Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The Rise of the Amazons - 2002

By the beginning of the first decade of the 21st Century, females had overtaken males academically and were beginning to do the same in the professional sphere.

Females were emerging as the new dominant gender. Males, once undisputedly the dominant sex, were naturally resentful at their relegation. Anti-female, reactionary groups began to emerge whose programme was to re-gain some of the ground that had been lost over the last five decades.

This posed a potential threat for womankind. As clever and talented as a woman was, nature still gave the man the advantage in terms of pure physical strength. Males were given this advantage at birth. To equal or exceed a man's strength, women had to do weight training, which was time consuming.

Fortunately, help was at hand. A pharmaceutical company founded, run by and staffed entirely by female scientists had been working to negate the one disadvantage of being born female. In 2002, the Amazon Pill was perfected.

The pill, when taken by a genetic female, would greatly increase her upper body strength and her leg muscles and give her increased strength and endurance.

As most governments were still male-dominated, the Amazon Pill had been produced in great secrecy in Switzerland, renowned as a sanctuary for secrecy. The product's existence was kept as a closely guarded secret and was originally only sold in small quantities to clients who could be trusted to keep their mouths shut.

Five years later, the original clients enjoyed having a huge and impressive musculature, and despite most of them being more mature ladies, their new muscles and fitness made them look younger than the day that they had first bought the product. It seemed that the Amazon Pill had an added benefit of being a youth serum also.

The authorities by this time had become aware of the drug. Its creators always knew that it would be impossible to keep under wraps forever and had prepared for this contingency. They set up bogus companies in the western world as a cover for the increased distribution of the drug to women generally. This increased the risk of the authorities obtaining samples of the drug, but it was hoped that by the time the authorities found out how to counter the drug, it would be too late.

One breakthrough for the distribution of the Amazon Pill was gaining the co-operation of all-female Mafia groups in various cities across the USA. These ladies were so tough that not even the Police would interfere with their activities. Naturally, the lady Mafia Bosses imbided the drug themselves and were gratified by the increase in their physical power, making them stronger than any mere male.

More and more women gained access to the Amazon Pill, despite the best efforts of the authorities, and more and more musclebound women could be seen stomping their way around the cities of the western world.

By 2012, scientists of the male-dominated west were thoroughly alarmed by the statistics that they were compiling. In only a few years, the average physical strength of women had increased by 40% in the samples that they had taken. Men's average physical strength, by comparison, had barely altered since records began. A significant mumber of women were now moving around in powerful bodies that Mr Universe would envy and were far stronger than the average man.

The scientists, and their political masters, were scared by this development and redoubled their efforts to get hold of a sample of the drug and analyse it. It was only a matter of time before this happened, but even then, obtaining the sample did the male elite no good.

Upon analysing the sample, the scientists deduced that it was only effective on genetic females and that its effects could not be reversed. The scientists could not come up with an antidote. Worst of all, if it was taken by a genetic male, it would have exactly the opposite effect than that upon a woman. The man's musculature would begin to atrophy, his body hair would cease to grow and his skin would become softer.

In short, a genetic male foolish enough to take the Amazon Pill would begin to develop a more womanly body. The Pill only had to be digested by a man once for these effects to develop, over many years for the single user and more rapidly if the male was a more frequent user.

The scientists realised with horror that, if allowed to be distributed generally, the innocent looking pink pill would turn women into super Amazons and men into puny pygmies. The male elite outlawed the drug and imposed the stiffest possible sentences on anyone caught in possession of what President Munroe described as "the most evil, vile, perverse conconction ever devised by woman" and as a "threat to the wellbeing of the entire world".

The military and the secret services searched in vain for the female scientists behind the invention and tried to stamp out use of the drug. But, like in their battles against more main stream drugs, whilst they might find one horde, several other hordes got through undetected. The governments were losing the war against the Amazon Pill.

By now, most women in the western world took the Amazon Pill and were physically more powerful and impressive than any male. Women were now literally the stronger sex. Their male partners felt tiny and fragile and awed by their Amazonian partners. They were acutely aware of how easily a woman could defeat them in any physical endeavour from arm wrestling to heavy weight lifting. Men went about in fear of upsetting their powerful partners and became more submissive and docile as a result.

The confidence of women in their new bodies soared as they realised that they had attained what was thought to be impossible a century earlier: women were now smarter AND stronger than men! And there was nothing anyone could do to stop it. Not even the scientists who had created the Amazon Pill knew how to undo its effects.

Men now had to date women who had muscular, hairy bodies, and were far stronger and more masculine than they were. Women gradually decided that they did not like their men to have any muscle or body hair and therefore made their male partners take the Amazon Pill to make them more feminine.

By 2060, most women in the western world had the physique of bodybuilders and hairy, hard bodies, whilst their men were puny, hairless and had softer skin. Feminine clothing did not look good on a muscular body, so women wore trousers or shorts. Feminine clothing, however, now did look good on the girlish body of the 21st century male, and women now liked their men to adorn their soft, perfumed bodies in the lace, silk and frills that women had once worn before they had become Amazons.

The wonder drug, the Amazon Pill, had completely reversed the physique of the genders. Woman had become strong and man had lost his stake in masculinity and had become not even womanly, but merely girlish, by comparison.

Except for the "unadapted", now in the minority, the world was populated by women... and girls.


  1. It reminds me the wonderful story "Creature of habits" by Bea about gender role reversal future world. I like your stories too.

  2. You do great work! When you make a universe like this, I'm always interested in a follow-up story or two where you explore the lives of an individual woman and man to see how these changes impact them personally.

  3. while everything you say in your blog description is true you left out the fact that male dominated countries are superseding the USA