Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The Office Worker 2030 - Part Two

Justin stood in the centre of the room, feeling foolish. He was wearing a red basque, a black suspender belt, fishnet stockings, black stilettos and a black lace thong that did an inadequate job of hiding his most intimate area. His lithe body moved hesitantly.

"Get on with it!" a strident female voice commanded him. It was Lucille Robson, his new boss of two weeks.

Steeling himself, Justin mounted the built up stage and grasped the shiny metal pole that rose up from the platform and began to spin around on it, as he had been taught by a male acquaintance of Lucille's, who worked as a poledancer and lapdancer for discerning lady clients.

The audience of five females whooped appreciatively as Justin went through his routine, spinning faster and faster. Justin shut his mind off and danced mindlessly. The noise and drunken tributes from the women grew louder in his ears.

Finally, the dance was over and a dizzy Justin, wobbling on his high stilettos, did his best to curtsey prettily, as Lucille had instructed him, earning him some titters from his female audience. He went to put on his dress but Lucille was not satisfied.

"You call that a curtsey, boy?" she bellowed, for she had imbibed heavily over the course of the evening and her wrinkled face had gone red. She marched over to him and ordered "Bend over boy!". Justin, terrified, had no option but to obey and bent over until he could see the tips of his stilettos. He felt Lucille's chubby hands pulling at his thong and yanking it down until it fluttered down to Justin's shapely ankles. He was humiliated at being exposed to a group of women like this, his bare bottom on full display. The women giggled like schoolgirls.

As he expected, he felt a sudden pain as an implement, probably a hairbrush was applied to the cheeks of his bottom causing him to cry out in pain. Lucille, in full swing, beat his bottom vigourously, to the delight of her girlfriends, making Justin shriek in pain and forcing tears to his eyes.

Lucille managed nine blows, but was too drunk and exhausted to deliver any more. Out of breath, she gestured for Justin to replace his thong. Justin, in tears, pulled up his underwear, grabbed his dress and fled, the laughter of women ringing in his ears.

He got to the bedroom Lucille allowed him to use. It had once been the maid's room and was tiny and poky and well reflected his status in Lucille's house. Her girlfriends were sleeping in the grand guest bedrooms. He threw himself on the pink bedspread and sobbed into his pillow.
It had been like this for the last two weeks. Justin was reaching the end of his tether.

His tears subsiding, Justin's mind travelled back to the past, just nine short years ago, when instead of being a mini-skirted and painted male, he wore jeans and played sports, as boys were meant to. But then things had started changing when he reached ten years old...

Justin kicked the ball around the school playground. He loved playing soccer with his friends and they had a good time. He was heading towards the opposition's makeshift goal, made up of coats, when someone suddenly tackled him and won the ball off him.

To his disbelief he realised that it had been a girl who had just tackled him. She was wearing the regulation skirt and tights and blouse that girls were required to wear. Play was abruptly halted as the boys realised that a bunch of girls had imposed themselves on their game.

"Hey, no one said you could join in!" said Laurence, the de facto leader of Justin's group.
One girl, whom Justin recognised as Krystal Webb approached Laurence and faced him definantly "What's wrong, big boy? Scared of being beaten by a girl?"

Laurence replied "Of course not". He looked at the girl in her school uniform, long blonde hair and girlish features "You, beating us at soccer? That's a laugh!"

"We'll give you a match then. Right here and now" said Krystal "But there's a forfeit. If we win, we get your trousers. If you win, we'll agree not to play soccer. Deal?"

Justin wasn't keen. There was something about Krystal, an air of confidence, that unnerved him. But Laurence was convinced they would win easily "They're just a bunch of girls. We can take them. Easily" and talked the other boys around.

The match ended with the girls winning 3-2. The girls' speed, skill and athleticism had surprised the boys and they had been beaten. The boys were humilated to have beaten by girls but more humiliation was to come.

Krystal, flushed with triumph, stepped forward and demanded the trousers of all of the boy players.

Laurence shook his head "Come on, that was a joke right? You can't make us!" he said petulantly."A deal is a deal. Hand them over please".Embarrassed and humiliated, the losers slowly removed their trousers and were left standing in their underpants whilst the winners giggled and held their winnings aloft. The girls went away to the nearest toilet block whilst the boys wondered what they were going to do. They could not go around in their underwear. The girls emerged few minutes later, wearing the boys' trousers.

"That's better" remarked Krystal "I hate having to wear a skirt. Here you go, boys. You can wear them!". A pile of girls' skirts was dumped on the ground.

Humiliating as the idea of having to wear a skirt, the ultimate symbol of girlhood, was, it was better than being in your underwear, so the boys sorted through the skirts and put one on that fitted.

Justin looked at his friends wearing skirts and blushing. It was even weirder to wear one though. His legs were exposed and he felt air wafting underneath and the feel of the hem against his legs as he walked and the gentle bounce of the skirt as he walked to his next class, with other students pointing and laughing at him and his friends. The teachers were less amused and ordered that the boys trousers were to be restored to them and the girls were to resume their skirts. The girls did so with ill grace, with Krystal pouting, but did manage to get a picture of Justin and some of the other boys wearing their skirts which were reproduced and plastered all over school lockers and walls. Justin had been embarrassed by the incident but it was soon forgotten as the years passed and he attended high school and became a dim childhood memory, but one that would come back to him in startling clarity in his later life.

In the intervening years, Justin had become vaguely aware of a feminist movement called Females Forward. This was a national political movement, very well organised and who were co-opting women and girls in staggering numbers. Their aim was to promote women as the leaders of society and advocated that women should hold all the positions of power and get the best jobs. They also advocated that women and girls should spurn traditional femininity, which was a construct that perpetuated male dominance.

Justin encountered the movement in his first year at high school, for many of the girls there had
joined the Females Forward girls movement, including Krystal Webb, who was the Vice President. These girls refused to wear skirts or anything frilly or lacy, were determined to do well at school and in sports. Their focus and determination and energy were astonishing. From the moment they got out of bed, these girls studied hard all day, went to the gym or the sportsfield, or were busy recruiting other girls. They often held rallies, which some of the boys heckled and tried to disrupt, but the girls were unfazed and kept going.

Justin was brighter than the usual boy, but he was disconcerted to notice that it was the girls who were top of every class that he was in and who won all of the prizes. It was the girls who ran for school council and almost every major position on it was held by a girl. Even on the sports field, the girls had their own soccer team, rugby team and basketball team and, embarassing as it was to admit it, the girls' teams were better than those of the boys and instead of the boys' team representing the school in sports events, it was the girls' team that was entered and they brought back prizes.

The girls were even becoming stronger than any boy, as they worked out often and played sports. Boys who tried to assert themselves by brute force found themselves being defeated easily by the girl that they had tried to dominate.

Listening one day to Krystal at one of the Females Foward rally stating that girls were smarter than boys, quicker than boys and even stronger than boys, Justin had to concede that she was right. These girls were determined to rule the world and there was nothing that boys could do to stop them.

For the time being though, Krystal, who had emerged as the leader of the Females Forward girls' section, was content to dominate the school through her control of the school council. She passed measures to allow girl students complete freedom of dress and got more funding for the girls' sports teams.

Justin was walking back to his locker when he was approached by a group of girls, led by Krystal. They were all wearing traditional boys' uniforms. Justin felt quite vulnerable and quite intimidated by the presence of so many girls and the way that they were dressed. Very masculine. The girls' confidence gave them a air of masculinity.

"Hello, Justin" said Krystal with a smile "I've been wanting to talk with you". She turned to the other girls "Go to the canteen. I'll be with you in a while". The girls departed from view, smiling.

Justin said "What do you talk with me about?" he asked. Compared to her, he was nobody.

"To ask you out, of course!" she said "Surprised? Why wouldn't I want to date you? You're very cute and a lot smarter than the other boys. I know you don't have a girlfriend, so come on, say yes!"

It was weird to be asked out by a girl - that was the boy's perogative - but Justin admired the confidence and strength of this girl and knew he wanted to be with her so he recovered his composure and said "Sure. Why not".

"Great. I'll call you later. Arrange a date" and the most powerful student in the school breezed away, elated, leaving a confused boy behind her.

Justin spent the evening racking his brains for what to do with Krystal. It was his role to take her out and entertain her but when he got a call from Krystal she told him exactly when and where he should be and told him to leave everything to her.

Justin turned up at the bowling alley for the date. Typically, Krystal was the better bowler, but Justin still enjoyed himself. They had a burger and shakes and then then went to see a film. During the film, it was Krystal who came on to him, kissing and fondling him, and Justin who was the passive, submissive partner and she assumed the traditionally male role in all they did, even insisting on paying for their food and the cinema tickets.

Justin was confused and disorientated by the reversal of their traditional positions, but he had to admit that he had enjoyed being cuddled and kissed by Krystal. They had agreed by the evening's end to become boyfriend and girlfriend and, after she had walked him home, she had taken him in her arms and given him a long kiss that took his breath away.

Over the next few months, Justin and Krystal dated often. It was always Krystal who insisted on taking the lead in all their activities and in their intimate moments. Justin found that of the two of them, even though he was red blooded male with an adolescent's normal sex drive, Krystal was the active aggressive one, whilst he was reactive and passive.

Krystal's parents were quite wealthy, wealthier than Justin's own family, and she would buy him presents of pure silk boxer shorts in pinks, whites and pastels. Justin was embarrassed to wear them but, as Krystal pointed out, who was ever going to see them (except her)? Justin wore them and found to his surprise that he liked the feel of them and that it pleased his girlfriend that he wore them. Krystal bought him jewellery, which Justin wore out of school to please her.

Then, one weekend, Krystal called him and asked him to be in the mall within an hour. Well, demanded, actually. As their became familiar with each other, Krystal had become more domineering towards him, but as Justin was anxious to please her, he would always obey her summons. They met in the mall and Krystal took him to somewhere new. Saskia's Beauty Salon.

Justin assumed that Krystal was getting her hair done or her nails and said he would for her, which earnt him a playful punch on the arm (which actually hurt as Krystal was a strong girl) and said that she had booked HIM into the salon! She did not frequent such places herself, as he should have known by now. Justin did know, for Krystal kept her hair short, her nails short and allowed her body hair to grow and never ever wore cosmetics.

Justin protested. He didn't want to go into that salon. Krystal sat him down gently and said that frankly, if they were to remain an item, he needed a makeover. She didn't like body hair on a man (Justin was thrilled that, at 14, she was calling him a man) and that his nails should be manicured. Lots of boys and men were getting these things done and there was nothing unmanly about it. It still took her a while to talk him round.

Uneasily, Justin entered the salon and was pleasantly surprised and relieved to find that most of the customers there were male, as were some of the staff. When Krystal told the male beautician what she wanted done, he did not blink an eyelid. Seemed that Krystal was right and a lot of males were getting this kind of grooming.

Justin had to strip and was given a full body wax. It was painful but at the end of it, Justin had to admit that his legs looked and felt great. He was then given a manicure and pedicure that shaped his nails and made them look shiny. Then, unexpectedly, the beautician took some tweezers and plucked and shaped Justin's eyebrows, saying he had a lovely face. When the man had finished, Justin looked at himself in shock. His eyebrows had been shaped in the classic arch that used to be worn by women! His features were immediately feminised.

Justin left the salon with Krystal (with her paying the salon) sheepishly, with her saying how cute he looked. She gave him a big hug as a reward for his co-operative attitude and willingness to please her. When Justin got home, his parents' jaws dropped at the sight of their hairless, plucked son, with his manicured nails, but they said nothing.

Justin noticed that whenever Krystal came to see him, she would spend time with his mother and then, five months into the relationship, his mother had joined Females Forward. Krystal had recruited her. So, most evenings, his mother was out distributing leaflets and attending rallies.

The impact of this on Justin became apparent soon afterwards. It happened to be his birthday a fortnight after his mother had joined the movement and his mother and Krystal had arranged to take him out for a meal. But first he had to receive his presents. From Krystal, he received a silver necklace with a locket on it, with a photo of Krystal in it and from his mother he received a lilac dress. Justin was stunned to be given such girlish presents.

"We think it's time you started wearing dresses" said Justin's mother.

"You'll look so pretty in that dress. Your mum and I spent a lot of time picking it out for you" said Krystal.

But this was too much for Justin. Being waxed and manicured and having his eyebrows plucked was one thing but wearing a dress! "I'm a boy! I'm not wearing a dress!". He threw it to the floor.

The next thing he knew, he was pinned to the floor by his girlfriend, helpless. He felt Krystal's hot breath on his ear "You are embarressing me!" she hissed "Put the dress on and behave or we are finished!" she said with such sincerity that Justin was frightened. He did not want to lose Krystal. He loved Krystal! He begged her to let him go.

Blushing slightly, he picked up the dress and went upstairs, reappearing it in later and receiving compliments from the women and a warm, sweet kiss from Krystal. Justin wandered about in the dress, gradually feeling less self-conscious, and wearing his new necklace, which Krystal had clipped on for him.

They were preparing to leave for their meal when Justin's father arrived back from work. He took one look at Justin in his lilac dress and exploded "What the hell is this? What is my son doing in a dress? Have you lost your mind woman?" he bellowed at his wife.

Krystal stepped forward, shielding both Justin and his mother with her athletic body. "Mr Curtis, I'm Krystal...."

"I know who the hell you are, lady, you're the one who's been filling my wife's head with all this feminist trash! Women are superior. Men are rubbish and all that nonsense! Get out of my house right now and stay away from my wife and son!" he bellowed.

Krystal took this in her stride "Mr Curtis, I'm not going anywhere. Your wife and my boyfriend, Justin, invited me here. To celebrate your son's birthday. I don't think this is the time for an argument!"

Mr Curtis grew redder with anger "I told you get the hell out of my house young lady". He pointed at his wife "You will leave that feminist movement right away and be a proper wife to me! And you, boy, go and take that dress off and stop acting like a sissy. You're meant to be a boy! I'm the man of this house and don't you forget it!". However, neither his wife or son responded.

"Do as I tell you!" Mr Curtis shouted. Then, when he got no response, lunged towards his wife. But Krystal was a lot quicker and in no time had Justin's father pinned just as she had Justin a short time earlier.

"Now you listen to me, you pathetic excuse for a man" Krysal whispered into his ear. "You are nothing compared to your wife and son. Leave them be in future or I'll let it be known that you were well beaten by a girl. Understood?"

Eventually, Mr Curtis nodded and was released. Angrily, he bolted upstairs and emerged several minutes later with a packed case, muttering something about hoping they would be happy in their feminist paradise and he was better off without them.

That was the last time Justin ever saw his father, for he died two years later in an accident at his works.

Once Mr Curtis was gone, they went out for a lovely meal and the ladies lavished compliments upon him and his new dress. Justin had never felt so loved and honoured and even his father's departure failed to spoil the evening.

At school the following week, it was announced that a new cheerleading squad was being set up. For boys only. The girls' squad had dissolved ages ago through dwindling numbers and it seemed logical that as the girls now played sports better than the boys, the boys should take the supporting role.

"You should join, Justin" Krystal suggested "You have great legs and are very pretty!"

Justin was still finding it hard to being called pretty. Pretty had been a term that had applied to girls but now that girls were the stronger sex, it was being applied to boys. The worse thing was that it was true. He and other boys, with their long hair, plucked eyebrows, hairless limbs and manicured nails, as was now fashionable for young males, were indisputably the prettier, more gentle sex. And more and more boys were openly wearing skirts, dresses and high heels at the urging of their mothers and girlfriends. Justin was wearing a denim mini skirt right now that Krystal had bought for him and two inch high heels. They were his first ever pair and he had a feeling that they would not be his last pair.

Justin put his name down for the squad, winning Krystal's approval, tried out with other boys and was selected. As a reward, Krystal bought him his cheerleading outfit of skimpy top, tiny skirt and frilly knickers and so Justin spent his weekends and some evenings waving his pom poms and cheering whilst his girlfriend scored goals. Most of the other cheerleaders were the former members of the dissolved boys team. Once they had prided themselves on their athleticism, now they were obssessed with their appearance and were as bitchy as girls had once been. It amused the girls to see the boys fighting, adopting their old behaviours, which they had risen above.

Soon after becoming a cheerleader, the last vestiges of his masculinity were breached by an onslaught by his mother and girlfriend. His silk underwear was replaced by what would once have been considered girls' knickers, with all the frills and lace that Krystal loved seeing him in. His ears were pierced and fitted with dangling earrings and he began wearing make-up and his entire wardrobe consisted of blouses, skirts and dresses and high heeled shoes and Justin's mind was filled with how he looked and what he should wear to please his girlfriend.

In the wider world, he was aware that things were changing. Females Forward had done well in the elections and now held a majority. For the first time in history, an all female government was in power and they passed laws to advantage women. Fathers were required to spend at least 50% of their time doing housework and childcare duties in the name of equality (as a matter of fact by this point, more and more men were becoming househusbands as they were either unemployable or outearned by their wives). At least 50% of all armed forces personnel and police officers had to be female and, if necessary, males would be dismissed to make way for them. More funding was given to girls' education and to womens' sports. The new government was popular and successful with women and some males.

Males in the meantime were becoming increasingly feminised and those who could work ended up as maids, or cleaners, or secretaries. Male and female fashions were practically inverted and make up, jewellery and hairdos for males became in vogue.

It was the night of the school prom. In the past, the girls had worn their best frocks and done their best to look pretty for the boys but now in this topsy turvy world, it was the boys' turn to put on their frocks and look attractive. Justin's mother had supervised his debut as a debutante, going with him to buy and expensive pink prom dress with little gems embedded in it that glittered. Justin's body was waxed, plucked and moisterised and his hair was dyed blonde and had highlights put in it and his nails were manicured and painted the same shade of pink as his dress. In addition to the dress, Justin wore a pair of six inch pink high heels, a diamond necklace and matching earrings and a silver tiara. He also wore a new innovation for males, the boy bra, a delicate band of lace with straps to induce modesty. He looked absolutely gorgeous, his mother said, almost clapping her hands with glee.

Krystal, attired in a black tuxedo and looking very masculine, agreed and gave him a warm, deep kiss. She insisted on dancing with him exclusively, although there were plenty of other pretty boys, blushing and unaccustomed to their new roles as eye candy. Krystal and Justin were crowned Prom King and Queen respectively and Justin proudly wore his sash. Being feminine was not so bad, he reflected, with tears in his eyes.

Afterwards, Krystal took him by the hand and led him to a quiet spot, where she took him in her arms and kissed and fondled him in his most intimate areas, inserting her hand up his skirt and stroking his soft, hairless legs. Justin was breathless with the enjoyment of it. It was still strange to to be a male and yet be passive and yielding to his girlfriend's kisses and fondling.

After they had finished, Krystal walked him back to his house and before he went inside, she told him that she would be going away for a while. She had won a scholarship to one of the special girls' only academies that the new government had set up for the especially talented girls and it was far far away. She would hardly get to see him. Justin, to his surprise, started weeping and Krystal had to comfort him. She would not forget him were her last words as she left him.

Justin was pleased for his girlfriend. To win a place at one of the new academies guaranteed a girl a high flying job, but he was sad that he would hardly ever see her.

In fact, he never saw her again. He heard from other sources that she had since won a place at a prestigious university (which was by default a girls' only institution as it was rare for the new breed of boys to attain more than some high school qualifications). A lonely Justin, for he did not find a new girlfriend, finished school with more qualifications than the average boy but fewer than any girl. He applied to join the army and was rejected, the army being swamped with stronger, smarter female recruits. His mother suggested his qualifications were good enough to earn him a place at a secretarial college and so he attended one. All of the students were boys, learning the secretarial skills to support female executives that now dominated upper management. Justin finished top of the class and ended up working for Lois Warde and then his current boss, Lucille.

Back in the present day, Justin dried his tears and changed into more practical clothes, a cashmere jersey and suede skirt and low heeled pumps. He had decided that enough was enough. He packed up all his things and hurriedly wrote a letter to Lucille resigning his job with the firm with immediate effect.

He crept downstairs, not wanting to meet Lucille or any of her guests, only to find Lucille out for the count on the sofa. A empty bottle of whiskey lay beside her. She was totally out of it. Justin decided to get even with her with the aid of the contents of his handbag and a box of old clothes he had found in his room. Once he had finished his work and taken a few photos, he left the house and caught a bus into town.

It was raining as he alighted from the bus and walked back to his flat, his high heels clicking on the pavement. Justin was glad that his make up was rain resistant. He made it inside the building to find someone waiting for him. A young woman in a black raincoat. She turned around with a smile. It was Krystal. She had been looking for him. They greeted each other warmly and Justin let her into his flat. They talked through the night. Krystal was still at university but was set to graduate and enter into politics to ultimately become a member of parliament and make a difference. Krystal stayed the night and Justin had the most enjoyable night of his life. Krystal was touched to find that Justin still wore the locket she had given him and kept photos of her around the house. She left him as his girlfriend once again and Justin had a feeling that his life would turn out fine with this strong, superior woman to look after him.

Lucille came to, to the sound of laughter. Her equally drunken friends were in hysterics and Lucille found out why. She was wearing a dress, a flowery, frilly thing. And not only that, but a bra, not one of those things that boys wore but one that women used to wear when they were the submissive creatures they had once been when males were in control. To her horror, she also found that her legs had been shaved and she was wearing stockings and a suspender belt and that her feet had been squeezed into pink high heels. Frilly petticoats peeked out from beneath her dress. Most humiliating of all, she realised that she was wearing a lace thong! God, it hurt! She blushed with the shame of it. Her nails had been painted pink, her face had been plastered with make up and she smelt of primrose and jasmine. Her body had been perfumed! She gagged at her own scent.

Lucille felt like being sick. She was dressed as a pathetic male in front of her friends and had been made to look ridiculous! She found an envelope stuffed into the handbag that had been draped over one of her arms. It was from that loser Justin. It had been him that had done this to her. After all she had done for him, he goes and totally humiliates her. The letter said that he was resigning and that he had some photos of Lucille's "new improved look that really suited her" that he wouldn't hesitate to publish on-line if she tried to find him, and suggested that she give him a good reference or else.

Initially furious, once she had washed off the sickening scent and resumed her normal clothes and made sure her friends would not breathe a word about what had happened, Lucille knew she would have to let the boy have his way, though by her nature she hated losing, especially to a member of the weaker sex. If those photos ever saw the light of day, her career would be over and she would be a laughing stock. A woman wearing feminine clothes and make up, even in jest, was scorned by all women. She would just have to find a new secretary that was all.

Justin easily found a new job as a secretary in the same town where Krystal was studying and they continued their relationship. Krystal graduated and won a seat in parliament. She needed a secretary and gave the job to Justin. Then, after being appointed as a minister, Krystal proposed to him and gave him an engagement ring. Justin was flattered and ecstatic.

A year later, Justin, dressed in a silk white wedding dress and lace veil, said his vow to honour and obey his superior spouse, Krystal. Krystal, dressed in a tux, promised to protect and provide for her weaker spouse. Throwing his bouquet to his pretty male bridesmaids, Justin happily began his new life as the househusband to a successful career woman. His Krystal.


  1. Stunning conculsion to a great story.

  2. I like the happy end of this wonderful fiction about gender role reversal world.

  3. Beautiful story with a perfect ending.

  4. May I ask if the roles were also reversed on the wedding night? And how?

  5. Hi Monika

    I don't normally include too many references to sex in my writing. For one thing, I'm a virgin and have no direct experience of it and for another I don't want my writing to resemble a lot of CD/Femdom work where references to sex overshadow the main point of the work ie cross-dressing.

    If it helps, I would imagine that Justin would be wearing his bridal lingerie of silken corsetry, lace thong, silk stockings and garter and would be perfumed and perfectly made up and he would play the submissive role. Krystal would be in her boxer shorts and would take the lead, kissing and caressing her "bride". One thing would lead to another and before long Justin would be on his back, stripped of his lingerie, lying on the bed in the bridal suite, with Krystal on top of him. Krystal might use a dildo on her lover, to allow him to feel what it was like to be penetrated, if she was so inclined and I doubt the feminised Justin would object. In fact, so conditioned has he become to femininity that he would learn to love it.

    Hoping this helps.

  6. Lovely. What a beautiful little world. Will it ever be a true story?

    I love the switch in language. pretty.... lol... please continue to explore that subject in your writing.

  7. Wow ... ... I don't know. I feel sort of... empty after reading this.
    I think it was a great work of fiction, and I loved your anthology of short stories on the other page. I also agree with your statment about how gender roles seem to be reversing, but I don't agree with what you see in the end.
    As of now, I know many women who greatly enjoy feminine acts and dress, skirts, etc. They like being feminine and feelins spoiled on occassion and treated like princesses. I know you weren't stating that all women felt this way, but what I see coming about is different.
    For one, I can see the trend in the masculinization of female culture, but at the same time that is only in first world countries, hardly a worldwide femonina. Also, women aren't necissarily drifting towards becoming male, but a more androgynous nature. It's not that their giving up feminine acts, no, they are just absorbing more male ones into their culture.
    I also agree with the statment that women are surpassing men in academics (still not so sure about sports, estrogen can only compete so much with testosterone), but if you notice, they still aren't taking over the buisness seen. Is this because they can't or are discriminated against? Possibly, but I think its more along the lines of they don't want to. They have the smarts to seize control of buisness, no doubt, but they lack the drive. They enjoy their place in society. They can dress as any gender they choose, they can act in masculine and feminine ways (men would be burned and staked if they attempted to adopt feminine manerisms) and while they still are held to some cultural expectances, those are slowly vainishing.
    If you notice the trend, there were two major feminist movements in US history, both of which tampered off after a point and led to women first returning to their previous role, and then the androgyny we see today. I don't think they will take over male roles, I think the female culture will reach a point of 'equilibrium' if you will, where they are happy with their place and no longer attempt to take on male traits. When that happens there will probably be a fairly even fifty percent divide between the genders(in cultural ques and what not)
    After all, why would women want to replace me? They already have it so much better, and its only improving for them. Males are loosing their place in society. As women become more free, more restraints are placed on men. Where will we be in twenty years? I don't know. I believe we will still maintain our roles as breadgiver and whatnot, because, what use is a man in society except as cheap labour (something seen in modern China and their massive disreptancy between the ratio of genders).
    But I digress, In conclusion, I don't think women will switch roles with men, because, why would they want to? They'd just be placing restriction on themselves and limiting the ways they can express themselves, something I dont see the 'supreme' gender doing.
    Anyways, thanks for reading if you did, and if not, oh well. I got to blow of steam and read a great story, thanks for this work.