Sunday, 29 July 2012

The Two Bonnies

Ralph Perrott, aged eleven, sat back in the limousine that was taking him to school, happy and contented.  As the only son of a billionnaire, he went to the best school and he had an army of servants to look after his every need.  At school, he was treated with the utmost respect, even by the teaching staff, for his father was chairman of the board of governors.

He would be at school in only a few minutes, ready to be feted and fawned upon by his fellow pupils.  His girlfriend, Portia, was a real beauty and head of the cheerleading squad.  Yes, life was good.

His pleasant thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the sound of screeching tyres.  Another car had shot out of a sidestreet and was now blocking the way.  Parsons, the chaffeur, used the horn to register his impatience.  But the car refused to give way.  Parsons tried to back the car up, only to find his path blocked by another car.

Suddenly, a figure jumped out of the car ahead and raced over to the limousine.  The slim, lithe figure brandished a firearm and gestured for Parsons to get out of the car.  The chaffeur reluctantly obeyed.  Ralph was frightened.  His fear heightened when the door nearest to him was opened and another slender figure grabbed his arm.  The two figures dressed in black wore balaclavas so it was impossible to identify them.

Ralph tried to resist the figure who was trying to pull him from the car, but his strength was not equal to theirs.  He was really scared now.  Then his kidnapper put something resembling a cloth over Ralph's mouth and everything went black.

Ralph gently stirred.  His eyes focused uncertainly on a dingy white ceiling.  His was lying on his back, he realised, with his arms and legs secured by ropes to each corner of the bed.

He was also, he realised, completely naked.

Ralph struggled against the ropes but it was hopeless.  He was securely bound and quite helpless.  Ralph guessed that he had been robbed and left here, so he began to shout for help.

That did something.  A door that Ralph could not see from his current position was opened and a woman dressed in a black jumpsuit entered the room.  She marched up to Ralph and slapped him about the face "Shut it, you wretch!"

Ralph was shocked by what had just happened.  Never before in his life, even when he had been really naughty, had anyone hit him.

The woman grabbed his face, roughly.  "If you make another sound, I'll cut your balls off.  Understand?"

Terrified now, Ralph nodded weakly.  The woman released his face and left.  Ralph was in tears.  He was cut off from the security and deference of his usual environment and at the mercy of a woman.

Ralph now realised that both of the people involved in his kidnap were women.  But what did they want and when would they let him go?

The next 24 hours seemed to last forever.  The same woman he had seen earlier came to his room with food and spoon fed Ralph like he was a baby.  If Ralph tried to talk to her, he got his face slapped again.  The time dragged really slowly.  From the room beyond his own, Ralph could hear people moving about and the occasional murmur of voices although frustratingly Ralph could not hear what they were saying.

When Ralph needed to go to the bathroom, which happened on two occasions, the woman brought a chamberpot and Ralph had to use that.  He found being naked and having to do his most intimate business in front of this woman most demeaning.

Ralph eventually drifted off to sleep.  He was abruptly awoken the following morning by the sound of raised voices.  His kidnappers, as far as he could guess, were having a blazing row.  About what, he had no way of knowing.  It went on for about an hour before subsiding into silence.

Suddenly, the door to his room was wrenched open.  The woman entered, still dressed in that jumpsuit, with a stern look on her face.  She held a knife in her right hand.  Ralph's heart was in his mouth.  She was going to kill him!  Ralph pleaded with her not to kill him.

The woman ignored him.  Swiftly and deftly, she used the knife to cut the ropes that bound Ralph to the bed "Get up.  Now" she ordered Ralph.  Relieved that he was not going to die (at least not yet anyway), Ralph hastily obeyed her.  The woman lightly pushed him into the other room.

Ralph, used to palatial mansions and gleaming classrooms, had never been in such a dump.  It was a small, dingy, sparsely furnished room that was smaller than his dog's kennel.  The television was on.  There was a news report.  About him.  A female newscaster was saying:

"Ralph Perrott III, son and heir of the wealthy industrial magnate, Ralph Perrott II, is still missing following his dramatic kidnapping forty eight hours ago.  The police report that they still have no leads on the kidnappers, who have still not as yet issued a ransom demand.  An intense man hunt is still underway.  Turning to other news.."

The woman prodded Ralph forwards into another room, in which another woman, who looked identical in every way to the woman behind him, was running a bath.  Ralph realised that his kidnappers must be sisters and twin sisters at that.

The woman with the knife expertly removed the last bits of rope from Ralph's wrists and ankles.  The other woman had finished running the bath and had poured in some liquids out of bottles into it.

The woman with the knife pointed with it at the bath "Get in" she instructed him "and scrub yourself well!".  Ralph eagerly climbed in for he had never felt so dirty.  The bath was good and soothing.  The lady with the blade stayed and watched over him.

Ralph scrubbed himself well.  Perhaps, he decided, too well, for all his body hair seemed to be coming off!  It formed a black scum on the surface of the water.  His minder peered over at the sight, smiled a little, and then ordered Ralph out of the bath.

She handed Ralph a towel and he dried himself.  He was disconcerted to find that all of his body hair was gone.  He was hairless all over, which made him feel even more self-conscious.  He was bewildered.  How had this happened?

Once dry, Ralph wrapped the towel around himself.  At least he was no longer completely naked.  The woman ordered him into the other room, the room with the television.  Her twin was already seated.

Ralph was pushed towards a chair "Sit down".  Ralph took a seat.  The other woman sat down beside her sister and Ralph found himself facing both women.

"Ok, Ralph.  You're allowed to talk now.  I guess you have some questions for us" one of the women said to him.

"What's going on?" Ralph asked them "Why have you kidnapped me?  Who are you?"  The questions came out of his mouth in a rush.

The women smiled at him "We've kidnapped you.  Why?  Because your father is very rich and we are very poor. He'll want you back so we'll sell you back to him for a lot of money.  Who we are you will never know, but you can call us Bonnie.  Bonnie one and Bonnie two".

"When will you let me go?" Ralph asked.

"Ah, not for some time, I'm afraid.  We need to get you out of the country first before making our ransom demand".

Ralph felt like laughing at the sisters' naivety.  His face was on every television screen in the country and in every newspaper.  What were they going to do, waltz up with him to an airport and try and board a plane.  They'd be arrested as soon as they arrived. Then they would be in prison and Ralph would be restored to his old life.

But Bonnie one (?) had not finished yet "It won't be easy to smuggle you out of the country but we've come up with a plan that is worthy of us.  The authorities will be looking out for anyone escorting a boy.  What they won't be looking for is a girl of about your age and build!"

Ralph was confused.  What on earth were they talking about?  Were they going to substitute a girl in his place?  What good would that do?

The two women smiled at his confusion.  "So, Ralph, that means you'll have to become a girl for a while.  Don't worry, it won't be long, just as long as it takes to get to the airport, make the flight and get you to our new hideout.

"What?! I'm not pretending to be a girl!"

Bonnie one held her blade threateningly "Oh, yes you are.  Or else."

Bonnie two said "With that build and his complexion, he should make a very convincing girl".

"Yes" said Bonnie one "So lets get him into his new clothes".

Bonnie two reached for a case and opened it up to reveal a pile of female clothing and underwear.  She began to sort through it, and a few minutes later handed Ralph his new clothing.  He was ordered into the bedroom to change into it.

In tears, Ralph dumped the clothes on the bed.  For the first time, he was not tied to a bed and he was alone so his mind turned to escape.  But there was no window.  No obvious means of escape.  That meant he would have to put on the girls' things.

He picked up what was supposed to be his underwear.  A strip of white lace.  It was a thong.  He was going to have to wear a thong!  Blushing, he struggled into the undergarment.  It was really uncomfortable to wear.  There was a matching bra, which, with difficulty, he put on.  It felt really weird to be wearing one.  Wrong.

There were a pair of white frilled ankle socks, which he slipped onto his feet.  There was also a short denim mini-skirt with a big red love heart on the front which Ralph put on.  He felt ridiculous wearing a skirt.  Then there was a pink angora sweater with white love hearts on it.  Ralph pulled it on, feeling very foolish.  Finally, there was a pair of flat black shoes with large white bows on.

Feeling silly dressed as he was, Ralph went back into the other room.  He expected the two women to laugh hysterically at him, but they didn't.  They sat him down and got to work on him.  False breasts of about the right size for a girl of his age were inserted into his bra cups to give him a bosom.  His fingernails and toenails were filed, shaped and had a thick coat of pink nail varnish applied to them.  His eyebrows were shaped into a feminine arch.  His hair was washed, dyed blonde and styled into a boyish bob.  A pink ribbon was then tied into it.  Ralph's face was given a light cover of make up and a pink lipstick was applied to his lips.

Ralph had to sit and endure all this, knowing that protesting or resisting would do no good.  When they had finished with him they took him over to a full length mirror.  Ralph was astonished at his own reflection, for he looked very pretty and feminine.  He would easily pass for an eleven year old girl, although he looked younger with the little girl pinkness that dominated his current presentation.

He realised with a sinking heart that the two Bonnies ingenious plan would work.  All traces of Ralph Perrott III had been hidden beneath a veneer of femininity.  And it had taken little time and effort to turn him from being a boy to looking like a girl.

It was very strange to suddenly have lumps in his chest, to find his chest restrained by a bra and his waist encircled by a skirt.  His vision was mostly filled with pink, pretty things.  It was very odd indeed to suddenly become inducted into girlish dress and appearance.

The two Bonnies were very pleased.  Bonnie two took a photo of Ralph with a digital camera and went away into another room that Ralph had not seen yet whilst her sister gave Ralph a crash course in feminine deportment.  Ralph was schooled to make small, dainty steps instead of his usual masculine stride.

Bonny two returned waving a booklet triumphantly, which she handed to Ralph.  Ralph opened it up to discover it was a passport.  It showed his new feminised profile and was in the name of Tammy Victoria Lee.  The document looked very authentic and Ralph guessed that Bonny two was an accomplished forger.

Bonny one handed him something else.  A purse.  A dainty thing all in pale pink with a silver clasp and a thin strap.  Embarressed, Ralph slung it over his shoulder.  Bonny one took his passport from him and added it to those belonging to the two sisters before ordering him into the bedroom and locking him in "We need to get into our outfits now and we don't want you getting any ideas about escaping" they told him.

Half an hour later, Ralph was released and was stunned to see that the sisters had shed their intimidating jumpsuits and were dressed in frocks and high heels.  Their hair had been styled in a very feminine manner and that they wore full make up.

Ralph almost applauded their cleverness, for they were as well disguised as Ralph was.  By assuming a very feminine appearance, nobody would take them for being criminals.

Bonnie one took Ralph aside whilst her sister called for a taxi "OK, this is it.  The most dangerous phase of our operation.  You will stay silent and will not speak until I tell you.  If you try to escape or shout for help so help me I will slit your throat.  Do we understand each other?"

Ralph knew that every word Bonnie one said was true.  He would be dead unless he did exactly what she said, so he nodded.  Bonnie patted him on the head.

The taxi arrived and took Ralph and the sisters to the airport.  The taxi driver, a middle aged man, looked appreciatively at the two glamorous women and the pretty girl.  On the way, he had tried to engage Ralph in conversation but Ralph had remained silent.  The taxi driver chuckled "Hmm, shy little lady ain't she?  My own little girl was just like that at her age".

Ralph longed to cry out his real name, but dared not.

At the airport, Ralph noted that his kidnappers were finally showing signs of nerves as the trio got nearer to the flight control desk.  He prayed that some vigilant staff member would penetrate his disguise or see that his passport was false.  A female controller glanced at Ralph's passport and then looked at Ralph for a long moment and waved him and his companions through, much to Ralph's disappointment.

The flight (to Europe Ralph had learned) was uneventful.  Ralph had to sit between the two Bonnies so he had absolutely no freedom of action.  The other passengers didn't give him a second glance, just assuming he was in fact the cute looking girl he appeared to be.

When the plane touched down there was another nervous period going through passport control on the other side.  There were posters with Ralph's face on, but no-one in that airport associated the missing billionnaire's son with the pretty young Tammy Lee and so the party were allowed to proceed.

The Bonnie's hideout was a flat in Warsaw in Poland.  It was nicer than the last hideout, Ralph thought.  The sisters quickly shed their overly feminine attire and reverted to their jumpsuits.  Ralph looked down at his own girlish outfit.  He could take it off now!  He began to pull off his ridiculous pink sweater.

"What are you doing young lady?"  Bonny one asked him sharply.

"Taking off these stupid clothes.  You said I could once we got here" Ralph answered.

Bonnie one shook her head "There's been a change of plan.  You're staying as a girl".

"What!  But you said...."

"Never mind what I said.  You look nice as a girl so we've decided to keep you that way until you are ransomed".

"I don't want to stay dressed like this!  I feel ridiculous!"

"You look very sweet.  You'll get used to it".

So Ralph had to stay in skirts.  He hated it.  Having to wear a skirt and frilly lacy things!

Bonny two fired off a ransom demand that same evening.  All the sisters could do now was wait.

A day later, a response came back. They need proof that they held Ralph and that he was still alive so for a brief time Ralph was restored to his former appearance and made to make an appearance that was filmed by the sisters and sent over the internet.

A few days later, the terms were agreed.  Twenty million dollars was wired to the sisters.  Bonny two was an expert with computers and financial transactions so the money would never be traced by the authorities.  With a smile, Bonnie two closed her laptop "All done!  We can proceed to the final phase of our operation".

Bonnie one smiled.  She glanced over at Ralph who was at that moment dressed in a yellow frock with a large white bow at the back, white stockings and yellow shoes.  "Tammy sweetie, come over here".

The boy obeyed.

"Turn around and close your eyes" Bonnie one instructed him.  Apprehensively, the boy did as he was told.  Bonnie one pressed the chloroform over the boy's face until he passed out.

The sisters dumped Ralph in the boot of their car and fled, abandoning their car and their flat, and disappearing off the face of the earth.  The police turned up hours later amused to find a boy dressed in a pretty frock and hair ribbons.  Ralph was restored to male clothing and to his family, but he would never forget the time he had to spend in feminine attire.


  1. a fun story but i'd wished you'd continued in her shoes and also it seems that you have a very low opinion of men in your stories

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