Sunday, 20 June 2010

The Adam and Eve Collection 2020

Tony, up and coming male model, reported for his next assignment at new fashion house, Adam Creations, owned and run by its founder, CEO and chief fashion designer, Saffron Dix.

Tony was 18, very slim, with shoulder length blonde hair and quite feminine features. He was what was known in the trade as a "pretty boy" and despite his age he had made a name for himself in the industry.

He reported in to reception and was asked to take a seat alongside several other male models and several statuequese female models. After a wait of several minutes, Saffron's assistant, Hercules, a tiny, effeminate guy, minced in and asked the models to follow him for dressing and make up.

Unusually, Tony and the other models had been booked at the very last minute and so had no idea what they would be modeling, but that was nothing to worry about. They were male models and so would expect to be modeling suitable clothing.

After having the typical stage make up applied to his features and his long hair brushed, Tony was handed his first outfit. He was stunned to see that it consisted of a print blouse, a blue skirt, and a pair of black open-toed shoes, with a two inch heel on them. There was one other object that Tony could not immediately identify, a band of white lace.

These were womens' clothes. A mistake, surely, thought Tony. He was aware of course, through the industry, that the successful career woman (and there seemed to be increasing numbers of those nowadays) was increasingly wearing pant suits and forsaking feminine fripperies, such as make up, frills and lace. He tried to think of the last time he ever saw a woman dressed in the clothes that had just been handed to him. It must have been in his childhood, he thought. Only female fashion models wore things like this these days.

He got up and approached the assistant, Hercules, or whatever his name was and quietly pointed out that he had been given the wrong items to wear. Hercules checked a list on his clipboard and shook his head. "Nope" he replied, "that's what you're wearing for your walk on. It's part of Saffron's Adam Collection" said Hercules, as if that explained everything.

Tony was surprised but he was a professional and would have to wear what he was told. He held up the band of lace and asked what it was. Never in his career had he been stumped by an item of clothing and felt embarressed to have to ask.

"It's a boy-bra" explained Hercules. "Saffron invented it for male modesty. Women don't want to see men's naked breasts anymore. Now, please, will you get ready, the shoot is in five minutes and Saffron hates tardiness". Hercules gently guided him by the arm back to the changing and make up area.

Tony shrugged and resigned himself to the weirdest assignment of his career yet. He stripped and put on a pair of white plain pants. The boy-bra thing was a challenge but he worked with women every day and knew his way around a bra. The boy bra was almost identical, with shoulder straps and back hooks, but of course no cups for the male was less well endowed there than his female peer. The blouse and skirt were easy enough to put on. The shoes were an awkward fit and designed for style not comfort.

Once fully dressed, Tony felt very strange. The fabric of the blouse was very soft. He was unused to wobbling about in heels and having a draft up his legs. Most odd was having his chest constricted by that boy-bra contraption. He now had an idea of what it must be like to be a female model. He viewed himself in a mirror and decided that he looked decidely feminine with his slim body, girlish face and long blonde hair and attired as he was.

The other male models were being dressed in what were clearly dresses and the same type of shoes that Tony now wore (and found uncomfortable), though in grays and blues as if it was a concession to the wearer's maleness, and the models, as slender and pretty as Tony himself, looked feminine. Like Tony, they were embarressed and ill at ease in the outfits they had to model.

Hercules fussed over them like a mother hen. In the meantime the female models had appeared in the clothes that they were to wear and Tony was startled to see that all of the female models were dressed in traditionally masculine costumes. In suits, with flat shoes, or in casual shirts and trousers. The women were also over six feet tall and fairly well built, in contrast to the smaller, slimmer male models. The women, on seeing the men dressed as they were and clearly looking uncomfortable, smirked and made remarks about how pretty they looked and were they managing in their skirts and high heels? They burst in hysterics when they realised that the males were wearing a type of bra!

The women were also completely covered up. Not a single calf or midriff on display. Whilst the legs and arms of all the males were on show for all to see!

Tony felt very self-conscious, with his legs on display, cantilvered up by the heeled shoes and displaying a pair of shapely ankles and was having to learn the art of managing his rather short skirt to preserve his modesty and dignity.

It was time for the show. Standing behind a closed curtain with the other models, Tony could hear the voice of Saffron Dix herself "Ladies and Gentlemen, I am proud to present my latest creations. The Adam and Eve Collection. A glimpse into how fashion will evolve for men and women in an era of female dominance and male submission!"

The curtains opened and the Tony and the other male models strutted onto the stage, managing as best they could in their heels, drawing gasps, some giggling and some admiring glances. Applause rippled through the mainly female audience. The few males in the audience looked dumbfounded. This was the future of male fashion? And and the applause grew louder when the Amazonian female models appeared in their suits.

Eventually, the show was over and Tony was able to resume his normal clothes and his dignity. The Adam and Eve Collection was well received by the fashion world and most notably by women, who bought their partners a dress or skirt or the new phonomenon, the boy-bra. The boy-bra became the biggest seller of that year and sales remained strong thereafter as women enjoyed the idea of their males having their breasts covered. Males were less enamoured. Already largely confined to the home or to low status jobs as a result of the ascent of the female in the early years of the century, their self-esteem was already low, but now their dominant wives and partners were making them wear dresses, skirts and heels whilst the women abandoned such attire for the attire of the dominant sex, suits and flat shoes. The complete reversal of the sexes was almost complete!

As Tony's career progressed, he found that with each passing year he was spending more and more time in skirts and high heels, with the heels getting higher and the skirts getting shorter. Frills and lace and flowery patterns were gradually appearing on the "Man skirts" and "Chap shoes" and "Lad Dresses" (as skirts, high heels and dresses were called to soften the blow to the fragile male ego) and male fashion was becoming more frivoulous whilst female fashion became sensible and sober, with not a frill or flounce to be seen. The final indignity came in 2024, when Saffron Dix announced her new lingerie line. Lace panties, stockings and suspenders, thongs and even corsetry - for men! The new lingerie flew off the shelves as women bought it for their parners and insisted on them wearing it for them.

By 2027, Tony was nearing the end of his career as a model and every day was spent modelling boy bras, lacy lingerie and pretty dresses and impossibly high heeled shoes. As he pranced down the catwalk (he was by now well accustomed to wearing high heels and managing his skirts), in a flowing powder blue gown and dainty lacy lingerie underneath, he reflected that he was no different from what a female model would have been just a few decades earlier.....


  1. The complete reversal of the sexes in the future will be wonderful time.

  2. If only this could be happening Today! Hopefully, your "Vision" will be one that is true and Accurate...I can't wait to see what young boys will be weraing in 2024 while the young girls are playing Football, baseball and other 'Competative" Activities!!