Monday, 27 September 2010

Men:Surplus to Requirements?

As a result of feminism and great social and economic change that has taken place over the last thirty or so years, the status of the human male has taken a real battering.

Girls are running rings around the boys academically and the slump in boys' academic performance has educators and policymakers talking of a "boy crisis" that will leave half the population undereducated and ill-equipped to play any role in the post-industrial economy.

The post-industrial economy, meanwhile, favours skills such as communication, networking, team-working and multi-tasking, skills where women hold the advantage over men. The numbers of females entering the workplace is rising but the real change is that the number of males in the workplace is shrinking with every recession.

Opportunities for well educated, ambitious females are limitless, whilst opportunities for the less well educated male are limited. Women's pay is rising, whilst that of men is falling. The gender pay gap is being reversed in favour of women.

Men, and the skills they bring to the table, are no longer needed by a greatly changed economy, it would seem.

They are also no longer needed by women. Women are now better educated than men, are able to do any job a male can do, and she can support herself and her children financially. The number of unmarried women and divorce rates have never been higher and the number of marriages taking place has never been so low.

More and more women are choosing to live their lives without a man in it. Men are not wanted as partners nor as fathers.

Even biologically, men are now redundant, as women can have babies by anonymous sperm donors. Male sperm can now be produced artificially in a laboratory.

Having been heavily demoted in status and earning power, and with his skills almost irrelevant to an economy which values the skills that women can provide better than they can, man is now having to ask uncomfortable questions like"What use am I?" and "What is my role?"

Males treated females as second-class citizens for centuries, but now the tables have turned and males are not only the second sex, but feminism and female empowerment have made man obsolete.

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  1. I don't think men are obsolete however men will have to adapt to the new world. They will have to learn to be the supportive spouse afterall who will look after the children when the women are working.

    Men have a role, it may not be the same one as traditionaly though of but it will be an important role none the less. Afterall a woman is looking for more than sperm when she is looking for a husband she's looking for someone who can support her take care of her and their children why pay for childcare when their father is their and who better to leave them with, some you know loves them as much as you do.

    WOmen will lead and men will have to learn to follow however it will be said that behind every great woman there is a great man.

    1. I wouldn't completely agree with you as men still do better in science and maths and careers based around those subjects so they will still have a very strong if not equal presence to women inthe workplace however I agree there will be more stay at home husbands and women want more than just sperm the statement could also be reversed as ovums can be grown in a lab as well and scientists will surely in the future be able to artificially simulate the conditions of the womb in the future.