Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Woman Supreme and Man Content - 2071

"Womankind: The Wealth Creators and the Big Spenders" By Charlotte Tomlinson, 2 September 2071.

In a complete reversal of the way things used to be, it is now women who generate, control and spend the wealth of the world.

This development has been coming for decades and was seen as inevitable. In the western world, women now comprise 75% of the workforce. And of those men who do work, their jobs are invariably of lower status and lower pay than women.

Women occupy the highest positions in the worlds of business, politics, science, engineering, medicine and the law and outnumber men by a huge margin. The salaries and bonuses that women at the top of their fields can command are astonishing.

Women in the west own 91% of all businesses and again, the few businesses owned by men are small scale by comparison. The biggest corporations and enterprises are controlled by women, who are paid enormous sums of money for running these ventures.

In the US, latest statistics show that there are some 200,000 millionnaires and over a thousand billionnaires. 97 out of every 100 of these super rich individuals are female. The few males in possession of such wealth have either inherited it from their parents or have made it through being fashion models, movie actors and pop stars.

These statistics make it clear that where once the male of the species was the chief generator and controller of wealth, he has lost that role to women. Men, who created and built the basis of our civilisation and the power and economic structures that drove it forward, has in the last century lost any control over his creations. It is a startling and dramatic transformation of the balance of economic power.

Women are the wealth creators and therefore control the pursestrings in their households. But, whereas in the past women spent their disposable income on what would be regarded as frivoulous purchases, such as clothes and cosmetics, a woman of the second half of the 21st century spends most of her money on sports cars, sports equipment, computers and the latest gadgets. Women have replaced men as the new pioneers in trying out new technology.

Women still buy clothes and shoes, a lot of clothes and shoes (some things, it would seem, don't change!), but their purchases are business suits, designer shirts and jeans and boots and flat shoes. These items are generally very expensive.

Men, in general, stuck in low paid jobs or in the home as a full time father and househusband, have little disposable income when compared to a woman. What little money they have has to be spent on smart clothes, hosiery and shoes, the most expensive cosmetics and perfumes and on makeover sessions in "male grooming parlours" in order to please their wife or their invariably female boss who demand almost impossibly high standards of personal hygiene and appearance of the males in their lives.

Those men who are married, or in a relationship, are usually dependent financially on their female partner. In a complete reversal of traditional gender roles, it is now she who will buy him flowers, take him out for a meal in a restaurant or purchase sexy lingerie for him to wear for her.
But, in 2071, this has become completely normal. It is now three generations ago since females became the dominant sex and put men into skirts. Men are now used to living feminine lives and being dependent upon a woman to provide for him, to dominate him, and even to protect him from predatory single females.

Initially (and perhaps naturally after centuries as the dominant sex) resentful at their loss of status (not to mention their trousers!), men are beginning to come into their own. With each successive generation, they are becoming more accepting of the fact that they are the weaker sex and must complement the masculinity of their women with their own femininity. The balance between the sexes must be maintained even if it is at odds with what went before.

Men are learning to become able househusbands and fathers in the home. The husband or partner is also becoming an invaluable accessory to his woman as a trophy husband or boyfriend and being the "host with the most" at dinner parties he arranges and throws. At work, after intially struggling to fit into traditionally female roles such as secretary or nurse, men are becoming more efficient in those roles and more valued.

The stock of the male, diminishing for so many decades, is on the rise again as a result of his embracing, rather than resisting, femininity.

The rewards for a man accepting his new role are many. The love and respect of the woman in his life, and that of his children. The high-flying woman is so grateful for a man willing to play his various feminine roles that she will spend heavily on him, buying him designer dresses and high heeled shoes, expensive lingerie, perfumes and cosmetics and will spend a fortune for him to visit male grooming parlours and even have cosmetic surgery.

Man may have created, and lost, the wealth and the means of generating it to womankind, but in his new, feminine role, as long as he accepts that he is a member of the weaker sex and accepts female domination, she will provide for him and lavish her fortune upon him.

Men have never had it so good.


  1. This is a very nice description of your world's future setting. Keep up the great work.

  2. Yes, it's good for man to accept he is a member of the weaker sex and his role to be decoration for his female master.