Thursday, 16 September 2010

The new sex objects - 2024

As women became the new dominant gender as the 21st century progressed and assumed the roles, attitudes and even the dress of men, one final role reversal took place.

Men, instead of women, became sexualised and treated as sex objects in the new society that had evolved.

In the male dominated past, women had been used by men to satisfy their obsession with sex and they had been objectified and exploited by the media and advertising industries to sell merchandise.

Once women were in control of the economy and of society in general, the media and advertising industries were eager to please them. The feminisation of men that had taken place meant that pretty boys and beautiful men were well schooled and adequately equipped to satisfy the needs of the female consumer.

At the high end of the market, billboards and magazine advertising featured pretty boys in sexy lingerie, showing off their slender bodies and fabulous, shaven legs, the faces of men in full make up advertising cosmetics and beauty products and skinny male models in the latest fashionable dresses and skirts to adorn the male form. A pair of open toed high heels was filled by a shapely pair of male ankles, with the toe nails painted a delicate shade of pink.

Females in general loved the new advertising that showed males to be so pretty and vulnerable and bought the products for their menfolk.

Female advertising tended to concentrate on the image of the tough feisty woman who had become dominant and was geared towards practicality, such as power tools, sports equipment and cars.

At the lower end of the market, female pornography, once so prevalent, had disappeared from the top shelves of newsagents. Women disapproved of seeing their sex objectified and frowned upon males who showed any interest in it and in any case, males had become so conditioned to be feminine and modest that they were embarressed, even a little frightened, of sex and of the female form.

Women, on the other hand, had no such inhibitions. They had become the more sexually aggressive sex and developed an appetite for male pornography. Lads' mags were replaced by ladettes' mags and it was fairly common to see a woman reading and drooling over such a publication in a cafe or on a train if she had little else to occupy her attention. Pull out posters of naked boys and men made it easy for women and girls to pin them up on a wall for their pleasure.

Even lower down the scale is sex work - prostitution - once the world's oldest profession for women - has become the newest profession for men. For the unemployable, unmarried male, prostitution was an obvious way to earn money. It is a dangerous and humiliating existence, especially as the male prostitute has to wear a mini skirt, high heels and make up as his working boy clothes.

The demand for male prostitutes has never been higher as sexually aggressive single ladies in increasing numbers seek their services. To have a feminised, submissive male in their power is intoxicating and a prelude to their married life when they will dominate their husbands.

Even in everyday life, men, forced to mince around in high heels and short skirts that leave their stockinged (or bare) legs exposed for all to see, careful to ensure that their pretty lacy knickers remain unseen beneath their skirts, with their pretty faces coated in cosmetics to enhance their beauty and to express their femininity, are conscious all of the time of hungry female eyes studying them, toying with them, until they decide to move into the kill.

Man, once the sexual predator, has become the prey.


  1. I enjoyed this post. You may enjoy my blog,
    It is your world, but then there is a male revolt which the women crush and then go about making sure that males can never rebel again through feminization. By the time a new generation or two of males is born into this gynarachy, feminization will the only way known.

  2. I compleately agree women will expect men to become the eye candy now that they are in charge.

  3. Women have always been in charge.Without you there would be no use for gold or diamonds.The gold rush would never have happened and the quest to send your men to take what you wanted from others would never have happened. So face the truth ladies you objectify yourselves as leverage. without us you have nothing. And finally, he alpha male for which you long for is being suppressed by your very attempt to abolish masculinity in today's society.Case and point' women don't know what they want.

  4. Don't forget video games, showing women in full-body or otherwise practical armor/outfits while majority of male characters are in metal bikinis or otherwise revealing and impractical outfits. And poses