Saturday, 21 July 2012

Suzy takes on the World - Part Thirteen - The New Family

Kevin Connor was stunned by what he saw when he was invited round to his girlfriend Suzy's house for tea.

First off, he was amazed that Suzy's family suddenly owned a house in the best area of town.  When he first met Suzy, she had been living on some council estate.  How did they come to live in a house that was easily worth half a million pounds?

Second, the household was female-dominated.  Suzy and her mum ruled to roost.  Suzy's younger brother was much too young to have any influence.  Kevin seemed to recall that Suzy's father had abandoned the family some years earlier and that Suzy had an elder brother.  But no-one had seen Damian for months.....

The place made Kevin feel uncomfortable.  A house without a man.  But Kevin was also uncomfortable because he knew that out of himself and Suzy, Suzy was now the dominant partner.  Most of the time, she was more masculine than he was.

But what Suzy showed him had freaked him out completely.  She took him upstairs to some kind of "nursery".  The occupant was dressed in the manner of a little girl.  Frock, ribbons and everything.  But the size of the "girl" made it obvious that she wasn't.  A girl that is.  Kevin guessed that this must actually be Damian.  How the hell had they got big, tough Damian to dress like that?

It didn't matter.  Suzy and her mum had done it.  Kevin realised that he had been shown the sissified Damian to tell him that if such a thing could happen to Damian, it could certainly happen to Kevin, who was nowhere near as hard as Damian.

Suzy took him by the hand and led him to another room.  Suzy strode confidently, whilst Kevin followed, feeling awkward and like he was the girl.  The room was simply furnished.  A dress and some underwear lay on the bed.

"This is your room, when you are staying over" Suzy explained "Tea will be served in fifteen minutes"  She pointed to the clothes on the bed "Put those on and make yourself look nice" she ordered.  She left, closing the door behind her, before Kevin could protest.

Kevin knew better than to protest anyway.  Suzy was smarter AND stronger than him.  Sighing, he reluctantly took off what he was wearing and put on the black lace panties, matching bra, nylons and then the purple dress which reached down to about mid-thigh on him.  He found a pair of high heeled purple shoes at the foot of the bed which he guessed must go with the dress, so he slipped them on.

Kevin studied himself in the mirror, which he supposed all girls must do to see if they looked right, and cringed when saw his body clothed in a dress, his legs encased in shiny nylon and his aching feet shod in women's high heels.  Without any wig or make up, he looked like a boy in a dress or a boy whose head had been stuck onto the body of a girl.

Kevin was only glad of two things.  Firstly, that non-one but Suzy and her mum would see him dressed like this, not like the last two times!, and second, that Damian looked even more ridiculous than he did.

Kevin went down to dinner as best he could in those heels.  Suzy and her mum were already there, wearing shirts and trousers so that the only skirted person seated at the table was actually a male.  Kevin felt acutely embarressed at this knowledge.  Nothing was said, although mother and daughter exchanged glances.

Dinner was served by a maid.  But this maid was no woman as was evident from his large hands and body.  The maid was a large man.  Who knew what he had been before he had ended up in this position, but now he was wearing a maid's cap and apron and serving the masters of the house - the women.

Everyone waited until the maid had departed.  Suzy smiled at Kevin's quizzical stares.  "That was my Dad" she explained "He ran off with another woman a long time ago, but she grew tired of him and dropped him.  When he heard Mum had inherited this house, he came back with his tail between his legs and begged to be taken back.  He even promised that he would do anything as long as mum took him back, so we took him up on his promise and turned him into our maid.  He's come on very well, don't you think?"

Kevin didn't quite know what to think.  He was sitting at the dinner table wearing a frock, nylons and high heels whilst the ladies wore traditional men's attire.  He had just been served dinner by the "man of the house" who was dressed as a maidservant and who had to behave accordingly.  And upstairs, the other male of the household (other than Suzy's infant brother) was playing with his dolls in the nursery!

Was it a madhouse.  Or was this the future of the modern family?

Once the dishes and glasses had been cleared away by the maid, Suzy led Kevin to the sitting room, commenting on how pretty he looked in his dress.  She bade Kevin sit down and he did so, being careful to arrange his skirts.  It was disconcerting how easily he was adapting to femininity.

To his shock, Suzy got down on one knee and proposed to him!  He was surprised and shocked and unable to speak.

"Yes is the word you're trying to find, darling!" Suzy prompted him.

Kevin finally found his voice.  To his annoyance, it was squeaky, almost girlish "But....we can't get married...we're too young!"

Suzy shrugged "You're right.  We won't actually get married until after I graduate from university and get a job to support us both, and that's several years away.  But we'll be engaged until then".

"But....I'm the man.  I should be the one out earning!"

Suzy shook her head "With your grades, you'll never get into uni.  You let me worry about earning the money".

Kevin knew she had him there.  His grades were so bad, he'd be lucky to get a job at all, let alone a graduate job that Suzy would walk into.

Before Kevin could say another word, Suzy popped a tiny diamond ring onto his finger and kissed him.  "There!  Now we're engaged".

Kevin studied the shiny ring on his finger.  It was rather pretty and was moreover a perfect fit.  The more he thought about it, the more he realised that maybe his future wouldn't be so bad.  He would be married to a successful woman who would probably be worth a million by age 30.  She would treat him well, as long as he conformed to his role as the devoted husband and homemaker.

Suzy's mum began speaking, saying that once he had sat - and failed - his exams in the summer, he could come and live with them on a more or less permanent basis.  He would have to make an effort to make himself more presentable though.  He would need to wear pretty frocks, some sparkly jewellery and start using make up.  His wavy hair should be allowed to grow long so that it could be styled into a more feminine fashion.  Suzy's mum would teach him how to keep a house, as he would be doing later for Suzy.

Suzy looked on in satisfaction as Kevin's face fell.  He would have to assume the traditional female role, and her clothes, because he was thick, lazy and no longer stronger than Suzy.  He was going to make a beautiful and no doubt blushing bride before he became a feminised and submissive househusband.

But Suzy had no qualms or doubts about this role-reversal.  For this was the future, not just for her family, but one day for all families around the world!



  1. This is wonderful gender role reversal story.
    Thank you.

  2. Suzys a bitch I feel sorry for kevin