Sunday, 24 June 2012

Suzy takes on the World - Part Ten - A dream come true?

"Come on Kevin, it's time you were up!" mom's voice insisted.

Kevin awoke with a start and glanced at the Man Utd alarm clock on his bedside table, which for some reason had failed to wake him at 7:15 as usual.  The time read 07:45!  He had a little over an hour to get dressed, eat his breakfast and catch the bus to school.  Kevin leapt out of bed and hurried to the bathroom.

During his ablutions, Kevin remembered the previous night with horror and shame.  He had had to attend the school prom in the prom dress meant for his girlfriend Suzy.  But she had refused to wear it.  Some feminist thing.  So Kevin's mom had insisted that he wear it instead!  He face went crimson at the memory.  It would take him a long time to live that down.

As he left the bathroom, his mom shouted from below "Your school uniform's on your bed!" Kevin entered his bedroom, which was plastered with football posters, to find a school uniform on his bed, as mom had said.  But it was certainly not his uniform!

"Mom!" he called downstairs "What is a girl's uniform doing on my bed?"

Mom's face appeared at the bottom of the stairs "That's your uniform now.  I thought you looked so good last night in that prom dress that a girls' uniform would suit you better!"

Kevin groaned "Mom, I'm not a girl!  I can't go to school wearing a girls' uniform!"

Mom's face became sharper and harder "Kevin, I don't have time to argue with you!  I have a very important meeting at 9 am sharp.  Just put your uniform on and stop whining like a baby!"

Kevin knew it was no use arguing with his mom.  She ruled the house, especially now she was the family's breadwinner since his dad was made redundant a year ago and had been unable to find work.

Sighing, Kevin went back to his bedroom and looked at the girls' stuff he would have to wear.  There were a pair of white panties with lace trim, a lacy bra, thick black tights, a white blouse, a grey pleated skirt, a blue cardigan, a blazer, a hat and a pair of shiny black shoes with a small heel on them.

Kevin got into the things with difficulty.  The blouse buttoned up all the wrong way, he had to roll to roll the tights up his legs and buckle the shoes on by means of fiddly straps.  But the most alien thing of all was the bra.  It took him ages to get it on and all the time mom was reminding him that he was running out of time.

Finally, he was ready.  He looked at himself in the mirror and cringed.  In this get up, and with the hat covering his head, he did look a lot like a schoolgirl.  The skirt showed off his slender, nylon clad legs to best advantage and his face looked feminine.

He hurried downstairs as best as he could dressed as he was.  The shoes were awkward to walk in and he was of course not used to wearing a skirt or a bra.  Hiss mom commented on how lovely he looked.  During breakfast, Kevin tried to persuade his mom to change her mind, to let him have his old uniform back.  Smiling, mom gave him his satchel (a girls' one of course, with flowers all over it) and pushed him out of the door.

Miserably, Kevin made his way to the bus stop.  He dreaded the reception he would receive there.  A load of girls were waiting there, including one of his ex-girlfriends, Belinda Fox.  Kevin tried to remain inconspicuous.

But Belinda had sussed him out "Oh, look everyone!  Looks like we have a new girl.  You look very sweet in your uniform Kevin!".  Belinda and the other girls burst into giggling fits.  Kevin was glad when the school bus arrived, on time for a change, and scuttled aboard.

The ribbing Kevin got on the bus was just awful.  However, it stopped immediately once the bus called in at a certain stop and Kevin's girlfriend, Suzy, stepped aboard.  Suzy was only five feet two inches tall in her socks but she was built like an amazon with incredible muscles and self-confidence.  Suzy came and sat beside Kevin and took one of his hands and gave it an incredibly gentle squeeze for such a strong girl.

Kevin blushed as he thought of how they must look.  Suzy, who was now allowed to wear trousers, was now the more masculine of the pair, whilst Kevin was of course now the more feminine partner.

Belinda and the other girls, and even the boys, were rightly scared of Suzy and subsided into the background.  The rest of the journey passed without incident.

To Kevin's surprise, all of the teachers seemed to accept his new mode of dress, and so, after the first day, did the other pupils.  The mates he used to play football with wanted nothing to do with him now he was in a skirt, but oddly Belinda and her cronies accepted him into their little sorority.

Kevin returned home in a quandry one evening as Suzy had told him to get himself dolled up for a date.  But a text from Belinda telling him to get round to her house on the double as she would help him out seemed to be a lifeline.

On arrival, still in his school uniform, Belinda ordered him to strip down to his underwear before depilating all of the hair from his body, spraying him with a sweet smelling perfume, instructing him how to paint his fingernails and toenails with a bright red varnish.  He was handed silk underwear to wear and also a frock.  A big flowery one.  Under the frock went layers of silk and lace petticoats that pushed the skirt of the frock out to wide dimensions and showed off Kevin's bare and hairless pins.  Kevin wore a pair of high heels and carried a small purse.  Belinda styled his hair and taught him how to use make up on his face.  Kevin had submitted to pressure a week before to get his ears pierced and so he was able to wear large gold earrings.

He looked just like a real girl, Belinda had said, and Kevin had had to agree.  All made up as he was he did look an exquisitely pretty lady.  Suzy, dressed in a man's suit, was well pleased with her boyfriend's appearance and took him out to dinner, which she insisted on ordering and paying for.

Kevin sat in the restaurant, feeling ridiculous in his frock and layers of petticoats.  He was gradually getting used to femininity, but he didn't like it.  Not at all.  His masculine instincts frequently rebelled against his feminisation.  But with a girlfriend like Suzy, who took on the traditional male role, Kevin had no choice.

Then the years seemed to go by in a blur.  Suzy did well at school.  Kevin did less well.  Suzy went to college and university whilst Kevin lived at home with his parents.  There was talk of him doing a secretarial course.  After Suzy graduated and landed a good job and bought herself a house she invited Kevin to move in as her boyfriend.  The she proposed to him and they got married.  Kevin made a gorgeous bride in an ivory wedding gown and lace veil.  Thereafter it was Suzy who earned the money and Kevin who looked after the house and did all of the cooking.  He was required to be  the equivalent of a "wife" at social gatherings and so had to wear nice dresses.  He was a housewife in all but name.

Then, Kevin woke up, in a cold sweat.  He was relieved to find his bedroom was still as it had always been and his usual boy's school uniform hanging on the wardrobe door.

Kevin breathed a deep sigh of relief.  It had only been a nightmare......


  1. Dear Russell aka Jasmine,

    fantastic continuation of your great story!

    Was it a nightmare, or just a quick glance into his general and fabolous future together with Suzy as her boyfriend? One should never underestimate the symbolism of dreams... ;-) And this was for sure no nightmare!

    Sincerely, Roland

  2. This is a dream future for us, isn't it? ;)

  3. Ack! You pulled your punch!

    Great story, but I was hoping for a "real" ending (if this is indeed the ending) in which Kevin and Suzy were truly reversed.

    That said, wonderful story wonderfully told.

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