Sunday, 5 September 2010

The Beauty Camp - 2021

On 1st May 2021, a secret summit meeting between the US President, the Empress of Japan and the Prime Ministers of the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland, Poland, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the Russian Federation was held in an undisclosed location in the USA.

All of the leaders present were female and all wore suits and ties and sported cropped haircuts. They sat around a table in an underground facility. Their all female aides and interpreters were stationed nearby.

The US President, Mary Stone, rose and addressed her peers "Ladies, as you know, today, May 1st, is International Women's Day, but on this most august occasion, it really IS Woman's day!". President Stone glanced briefly at her audience to gauge their reaction before continuing.

"We, womankind in the western world and in Japan, have come into our own. In all of our countries, boys are falling behind in the education system when compared to our brilliant girls, and men are being displaced from the workforce by our wonderful women. After centuries of male domination, we women have completely turned the tables on the male and we are now the dominant sex. We are completely dominant in all areas of society, be it politics, business, science or culture".

"Our domination is...almost complete. We have taken our rightful place as the leaders of society, but one act remains. Men have been reduced to an inferior status to women, but still aspire to masculinity. This must be changed. Masculinity is now the new femininity, for we women have become more assertive and aggressive than the male, and have adopted masculine behaviour and clothing for our own identity"

"What are you proposing?" asked the Chancellor of Germany, Helga Rottenmeir.

"Quite simply, madam Chancellor, that males are discouraged from being masculine and are forced to be feminine, as becomes their new status. They will have to wear the skirt, frilly underthings, high heels and make up that we had to wear when the male was still in charge".

"That sounds like sweet revenge" commented the UK Prime Minister, Abigail Lester.

"It IS revenge" the President confirmed "For centuries men have imposed feminisation upon us women. Now the shoe is on the other foot and we can impose feminisation against them. Let's see how they like having to shave their legs and pluck their eyebrows and having to spend hours just to look pretty. But it's not just revenge. The displaced male is a threat to us. He is resentful of his lost status. Men are still physically more powerful than us. That strength needs to be contained. Crime is on the increase, committed mainly by men. By feminising them, they will become gentle, docile and obedient. The crime rate will fall and we will have nothing to fear from a feminised male. Males will finally be put in their place!"

There was a ripple of applause from all of the delegates.

"Thank you" said the President warmly. "Here are draft proposals of the measures I intend to put into place in my country. I hope that you will approve of them, and suggest improvements upon them if you wish, and now lets get down to the finer detail of the measures that I propose"...

News Article - 16 June 2021 - All Boys to be sent to Boot Camps

From the White House, President Stone announced a surprise new measure aimed at young males between the ages of 5 and 17. Over the summer months, all boys are to attend Boot Camps for additional educational assistance in order, as the President has stated "to address the worrying educational performance of the American male that is of concern to the whole nation". No further details about the measure have been released, only that all boys between those age ranges should expect to receive notification. The poor and continuing decline of boys and young men has been a major social problem for decades and in spite of measures to help boys, their performance when compared to young women and girls has not improved.

News Article - 1 September 2021 - Boot Camp or Beauty Camp? - Candi Stamp

Since the measure to send all boys off to boot camp for the summer, there has been much speculation but few facts, about what is happening to the inmates. It was assumed that, in line with what the President announced last June, the boys were receiving additional tutoring to improve their academic performance.

This newspaper has been granted exclusive access to one of the "boot camps", the location of which cannot be revealed for reasons of national security. This boot camp and all of the others in existence, is walled all around and access to the facility is impossible without clearance from the military personnel responsible for its security. Military personnel guard the facility and service it and are the only staff at the facility.

I am admitted through the front gate, the only access point in the whole facility. As I expected, I was confronted by rows of military blockhouses. Perhaps, I thought, the boys were receiving some form of military training. I could not have been more wrong in my assumption.

My escort, a Lieutenant Singh, a lithe asian girl who had only recently graduated from West Point, explained that all of the military personnel, even the guards at the gate, are female. Young, female officers like Singh, are responsible for the education of the boys who are sent here and women were used to get the boys used to female authority from the moment that they entered the facility.

Lt Singh took me to what she called the processing centre. This is the first port of call for new arrivals, apparently. The new intake, tired after a long bus journey, are instructed to change out of their clothes and take a communal shower. Having done this, the boys return to the changing area to find their clothes and their luggage gone and an officer like Lt Singh barking orders at them to get their butts over another part of the building where a female NCO makes a note of the name of each boy and hands him his new clothes and his name badge, that he is required to wear at all times.

The boy will find that his new clothes consist of a white blouse, a pair of white cotton knickers with frills on the hems, a tie, a gray mini-skirt, stockings and a suspender belt and shiny black shoes. A pink nightdress and spare changes of underwear are also included. His name badge is pink in colour, with little daisies and rosebuds on it. Some of the boys will attempt to rebel or to burst into tears at having to wear "girls' things" but resistance is dealt with firmly by the officer by her administering immediate corporal punishment with a cane on the boy's bare bottom. All boys soon break when subjected to punishment and eventually, amid many tears, he will wear his new clothes and his pretty name tag.

Once properly dressed the boys will file over to their dormitory block. This is painted pink both inside and out and each boy is assigned a heart shaped bed with a lace canopy over it and pink bedsheets. The dormitory is carpeted in snow white rugs and there are pink and white dressers and vanity tables for each boy. On the vanity is his doll, a male figure. It is his responsibility to dress the doll in his "costume of the day" (today's is a cheerleader's outfit), brush his long hair and talk to him. Each boy is also responsible for making his bed and tidying his living area.

The boys are fed alongside the female officers who supervise them, with the officers watching them carefully and quick to correct any who slurps their food or whose table manners are deemed to need improvement. Chatter at the dinner table is not permitted and the boys are told they are to speak only when spoken to by an officer.

During the day, the boys are roused, made to shower and dress and their appearance is inspected and punishments allocated for those whose dress does not meet the required standard. The boys then have breakfast and are then sent to the teaching block where they are taught sewing, cookery and embroidery. The older boys are taught fashion and make up tips by the girl officers. Lt Singh commented that this was no boot camp but a beauty camp and most of the boys looked very pretty when made up. At other times, the boys are force fed romance novels, romantic comedy films and fashion and beauty magazines. The regime to feminise these boys is quite relentless.

Lt Singh tells me that the younger boys, the 5-9 year olds, are easy to manage. They may throw tantrums at first, but soon come to accept their feminine lot and become docile and rather sweet natured. The older boys are more difficult, especially the teenagers. They are used to being masculine and have learned to despise femininity and are now being forced to be that which they most despise. Older boys are typically the ones more frequently punished.

Lt Singh took me to a class of older boys, who were learning flower arranging, and pointed out one big boy (he was taller than either I or the Lieutenant). He was standing in a corner of the room, facing the wall and wearing only a pair of frilly knickers. His face was red. Lt Singh told me that caning was not the only punishment here. Humiliation often worked better.

Lt Singh introduced me to Maurice. Maurice was aged 13 and wore the standard outfit worn by the inmates, only with a gold sash girdling his slender waist to denote his standing as a Prefect. Lt Singh explained that Maurice had only been here two weeks and that he was so naturally feminine that he had never been so much as admonished and had been so good that he had been made a Prefect. Maurice, with his long blonde hair and creamy complexion looked just like a real girl.

We went over to another block, which was called the punishment block. Here, said Lt Singh, were the most difficult cases. She showed me one of them, 17 year old Samson, who was over six feet tall and dressed as a little girl in a pink frock, lacy petticoats, frilly underwear, ankle socks, mary-jane shoes and a bonnet. He looked quite ridiculous. He was weeping and pleading for his old clothes back. Lt Singh explained that by "his old clothes" he meant the uniform he had been issued with when he had arrived. Samson, Singh explained, was quite broken and it would be easier to feminise him now.

Lt Singh told me that I was lucky to have arrived on this very day, as it was the monthly graduation ceremony for those boys who had passed out as having been successfully feminised and by feminised is meant that the boy is willing to wear feminine attire at all times and behave in a feminine way. They also had to reach a certain standard in cookery and sewing

I watched the ceremony. The graduating boys had been treated to a trip to a beauty salon, where they had their hair styled, their body hair waxed and their ears pierced. Each boy minced down the runway in a prom dress and high heels to collect his diploma and give a little speech, most of them thanking the officers for their guidance.

The boys stood in a line in their dresses and high heels, their pretty, made up faces and shiny lips smiling for the camera and clutching their diplomas. Once, these pretty creatures had been brought up to be masculine but in a few short weeks had been completely stripped of their masculinity and would be shipped off home to a life of femininity.

This is the future for men, not only here, but in western Europe and Japan, for Lt Singh told me that the President was so impressed with the output of the "beauty camps" that they would become permanent and would even be expanded.

Woman's revenge is complete. She has taken man's job and his status and is now stripping him of his masculinity and forcing him to adopt femininity.


  1. I don't think it will be in 2021 but hope maybe it will happen in the end of 21 centure.
    By the way I like your view to the future stories.

  2. Do you what's funny, 80% of the military is male and the top 1000 highest ranking soldiers are also male.