blouse and put on the alien garment, with one of the girls helping him. It felt very strange to wear such a garment. Ben put on the blouse, tie and skirt, white socks and mary jane shoes that formed the regulation uniform worn by girl pupils.

One last garment remained on the floor. A pair of girls' knickers, white, with frills at the hem and legs. Blushing, Ben removed the underpants he was still wearing and put the knickers on under his skirt. He was on the verge of bursting into tears with the shame of it!

Jackie stuffed Ben's clothes into the bag and without another word, she and her gang left, leaving Ben standing alone in the girls' toilets, dressed as a schoolgirl.

The first thing he did was to go into one of the cubicles, lock the door and cry. This was a complete nightmare! He felt better for crying and tried to work out what he was going to do. He decided that he would remain exactly where he was. He didn't want anyone seeing him dressed like this.

Ben stayed in the cubicle, hearing girls enter and leave intermittently. Almost two hours later, Ben thought he would be safe. Then there was a loud knock on the door "Who's in there?" demanded a female voice. Ben knew that voice. It belonged to Charlotte Felton, the Head Girl.

Ben was on the verge of panic. What was he going to do?

"Open this door at once!" Charlotte demanded.

Ben decided neither to obey or to speak.

But, as Ben was about to discover, girls were more resourceful than he gave them credit for and was startled to see the lock slide back. The door was slowly pushed open and Ben saw Charlotte standing there, dressed exactly as he was, with the addition of her gold badge that proclaimed her status as Head Girl. She held a nail file, which she had used to open the door.

Charlotte's mouth opened wide as her eyes took what she saw in the cubicle and she dropped the nail file. She tried to suppress the urge to burst out laughing, but failed miserably, and had to hold the sides of the cubicle as she laughed herself silly.

Ben felt totally humiliated to be seen like this.

When her laughing subsided, Charlotte composed herself, became the Head Girl again and spoke to Ben "I don't know who you are, but you have a lot of explaining to do, young man! What are you doing in the girls' toilets, dressed like that?"

Ben knew he couldn't tell her the truth and stayed silent.

Sensing she wasn't going to get anything out of the boy, Charlotte insisted that he accompany her to the Headmaster's office, but Ben refused. He was not leaving the cubicle dressed like this!

Charlotte told him to stay put. She would get the Headmaster. Charlotte left. Ben sat in the cubicle, miserable and ashamed.

Charlotte brought back the deputy head, Mrs Warren, as the headmaster was busy. Mrs Warren stared at Ben in astonishment.

"Williams, please explain yourself" Mrs Warren demanded "What are you doing in here and why are you dressed like that?"

Ben couldn't tell her the truth, so he came out with the only answer he could think of "I want to see what it was like to be a girl Ma'am" he said, hating himself for saying it.

Charlotte, still present, had a giggling fit. Mrs Warren stared at him and then said "Really, Williams?"

"Yes, Mrs Warren" Ben said.

"You are a very strange boy. An incorrigible bully one day and dressing up as a girl the next. Come along with me, please".

Mrs Warren led him back to her office. Ben felt safe with Mrs Warren as, even if anyone saw him dressed like a girl, they would not dare laugh. On arrival at her office, Mrs Warren ordered him to sit down and she rang his parents. Ben's father was there within half an hour, demanding to know what his son had been up to now. He had been summoned to the school many times after Ben had been caught bullying other pupils.

He did not, however, expect to see his son dressed as a girl. Mrs Warren explained to him the circumstances.

Mr Williams turned to his son "Ben, what is going on with you? You've come home with cuts and bruises and now this! Dressing up as a girl! What is the matter with you?"

Blushing, Ben said "Dad, it was just an experiment! I wondered what it was like to wear a skirt... and everything".

But Mrs Warren was shaking her head "This doesn't add up. Where did he get the clothes from? Where are his own clothes?"

Ben was able to answer those questions quite easily "I got Jackie Dobbs to get a girls' uniform for me, and she is taking care of my stuff. We're mates".

Jackie was summoned and, smirking, confirmed Ben's account "He said he wanted to try out being a girl and asked me to get him the uniform. I thought the request was a bit weird, but we're mates, so I agreed. I've got his own stuff right here".

Mrs Warren took Ben's uniform out of the bag and dismissed Jackie.

"I suggest, Mr Williams, that your son gets back into his normal clothes and that you take him home" said Mrs Warren "You will need to have a talk with him about his behaviour".

An hour later, Ben was back in his boys' uniform and was at home. His father was trying to extract an explanation from him, and when Ben failed to give a satisfactory answer, sent him to his room.

Ben went to his room and was surprised to find Jackie there. She had scaled a tree next to his window to gain entry.

Jackie said "Good boy. You didn't drop me in it. You get some brownie points for that".

"Why are you here?" Ben asked.

"To tell you what you need to do".

"And that is?" asked Ben, fearing he wouldn't like the answer.

"Convince your parents that you liked dressing as a girl sooo much that you want to keep on doing it!"

"I can't do that! I don't want to dress as a girl!"

"Are you sure about that? REALLY SURE?" Jackie asked threateningly.

Ben realised that he had no choice "Alright....I do....want to dress as a girl".

"Good. Now, go and tell your father that, and tomorrow I expect to see you returning to school in your cute uniform".

The following morning, an embarressed Ben arrived at school in his girls' uniform, the school having agreed that he could do so in line with equal rights legislation. After the anticipated laughter and jeering, the school settled down and got used to the "new girl".

Now that Ben had adopted female dress, Jackie and her gang left him alone "We don't bully other girls" Jackie explained "Only boys, the weaker sex". Ben even became part of their gang, but only to the extent that he was summoned to Jackie's house to give the girls a makeover. They made him brush and straighten their hair, paint their nails and apply their make up and at other times made him wear a maid's uniform and do Jackie's household chores.

As Ben ironed Jackie's clothes, he reflected on his state. He had gone from the Alpha Male to being a mini-skirted schoolgirl and occasional maid to the girl who had displaced him. When he went home, it would be to a bedroom that his father had re-decorated with girly pink wallpaper, a wardrobe full of dresses and skirts and, most humiliatingly for a boy who had once been so masculine, his own knicker drawer, filled with delicate, lacy knickers and bras.

His mother (who was loving having a son she could treat like a daughter) was even talking about putting his hair, which had been allowed to grow long, into a ponytail and tying a ribbon on it. When he was a little older, she said, she would get his ears pierced.

Ben blushed with shame at the reality of his own femininity, imposed on him by a more masculine girl.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Equilibrium - 2054

In terms of gender relations, the years encompassing 1969 to 2054 can be broken down into four distinct phases.

The quiet revolution (1969 -2000) - During this period, males were still the dominant gender, as they had been for centuries. They controlled the political and economic spheres and wore trousers and flats shoes as symbols of their dominance. Women were either homemakers or employed in low status, low earning jobs, usually supporting male bosses. A very few number of women occupied high status occupations. Most women wore skirts and high heeled shoes and were encouraged to be pretty and submissive in tribute to male authority. In 1969, the world was still a man's world.

From the 1970's onwards women campaigned for equality. They had won the vote, they were allowed to stand for political office and had equal rights under the law. But they were still paid a third less than men doing the same job and although in theory women were told that they had the same opportunities as men, in practice prejudice against women was still strong and it was in this era that the "glass ceiling" blocked and frustrated women. Women were still treated as sex objects by men. Bra-burning feminists tried to change all that, but had limited success.

But through the 1970's, 80's and 90's a quiet revolution was underway, and it began in the classroom. It had been known since the 1960's that girls did better than boys at school and educators deliberately made exams harder for girls in order to maintain the illusion that boys were better students. From the 1980's, the genders were put on a level playing field and took the same exams. Affimative action to get girls more interested in science and maths was implemented. The girls stepped up to the plate and hit an instant and enduring home run. From 1988, girls consistently outperformed boys at every level of education, a lead that has never been relinquished.

As a result, more girls than ever went to university and by the late 1990's for the first time ever comprised the majority of university undergraduates. This fed into the workplace, with more female graduates than before getting well paid jobs. The number of households where the wife was the main breadwinner increased significantly.

Women also became more active in sports and athletics during this era.

Over the same period, the nature of the economy in the western world had changed radically, with the dramatic shrinkage of the manufacturing industries that had employed and generously paid a large number of men and an increase in service industries, which relied on communication skills, where women held the advantage. Former male miners and factory workers found themselves on the scrapheap, whilst their wives became the breadwinners. Going into the mines or becoming a skilled factory worker, all well paid jobs, were the fall back positions for those boys who were not academically gifted, but now those jobs had gone.

It was no longer a man's world.

Female Ascendant (2000-12) - The success of girls in the education system accelerated dramatically and of all girls taking exams they took 75% of the top grades of school and college grades compared to 65% of boys who took the exams. Girls outnumbered boys in universities by 6:4, with the drop out rate amongst boys higher than that of girls. Male graduates found it harder than their female contemporaries to find work.

Female graduates flooded the previously male dominated professions of medicine, the legal profession, dentistry, finance and accountancy. Male representation in those professions shrank rapidly as fewer male graduates filtered through.

In the education system and in the workplace, males were still relying on male privilege to hand them degrees and well paid, high status jobs on a silver platter, but suddenly, that was not going to happen any longer and it only gradually dawned on males that they would have to do better to earn degrees and jobs by merit alone, on the same basis as females, who were doing better than them in the education system.

In the home, increasingly numbers of households depended on the income of a woman, rather than that of a man, to survive. A significant number of men had become househusbands, financially dependent upon their female partner, and taking on the traditionally female roles of homemaker and child carer.

Women were becoming increasingly interested in sports, such as soccer, swimming, rowing and cricket. Men were becoming, conversely, less inclined towards physical pursuits, preferring to follow their favourite team on television in the pub. As a result, women were gaining competitive skills and physical strength and endurance, whilst men were losing their competitive instincts and were losing their physical superiority over women by sedentary activity.

The killer punch to male dominance came in 2008-09 with the worst recession since the Wall Street Crash in 1929. 85% of the jobs lost as a result of that recession were those of males. Males always fared worse than females in the recessions of the past, but this was something else, and in early 2010, women became the majority of the US workforce for the first time ever. The number of households where the woman was the primary wage earner rose sharply and, correspondingly, so did the number of househusbands.

As women pointed out, the "He-cession" had been man-made, for it was the recklessness and cavalier attitude of the male dominated banks that had caused it and women all over the world began to question the wisdom of entrusting the management of the economy to males.

The traditional gender roles were being reversed.

The Obama Administration, which had promised a new era, revealed that it was just another period of lame-duck presidency. Obama tried to throw money at the economic downturn, but was running on empty in terms of vision and ideas. The Democratic Party wisely jettisoned him in favour of Hillary Clinton, who had been Obama's more successful and statesmanlike State Secretary, waiting in the wings for the Presidential nomination. Clinton ran against Sarah Palin and won, and the USA had its first female President.

The Transition (2012 - 2029)

America had its first female President, but the impetus for change did not come from the Oval Office. The Senate and Congress were still largely populated by men, which inhibited the President's freedom of action.

Change was happening in the schools, colleges, universities, offices, shops and factories. Girls were still outperforming boys at every level in the education system. Educators now tried desperately to implement affirmative action in favour of boys. But they found that it was too little, too late.

Girls had conquered boys academically. Girls were also defeating boys on the sports field as they formed their own soccer, basketball, baseball and ice hockey teams and proceeded to demolish the boys' teams. Girls were generally fitter, more agile, faster both in body and mind and more focused. The boys tended to underestimate the girls and were more easily distracted.

Dejected and stunned, the boys left the field to their female victors.

Female sports would become the mainstream, whilst male accomplishment would be of secondary interest, as women's sports had once been.

Girls had proven their superiority to boys on both an intellectual and even a physical level. Boys, discouraged by their defeat, seemed to lack the resources to bounce back and recover lost ground. Retreat in the classroom and the sportsfield seemed to be the preferred option, rather than admit that they were inferior to their female peers and trying to be the best that they could be.

As men lost their jobs, more women were employed into the service industries, and more men found themselves ensconced into the role of homemaker. Women, focused on efficiency and productivity, adopted suits. Some women were already insisting that their male spouse adopt more feminine clothing and behaviour, and, as women held the power in the relationship, men were obliged to obey, albeit reluctantly.

Fashion houses and mainstream retail fashion outlets picked up on the trend towards the feminisation of male clothing and the masculinisation of female attire and produced suits and plain underwear and flat shoes for women and dresses, skirts, lingerie, high heels and accessories for men. It became acceptable for men to wear dresses and skirts. The transition in dress was not easy for the males, who were forced to recognise that they had switched places with the women and that females had become the dominant sex.

Women were completely dominant in medicine, the law and business and held the top positions. Men employed in those areas held the most junior positions, in support of their female bosses. Almost all nurses and secretaries were male and were required to dress in the traditional fashion for their roles. Politics and religion remained the only arenas where women were not in control, but it was only a matter of time before the fossilised politicians retired or died, and allowed a woman to replace him. The Church was irrelevant, for now, as securing temporal power was the key objective.

By this point, women had completely abandoned any tendency towards femininity, and males were being encouraged and conditioned towards adopting femininity. Younger males could adapt to the new reality, but older men, brought up to be masculine, could not contenance such a proposal. Those men who could not adapt to the new reality found themselves left behind, unemployable (since they would not adopt the feminine dress jobs employers now demanded of their male employees) and divorced by their wives, for non-compliance to her wish that he accept his new role as the more feminine partner in their relationship.

By now, it was the male who was becoming a sex object in the eyes of the dominant female, and pornography, media advertising and the sex industry, which had formerly catered for the tastes of men by exploiting women, went into complete reverse by catering for the needs of women by exploiting men.

On every street, it was now normal to see women striding about in suits, with short hair, hairy bodies and no cosmetics whatsoever. Men could be seen mincing about in high heeled shoes, in a skirt or dress, hosiery or bare depilated legs, carrying a handbag and wearing jewellery and make up. If children were seen, it was invariably the male who was looking after them. Young girls wore jeans, trainers and T-shirts and walked around as if they ruled the world (which, in a sense, they did) whilst their brothers wore crop tops which exposed their midriff and mini-skirts which showed off their legs and exposed a delicate hint of their lacy underwear. Boys wore their hair long and had their ears pierced from an early age. Boys tended to be docile and followed the lead of their sisters.

Boys and girls by this time found it to be completely normal for girls to be trousered and totally confident and assertive, whilst boys wore the skirts and were gentle and submissive little flowers. Girls, as a result of their masculine upbringing and as a result of athletic programmes at school in favour of raising the fitness and physical strength of girls, programmes which were not available to the boys, became physically stronger than most boys and could easily put a boy in his place either verbally, or, if the boy was particularly outspoken, physically. Girls were constantly taking parts in all kinds of sports, whilst the boys were completely marginalised and reduced to either being merely spectators or waving their pom-poms and wiggling their mini-skirted bottoms as part of an all male cheerleading squad.

By the 2030's, what was once unthinkable was now reality. The traditional gender roles and dress had been completely reversed.

Gender War (2030-53) - In the western world, women were in complete control and males had become feminised. In the east, places such as asia and the middle east, male-dominated society had been largely untouched by the radical changes that had taken place in the west. The leaders of the asian states, appalled at what had been done to their brothers in the west, protested by launching trade wars against the west.

It was, they said, a perversion of nature for women to hold power and they reacted by embargoing western goods and products and by refusing to trade with any country where women were clearly the dominant sex.

This action threatened to put the world economy into crisis. This was completely unacceptable to the USA and the incumbent President, Alexandra Houston, delivered an ultimatum to the leaders of the eastern powers. Either resume normal trade relations or face war. In a strongly worded speech, President Houston condemned the actions of the male-dominated, ego driven leaders of the eastern powers and stated that this was a prime example of why men should never be allowed to hold public office.

The eastern powers did not back down and hostilities ensued. Unlike any previous conflict though, the female dominated western armed forces were engaging the male dominated eastern armed forces. The battle of the sexes was literally taking place on actual battlefields as men and women fought each other in hand to hand combat and with weapons.

In general, the female soldier, sailor or airman of the west was fitter, more intelligent and more efficient than their eastern counterparts, and the western powers enjoyed some early successes, but the terriotory of the eastern powers was simply too vast for any campaign to be a short one. The war rumbled on for years and the west lamented when young women were brought home in body bags and cheered when girls were awarded medals for bravery or were seen leading captured male soldiers of the opposing side off into captivity.

The war lasted some twenty years and was more a localised war than an actual world war, but the result was never really in doubt. The western powers overran India, south-east asia and southern China but by then, the war weary populations of the east rebelled against their masters. The leaders of the revolts were women, long -term campaigners for equal rights, and these women became the new rulers of the east once the male rulers had been deposed. The west pumped in substantial financial aid to the new governments of the east in support of their policies to empower women and feminise men. It would take considerable time, but the status quo between the genders that existed in the west would be mirrored in the east.

The complete role reversal of the genders, once confined to the west, had now become world wide.

Equilibrium (2054) - Now that the dust had settled from both the battle of the sexes and from the gender war, it was back to business as usual in the female dominated west. The vast majority of survivors from the old world where men ruled were long since dead and those who were left were regarded as curiousities. Female students used them for oral history for their dissertations.

Most people alive in 2054 could not envisage a world where women were not the dominant sex. Everyone knew, and were taught, that women were far more intelligent, fitter, stronger, more emotionally stable and had better leadership skills than a mere male. It was completely natural that women held all of the most important jobs and were the undisputed heads of their households and held all of the nation's wealth.

It was quite unthinkable that a man should hold any position of authority. It was well known that the judgement of all males was too clouded by testostorene and male-ego to be relied upon. After all, history was littered with all of the wars and economic crises that men had caused, bringing misery to millions. Under sensible, level-headed female guidance, the world would never experience war or economic crisis again.

Skirted and prettifed males were confined to the only tasks that they were fit for. Keeping a woman's house, looking after her childen , and, for those who worked, supporting women bosses as secretaries, cleaners and nurses.

Female rule had become completely accepted by men, who were taught in the classroom of the superiority of the female over the male and as witnessed on the sportsfield where female athletes performed feats of strength and athletic prowess that no male could equal.

Man, who had once felt his masculinity threatened by a woman who earned more than him or could do something better than he could, had been forced by circumstances and by conditioning to abandon masculinity and to adopt femininity. By 2054, male femininity had become the norm and the male had accepted his inferior status.

The transition of the male into femininity had been painful and uncomfortable, but by 2054, had become an established fact and the new gender roles had become stabilised and were regarded as being completely natural.

With women and men now in their proper roles, the future for mankind was bright - and it was female.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Woman's new accessory - The Trophy Husband

News Article - 15 October 2017 - By Jasmine Tomlinson

With the dramatic shift in traditional gender roles that has taken place since the end of the last century, and which has greatly accelerated in recent years, society is seeing the birth of a new trend. The Trophy Husband.

With women now far more likely than their male partners to be the main breadwinner in their household and to hold high status, executive and professional positions, these high-powered, extremely successful women are having to attend social events and need their partners to not only accompany them but to dress up for the part of the spouse to a successful woman.

As women have abandoned frocks and other feminine fripperies in favour of masculine dress, which has limited scope for accessorisation and glamour, it is falling to the male partners to put on an evening gown, make up, jewellery and high heeled shoes.

Even now, for many men, it is not a easy transition to make. Take Bob Haskins for example. Ten years ago, he was the successful executive. His wife, Susan, was his younger, trophy wife. Susan shows me pictures of Bob and Susan dressed in a tuxedo and evening gown respectively in the days when Bob was at the peak of his career.

But that was in the past. Bob lost his job in the "Man-cession" of 2008-09 and was unsuccessful in gaining a new one. "It dawned on us that Bob would never get another job and that the new economy was better suited to female talent" explained Susan "So I went out to work and I have never looked back". Susan is an Executive Vice President of a major corporation and earns a six figure salary, before bonuses.

But Susan's meterioc rise meant that she was expected to more frequently represent the corporation at functions and this led to a few problems "I took Bob along with me - but by then it was expected that he would be wearing a dress, like all of the other male partners, but he appeared in a suit, which raised a few eyebrows. The CEO dropped not very subtle hints that my husband was regarded as odd and that perhaps it would be best if he no longer accompanied me to socials".

"This was a real dilemma for us" said Susan "I was all for just leaving Bob at home, but to my astonishment he agreed to try and conform to what was now the norm. It felt kind of weird going shopping to buy my husband a dress and everything else and seeing him getting his brows plucked in a beauty salon, but he looked pretty good in the dress and had great legs! I found him very sexy and our love life, which had been pretty dormant since Bob lost his job, was rekindled. We have re-connected". Susan says, positively glowing with pleasure.

Bob admitted to me, in private, "I love my wife and I'm so proud of her accomplishments, but I still find it hard to adjust to the fact that our roles have been completely reversed and I'm now just the "spouse" of a more successful partner. I wear a gown and shoes for her, but I don't enjoy it. I have had to become like a woman to be accepted and to be allowed to accompany my own wife to functions and sometimes I find it so degrading" Bob says with some feeling.

It is a feeling shared by most, but not all, of the male partners of high-powered women, that I spoke to.

Susan is lucky to have such a supportive, if privately reluctant, partner, but Candice is even luckier. Candice is a young woman - she is only 27 - on her way to the top. She holds a law degree and a masters degree in politics and is a hot shot lawyer. She recently won the top award in her profession, beating more experienced lawyers. Like most successful lawyers, she is expected to attend socials.

But, until recently, she had struggled to find a life partner who would fit into her world. Most men she knew or had dated, still clung to outmoded views of traditional gender roles. Candice recalled one such date with an actor some years older than her who had been "resting' between jobs for the best part of ten years. "He wanted ME to wear a dress! I told him where to go and pointed out that I was better educated than him and earned more in a year than he had ever earnt in his life. He should be wearing the dress, not me! The date kind of fizzled out".

But after a couple of years of unsuccessful dating, Candice found Allan. Allan was two years younger than Candice, had never gone to university and was working as a waiter in a classy restaurant "He looked so cute in his dress and apron" Candice recalled "That I knew I just had to ask him out". They clicked instantly and are inseperable. The reason for the success of their relationship says Candice "Is his willingness to accept the more feminine role. He keeps house for me and puts on pretty clothes and underwear to please me and accepts that I am the dominant partner and the wage earner. He comes with me to functions in a gown and high heels and is an attentive and well behaved partner. He has even become the unofficial leader of the spouses. He is a real asset to me, both in my job and in my private life"

Powerful and successful women are finding that their Trophy Husband, when appropriately attired in a gorgeous evening gown, jewellery, high heeled shoes and made more glamorous by having their hair styled and wearing full make-up, are an invaluable accessory to women as they advance in their careers. Women are even using their husbands to outdo each other, clothing them in the most expensive and fashionable designer dresses, shoes and jewellery to show off to their rivals at the next party as a status symbol and to trump a competitor.

"Women are using their husbands to proclaim to the world - and to him - that she is a successful woman, who can not only afford to support a man, but can afford to lavish a fortune on his clothes and jewellery as a sign of her superiority to him and to her female friends and colleagues. A trophy husband has become the ultimate accessory for a successful woman of today" proclaimed "Woman's Times" magazine in a recent publication.

Some women are forcing their husbands, much against their will, to become a Trophy Husband. Don Foote, as many will recall, was once a stockbroker notorious for ruthlessness and chicanery in the last phase of male dominance. Foote, and other men like him, played the markets like they were in a casino and almost brought the financial world to its knees, bringing on recessions.

Men like Foote relied more on their gut instinct than their brains to do business and, ultimately, Foote's gut failed him and he lost everything in a series of bad deals and judgement calls. He resorted to embezzlement and theft to try and cover his losses and ended up going to jail. Upon his release, Foote found the world a changed place, for by then, women had taken over. But the biggest change Foote found was in his wife.

Caitlin Foote had played the dutiful wife to her husband in his heyday, but she was a millionnairess in her own right, having inherited money from her parents. Very wisely, she had held on to her fortune and had not allowed her husband access to it. Don's fall, and the attendant press coverage, revealed to her his flaws and also his affairs with numerous women. The love Caitlin had felt for her husband turned into contempt. Whilst he was doing time, Caitlin had used her millions to invest wisely and tripled her fortune as a result of her sound business acumen.

Don came home penniless, his reputation in tatters, to a wife who was far wealthier and successful than he had ever been at his peak. "At that stage" said Caitlin "I had every reason to divorce him and pay him a small allowance, as he was a failure, a bankrupt and, quite frankly, an embarressment. But, thinking on it, that would have been far too kind to him and so instead he remained my husband. But he would have absolutely no power in our relationship from now on".

When he returned home, Don found that all his tuxedos from his past had gone, and that his wife held all the wealth and power in their relationship. "He had nothing but the clothes he stood up in whilst I had millions in the bank" Caitlin exulted "He had no choice but to become a trophy husband. But, having been in prison, he had had no idea how far the gender roles and dress had been reversed. The first inkling he got was when I gave him a catalogue of current male fashions and he found that there were no trousers or jeans that he could order".

Of course, as Caitlin anticipated, such a masculine personality rebelled, and he refused to wear feminine clothing. Caitlin employed a staff of maids, all of them male and fairly well built, to make her husband conform to his new role, by force if necessary.

Don Foote soon realised that he had left one prison, only to enter another. He lived in an opulent mansion and was waited on hand and foot by his trio of male maids. But it was still a prison, albeit a gilded one, and it had for a jailer a woman more pitiless and full of contempt for him than any prison warder. His own wife.

Don Foote is physically a big man. He is six foot and seven inches tall and heavily built. His physical presence was a huge asset in his earlier career, and he used it to intimidate his rivals, but the Don Foote I saw today was utterly powerless. His fabulously wealthy wife was to attend a dinner in her tuxedo. Her spouse would only be significant for the way he looked and by what he wore.

Don Foote appeared, massive and physically imposing, wearing the expensive purple designer dress, the skirts slit to the waist to display the wearer's shaven legs and a hint of the exquisite lingerie he wore, and the matching high heeled shoes that his wife had commissioned for him. Caitlin was eager to point out that Don was wearing a corset and that he had had a complete makeover. His body had been completely dipilated and he wore a necklace, matching earrings, rings and bangles. The jewellery, Caitlin told me, was worth almost a cool million.

It was quite a sight to see them together. Caitlin, a tiny woman no higher than five feet tall, striding confidently in her tailor-made tuxedo and flat shoes, and her huge husband, trailing behind her, incongruous in his evening gown and stumbling in his high heels, with his hair styled and his face fully made up and his jewels glittering.

I expected to see Don Foote angry and smouldering, but instead he lurched along completely mute and in a daze, as if still unable to believe what was happening to him. Once, not so long ago, he had been wealthy, successful and in control of his life, but now he was penniless, completely dependent on his wife financially, his power and masculinity restrained and controlled by his tiny wife and himself reduced to being little more than a doll and plaything for the pleasure of his wife. Never had I seen a man so helpless and controlled as Don Foote. Caitlin was exacting her revenge slowly and painfully, by total control and public humiliation.

Caitlin is not the only woman forcing the Trophy Husband role and dress on her man. Others are following her lead. More women still are doing what men have done for centuries and are trading their original spouse in for a younger model.

Ellen Zinger had been married to her husband, Matthew, for 41 years. Like most of the couples I spoke to, Matthew, a construction worker, earned more than his wife in the first two decades of their marriage. Ellen worked part time as a shop assistant in a fashion store whilst she brought up their children and then full time once the children were at school. Gradually, Ellen moved up the ladder to manage her own store and her earnings overtook those of Matthew. "Matthew didn't seem to mind that I now outearned him by a significant margin" recalled Ellen "And when he lost his own job a few years later, he resigned himself to being a househusband and me bringing in the income"

However, over the years, Ellen found that she and her husband of decades had less and less in common. In the meantime, Ellen had fallen for her pretty secretary, Peter, almost thirty years her junior. "Peter and I got on so well. He was so feminine and so willing to please that I decided at once that I wanted a divorce. Matthew took it well under the circumstances".

But, in an unusual turn of events, Matthew decided that although he could accept being divorced, he did not want to leave the family home. "Matthew is hopeless with finances, and relied on me to budget for the household. He wanted to stay on, and came up with the perfect solution. He would become the house maid and keep house for me, allowing Peter to keep working for me. It's an unusual situation, but we all get along so well that sometimes it's hard to believe that I was married to my maid for more than 40 years!" exclaimed Ellen. "Peter is the perfect husband for me and looks so attractive in his gowns when we go out together. He is a true trophy husband to me and I feel so lucky to have him!".

For the woman who is single, or just between relationships, and struggling to find a date to take to a party, help is at hand. Agencies, such as "Husbands for Hire" can provide a woman with a catalogue of the pictures of men she can choose to be her date for an evening. Once chosen, the date will be delivered to her home, attired in an evening gown and accessories and willing to be her perfect partner for an evening. Demand for these services is booming.

The emergence of the Trophy Husband is yet another milestone in the complete reversal of traditional gender roles. Most of the men I interviewed seemed uncomfortable in their new roles, but their women were loving their latest accessory, the Trophy Husband, and as women are firmly in charge, it seems that the Trophy Husband is here to stay!

The new sex objects - 2024

As women became the new dominant gender as the 21st century progressed and assumed the roles, attitudes and even the dress of men, one final role reversal took place.

Men, instead of women, became sexualised and treated as sex objects in the new society that had evolved.

In the male dominated past, women had been used by men to satisfy their obsession with sex and they had been objectified and exploited by the media and advertising industries to sell merchandise.

Once women were in control of the economy and of society in general, the media and advertising industries were eager to please them. The feminisation of men that had taken place meant that pretty boys and beautiful men were well schooled and adequately equipped to satisfy the needs of the female consumer.

At the high end of the market, billboards and magazine advertising featured pretty boys in sexy lingerie, showing off their slender bodies and fabulous, shaven legs, the faces of men in full make up advertising cosmetics and beauty products and skinny male models in the latest fashionable dresses and skirts to adorn the male form. A pair of open toed high heels was filled by a shapely pair of male ankles, with the toe nails painted a delicate shade of pink.

Females in general loved the new advertising that showed males to be so pretty and vulnerable and bought the products for their menfolk.

Female advertising tended to concentrate on the image of the tough feisty woman who had become dominant and was geared towards practicality, such as power tools, sports equipment and cars.

At the lower end of the market, female pornography, once so prevalent, had disappeared from the top shelves of newsagents. Women disapproved of seeing their sex objectified and frowned upon males who showed any interest in it and in any case, males had become so conditioned to be feminine and modest that they were embarressed, even a little frightened, of sex and of the female form.

Women, on the other hand, had no such inhibitions. They had become the more sexually aggressive sex and developed an appetite for male pornography. Lads' mags were replaced by ladettes' mags and it was fairly common to see a woman reading and drooling over such a publication in a cafe or on a train if she had little else to occupy her attention. Pull out posters of naked boys and men made it easy for women and girls to pin them up on a wall for their pleasure.

Even lower down the scale is sex work - prostitution - once the world's oldest profession for women - has become the newest profession for men. For the unemployable, unmarried male, prostitution was an obvious way to earn money. It is a dangerous and humiliating existence, especially as the male prostitute has to wear a mini skirt, high heels and make up as his working boy clothes.

The demand for male prostitutes has never been higher as sexually aggressive single ladies in increasing numbers seek their services. To have a feminised, submissive male in their power is intoxicating and a prelude to their married life when they will dominate their husbands.

Even in everyday life, men, forced to mince around in high heels and short skirts that leave their stockinged (or bare) legs exposed for all to see, careful to ensure that their pretty lacy knickers remain unseen beneath their skirts, with their pretty faces coated in cosmetics to enhance their beauty and to express their femininity, are conscious all of the time of hungry female eyes studying them, toying with them, until they decide to move into the kill.

Man, once the sexual predator, has become the prey.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

TV Bridal Weekend 9-12 September 2010

I attended the above event, which was held at the Wroxton Manor House Hotel, in the village of Wroxton, near Banbury, Oxfordshire.

There was an option to stay at the hotel from Thursday night to Sunday morning, but I stayed from Friday afternoon to Sunday morning due to work. The 100 odd mile drive seemed to go quite quickly and checking into the hotel was very smooth. The hotel itself was lovely, the food was excellent and the staff friendly and helpful towards its all TV guests.

For me, this was a unique opportunity to experience femininity and although it was not strictly gender role reversal, for I was at the event as a transvestite with my femme name of Jasmine, it was a way to experience living a feminine life.

I had brought far too much to wear. In addition to my bridal gown and bridesmaid's dress, I had brought a large quantity of dresses, skirts, blouses and underwear, along with all of the accessories needed.

After unpacking, I tried on a variety of outfits and decided to keep it simple with a purple blouse, pencil skirt, tights and black high heeled shoes. I wore a bruntte bobbed wig and carried my handbag, which contained my purse for notes and my small change purse, amongst other things.

After taking a very deep breath (for this was the first time anyone had ever seen me dressed), I ventured out from the privacy of my room into the main hotel, mincing along in my high heels and feeling self conscious. To my relief nobody I met as much as raised an eyebrow. I ordered myself a glass of wine and had to root around in my handbag for my purse to pay for it. The barman did not react in any way to my appearance or behaviour.

I gradually realised that the sight of a man dressed as a lady was not going to bring the world crashing down around me, as I had feared.

I joined a group of other trannies and chatted with them. They were very friendly and interested in me as a newcomer to the tranny scene.

Time seemed to fly by and it was soon time to dress up for the theme for Friday night, Spain, or more specifically, female spaniards. I donned a leotard, black tights and a flemenco skirt. The costumes of many of the other guests were much more impressive than mine, complete with castanets and black lace mantillas, but the evening was a success, especially the paella meal.

I was complimented on my appearance and was told that I was very feminine and made a very passable woman, which I found very flattering. Many of the other guests lamented that they were too tall, or too old, or too broad in the shoulders. I had a really lovely night, although the wine went down a little too well and I found myself nodding off during a session of ditties and so had to forgo the disco and turn in early.

My night attire was a little white satin babydoll, which showed off more of my smooth, hairless body than it hid.

For breakfast, I wore a denim miniskirt, tights and a pink and lilac striped top along with my wig and a pair of low heeled shoes and had to admit as I admired myself in the mirror that I looked quite pretty and feminine.

I carried my handbag around with me constantly, as of course I had no pockets, and gradually grew used to lugging it around with me. I also had to get used to wearing heels and the swish of a skirt around my exposed legs.

Other things that were new to me was wearing fragances and having a bosom. I had purchased a plunge bra, padded it and wore it almost continuously for the whole event. I had also perfumed my body for a more feminine odour.

By now, I was getting some idea of how the other sex lived, and of both the pleasures and difficulties of being a member of the feminine gender.

After breakfast came the main event - the reason why we were here - the chance to become a bride and to get married in a mock ceremony. I was asked by the organiser, Danielle and the "Registrar", Eleanor, what time I would like to be married and how I would like the service to be conducted. The ceremony could be the traditional one or humourous or even lyrically based. As a newcomer who still did not know many of the other guests, I stuck with the traditional ceremony.

My wedding was not for some time, so I featured as a female guest in a floral frock, necklace and lilac picture hat for the first few ceremonies. Grooms were hard to come by as we all wanted to be girls! However, some volunteers were eventually found.

To my disappointment, although I had brought a digital camera, it didn't seem to be working properly and I had failed to bring the instruction booklet, but some of the guests have some pictures of me in my feminine finery that I am hoping to obtain and post some of these as soon as possible.

Another disappointment (the only one of this event) was that although the organiser had arranged for a make up lady to come and make us blushing brides into beautiful ones, she had failed to show. We would have to make do without her.

The time of my wedding had come and I was fully dressed as a bride in a white wedding gown, with much embroidery and beadwork, a lace veil, pretty tiara, pearl necklace and white lace gloves. Underneath the gown I wore a corset, to which were attached my lacy topped white stockings, and a pair of satin knickers, with a deep lace hem. I wore a pair of silver high heeled shoes upon which I perched and found somewhat uncomfortable to wear (I was learning that being pretty was a lot harder than it looked).

I had to admit that I did look quite lovely and feminine in my gown, stockings, shoes and veil. The ceremony was quite lovely and went off without a hitch, with a bridesmaid to help me with my long train. Afterwards, photos of the bridal party were taken outside (again, I am hoping to obtain copies of these), and then a big photo session of all of us brides in our wedding finery. We all looked quite stunning and beautiful.

I had put on my bridesmaid's dress, which was a full length lilac rose prom dress, that left my shoulders exposed, but which I loved as it moulded itself perfectly to my body. I also wore my tiara and a coral necklace. I never got the chance to be a bridesmaid, but did get to ride in a car in my bridesmaid's outfit.

The wedding ceremonies ended at 4pm and I changed into a more simple frock, the hem of which came down to mid thigh to show off my stockinged legs to best advantage, and high heels.. The evening meal was again delicious and there were various raffles and prizes and a Karen Carpenter tribute performer, who was also a tranny.

I spoke to more guests, who were all very friendly and I exchanged contact details with some of them. One of the real women there, who was there with her tranny husband, told me that when she had first seen me dressed she had thought I was a real woman, which was a real compliment and illustrated how convincingly feminine I could appear.

Most of the guests had been trannies for many years and said that twenty years earlier, attitudes towards them back then had been more hostile and even earlier than twenty years ago it was very difficult to be a tranny, but that attitudes towards us were changing for the better.

Perhaps, one day, attitudes will change to the extent that it will not only be acceptable for a male to wear feminine clothing and accessories but will become perfectly normal male dress.

The following morning, I went down to breakfast in a blouse, short black skirt, tights and low heeled shoes and afterwards said my goodbyes, for it was Sunday morning and checking out time, and drove home.

I had thoroughly good time at the event and it fulfilled my mission of experiencing femininity as a bride, (almost) as a bridesmaid and as a woman in frocks, blouses and skirts. It also gave me a glimpse into a possible future world where men will happily take the traditional feminine roles and where women might one day assume the masculine roles, in keeping with their emergence as the dominant sex.

Monday, 6 September 2010

The Rebel - 2051

I rise early (5 am) from the four poster bed that I share with my wife, for I have much to do before she awakes.

I shower and use a man shaver to shave off all of my body hair to leave my body hairless. I dry myself off with a towel and moisterise my body with cocoa butter oil. I spray myself with a rose and lilac perfume, Sally's favourite scent.

I pull out my black sheer stockings and roll them up my hairless legs and then put on my suspender belt and attach the tabs to my stockings. I take a pair of white lace knickers and slip them on and then take out a matching boy-bra and put it on over my flat chest. I step into my silken petticoats and pull them up to my waist.

I go to my wardrobe and open it up to reveal a row of gorgeous dresses, blouses, skirts and shoes. I pull out a dress and hold it against my slender body. I decide that I will wear the dress and so put it on and do up the belt. The skirt of the dress is pushed out by the petticoats so that I cannot see my feet. I select a pair of matching high heeled shoes and slip them onto my feet.

I go to my vanity table and proceed to make up my face with a skill born of years of practice and transform a weary, vaguely masculine visage into a pretty face framed by long dyed blonde hair that cascades past my shoulders. Finally, I go downstairs to the kitchen and take my apron, a white cotton one trimmed with lace, breathe an inward sigh, and tie it around my slim waist.

I glance in the mirror to see myself -Sally's husband. That's how I'm known to all who know me. The appendage of a highly successful woman, not a person in my own right. I doubt that they even know my given name.

Putting thought aside, I launch into action. I get Sally's breakfast started, cook it and take it up to her on a tray. Mumbling something resembling good morning, Sally immediately attacked her breakfast, devouring it greedily and gulping down her coffee. During her feast, Sally managed to spill her drink and bade me to get her another. I obliged, observing with dismay that the bedsheets would need to be washed.

Whilst Sally was taking a bath, I ironed her shirt and shined her expensive shoes, taking these up to join her designer suit, of which Sally had several hanging in her wardrobe. Whilst Sally dressed, I roused our boy, Sammy, aged six. I helped him wash and get into his school uniform of frilly blouse, knee length skirt, anklets and black clumpy shoes. I brushed his fine long blonde hair and tied it into a ponytail and tied a blue ribbon on it before giving him his breakfast.

I then attended to the twins, Jessica and Josette, who were less than a year old. I helped them wash and dress also but put them into designer shirts and trousers before giving them their breakfast.

By the time the kids had finished breakfast, Sally appeared in her suit and carrying her briefcase. She spent a little time with the kids before rising, giving me a perfunctory kiss, and disappeared off to her high powered job in the city as Marketing Director for Lustrum Fashions, one of the biggest fashion houses in the country.

I was left with a large house to clean, a son to get to school and two daughters to mind. I got Sam ready for school, with the girls safely strapped in the back of the car and dropped Sam off. I then went to the megamarket, with two small girls in tow, and got the groceries in. Once I had put the groceries in the small runabout that was my car (Sally drove a sports car that I was forbidden to touch, much less drive), I treated myself and the girls to a drink in a cafe.

The girls were playing up something chronic, pulling each others hair and squealing and screaming. I tried to calm them down, but to no avail. I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around to the face of an angry young woman. I asked if I could help her. She responded that yes, I could help her by getting my bratty kids to shut up and give her some peace.

Sensing confrontation, I hastily grabbed the girls' hands and decided to exit the cafe, even though our cups were still half full. As I left, I heard the young woman exclaim something about men being absolutely useless, even at a simple task like looking after children.

The incident had shaken me somewhat, but thankfully, today, I could look forward to meeting my friends. They were coming round to my house. I put some bottles of wine in the fridge to chill and prepared some nibbles and did some light dusting in my apron until the boys arrived.

The boys were all sitting in my living room, all five of them, dressed in a similar way to myself. Some had brought their babies and small children and were hugging them or playing with them. We drank wine and exchanged gossip and news, chattering and laughing and playing with our children.

I went into the kitchen to fetch another bottle of wine and turn around in my high heels to find Graham standing there, wearing a rather pretty pink blouse and white skirt. I was confused to find him there and asked him what he wanted. He looked at me in an odd way and said that I might want to attend a meeting tonight that I might find interesting. I asked him what this meeting was about but he seemed reluctant to say more, which, annoyingly, made me intrigued, but in any event, I was the father of three children, I did not have time to attend any meeting.

Graham, normally so shy and docile, said that I should make time. His eyes were looking at my lacy apron, which I still wore. He was acting very strangely and seemed most insistent that I attend this "meeting". A part of me was intrigued and so I agreed, even though I was aware of the practical problems that would be caused.

Once the boys, and their children, had left, I had to arrange for my father in law to pick Sam up from school and to come to the house to pick up the girls. My father in law could take care of the kids until tomorrow but the hardest part was having to call Sally at work -which she hated - and tell her I would be out and her dinner would be in the oven. Sally was not happy - I could tell this - and would give me a hard time tomorrow, but to my relief accepted the situation. In fact, she seemed so preoccupied with whatever was going on in her world that she didn't even ask me what I was doing. The call ended abruptly as Sally terminated the call.

Relieved to have a free pass, once father had left with the kids and I had put Sally's dinner in the oven, I jumped into a taxi and met Graham in the public house he had suggested we meet in. The pub was in one of the rougher areas of town and I was surprised that Graham had arranged a meeting here. After buying drinks at the bar, Graham led me, to my surprise, down to the basement area of the pub. This caused me to become fascinated and nervous.

We emerged into a room in which, perhaps, two dozen men in their dresses and skirts, sat or stood about. Graham introduced me to some of them. Most of them were, like myself, full time homemakers and childraisers and husbands to successful wives. There were some single older and younger men. We were all seated with our skirts perfectly arranged and our handbags perched on our skirted laps.

Presently, another man emerged. He wore a simple cotton dress that fell to his ankles and he had no other adornments. He was a tall, impressively built man with penetrating eyes. At a cue from Graham, we burst into applause as he entered the room.

The man, who introduced himself as Ralph, smiled and thanked us effusively for our attendance and for our warm welcome. Then he did something that startled us all. Reaching round to the back of his dress, he undid it and allowed it to fall to the ground.

He wore what would now be termed a woman's suit underneath. Trousers, shirt, tie, jacket and flat shoes but somehow he did not look much like a woman at all. It was if the suit was natural for him.

Ralph allowed a few moments for the effect of his appearance on us to sink in before he spoke.

"Gentlemen, you are probably wondering why I am dressed like this. Let me answer your questions thus. As you know, once, a long time ago it now seems although in fact it was not that long ago, it was common for men to dress like this. It was also common for men to hold high status jobs and to be the heads of their families. It was also common for men to be allowed to be men. In a very short time, however, women have taken control of the economy and have taken over the roles and dress of men and have even taken over masculinity itself!"

A pause.

"Worst of all, men have been forced into femininity by women, for revenge and control. Just look at us. We have to depilate our bodies of the hair that is a badge of our maleness, wear feminine fragrances, frilly underwear, stockings, high heels make up, dresses and skirts. In short, women have become men and men have been made to become women. This is shameful and immoral and a perversion of the natural order".

Another pause.

"It is time for us men to become men again. This will not be easy, as women are in control of the state and in control of a large portion of our lives, but slowly and surely, we will reclaim our manhood".

As Ralph was speaking, Graham was handing out a blue pamphlet. I glanced at it. "Reclaiming our Masculinity by Ralph Remmer-Sinclair".

"Men" Ralph continued "I am hopeful that you will take some time to read my little pamphlet and act upon it. It is important for the future of our sons and grandsons that we act now to rebel against the femininity that has been imposed upon us. Thank you for your attention".

There was a ripple of applause from the audience and Ralph departed. Graham sidled up to me and sat beside me. I was holding the pamphlet, conflicting emotions and thoughts racing through my brain.

"Isn't Ralph simply amazing?" gushed Graham "He has such charisma, such a way with words....listen, we've been friends for a long time right?" without waiting for a reply, Graham plunged on "I can sense that you aren't happy as a feminised househusband, totally under the thumb of a woman. You have a brain, the capacity to be so much more than just a glorified maid! I'm right, aren't I?"

I nodded, with tears welling up in my eyes. With sudden realisation, I knew that I hated my life as it was now. In my youth, I had had such dreams and believed that I could make a difference in this world, but as soon as I had married Sally my world had become limited to our, no her, home and her children. I was less a husband than a maid and wetnurse. Graham was right about that.

Graham tenderly lay a hand upon my arm and gave it a light squeeze "This is a woman's world" he said "but we can strive to change that. Read the pamphlet and if you need me, you know how to find me. We can't meet here again for a while. Ralph fears the authorities will cotton on to us if we meet too often. Farewell for now, brother". Graham kissed me on the top of my head before leaving.

With a start, I realised that I had better leave too. This was not a good neighbourhood for a man to be wandering alone around in. I ordered a taxi and was driven home. I got home and realised that, for a few hours at least, I had the place to myself for a while. Sally was upstairs in bed, having left behind her the debris of her meal that she expected me to clear up. For once, I turned my back on the carnage and pulled out the pamphlet from my handbag and began to read it.

It began with a potted history of gender relations that everyone knew. Men had once been the dominant sex and had subjugated women but now the tables had been turned, resulting in a complete reversal of the traditional gender roles, dress and behaviours.

Ralph said that the current female-dominated world was a perversion of nature. Men were born to rule and provide and women to serve and be dependent upon the male. Men should be masculine and women should be feminine and this reality should never be blurred, let alone reversed.

Yet, Ralph conceded, this reversal had occurred and men were now living in a nightmare world where they were being forced to dress, behave and assume the traditional role of the woman in all aspects of their lives.

Men needed to reclaim their natural masculinity and to do it subtly by small acts of rebellion, growing into larger acts, and then outright rebellion until women realised that they couldn't treat men as they did any more.

I studied the pamphlet with great interest and resolved to become a rebel, reading it into the morning.

The following morning, Sally awoke to my smiling face, presenting her with her breakfast. I had even added a grapefruit, one of Sally's favourite dishes. I played the dutiful husband-cum-maid to perfection.

As Sally was getting ready to leave, I asked her for some money, for extra groceries and other necessities. Sally was in a good mood today and handed me some notes, along with a peck on the cheek.

After dropping Sammy off at school, I went shopping with the money that Sally had given me, plus what I had managed to save from my housekeeping money and birthday gifts of cash, with my daughters in tow.

I returned home, gave the girls their food and put them to bed for an afternoon nap. I then undressed, removing my frilly knickers and matching boy-bra, and tossed these symbols of my femininity onto the bed for now. I took out my new purchase, a pair of plain cotton whote underpants, the type normally worn by women and slipped them on. I put my dress and other outer clothes back on with a smug sense of satisfaction that nobody knew, or would know, that I was wearing masculine underwear and was, shockingly, going bra-less! Going bra-less was a big no-no for men but I was in no mood to go along with convention.

I took my discarded boy-bra and knickers out to the garden, fired up the compost burner and fed my former underwear to the flames. This must have been how women felt when they burnt their bras in the last century - a liberating experience. Goodbye feminine lingerie. It was time to be a true man again.

Over the next few weeks, I followed the other suggestions offered in the pamphlet. I now wore no feminine lingerie, I was letting my body hair grow, wore no fragrances, wore minimal make up and had discarded my petticoats in favour of dresses and skirts that did not need petticoats. I cunningly lowered the height of my shoes incrementally so that the lowering of my shoe height would be barely noticeable.

Sally certainly did not notice the changes in my appearance. She was far too focused on her job to care what I did. Finally, I bought myself a suit and wore it as often as possible when Sally was not around. This was really rebellious. Wearing trousers and flat shoes. But it made me feel more masculine and more powerful. I was reluctant to have to don my skirts again for Sally's return.

A few weeks later, Graham called me on my mobile to let me know that there was another meeting, in a different location from last time to avoid detection. Two days later, I was in the basement of another public house with a group of men. Most of us had put off our feminine attire and were wearing men's suits and brogues.

Ralph was greatly pleased to see so many of us attempt to re-claim our masculinity. The sight of so many men in trousers was an unusual one. The power of the wearer of a suit and flat shoes to stride and sit confidently as opposed to taking dainty steps in high heels and having to manage a full skirt and petticoats was intoxicating. No wonder women thought they ruled the world and men felt so inferior!

We men began talking, really talking, about the lot of men in what was a woman's world. Why was it that women held all the power and wealth? Why shouldn't men be entitled to hold down good, well paid jobs, have rights to better education? Why was it men's lot just to clean a woman's house and take care of her children?

Ralph interupted us to speak "Gentlemen, it gladdens my heart to see you attired as men should be attired and asking important questions about the plight of men in this world. Women control everything and expect men to run around after them and look after their children. This is unacceptable. Men deserve equality. Men deserve to be treated fairly. Men deserve to be allowed to be men. I am pleased, no proud, to be able to announce the birth of the movement for change and for equal rights for men!"

There was a thunderous round of applause from all present. But even as I clapped enthusiastically with the others I was apprehensive at Ralph's mention of a movement. That implied a presence beyond these clandestine, harmless meetings. Did I want to get involved with politics? How would the authorities react?

Once the applause had died down, Ralph spoke again "I know what you must be thinking, what can we, a few men, do against the power of the female dominated state, but we must do something to show these women that we men will no longer tolerate being treated as their inferiors. I propose a rally, with as many men as we can gather, dressed as we are today. Can you imagine the look on the faces of womankind to see man in his proper attire again, protesting against them?"

The other men applauded and I followed suit but I wasn't convinced that this was such a good idea. Any underground movement should grow gradually and secretly until it became powerful enough to show its face.

Ralph thanked us and dismissed us, saying he would be in contact soon. The others left, in a state of excitement, but I was unsure about the future.

I returned home to the news that Sally had been invited to a work social tomorrow night and that husbands were invited. Sally gave me a wad of notes and an instruction that she expected me to be suitably attired. Normally that would mean a revealing dress, stockings, lacy lingerie, full make up and hair styling and impossibly high heeled shoes.

I dutifully went to the salon and got my hair styled into a bouffant, and my nails painted. As to my outfit, I decided to be little defiant. I bought a full length black dress, would go bra-less and wear women's pants and no stockings. My heels were only two inches and I would wear minimal make up. My body was sprouting hair all over the place and my eyebrows were bushy.

I took Sally's arm to go to the social, she only made a comment that the skirt of my dress could have been shorter to show off my legs but otherwise she did not notice my unkempt appearance.
The social was being held in a fancy restaurant. The women executives were all there in their tuxedos and smoking cigars and talking business whilst their male spouses in their dresses and high heels stood in a huddle talking about their children and gossip they had picked up.

The plucked, arched eyebrows of the men were raised when they took in my appearance and comments were made about me having let myself go but for once I didn't care what these parodies of manhood thought of me. I went to the men's powder room to touch up my make up. I lightly reapplied some lipstick and blusher and slipped the applicators and compact back into my handbag when I felt a hand fondling my bottom. I jumped with fright and almost screamed like a little boy.

Then I realised that the hand exploring my buttocks belonged to Angela Cassidy, the CEO, and my wife's boss. Angela was in her fifties and so a good ten years older than me. She looked good for her age, but then she was a multi-millionnaire and could afford treatments to hold back the years. She had had a little too much to drink. Her breath stank of the expensive champagne that she drank.

Her pale blue eyes looked into mine with a startling intensity "I've always fancied you" she murmured. Then she became frustrated and I smiled as I realised the source for her frustration. My dress was way too long for her slip her hands up the skirt and fondle me in my most intimate areas. She tried to kiss me, but I held her back.

I attempted to reason with her. "Ms Cassidy, I'm a married man. My wife would kill me if she found me in the arms of another woman".

Angela laughed "Your wife is one of my subordinates. I own her. And she owns you! If she has any sense she won't dare interfere. Now, take off that darned dress boy!" she ordered.

"Please, Ms Cassidy, I'm a gentleman! My sense of modesty..."

But to my horror, Angela had lost patience and, with surprising ferocity and strength, had spun me around and was unzipping my dress. Before I could react, the dress was around my feet. Angela, though, had been transformed from a predator to a stunned mute as she took in my appearance sans the dress.

Expecting to see a totally hairless body, clad in black stockings, boy-bra and flimsy lingerie, Angela was treated to the sight of a hairy male, bra-less and wearing women's pants. Angela became speechless, went white and pushed past me to get to one of the cubicles and was violently sick. At least, I thought, she was no longer interested in me.

Angela emerged from the cubicle, her suit stained with flecks of her own vomit, and cleaned herself up as best as she could before leaving. As she left, she turned to me and spat "pervert!" at me before slamming the door shut behind her. I felt a sense of victory at having had an advantage over a woman, for perhaps the only time in my life. Had I been dressed "normally", I would have merely been a plaything, an amusement, but dressed as I was I had averted that fate.

The party went on interminably. Angela had, for form's sake, remained the gracious hostess and was all smiles and hospitality even though she was still disturbed by our encounter. I was worried that she might talk to Sally about my attire until I realised that I was safe. Angela couldn't criticise my underwear and personal hygiene to Sally without revealing that she had seen my body and my underwear. Sally considered me to be hers and would protect me against the predatory advances of other women.

I was glad when we could finally leave. Sally had had a little too much to drink too and was tipsy. I had to guide her to the taxi and put her to bed when we got home. She was grumpy and out of sorts when I had to wake her for work the next morning.

When Sally came home that evening though, she was furious. I knew she had a temper, but this was something else. She threw vases and other ornaments at the walls and used most unladylike language about Angela Cassidy before collapsing into a sobbing mess on the sofa. I instinctively put my arms around her and asked her what was wrong.

Sally stiffened and pushed me away and for a moment I feared that she knew what had happened the previous night between myself and Angela but to my relief Sally said that she had been passed over for the promotion she had hoped for. She couldn't understand what had gone wrong. Angela had more or less told her she had the job in the bag and then had for some reason changed her mind at the last minute.

I felt guilty as I realised that what had happened last night was the catalyst that had denied my wife her promotion. But I dare not tell her this. I did what I could to comfort her before she went to bed, but she shrugged me off. She got up early the next morning and left without saying goodbye.

Meanwhile, I had received a text from Graham, asking that I attend a rally that same day, attired in my suit and ready to protest. I deposited the girls with the neighbours and drove out, all the way worrying that it would all go hideously wrong. A few guys in suits against the power of the state? It seemed insane, utterly insane.

I arrived at the rally. A suprisingly large number of suited men were congregated in the town square, where Ralph was addressing the world at large through a megaphone, demanding respect and equality for men.

We were all of the time surrounded by a wall of female police officers. They did nothing but look at us with stony faces. They made no attempt to break the rally up. Ralph seemed puzzled and disappointed by the lack of response from the authorities. There weren't even any hecklers. It then dawned on me that, other than the demonstrators, nobody could care less what we did or what we said. We were only men, after all.

The realisation dawned on Ralph too and he seemed to shrink in stature. He suddenly packed up and left and we all dispersed. I was secretly glad that nothing worse had happened and went home to resume my life.

On the walk home, a car drew up alongside me and two plainclothes female FBI agents took me into custody. I spent the night in a police cell, cursing myself for my stupidity and worrying about Sally, Sam and the twins.

During the night I was roughly awoken and interviewed by the two agents. They were tough, hard characters and a male mind was no match for that of a woman, let alone two of them. I proved an easy conquest, even for a male, they told me, as they got me to confess to "subversive activities prejudicial to the state" and to tell them everything about my association with Ralph and his movement before being returned to my cell.

The following morning, Sally came to visit me. She was furious, and I couldn't blame her for that, and she really laid into me. How could I be so irresponsible, so thoughtless, to get involved with such people? She was really angry that I had left the twins with neighbours, putting myself before the wellbeing of our children. What was I thinking? She had secured my release, without charge on this occasion, by promising to assume responsibility for my behaviour in the future.

Sally said she was thinking of divorcing me. I was a liability. I grew frightened. Divorce was the worse thing that could happen to a man. Under the law, the wife owned every material thing, even the clothes on my back, and she would be automatically granted custody of any children of the marriage. I'd lose my home and children and be forced to earn a living. I had never worked, so what chance did I have? I begged Sally to re-consider.

Sally said that she would re-consider, but would have to impose conditions. My odd behaviour, dressing in suits and women's underwear would have to stop and I would have to become the model husband. To this I agreed. But there was one more condition, Sally said, with a smile.

A day later, I lay on the four poster bed. My hairless body was dressed in a shocking pink basque, with matching knickers, black stockings and impossibly high heeled shoes. My hair and make up were immaculate and made me look very feminine and vulnerable. My black little black dress lay on the floor in a crumpled heap.

Sally entered the room and looked at me, and nodded approvingly. She would have a very satisfying night using me as she saw fit, whilst I would submit and try to please her. This was Sally's whim, to force me to conform to femininity. All masculine instincts that had been dormant within me were to be extinguished. Forever.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

The Beauty Camp - 2021

On 1st May 2021, a secret summit meeting between the US President, the Empress of Japan and the Prime Ministers of the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland, Poland, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the Russian Federation was held in an undisclosed location in the USA.

All of the leaders present were female and all wore suits and ties and sported cropped haircuts. They sat around a table in an underground facility. Their all female aides and interpreters were stationed nearby.

The US President, Mary Stone, rose and addressed her peers "Ladies, as you know, today, May 1st, is International Women's Day, but on this most august occasion, it really IS Woman's day!". President Stone glanced briefly at her audience to gauge their reaction before continuing.

"We, womankind in the western world and in Japan, have come into our own. In all of our countries, boys are falling behind in the education system when compared to our brilliant girls, and men are being displaced from the workforce by our wonderful women. After centuries of male domination, we women have completely turned the tables on the male and we are now the dominant sex. We are completely dominant in all areas of society, be it politics, business, science or culture".

"Our domination is...almost complete. We have taken our rightful place as the leaders of society, but one act remains. Men have been reduced to an inferior status to women, but still aspire to masculinity. This must be changed. Masculinity is now the new femininity, for we women have become more assertive and aggressive than the male, and have adopted masculine behaviour and clothing for our own identity"

"What are you proposing?" asked the Chancellor of Germany, Helga Rottenmeir.

"Quite simply, madam Chancellor, that males are discouraged from being masculine and are forced to be feminine, as becomes their new status. They will have to wear the skirt, frilly underthings, high heels and make up that we had to wear when the male was still in charge".

"That sounds like sweet revenge" commented the UK Prime Minister, Abigail Lester.

"It IS revenge" the President confirmed "For centuries men have imposed feminisation upon us women. Now the shoe is on the other foot and we can impose feminisation against them. Let's see how they like having to shave their legs and pluck their eyebrows and having to spend hours just to look pretty. But it's not just revenge. The displaced male is a threat to us. He is resentful of his lost status. Men are still physically more powerful than us. That strength needs to be contained. Crime is on the increase, committed mainly by men. By feminising them, they will become gentle, docile and obedient. The crime rate will fall and we will have nothing to fear from a feminised male. Males will finally be put in their place!"

There was a ripple of applause from all of the delegates.

"Thank you" said the President warmly. "Here are draft proposals of the measures I intend to put into place in my country. I hope that you will approve of them, and suggest improvements upon them if you wish, and now lets get down to the finer detail of the measures that I propose"...

News Article - 16 June 2021 - All Boys to be sent to Boot Camps

From the White House, President Stone announced a surprise new measure aimed at young males between the ages of 5 and 17. Over the summer months, all boys are to attend Boot Camps for additional educational assistance in order, as the President has stated "to address the worrying educational performance of the American male that is of concern to the whole nation". No further details about the measure have been released, only that all boys between those age ranges should expect to receive notification. The poor and continuing decline of boys and young men has been a major social problem for decades and in spite of measures to help boys, their performance when compared to young women and girls has not improved.

News Article - 1 September 2021 - Boot Camp or Beauty Camp? - Candi Stamp

Since the measure to send all boys off to boot camp for the summer, there has been much speculation but few facts, about what is happening to the inmates. It was assumed that, in line with what the President announced last June, the boys were receiving additional tutoring to improve their academic performance.

This newspaper has been granted exclusive access to one of the "boot camps", the location of which cannot be revealed for reasons of national security. This boot camp and all of the others in existence, is walled all around and access to the facility is impossible without clearance from the military personnel responsible for its security. Military personnel guard the facility and service it and are the only staff at the facility.

I am admitted through the front gate, the only access point in the whole facility. As I expected, I was confronted by rows of military blockhouses. Perhaps, I thought, the boys were receiving some form of military training. I could not have been more wrong in my assumption.

My escort, a Lieutenant Singh, a lithe asian girl who had only recently graduated from West Point, explained that all of the military personnel, even the guards at the gate, are female. Young, female officers like Singh, are responsible for the education of the boys who are sent here and women were used to get the boys used to female authority from the moment that they entered the facility.

Lt Singh took me to what she called the processing centre. This is the first port of call for new arrivals, apparently. The new intake, tired after a long bus journey, are instructed to change out of their clothes and take a communal shower. Having done this, the boys return to the changing area to find their clothes and their luggage gone and an officer like Lt Singh barking orders at them to get their butts over another part of the building where a female NCO makes a note of the name of each boy and hands him his new clothes and his name badge, that he is required to wear at all times.

The boy will find that his new clothes consist of a white blouse, a pair of white cotton knickers with frills on the hems, a tie, a gray mini-skirt, stockings and a suspender belt and shiny black shoes. A pink nightdress and spare changes of underwear are also included. His name badge is pink in colour, with little daisies and rosebuds on it. Some of the boys will attempt to rebel or to burst into tears at having to wear "girls' things" but resistance is dealt with firmly by the officer by her administering immediate corporal punishment with a cane on the boy's bare bottom. All boys soon break when subjected to punishment and eventually, amid many tears, he will wear his new clothes and his pretty name tag.

Once properly dressed the boys will file over to their dormitory block. This is painted pink both inside and out and each boy is assigned a heart shaped bed with a lace canopy over it and pink bedsheets. The dormitory is carpeted in snow white rugs and there are pink and white dressers and vanity tables for each boy. On the vanity is his doll, a male figure. It is his responsibility to dress the doll in his "costume of the day" (today's is a cheerleader's outfit), brush his long hair and talk to him. Each boy is also responsible for making his bed and tidying his living area.

The boys are fed alongside the female officers who supervise them, with the officers watching them carefully and quick to correct any who slurps their food or whose table manners are deemed to need improvement. Chatter at the dinner table is not permitted and the boys are told they are to speak only when spoken to by an officer.

During the day, the boys are roused, made to shower and dress and their appearance is inspected and punishments allocated for those whose dress does not meet the required standard. The boys then have breakfast and are then sent to the teaching block where they are taught sewing, cookery and embroidery. The older boys are taught fashion and make up tips by the girl officers. Lt Singh commented that this was no boot camp but a beauty camp and most of the boys looked very pretty when made up. At other times, the boys are force fed romance novels, romantic comedy films and fashion and beauty magazines. The regime to feminise these boys is quite relentless.

Lt Singh tells me that the younger boys, the 5-9 year olds, are easy to manage. They may throw tantrums at first, but soon come to accept their feminine lot and become docile and rather sweet natured. The older boys are more difficult, especially the teenagers. They are used to being masculine and have learned to despise femininity and are now being forced to be that which they most despise. Older boys are typically the ones more frequently punished.

Lt Singh took me to a class of older boys, who were learning flower arranging, and pointed out one big boy (he was taller than either I or the Lieutenant). He was standing in a corner of the room, facing the wall and wearing only a pair of frilly knickers. His face was red. Lt Singh told me that caning was not the only punishment here. Humiliation often worked better.

Lt Singh introduced me to Maurice. Maurice was aged 13 and wore the standard outfit worn by the inmates, only with a gold sash girdling his slender waist to denote his standing as a Prefect. Lt Singh explained that Maurice had only been here two weeks and that he was so naturally feminine that he had never been so much as admonished and had been so good that he had been made a Prefect. Maurice, with his long blonde hair and creamy complexion looked just like a real girl.

We went over to another block, which was called the punishment block. Here, said Lt Singh, were the most difficult cases. She showed me one of them, 17 year old Samson, who was over six feet tall and dressed as a little girl in a pink frock, lacy petticoats, frilly underwear, ankle socks, mary-jane shoes and a bonnet. He looked quite ridiculous. He was weeping and pleading for his old clothes back. Lt Singh explained that by "his old clothes" he meant the uniform he had been issued with when he had arrived. Samson, Singh explained, was quite broken and it would be easier to feminise him now.

Lt Singh told me that I was lucky to have arrived on this very day, as it was the monthly graduation ceremony for those boys who had passed out as having been successfully feminised and by feminised is meant that the boy is willing to wear feminine attire at all times and behave in a feminine way. They also had to reach a certain standard in cookery and sewing

I watched the ceremony. The graduating boys had been treated to a trip to a beauty salon, where they had their hair styled, their body hair waxed and their ears pierced. Each boy minced down the runway in a prom dress and high heels to collect his diploma and give a little speech, most of them thanking the officers for their guidance.

The boys stood in a line in their dresses and high heels, their pretty, made up faces and shiny lips smiling for the camera and clutching their diplomas. Once, these pretty creatures had been brought up to be masculine but in a few short weeks had been completely stripped of their masculinity and would be shipped off home to a life of femininity.

This is the future for men, not only here, but in western Europe and Japan, for Lt Singh told me that the President was so impressed with the output of the "beauty camps" that they would become permanent and would even be expanded.

Woman's revenge is complete. She has taken man's job and his status and is now stripping him of his masculinity and forcing him to adopt femininity.