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The Co-Ed - 2069

Eddie was nervous as his mother loaded the car with his belongings and squeezed his father's hand harder.

He was going to the Harriet Wainwright University, or HWU for short. He, a boy! It was almost unheard of nowadays. Every girl Eddie had ever known had gone on to university, but out of his many male friends, Eddie was the only one to do so. Eddie wondered how many other boys would be at HWU.

Eddie had decided to wear a white denim mini-skirt, a white blouse, a pink cardigan and pink high heels for his entrance into academia. His legs were bare and on display. Eddie became more anxious when he recalled what he had heard about the female students. They regarded the guy student as eye candy.

And, Eddie recalled, the application process had not been anything like what he had expected. The female applicants had to sit an entrance exam and attend an interview with a panel of faculty staff members and be interrogated on her chosen subject (or, at least, that's what Kirsty Meadows, a female applicant he had been chatting to, told him).

Eddie had been instructed to bring his best frock, a bikini and a pair of stilettos. He and the other male applicants had had to wear both outfits and walk up and down a runway for the benefit of an audience of faculty staff members (all female). There was no exam to sit. Eddie was then interviewed by three older women. They asked him nothing about the subject he wished to study (English Literature) but asked him what his favourite colour was (Pink, of course!), about his knowledge of fashion and cosmetics and about his cheerleading experience. Eddie had been a cheerleader at both school and college. The ladies asked him for a demo and clapped politely when he performed his college cheer for them. There were no searching questions that Eddie could not answer confidently.

Eddie received a letter from the head of the faculty to congratulate him on being accepted as a student at HWU a little over a week later.

Back in the present, the drive to HWU took almost four hours and mother, father and son had a stop along the way for refreshment. Finally, they arrived at the imposing buildings that comprised the university campus. After finding out where he was staying (in a block of student accommodation with other boys), the car was unloaded and his parents said their goodbyes. His mother gave him a kiss that merely brushed on the top of his head but his father was more effusive, giving his little boy a crushing hug and a kiss. Mother seemed irritated and eager to get away and snapped at her husband to put his son down and come along.

Eddie watched the car until it disappeared from view and then went back to his room. Well, not just his room, for he had to share with a tall, blonde boy called Adrian. Adrian clearly came from a wealthy family, for he wore designer clothes and jewellery and smelled of expensive perfumes. Eddie looked enviously at his top of the range perfumes and cosmetics, and his designer dresses, skirts and endless pairs of high heels.

Adrian noticed his interest and Eddie soon learned that Adrian was a lovely boy. He willingly showed Eddie all of his clothes and even let Eddie try some of them on. Eddie, like most boys, was addicted to clothes and shoes and was in seventh heaven for the next two hours. Eddie was impressed that he had made a friend already in the first few hours of his university career.

On the following morning, Eddie and Adrian (who, Eddie was delighted to learn, was on the same course as him, attended induction and had to fill in and sign lots of forms. They were given their lecture schedules. The number of lectures seemed to be remarkably few. Eddie had had more lessons at college. When he queried this, the female lecturer, Dr Shaw, smiled and told him not to worry. He would soon find himself busy.

Members of the cheerleading squad came around in their cute, mini-skirted uniforms and encouraged every boy to try out for the squad. Eddie put his name down, as did Adrian. When the boys went to the student cafeteria to grab some lunch, they noticed girls, lot of girls, staring at them, checking them out.

As the student population at HWU was 80% female, competition for boys would be fierce. Eddie had even heard of girls fighting each other over a boy. Eddie was determined to study hard and not get involved with girls.

Eddie and Adrian went back to their room and got changed into the cheerleading uniforms that had been lent to them for the duration of the try out. Eddie had to admit that he and Adrian looked very cute in the yellow and white outfits with their tiny mini-skirts. The boys put each others long hair into a ponytail and tied a yellow ribbon around it.

Eddie and Adrian attracted more female attention as they walked through the campus to the sports hall where the try outs were taking place. There were wolf whistles. Flushing slightly, Eddie was glad when they finally made it inside the sports hall. Only to find more girls than he had ever seen in one place occupying the audience stands. It was a full house.

Eddie, Adrian and dozens of other mini-skirted boys were put through their paces. They had to learn and perform the university cheer in double quick time. But both Eddie and Adrian were experienced cheerleaders and rose to the challenge, although the cat calling and wolf whistles emanating from the audience was off putting. When they had finished, the head of the squad made a note of their names and said he would let them know later in the week if they had been successful. He mentioned that he had a lot of applicants to get through, and indeed, another bunch of boys arrived for their try out as Eddie and Adrian were leaving.

Studies began in earnest next day. Eddie and Adrian eagerly sat at their desks, ready with pen and paper to lap up the knowledge that was about to be imparted to them. Suddenly, Eddie was distracted by a tall red headed girl who sat right next to him "Hi cutie, I'm Lauren!" the girl said "What's your name, sweetheart?"

Embaressed to called a "cutie" and a "sweetheart", Eddie mumbled his name. "That's a lovely name!" Lauren exclaimed, as if his name was the most important thing in the world. Eddie wished that the lecturer would come so that this girl would have to let him be, but she was late.

Lauren leant over and whispered in his ear "I saw you in your cheerleader's costume. You look real cute in that, sweetie. Want to come round my place after class for some fun?"

Eddie shook his head and whispered back "Please! Back off will you! I'm here to study!" Lauren looked disappointed "You can have fun too you know! You know what they say..." Lauren broke off as the lecturer, Dr Hibbs, a middle aged lady academic, appeared and told the class to pipe down.

Eddie was relieved to be able to concentrate on the lecture, which was about the works of Charles Dickens. Eddie had read a lot of Dickens, but he was still amazed anew to read of a world where men, not women, had mainly been the central characters and had held important jobs and controlled a lot of wealth. All that had changed of course in the last two hundred years. Eddie wondered what Dickens would think of a world where women were dominant.

Dr Hibbs finished the lecture and gave the students their study assignments. Lauren stuffed hers in her bag and went off to join her friends. She looked back at Eddie, and was annoyed to see that he was so engrossed at reading his assignment that he did not notice her. Still, she thought, there is always more than one way to skin a cat.

Eddie and Adrian stopped off at the cafeteria for lunch and then headed off to the library to start work on their assignments. They had a good three hours before their next lecture. Work was progressing well enough, except that the boys noticed girls staring at them. Some of them even winked and gave them a little wave. Feeling vulnerable, the boys left and went back to their room to study, taking as many books with them as they could book out and carry.

Along the way, girls approached them and offered to carry their books for them, but the boys declined their help. The girls were disappointed, but shrugged and moved along, leaving the boys to struggle home.

The boys felt like they were hunted prey and were relieved to get back to their room and shut the rest of the university out of their world. For the next two hours, they got some serious studying done. But the time came for the boys to attend their next lecture, taken by another elderly female academic, Dr Elford.

This time, the subject was the works of Jane Austen. For reasons of her own, Dr Elford decided to make the students work in pairs and instructed each girl up to pair up with a boy of her choice. Lauren eagerly claimed Eddie as her study partner and practically dragged him over to where she sat. Eddie reluctantly trailed after her. The next hour was an ordeal as Lauren kept whispering in his ear how cute he was and was stroking his leg under the desk. Concentrating on Jane Austen was impossible under those circumstances. Eddie was relieved when the lecture came to an end and he could disenage himself from his over eager suitor.

The boys had to study in their room as it was impossible in the library, which was filled with girls lying in wait for their eye candy. Eddie and Adrian had to eschew their normal, very feminine clothes and dress down in plain, dowdy skirts and blouses in an attempt to attract less attention. This wasn't how Eddie or Adrian envisaged university life at all.

Eddie and Adrian learned from the head of the cheerleading squad that neither of them had made the main squad. The competition had just been too good. But he could offer them spots on the reserve squad, whose job it was to supply cheerleaders for the second and third string teams. The boys were disappointed but decided to accept. They soon learned, however, that they had to attend practice sessions almost every night. The boys were worked really hard and returned to their room, completely exhausted.

Eddie climbed into bed after a particularly hard session and had immediately fallen asleep, only to be woken a few minutes later by a rap on the door. He was so tired that he forgot to put on his pink dressing gown and answered the door in his nightdress. He was mortified to find Lauren on his doorstep.

"Very nice!" Lauren exclaimed. Eddie blushed and hurriedly put his dressing gown on. Lauren giggled. Still red faced, Eddie asked her what she wanted. Lauren waved her assignment paper at him "I need some help with this assignment. You're the one who always has his head in a book, give me a hand will you?"

Eddie was tempted to tell her to get lost, but did not want to appear unfriendly and unhelpful. Hadn't Father always told him to help anyone, if he could? Leaving an exhausted Adrian snoring, Eddie got dressed and went off with Lauren. Lauren led him back to her own room. which, Eddie learned, she had to herself as her roomate had failed to appear to attend university. As soon as they got inside, Eddie was disconcerted to see Lauren closing and locking the door. He asked her why she needed to lock the door.

"So we won't be disturbed of course, sweetheart!" Eddie was astonished when the girl threw herself into his arms and began kissing and stroking him. Eddie was about to ask about the assignment but his mind already realised that that had been a ruse to get him in the position he was now in, being fondled and kissed by a sexually aggressive girl.

Eddie felt like he should object an push her away, but in truth he was actually enjoying the new sensations that were washing over his body and mind and having a strong girl who was clearly attracted to him taking the lead. He gave in to his instincts and woke up the next morning next to a grinning Lauren.

Eddie realised that, as always, when a woman wanted something, she always got it. She had conquered him and he was hers, body and soul. They became boyfriend and girlfriend. Study receded into the background as Eddie was either busy with endless cheerleading practice or with his girlfriend, who, he had discovered, had a huge sexual appetite. It was becoming hard to keep up with her constant demands. His studying was slipping, but Lauren told him not to worry. She would get her degree and walk into a well paid job. He could stay at home like a good boy and keep house for her until they married.

Lauren had conquered him and was now laying out the course of his life for him. Eddie accepted this. Women knew best and were the natural leaders and a wise man should follow the lead of a woman.

Eddie now wore his feminine attire again at Lauren's insistence. Pretty blouses and tops and swishing, flowery skirts and high heels. The other girls knew he belonged to Lauren and left him alone. He didn't get as much as one wolf whistle when he walked about the campus.

Lauren especially liked Eddie when he was in his cheerleading outfit and always came to watch him wave his pom poms and wiggle his mini-skirted bottom. After practice, although Eddie was worn out, Lauren insisted on taking him to bed.

My life could be worse, thought Eddie, as Lauren led him by the hand into the bedroom and into his future.

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