Monday, 4 June 2012

Suzy takes on the World - Part Eight - Damian's Makeover

Damian could hardly believe what his mother and sister had done to him!

Only a month earlier, he had still been a member of one of the toughest gangs on the estate and the undisputed alpha male of his family.  But then Mum had found out about the drugs he distributed on behalf of the gang and that he had been playing truant from school.

Mum had destroyed the drugs.  Without those (or their market value in cash) Damian was in big trouble with his gang.  The only consolation he had was that they would never find him since Mum had moved the whole family out of the estate and into a house in the posh end of town that belonged to a man who Damian had yet to meet.

Mum had been tempted to leave Damian behind, to the not very tender mercies of the gang, but had relented when Damian had begged her to take him with her and had promised to do what he was told from now on.

Mum had decided that, as a means of both punishment and reform, Damian must undergo something called "Petticoat Punishment".  Damian had never heard of such a thing, but he was to learn what it meant very soon.

Shortly after moving in, Damian had been stripped of his expensive shellsuits, trainers and male jewellery.  His masculine diamond earring was removed.  He was made to take a bath that must have contained a powerful depilatory as when he stepped out all of his thick body hair was gone and in its place was smooth, hairless, almost girlish looking skin.

Dressed only in what was obviously a woman's towelling robe and matching fluffy slippers, Damian was ordered to his room.  What he had found there had horrified him.

It had been the complete outfit of a baby.  And a baby girl at that!

Damian had attempted resistance, but to his shame his younger sister Suzy was now far stronger than him and had put him in his place so he had had to submit to having his body powdered with sweet smelling talc and being put into a diaper.  The diaper was extremely uncomfortable but the humiliation of having to wear one was far worse.

Over the diaper went a pair of plastic pants and over those went a pair of white panties that were generously frilled and flounced on both front and back and with cute pink bows strategically placed to confirm the gender of their wearer.  A white lace vest was put onto Damian, followed by his baby dress, a pure white satin gown with lace embroidery detail and a deep collar.  The dress left most of Damian's arms and legs bare.

To his shame, woollen white booties and mittens were put on his feet and hands and he had to submit to wearing a white baby bonnet with deep frilled edging.  A pink dummy was put into his mouth and he was ordered not to remove it without permission.

The bedroom assigned to him was very babyish and very girly.  The wallpaper was a pale pink with bunnies and flowers on it, there was a white cot and playpen, and lots of soft toys.  The cot and playpen were constructed with lockable lids so that once Damian was put into them, he was a prisoner.  There were also bars on the window and the bedroom door was also locked once Damian was left alone inside.

Damian was not allowed to watch any television or play any computer or hand-held games.  He could only play with his soft toys.  At meal times, he was treated completely as a baby.  He had to wear a plastic pink bib and he was force fed baby food.  He was not allowed to feed himself.

Nor was he allowed to use the toilet.  He had to go in his diaper.  At first, he tried to resist pooping in his diaper, but it was impossible, and so he had to have his diapers changed for him, which was very humiliating.

At seven o clock every evening, Damian was fed a bottle of warm milk and put to bed.

Resistance was futile.  His sister was now far stronger than him and capable of giving him a sound spanking which made him cry.  He soon learnt not to resist, but it was so humiliating to be treated like a baby.

Actually, being treated like a baby was bad, but being treated like a girl was worse. Far worse.  Everything from his clothes, his underwear, his toys and surroundings marked him as being feminine. When his hair grew, it was styled into ringlets and even had pink bows tied in it.  Both of his ears were now pierced and he had little golden studs.  When he saw himself in the mirror he flushed with shame because he looked very girlish and very adorable.  But he felt ridiculous all of the time.

To make matters worse, Damian could see no end to his enforced babyhood and feminisation.  One day, to his horror, Suzy and Mum had returned from shopping trip from Adora Baby Boutique with elaborate and very frilly baby dresses and underwear.  Damian had no choice but to submit to wearing the ultra feminine attire.  The feminisation was having an effect on his personality.  He was becoming more obedient and submissive in order to win approval.

Finally, the ultimate humiliation occurred.  Mum announced that henceforth, he would have to answer to a girl's name.  He was Rosemary from now on.  His new name was printed on his bib.

From a gang member, Damian had been reduced to being a helpless baby girl!

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  1. Hi Russell / Jasmine,

    I think this is the logical consequence. Damian, now Rosemary, moved into the house of an adult-baby, and the measure taken fits his past crime. And there is even a huge benefit for him: by now, no former gang-member searching him will recognize her any more as former Damian. Although I normally do not enjoy AB-themes, I think it is most in line here with your fantastic story. I really cannot wait how this will continue. Will Rosemary will ever be allowed to play with the actual owner of the house? Or will that mean to much of a danger? And what about her sister, what will her further path be like?

    Sincerely, Roland