Sunday, 20 May 2012

Suzy takes on the world - Part Six - Cheryl's Amazons

Suzy was initially disappointed when she took her first steps into Cheryl's Ladies Only Gym and Fitness Centre.  It was just like any other ladies' gym, decorated in pastel shades and with posters about weight loss and beauty treatments that the facility offered.

Suzy wanted to pump iron, not lose weight or have her body subjected to depilation or other feminising treatments.  She was half-tempted to turn on her heel and leave before anyone spotted her. But it was too late.  She had been spotted.

An older woman, about the age of Suzy's mum, but bigger, stronger and younger looking, gave her a friendly wave and rushed over before Suzy could react.

"Hi there" said the other woman, extending a strong hand "I'm Cheryl.  Owner and Manager of this gym. Welcome".

Suzy awkwardly shook the other woman's hand, noting it's strength and the callouses.  Clearly, Cheryl worked out herself.  This made Suzy feel a little better about the gym.

"I'm Suzy.  Suzy Stanton" she explained.  She reached in her pocket for the card that Mr Keele, her previous gym instructor, had given her and handed it to Cheryl.  Cheryl perused the card and smiled.

"Ah, so you're the Suzy old Keele-haul e-mailed me about!"

"Keele-haul?" asked Suzy.

"That's what we used to call him in the army.  I joined up when I was sixteen. Keele-haul was my instructor.  Fair play to the man, he was a total bastard and made our lives hell, especially the women, but he made a soldier out of me.  You must have seriously impressed him for him to send you to me! Anyway, let me give you a guided tour of the place!"

"I think I've seen enough, actually" said Suzy "Tanning beds and aerobics....not really my scene".

Cheryl laughed "I should hope not!  Suzy, I'm a businesswoman, and a good one.  At the moment, at any rate, most women want come to a gym just to lose weight, socialise and get a little pampering.  If that's what they want, then fine, I'll give that to them.  The stuff for them is on the ground floor, where I have no intention of taking you by the way.  On the lower floor is the REAL gym.  All the machines and weights you could ever want".

Suzy relaxed and allowed herself to be guided past the stuff for ladies, down a flight of stairs and into the gym.  Suzy's eyes beheld a paradise for a gym nut like herself.  Like Cheryl had said, everything a weightlifter needed was right here.  What was more impressive were the numbers of women working out.  More than a dozen.  Cheryl told her that virtually all of the female body builders for miles around came to her gym.

Cheryl looked proudly at her clients as they worked out "My Amazons" she murmered.  She got Suzy to change and show her what she was capable of.  Suzy did not disappoint.

"Old Keele-haul was right!" said Cheryl with a note of triumph in her voice "You ARE serious about this!  I want you to come here as often as you can and work out.  I want you to be strong and brave, like an Amazon"

Suzy shuffled her feet nervously " much is all this going to cost me, Cheryl?  My mum...."

Cheryl shook her head "Don't worry about that.  I owe Keele-haul a favour and he asked me to take good care of you, so you can come here whenever you like, free of charge.  And I'll be training you personally, so you'd better be ready for some real hard work!"

Suzy looked at Cheryl in gratitude.  This was just what she wanted.  She had a strong feeling in her heart that her life was turning around.

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