Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Jobs for the Boys

With the tremendous rise of the number of girls getting good grades at school and increasing numbers of them going on to university and getting postgraduate qualifications in recent years, a young woman's career aspirations and opportunities are far greater than those of her grandmother or even her mother.

Women are increasingly landing highly paid and high status jobs as business executives and in middle management, as Doctors, Lawyers, Scientists, Civil Servants and Television Producers. Many more girls than boys now attend university and they outnumber males in traditionally male professions such as medicine and law.

Males, by comparison, are finding their career opportunities becoming increasingly limited as a result of their limited educational qualifications and because they now have to compete against better educated women for the top jobs and are losing out to them. They are finding that the jobs that used to be the preserve of males are out of their reach.

In order to earn a living they are having to consider doing jobs that were traditionally regarded as "women's work". If a male cannot qualify for medical school, then the most obvious job is that of a nurse. If he lacks the business acumen to be an executive then he will become an assistant or secretary to a successful executive. For less qualified males jobs such as waitress, maid or even lap dancer are possible.

Not long ago, all of the professions and the top jobs were dominated by men and women had to serve them in a supportive and subordinate role and were required to dress for the part in ultra feminine, revealing unforms (if you were a nurse, waitress or maid) or in equally feminine and revealing skirts and blouses (if you were an assistant or secretary). And if you happened to be a sex worker you would end up wearing next to nothing.

At the rate that women are taking over, that situation will be reversed sooner than we realise and it will be women who dominate the professions and top jobs and men who come to occupy the subordinate and support roles. Successful female executives, Doctors and lawyers will be wanting male secretaries, as a status symbol and as eye candy, and so secretarial colleges, once exclusively filled with girls, will be filled only by young men learning touch typing and shorthand.

The roles being filled by the male in the new order are, by nature of being supportive to the powerful boss, feminine roles, and it is likely that the holders of these jobs will be required to wear the traditional "uniform' of the nurse, secretary, waitress or sex worker at the behest of their female superior as her mother once did.

One day it will be quite normal to see men of all ages mincing about in high heels, wearing skirts, dresses, silk blouses or a revealing uniform, complete with a frilly apron, being fully made up and with their hair worn long and styled, anxious about their appearance and being pleasing to their female bosses. Women, on the other hand, preoccupied with the important jobs that they now hold, will forsake feminine fripperies in favour of the pant suit and short hair and take pleasure and amusement in their male subordinates' femininity.


  1. Could not agree more. Men will have to get used to being the secrtaries, nurses and househusbands.

  2. What drugs are you on? Surely you aren't that deluded?