Sunday, 1 July 2012

Suzy takes on the World - Part Eleven - Gym'll Fix it

After his disturbing and frightening nightmare, Kevin Conner became resolved to re-assert the dominant, masculine role in the relationship with his girlfriend, Suzy, who seemed to have usurped that role for herself.

He got dressed, in his boys' school uniform, and went to school.  Suzy had texted him, asking him to meet her between classes.  Kevin ignored it.  It was time that he called the shots and that she did what she was told.

A fuming Suzy caught up him as he was having lunch with his mates.  They had been ribbing him mercilessly about his appearance at the Prom in a dress.  Kevin knew that the ribbing wouldn't last and the episode would be forgotten - as long as he maintained his masculine persona.

There was NO WAY Kevin Conner would be caught wearing a dress ever again!

Finally, Kevin's mates disappeared and it was just Kevin and Suzy.  Kevin was glad to see that she was angry as a hive of bees that had just had a stick poked in their home.  It gave the edge.  It gave him control.

Suzy sat down opposite Kevin.  It annoyed Kevin immensely that his girlfriend (so-called) never bothered to wear a skirt, or make up or high heels.  It was time she did so.

Suzy didn't bother with niceties "Where the hell were you? 11:30 outside the Tuck Shop, I said.  I showed.  You didn't" she snapped accusingly.

Kevin shrugged nonchalantly "I was busy.  Listen Suzy, I've made a few decisions about our relationship".

Suzy looked puzzled "Really?  Like what sort of decisions".

"It isn't working" Kevin said flatly "I want a girlfriend who will dress right for me, wear perfume and make up for me, and be a real girl.  Right now, that isn't you".

"You mean doll myself up like that trollop, Belinda Fox?  Not on your life!" Suzy said with such force that Kevin recoiled.  And then shuddered as he realised that Suzy was gaining the upper hand over him again.

Suzy stood up to display her magnificent physique.  Her large biceps, her muscled torso and thick legs.  "You think that I should wear a skirt?  OK, big boy".  Suzy paused to whip a pink card out of a pocket in her trousers "Meet me here after school!"good

Kevin picked up the card and studied it "Hey, this is a ladies' gym!  I can't go in there!"

But Suzy was already striding away "I know the owner well" she called back "She'll make an exception in your case.  Don't keep me hanging!"

Kevin was determined to put Suzy in her place and so he went along to this Cheryl's Gym after school.  Suzy was already in the reception area, talking to an older woman who had a body as incredible as Suzy's was.  Suzy glanced at her watch in disapproval as Kevin entered.

"Cheryl, this is my boyfriend, Kevin Conner".  Kevin and Cheryl shook hands and she almost crushed his in her vicelike grip.

"How do you do, Kevin.  Suzy's told me a lot about you!  I don't normally allow men to use my gym but as Suzy is one of my dearest friends and you are her boyfriend....go right ahead!"

"Thanks Cheryl!  I owe you one" said Suzy with sincerity "Can we get Kevin something suitable to wear?"

Cheryl smiled "I'm sure I can arrange something.  Come along with me, young man".

Cheryl took the young man into her office.  Cheryl assessed Kevin's size and build and pulled some articles of clothing out of a closet.  Kevin looked at them in dismay.  A lavender coloured T-Shirt, a pair of white jogging bottoms with a pink stripe running down the legs and a pair of pale pink trainers.  Cheryl looked at his face and shrugged as if to say "This is a ladies gym after all, that's all there is".

Reluctantly, Kevin changed into the gear, which was clearly meant for women, and felt foolish.

Cheryl escorted him down some stairs and into a gym that more resembled a men's boxing club than a gym for women.  He was intimidated by the sheer number of tall, muscular amazons pumping iron.  Then he was embarassed when they chuckled at what he was wearing.

Cheryl smiled at his discomforture, slapped him manfully on the shoulder, and left him alone with Suzy.  Suzy had meantime changed into a weightlifters' outfit, all in blue.

Suzy looked Kevin over.  He was strong, even for a boy, and cute.  A small part of her wished she did not have to do what she was about to do to his male ego....

Suzy started him easy on the exercise bikes.  She let him get used to the machine and the pedalling before jumping onto a machine herself "OK, macho man, let's see how which one of us can last the  longest!" she gibed.

The two pedalled and pedalled for all they worth.  Half an hour later, they were still pedalling furiously.  Suzy was quietly impressed at how well Kevin was doing.  But he was still no match for her.  Five minutes later, Kevin began to flag and then had to stop.  Suzy was still pedalling strongly.

After giving him time to get his breath back, and to take on some water, Suzy led him over to a set of weights.  There were twenty five kilos on each end.

"OK" said Suzy "If you can lift that, and keep it lifted for sixty seconds...I'll agree to wear a skirt from now on".

Kevin studied the weight for a long time, and then began to lift it.  He got about halfway, when his muscles gave out and he had to drop it with a anguished cry.

Without hesitation, Suzy picked up the weight and held it above her head for two minutes before gently lowering it to the ground.

Next, Suzy made Kevin do press ups but with the added weight of having Suzy riding him as if he was a horse.  Kevin only managed half a dozen press ups before collapsing in a heap.  He was totally worn out.  Suzy and another girl, an Asian weightlifter called Li, helped him up the stairs to Cheryl's office.

Cheryl poured the boy a drink, which he gulped down gratefully.  Then, as planned, Kevin blacked out completely.

When Kevin had any idea what was going on again, he found himself lying on a table and he could feel the cold air on his body.  He feared that he was naked, but he wasn't.  He was wearing a pink nightdress.  Not only that, but he found that he had no hair on his arms or legs.  And he still couldn't move!  What were these witches doing to him?

Suzy entered, carrying a bundle of clothes.  "Oh, good, you're awake.  Now that we've depilated you, it's time to get you dressed".  Suzy leant over, undid a clip at the back of the nightdress and wiped it away, leaving Kevin naked.  He felt his face redden.

Suzy quickly put on him a lacy bra and a pair of matching knickers, a suspender belt and black shiny stockings, a pair of black high heels and a flowing floral frock.  Kevin was powerless to prevent any of this or even to protest.

Once he was dressed, Suzy was joined by Li and Cheryl, who helped move Kevin to a vanity station where he was expertly made up so that he looked more like a porcelain doll than a boy and had a blonde wig fitted.

Kevin could have wept with shame as out of all of the ladies present, he now looked the most pretty and feminine.

Suzy stroked his bare shoulders "There, now.  That's much better isn't it?  A pretty frock becomes you much better than it does me".  The other women nodded in agreement. Even Kevin had to agree.

Cheryl gave Kevin an injection of some kind and feeling began to return to his limbs and his tongue.  "We've got all this on film by the way.  Don't worry, we won't make you go home dressed as you are - unless you really want to of course - but the pictures of you as a sweet little lady will find their way onto the internet if you don't do what Suzy says from now on.  Understood?"

Kevin nodded dumbly.


  1. As we could guessed the revolt was suppressed.
    He didn't want to wear dresses but it will be his uniform from now on.

  2. Bravo! Marvelous installment! Methinks it will take some time, but it won't be long until Kevin becomes Kerry (or some other feminine "K" name.