Thursday, 5 July 2012

Suzy takes on the World - Part Twelve - RIP Princess

"Come on baby Rosemary, open wide!"

The "baby girl" (in reality, Suzy's errant elder brother Damian who had been put into diapers and baby frocks) kept her mouth shut and shook her bonnet clad head.

Suzy sighed and nodded to her mother, who jammed a pin into "Rosemary's" bare neck.  It had the desired effect, for the baby was forced to open "her" mouth long enough for Suzy to jam the baby bottle of warm milk into "her" mouth and kept it there until it was drained.  Tears of rage and frustration burst forth from the feminised, babified boy.

Mother and Daughter nodded in satisfaction and left Rosemary trapped within her playpen and nursery.

Normally, their next call would have been upon the other resident (and owner) of the house, Mr Lancaster, aka Princess, who positively adored dressing and acting just like a little girl.  But a tragedy had occurred only the previous day.

Mr Lancaster, much to his regret, could not always dress and behave like a small girl.  He had had had business interests that meant that he had to resume the persona and dress of the man he had been forced to be for most of his life.  One such trip had had to be made yesterday to his solicitors' sign some papers.

Had he gone straight home after the meeting, he might still be alive.  But he had passed a boutique for little girls and could not resist going in.  The boutique had been deserted except for a very understanding shop owner who had assured him that she could certainly obtain for him some of the delightful outfits he had seen in her store, in his size, and even have them delivered discreetly to his home.

Upon leaving the boutique, Mr Lancaster's mind had been so preoccupied with the thought of the wonderful outfits Princess could wear that he paid no heed to the traffic - and was run down by the number 39 bus.  The bus had been travelling at such a speed that it's unlikely he would have known much about his demise.

Suzy's mum had been upset and so had Suzy herself.  Princess had been that rare breed of man who was in tune with his femininity and eager to express it.  He had been wretchedly unlucky not to have been born a female in the first place.

It did not take too long for Mr Lancaster's relatives (who had not visited him for years) to come out of the woodwork to claim their share of his wealth.  There were more than a dozen of them.  Mum and Suzy were worried for if Mr Lancaster had left his home and wealth to his relatives or even if they contested the will, as they were sure to do, Suzy's family would be homeless as Mum was only an employee of Mr Lancaster, not his wife or even his girlfriend.

There would also be the problem of "Rosemary".  If they lost the house, they would have no choice but to allow Damian to resume masculinity.  He might even go to the Police about the way he had been treated.

First things first though.  Princess's funeral had to be arranged.  Mum was determined to be in charge and got her way.  She knew Princess better than anyone.  Princess would want to go to her maker as the Princess she had always wished to be, so she was dressed in a gorgeous white gown that sparkled with tiny pink diamonds, with layer upon layer of silk petticoats.  Her hands were gloved, her feet were shod with satin slippers, a string of pearls was placed around her neck and a blonde wig and diamond tiara placed on her head.

Princess was placed in the coffin dressed as she was and nobody but Mother and Suzy knew.  Princess would have been very happy.  The funeral went off about as well as could be expected, what with the relatives arguing over who was to have what.

The will, when it was read, left most of Princess's money divided amongst his relatives.  But as for the house and its contents, by far the least valuable assets, this was left to Suzy's mum.  There was outrage amongst the relatives.  They resolved to contest the will!  They would drag Suzy's mum through the courts and ruin her!

Mum sat calmly whilst these threats were being levelled at her.  Then she nodded to the solicitor, who activated a video recording.  It showed to the relatives the real Mr Lancaster, daintily clad as a sweet little girl, skipping and playing with his dolls.

The room went deathly quiet.  Mum stood up and addressed the relatives.  Yes, what they had just seen had been real.  Filmed only a week before Mr Lancaster's demise.  His death had been tragic but the real tragedy had been that he had been forced to live a lie his whole life - as a masculine man - when in his heart all he had ever wanted was to be a very feminine girl.  So now they knew the truth.  Whether they wanted anyone else, like one of the national newspapers for example, knowing about it was up to them.  Mum only wanted the house.  Surely that was worth her silence?

The relatives hastily agreed.  They did not want this family secret ever seeing the light of day!  They left in indecent haste.

Mum smiled broadly once the last of them had departed.  Thank goodness they had believed her, for she could never have betrayed her late employer's secret to the gutter press.  Just as importantly, her family now had a permanent home.

She took one of Suzy's big hands "We now have a real home and it just happens to have a room that is just perfect for a little girl!  What do you say to baby Rosemary being upgraded to a small girl?"

Suzy smiled broadly by way of reply.


  1. I am glad that Rosemary's baby time is over. ;)

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