Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The New Girl - 2000

Ben Williams strode into school on the first day of the new term with a confident swagger, as if he ruled the place.

Which, actually, was not so far from the truth.

The Headmaster and the teaching staff might run the school, but amongst the pupils, Ben Williams was the undisputed ruler.

Ben was only fourteen, but he was a huge boy. He was almost six feet tall, which made him taller than most in school, including the staff. He was also broad and physically powerful for his age. For almost half his young life, he had been a boxer at his father's boxing school. And he was hard. Seriously hard.

Ben routinely beat up boys older than him, even the prefects when they tried to impose their authority over him.

For a year now, since he had defeated the previous bully and put him in his place, Ben had instituted a reign of terror over the pupils. With the boys, he demanded their lunch money as "protection money", beat up any boy who tried to resist and humiliated his chosen victims by locking them into a locker, spanking them or making them strip.

The girls of the school were hardly worth his trouble. He left them alone. Girls were pretty, but insignificant in his world. They were little swots. Always sticking their hands up in class to answer questions and always doing their homework on time. They were like robots. Ben didn't like girls very much and an instinct in him warned him to steer clear of them. So, he left them be.

As he strode through the corridor, followed by his gang of six other boys, Ben felt like a king. This was going to be a good year at school.

His reign of terror continued unabated for three weeks into the new academic year and Ben and his gang had become very efficient at collecting their protection money undetected.

In the fourth week, though, to their consternation and disbelief, when they went to collect their protection money, it was to find that another gang had already done so. A gang, according to all they spoke to, of girls of all things. Ben could not believe what he was hearing.

He got his gang to spread out around the school and find this rival gang. A bunch of girls would be easy to put in their place once he found them. One of his minions came back to tell him that the gang was in the school playground, and that one of their victims, taken along against his will, confirmed that this was the rival gang.

Right, thought Ben, mere girls they may be, but they would be crushed. He and his gang marched out to confront their rivals. The seven girls stood chatting amongst themselves. As far as Ben could tell they were no different from any other girl he had ever seen. The girls broke off their conversation and looked up as they noticed the approach of Ben and his gang.

One girl, clearly the leader, stepped forward. She was about five feet and six inches tall, slim, with her brown hair tied in a ponytail "Can we help you?" she asked in a sugary voice, all sweetness and innocence.

"I want a word with you lot!" said Ben aggressively "What's your game, trying to muscle in on my operation?". Ben drew himself to his full height. He was confident that his macho physique and tone would cause these girls to wilt before him.

To his surprise and anger the girl seemed totally unimpressed. "What's the problem, big boy, afraid of a little competition?" she asked, in that irritating girly voice "Afraid of a few girlies?"

Ben saw red and advanced towards the girl menacingly. He would put her in her place! The rest of his gang followed him.

Ben threw a punch at the girl that, had it connected, should have flattened her, but his fist met empty air. The girl had dodged the blow with unbelievable speed. To his shock, the girl punched him on the nose, and Ben felt the pain.

The girl kept up her attack. Ben realised that she was good. Very good. In spite of his skill as a boxer, he had difficulty holding his own. Finally, she delivered a blow which knocked him over, allowing her to pin him to the ground.

Ben suddenly became aware that he was on his own. His gang had been roundly defeated and had fled. The other girls surrounded him as he lay helpless on the ground.

He was humiliated to have been beaten by a girl and to be completely at her mercy, but he also felt an unaccustomed emotion. Fear.

Suddenly, the girl released him and ordered him to stand up. Relieved that they weren't going to do anything to him whilst he had been helpless, Ben got to his feet.

"Right" said the girl "let that be a lesson to you. We're the new gang now and if we see you and your mates trying anything, we'll give you a real beating, OK?"

Ben couldn't believe what was happening. He had just lost his position as the school bully. To a girl! But he knew that he had no choice but to accept the situation, so he nodded.

"Good boy. Now, hand over your lunch money".

This was an added humiliation, Ben knew, treating him like one of his own victims. He reluctantly handed over his lunch money. He would have to go hungry. The girl took the money "Now push off!"

Ben turned and walked away, utterly humiliated. The girls added to the humiliation by laughing as he walked away.

Ben went to the boys' toilets and looked at himself in the mirror. He had a split lip and a black eye and his nose was aching. Teachers and his parents would ask how he got them, but he would not tell the truth. It was too humiliating!

A few days later, Ben gathered his gang, and some other boys and tried to ambush the rival gang. In spite of superior numbers, they were beaten and Ben got knocked unconscious. Ben woke up to find himself stripped to his underwear and his clothes strewn around on the floor.

When he arrived for school the following day, he found in his locker a photograph which caused him to blush crimson. It showed him on the ground, clad only in his underpants, with a victorious Jackie standing over him, with one foot planted on his body in a victory pose. A permanent reminder that he, the toughest boy in school, had been beaten by a girl.

From then on, from being the bully, Ben became the girls' chief victim. They demanded his lunch money from him every day, demanded that he drop his trousers for them and gave him a spanking on his bottom with a paddle that Jackie, the new bully, carried in her bag, and then sent him on his way, almost crying with pain and humiliation.

His former gang and other students avoided him. Any association with him, they feared, would bring the wrath of the gang down on their heads.

One day, Ben found himself surrounded by the gang, who insisted that he accompany them. To the girls' toilets. There were two girls inside, but Jackie ordered them out. The girls looked ready to answer back, but the look on Jackie's face, plus the presence of the rest of her gang, and the girls exited the room in haste.

Jackie posted one of her gang on guard so that they would not be interrupted. Ben wondered what they were going to do to him now.

Jackie stood in front of him "Right you, strip!"

Ben was astounded. She could not be serious "No way" he said "I'm not doing that!"

"Grab him!" Jackie ordered the other five girls with her. Big and strong as he was, Ben could not prevail against six girls and he was quickly held with his arms behind his back, helpless. Jackie punched him in his unprotected gut, again and again and again, until he begged her to stop.

"Alright, now strip unless you want more of the same!"

Ben had no choice. He took all of his outer clothes, so that he was just standing in his underpants in front of six girls, who were giggling. Ben felt ashamed to be so helpless and humiliated.

One of the other girls handed Jackie a bag. Jackie opened it and held it upside down so that its contents came out and landed in a pile on the floor.

It was a complete girl's school uniform.

Ben now realised with horror that the girls intended that he wore it. And that he would have no choice in the matter.

Humiliating as it was to do it, Ben tried to beg "Please, don't make me wear those things!", but if anything, his attempts to obtain mercy had the effect of hardening Jackie's resolve.

"Oh, stop snivelling and get dressed" Jackie ordered him.

With great reluctance and much shame, Ben picked up the blouse and began to button it up.

"No, silly, you need to put your bra on first!" said Jackie. She picked up the girls' brassiere and threw it at him.

Going red, Ben took off the blouse and put on the alien garment, with one of the girls helping him. It felt very strange to wear such a garment. Ben put on the blouse, tie and skirt, white socks and mary jane shoes that formed the regulation uniform worn by girl pupils.

One last garment remained on the floor. A pair of girls' knickers, white, with frills at the hem and legs. Blushing, Ben removed the underpants he was still wearing and put the knickers on under his skirt. He was on the verge of bursting into tears with the shame of it!

Jackie stuffed Ben's clothes into the bag and without another word, she and her gang left, leaving Ben standing alone in the girls' toilets, dressed as a schoolgirl.

The first thing he did was to go into one of the cubicles, lock the door and cry. This was a complete nightmare! He felt better for crying and tried to work out what he was going to do. He decided that he would remain exactly where he was. He didn't want anyone seeing him dressed like this.

Ben stayed in the cubicle, hearing girls enter and leave intermittently. Almost two hours later, Ben thought he would be safe. Then there was a loud knock on the door "Who's in there?" demanded a female voice. Ben knew that voice. It belonged to Charlotte Felton, the Head Girl.

Ben was on the verge of panic. What was he going to do?

"Open this door at once!" Charlotte demanded.

Ben decided neither to obey or to speak.

But, as Ben was about to discover, girls were more resourceful than he gave them credit for and was startled to see the lock slide back. The door was slowly pushed open and Ben saw Charlotte standing there, dressed exactly as he was, with the addition of her gold badge that proclaimed her status as Head Girl. She held a nail file, which she had used to open the door.

Charlotte's mouth opened wide as her eyes took what she saw in the cubicle and she dropped the nail file. She tried to suppress the urge to burst out laughing, but failed miserably, and had to hold the sides of the cubicle as she laughed herself silly.

Ben felt totally humiliated to be seen like this.

When her laughing subsided, Charlotte composed herself, became the Head Girl again and spoke to Ben "I don't know who you are, but you have a lot of explaining to do, young man! What are you doing in the girls' toilets, dressed like that?"

Ben knew he couldn't tell her the truth and stayed silent.

Sensing she wasn't going to get anything out of the boy, Charlotte insisted that he accompany her to the Headmaster's office, but Ben refused. He was not leaving the cubicle dressed like this!

Charlotte told him to stay put. She would get the Headmaster. Charlotte left. Ben sat in the cubicle, miserable and ashamed.

Charlotte brought back the deputy head, Mrs Warren, as the headmaster was busy. Mrs Warren stared at Ben in astonishment.

"Williams, please explain yourself" Mrs Warren demanded "What are you doing in here and why are you dressed like that?"

Ben couldn't tell her the truth, so he came out with the only answer he could think of "I want to see what it was like to be a girl Ma'am" he said, hating himself for saying it.

Charlotte, still present, had a giggling fit. Mrs Warren stared at him and then said "Really, Williams?"

"Yes, Mrs Warren" Ben said.

"You are a very strange boy. An incorrigible bully one day and dressing up as a girl the next. Come along with me, please".

Mrs Warren led him back to her office. Ben felt safe with Mrs Warren as, even if anyone saw him dressed like a girl, they would not dare laugh. On arrival at her office, Mrs Warren ordered him to sit down and she rang his parents. Ben's father was there within half an hour, demanding to know what his son had been up to now. He had been summoned to the school many times after Ben had been caught bullying other pupils.

He did not, however, expect to see his son dressed as a girl. Mrs Warren explained to him the circumstances.

Mr Williams turned to his son "Ben, what is going on with you? You've come home with cuts and bruises and now this! Dressing up as a girl! What is the matter with you?"

Blushing, Ben said "Dad, it was just an experiment! I wondered what it was like to wear a skirt... and everything".

But Mrs Warren was shaking her head "This doesn't add up. Where did he get the clothes from? Where are his own clothes?"

Ben was able to answer those questions quite easily "I got Jackie Dobbs to get a girls' uniform for me, and she is taking care of my stuff. We're mates".

Jackie was summoned and, smirking, confirmed Ben's account "He said he wanted to try out being a girl and asked me to get him the uniform. I thought the request was a bit weird, but we're mates, so I agreed. I've got his own stuff right here".

Mrs Warren took Ben's uniform out of the bag and dismissed Jackie.

"I suggest, Mr Williams, that your son gets back into his normal clothes and that you take him home" said Mrs Warren "You will need to have a talk with him about his behaviour".

An hour later, Ben was back in his boys' uniform and was at home. His father was trying to extract an explanation from him, and when Ben failed to give a satisfactory answer, sent him to his room.

Ben went to his room and was surprised to find Jackie there. She had scaled a tree next to his window to gain entry.

Jackie said "Good boy. You didn't drop me in it. You get some brownie points for that".

"Why are you here?" Ben asked.

"To tell you what you need to do".

"And that is?" asked Ben, fearing he wouldn't like the answer.

"Convince your parents that you liked dressing as a girl sooo much that you want to keep on doing it!"

"I can't do that! I don't want to dress as a girl!"

"Are you sure about that? REALLY SURE?" Jackie asked threateningly.

Ben realised that he had no choice "Alright....I do....want to dress as a girl".

"Good. Now, go and tell your father that, and tomorrow I expect to see you returning to school in your cute uniform".

The following morning, an embarressed Ben arrived at school in his girls' uniform, the school having agreed that he could do so in line with equal rights legislation. After the anticipated laughter and jeering, the school settled down and got used to the "new girl".

Now that Ben had adopted female dress, Jackie and her gang left him alone "We don't bully other girls" Jackie explained "Only boys, the weaker sex". Ben even became part of their gang, but only to the extent that he was summoned to Jackie's house to give the girls a makeover. They made him brush and straighten their hair, paint their nails and apply their make up and at other times made him wear a maid's uniform and do Jackie's household chores.

As Ben ironed Jackie's clothes, he reflected on his state. He had gone from the Alpha Male to being a mini-skirted schoolgirl and occasional maid to the girl who had displaced him. When he went home, it would be to a bedroom that his father had re-decorated with girly pink wallpaper, a wardrobe full of dresses and skirts and, most humiliatingly for a boy who had once been so masculine, his own knicker drawer, filled with delicate, lacy knickers and bras.

His mother (who was loving having a son she could treat like a daughter) was even talking about putting his hair, which had been allowed to grow long, into a ponytail and tying a ribbon on it. When he was a little older, she said, she would get his ears pierced.

Ben blushed with shame at the reality of his own femininity, imposed on him by a more masculine girl.


  1. I like the concept of girls' school gang and role reversal from boy bully to mini-skirted maid to gang's leader.

  2. Love how the girls beat the boy out of Ben and now the consider him part of the "stronger sex". The Girls should make Ben start to bully his former friends and convert them into Pretty girls.

  3. Ben should have been walking around the school dressed in his girl's uniform and lifting his skirt to expose his pretty white panties with ruffles

  4. Ben and all the boys in the school had to start wearing skirts permanently, and the girls would impose their law on them, stealing their lunch and lifting their skirts regularly. The boys of course would wear ruffled panties under their skirts