Saturday, 9 June 2012

Suzy takes on the World - Part Nine - Becoming a Girlfriend

Kevin Connor was confused.  Usually, when it came to relationships, the girls adored him so much that he was always in complete control.  He made the first move, took the girls out on dates, had his way with them and, if they didn't meet his standards, dumped them.

He had had difficult girlfriends and ones that drove him nuts, but always Kevin was in control, never the girl.

Suzy Stanton was different.  A year ago, she wasn't even on his radar as suitable girlfriend material.  He used her to help him do homework assignments as she clearly had a crush on him and was cleverer than he was, but would never get more involved than that.

That had changed six months ago when Suzy had transformed herself from being a small, mousy insignificant schoolgirl into an Amazon with a magnificent physique.  Kevin had been fascinated by Suzy's strength and confidence.  And, also, he had felt emasculated by it, which was why, for once, even though he now fancied Suzy, he could not pluck up the courage to ask her out.  This had never, ever been a problem for him before.

In the end, Suzy had solved the problem for him by marching up to him one day and asking him outright if he wanted a date with her.  Unable to take his eyes off her large muscles and fabulous physique, Kevin had said yes.

From that day forth, Kevin had never been in control of the relationship.  It was Suzy who decided when they would go out, where they would go out and what they would do.  Suzy refused to conform to traditional femininity, eschewing skirts and dresses.  It was Suzy who was the more dominant partner.  It was most disconcerting to Kevin to find himself pinned against a wall whilst Suzy fondled him or to find one of her hands stroking his leg under the table whilst they were eating.

The reality of his relationship had been brought home to him one day when he had been sitting in the school cafeteria with his mates.  Their discussion around football had been interrupted by the sounds of giggling from the table behind.  Kevin had turned around to find one of his ex-girlfriends, Belinda Fox, and two of her soppy friends laughing.

Irritated by the interruption, Kevin had snapped "Something funny girls?"

"Oh, yes" Belinda had replied "You, actually!"

Annoyed Kevin had said "What do you mean, me?  What's so funny about me?"

"All we girls think it's hilarious.  The great Kevin Connor, who could have his pick of any girl in this school, becoming the girlfriend - for that's what you are - of the incredible hulk!".  The three girls dissolved into laughter.

Kevin's felt his face reddening "That's rubbish!  You take that back right now!"

"Or what, Kevin?" asked Belinda sweetly "You'll hit me with your handbag!"

Kevin stormed out and went to the boys' toilets, shaking.  He had tried to convince himself that there was nothing wrong with his relationship with Suzy, but if a bimbo like Belinda could see it then he had to face up to the truth.

He was, in effect, becoming the "girl" in their relationship.  He sat down heavily.  It was a lot to take in.

That evening, Suzy came around to his house.  She had just come straight from the gym and looked fantastic.  She gave him a deep kiss that pleased him.

"Hi sweetheart.  Have you had a good day?" she asked him.

Kevin shrugged.  There was no point telling her about the incident in the cafeteria or how upset he had been about it.

Suzy seemed concerned "You seem unhappy.  But, hey, we've the school prom to look forward to!  We can go together as a couple for the first time!"

That cheered Kevin up.  The chance to wear a tuxedo and look cool, and to have a girl on his arm who was wearing a gorgeous prom dress, there was nothing like it.

"So..." Kevin began "What are you gonna wear for the prom?"

Suzy shrugged "I thought I'd wear a tux".

Kevin jumped up "You can't do that!  That's what the guys wear!"

Suzy was unfazed by his outburst "I most certainly can.  There's no rule against it."

Kevin became pleading "Please, Suzy!  I can't take you to the prom on my arm with you in a tux!  It'll look.....weird!  Can't you wear a dress just this once?"

"Nope" said Suzy "I'm done with dresses and skirts.  I decide what I wear from now on!"

"But....but..." said Kevin "Oh. hell, it was meant to be a big surprise but.."

"But what?" asked Suzy.

"The thing is, Suzy, I told mom that you and I would be going to the prom and, mom being mom, she only went out and bought you a prom dress!  It was very expensive! have to wear it!"

"No, I don't.  I didn't ask her to buy it for me.  You kinda did.  So, it's not really my problem".

Kevin got down on his knees "Suzy please!  Just wear the dress for one evening, that's all I ask!".

"No way.  Your mom will just have to return it cos I'm not wearing it".

And from that standpoint, Suzy would not be budged.  Kevin went to talk to his mom to explain the situation.

"Look mom, perhaps I should have explained that Suzy is not your ordinary girl.  She's not into dresses, so you'll have to send the dress back and get a refund that's all".

Mom shook her head "Not possible.  The store's policy is not to make refunds.  So, what I am supposed to do with a very expensive prom dress?"

"I don't know" Kevin admitted.

"Well, one things for sure, it's not going to waste!  If Suzy won't wear it, then you'll have to!"

"What!  I can't do that!  I'm a boy!"

"This mess is your fault.  If you hadn't told me about the prom or that your girlfriend doesn't like dresses, I wouldn't have bought it.  So, you'll have to pay by wearing the dress yourself.  It's actually very pretty and will suit your complexion quite well!"

So, to his shame, Kevin had to go to the prom wearing a big pink prom dress and high heels and on the arm of his strong, tuxedo clad girlfriend.  When Belinda and the other girls saw him they howled with laughter "Now he really IS the girlfriend!"

Having to dress as a girl made Kevin for the first time appreciate what it must be like to be a girl.  His body was caressed by silk and the feel made his skin shiver.  His arms, legs and shoulders were exposed for the world to see.  He looked (and he had to admit, felt) pretty and feminine.  He was also aware of his vulnerability in those skirts and heels.  Beside his magnificently built girlfriend he looked and felt a lot like a girl.

Suzy was enchanted with his appearance and couldn't keep her hands off him.

Suzy behaved like the boy and Kevin found himself having to play the girl's part. Suzy got him drinks and took care of him.  When they danced, Suzy led and Kevin had to follow. Later, Suzy took him aside and had her way with him.  Used to being the alpha male and in control of everything, it was a sudden shock to find that the boot was on the other foot now and that he found all of his normal masculine instincts melt away to become quite submissive and helpless in the arms of such a strong girl.

He had, unwittingly and unexpectedly, become a "girlfriend"!