Thursday, 31 May 2012

Suzy takes on the World - Part Seven - Life Changes

Suzy pummelled her opponent with relish and lapped up the applause of the audience.  She had done it!  She had won the Girls' Under 16s Boxing Tournament!  Suzy collected her trophy and showed it off to the adoring crowds.

The trophy and the title were trifles compared to the real prize that Suzy had won and had been winning for the past twelve months.  Originally starting weightlifting in an after school class, her instructor had been so impressed with her that he had sent her to Cheryl.

Cheryl ran her own gym and had a special gym for her "Amazons" as she liked to call the real fighters, athletes and bodybuilders.  Suzy had willingly become an Amazon and had excelled not only at weightlifting but at boxing.  Suzy was not tall, being barely more than five feet in height, but what she lacked in height she made up for in strength for Suzy now possessed a muscular physique.

Over the last few months, Cheryl had entered her in competitions and she had won trophies, invariably coming first, second or third.

Just as importantly, Suzy had not neglected her academic studies.  Her brain was as strong as her body.  She was still top of the class in most subjects.  Now that her body was strong, it was time to make a few changes, Suzy decided, starting with school.

Suzy still fancied Kevin Connor, the cutest boy in her year.  But she had a rival in the shape of Belinda Fox, a girl who was bigger and more aggressive than Suzy.  Plus she had had a couple of mates, Helen and Rosie, to back her up.  Suzy remembered keenly the humiliation of having her head stuck down the toilet even though that incident had been almost a year ago now.

But, almost a year later, Suzy was stronger than any girl in school, even the Sixth Formers, and most of the boys too she guessed.  Besides, Belinda had become a very feminine girl, experimenting with make up and jewellery in spite of the detentions she had received for breaking the rules about girls of her age wearing such fripperies.

Her latest addition to her image was the fantastic hairdo her mother had arranged for her to have.  Belinda strode about the school, showing it off, and preening in class.  She wore far too much make up and a ridiculous amount of jewellery for a schoolgirl.

Belinda and her mates had been jibing Suzy for months, saying that with her muscles she was no longer a girl and even implied that her bodybuilding meant that she was a lesbian.  Suzy bore these petty untruths stoically.  She noticed that none of the three girls ever challenged her physically now, as they had in the past and guessed that they were probably slightly afraid of her.

Belinda was Kevin's girlfriend.  Well, when it suited him to have a girl on his arm, but otherwise Belinda may as well as not existed as far as Kevin was concerned.  He was obsessed with football and had dreams of one day being a professional footballer.

Suzy was determined to supplant Belinda but had had to bide her time.  In defiance of Belinda's threats to hurt Suzy if she as much as looked at Kevin, Suzy tried to get near him as much as possible.  Kevin was fascinated by Suzy's new physique and so was a willing companion.  Suzy noticed with satisfaction that Belinda was looking daggers at her as she spoke with Kevin.

Do your worst! Suzy willed her.

The confrontation came in the girls' toilets again.  Suzy was just washing her hands when Belinda and her cronies burst in on her.

Belinda shoved Suzy in the chest.  A year ago, Suzy would have gone flying, but the new Suzy barely noticed.

"What did I tell you, slut? To stay away from my Kevin!"

Suzy shrugged, a gesture that seemed to aggravate Belinda more. "Right, you little lesbian bitch, time to teach you a lesson!  Girls, grab her!"

Helen and Rosie rushed to obey, but Suzy brushed them off with almost contemptuous ease.  She punched Helen in the stomach, causing her to double up, and punched Rosie on the arm, making her cry out.

Belinda was shocked and surprised "What are you, Rambo?"

Suzy rushed forward and grabbed Belinda by the hair.  Belinda shrieked.  Suzy dragged her towards one of the cubicles.  Belinda cried out for her cronies to help, only to find that they had scarpered.  They were not willing to take on Suzy again!

"What are you going to do?" Belinda whimpered, sounding more like a little girl than a sophisticate.

"I'm going to give you a taste of your own medicine" Suzy told her "I'm going to stick your head down this toilet and flush the chain!"

Belinda screamed "NO! You musn't!  My mum will kill me if I ruin this hairdo.  It cost her over a hundred pounds!  Please!  I'm sorry for what I did to you, really!"  Belinda began to cry.

Suzy decided to let her go.

Belinda scampered out, wailing.

Suzy was satisfied.  She needn't worry about Belinda, Helen and Rosie again.

Suzy returned home.  There was another matter to deal with. Her brother, Damian.  He had got in deeper and deeper with one of the gangs on the estate.  Suzy suspected he was passing drugs around for them.

Damian was home, loafing around the flat in an expensive shell suit and flashing more bling than 50 Cent.  The only way he could have got that the money to pay for it all was drugs, Suzy knew.

Garage music was pumping loudly out of the expensive sound system that Damian owned.  It was so loud that the walls of the flat were throbbing.  Suzy pressed the "off" switch and the pumping music abruptly stopped.

That got Damian's attention "What the...."

"You really shouldn't play your music so loud" Suzy told him.

Damian was livid "What's got into you, you crazy bitch?  You come in here and mess with my sound system - you touch that again..."

"And you'll what, try and throw Lucky off the balcony again?  You ever touch him again and I'll chuck YOU off the balcony!"

Damian burst into laughter "You? Do anything to me? That's priceless!"

Suzy reached forward and caught one of Damian's arms.  Damian's eyes widened in surprise at Suzy's strength.  Suzy pinned his arm and forced him to the ground.  It was exhilarating to be able to exert her strength over her older brother.  Damian tried to squirm and wriggle free, but he found that his strength was no much against his sister's.

"I meant what I said" Suzy said "If you try to hurt Lucky again...."

This time Damian believed her.  Suzy could sense his fear.  Good.

Suddenly, the front door opened and Mum entered the flat.  Suzy hurriedly let Damian go.  He gave her a baleful look as he got up.  Suzy was not scared of her brother and gave him a look of contempt in return.

"You won't believe what's just happened!" Mum was saying.  She was smiling, really smiling, for the first time in years! "You'll never guess!"

Suzy and Damian looked at each other, non-plussed.  Finally, Suzy said "Alright, we give up Mum. What's your big news?"

"Mr Lancaster, you remember Mr Lancaster don't you Suzy?  Anyway, he's only asked us to come and live with him!  I'll be his full-time Na....I mean housekeeper!"

This was good news!  The family would get away from this horrid estate with its crime and it gangs and its drugs to a much better neighbourhood.  Suzy glanced at Damian.  Damian didn't know about Mr Lancaster and his secret.  Suzy was surprised that Mr Lancaster would have allowed another person to be privy to his secret.

"That's wonderful news, Mum" Suzy said "When do we move in?"

"In a week or so.  I'll need that to get shot of this place.  Oh, there is one thing.  Damian, you won't be coming".

Damian's mouth dropped open "What?"

"You've been a bad boy, haven't you? Not only the drugs, which I know you had stashed away.  They're gone now, by the way.  Flushed down the loo.  I'm not having that filth in my home!  But school too.  Top of the class indeed!  You haven't been to school for months, you miserable little liar!"

Damian was trembling "Mum, I can explain...."

"Don't bother.  I can't believe a word that comes out of your mouth any more.  You're turned out just like your father.  All lies, false promises and no backbone!"

"But what am I going to do?" Damian was frightened.

"I'm sure your mates who gave you those drugs will take care of you" Mum said sweetly.

"You flushed the drugs down the bog!  They'll kill me!" Damian was almost hysterical "I can't stay on this estate now!  You have to take me with you! Please!"

Mum made an act of thinking deeply.  She, like Suzy, was enjoying seeing Damian squirm.  "Ok, you can come too, but there will have to be a few changes......."


  1. Hi Russell / Jasmine (very nice name, btw),
    I secretly cannot wait to hear about Damian's feminization - the only option to cure him most obviously. Or they make a baby out of him again, so he matches his intellect - hehe...
    Very good story, I really enjoy it a lot!
    Sincerely, Roland

  2. I like the story plot but I hope there will not be a lot of AB theme just gender role reversal.