Sunday, 1 April 2012

"Girlz Rule"

"Girlz Rule" was a TV show that ran from 2019 to 2025.

The show was unique in that it was produced, written and presented by teenage girls. Many of these girls went on to become successful Producers and Directors in later life.

The show dealt with many topics of interest to its target audience of girls and young women, including how to succeed at school and university, building a career and, of course, dating.

But often, the show focused on the growing superiority of girls and the decline of boys.

The show opener always showed a girl dressed in a purple fairy outfit, with a tiara and a wand. A boy is shown beside the girl dressed in a cowboy outfit complete with a hat and wielding a revolver. The girl looks at the boy and waves her wand. For a moment, the screen is a sea of fairy stars. When the stars disappear, the girl is dressed in the cowboy outfit and smiling whilst the boy finds himself in the fairy outfit. He looks less than happy with his transformation.

The caption "Girlz Rule" then appears and hovers above the cross-dressed pair.

Many of the episodes featured girls who had, by fair means or foul, forced a brother or other male relative, into girls' clothes. These included:

"Maid to Serve Me": Janice's brother makes a bet with her. If she loses, she has to be her brother's maid for six months and wear a particularly frilly maid's outfit. But she wins and to her brother's horror she decides as her forfeit that he would become HER maid. And have to wear the humiliating costume he had intended Janice to wear.

Transcript "Hi Girls! My name is Janice. I'd like to introduced you to my big brother. (Raises voice to a bark) Freddie! Come here at once!"

A large boy enters the room. He is dressed in a maid's outfit. The frilled skirt is too short and the ruffles of his panties can clearly be seen. He is also wearing fishnet tights, high heels, a blonde wig and make up, as well as the overly frilly apron and cap.

"Yes, Mistress?" the boy asks dully.

"Smile for a camera like a good little maid!"

The boy forces his coated lips into a smile.

Janice addresses the camera "This is my brother Freddie. As you can see, he has become my maid and a very pretty one he makes too, don't you think? Freddie has to do ANYTHING I tell him for the next five months! He has to wash and iron my clothes, cook me dinner, do all my chores as well as his own and do so with a smile on his face. Isn't that so, Freddie!"

"Yes Mistress" the boy confirms.

The doorbell sounds.

"Ah" says Janice with a smile "That'll be my girlfriends. Well, Freddie, don't keep them waiting! Go and answer the door!"

The boy drops a curtsey in acknowledgement and goes to answer the door. There are howls of girlish laughter.

The scene changes to the swimming pool where Janice and her four friends are reclining on sun loungers, clad in swimsuits and wearing designer sunglasses. Freddie is just finishing putting nail varnish on the last set of toes of the last girl.

Janice inspects his work "Mmmm. Not bad Freddie. You are starting to get good at this!"

Janice turns to the camera "Girls! I strongly recommend that you turn your idiot brothers into maids! Freddie is a far better maid than a brother. And prettier too! Oh, before I go, I have one more little job for Freddie!"

Janice removes a hankie from her bosom and allows it to flutter to the floor "Freddie! Pick that up at once!"

"Yes, Mistress". The boy bends over to retrieve the hankie. His skirt rides up to show off his ruffled panties. The camera pans in so that the screen is filled with Freddie's frilled bottom and the caption "Girlz Rule" appears.

"My Brother becomes a Girl Cheerleader!"


A girl hobbles into view on crutches "Hi Girls! I'm Abbi. Usually, I wouldn't have time to do a show like this as my favourite thing to do is cheerleading!"

"But....due to my imbecile of a brother, Josh, and his stupid prank, I broke my leg, so my cheerleading days are on hold. Our cheerleading coach was really miffed at losing her star cheerleader and being a girl short so she decided that as Josh had caused the problem, he would have to take my place!"

The scene shifts to a sportsfield where Abbi is standing next to a large figure dressed in a cheerleader's uniform complete with the tiny skirt and pom poms. The boy's head is down and away from the camera "Meet Josh, the newest member of the cheerleading squad, or, as he is known to the other girls, Josie! Come on Josie, don't go all shy on me! Let's see those moves!"

The boy performs his cheer.

Abbi speaks whilst her brother performs "Josh, or Josie, has to not only wear the same outfit as the other girls, but he also has to shave off all his body hair and use varnish and make up. Just like a girl!"

The scene focuses on Josh's performance and the caption "Girlz Rule" appears.

"My Brother becomes a Bridesmaid!"

A girl appears on the screen "Hi Girls! I am Wanda and this is my brother Luke". The scene shows a tall boy dressed in regular boy's clothes.

"Luke is currently dressed as a boy. Obviously. But a few months ago, he looked very different!"

"The story began six months ago when my uncle Dan decided to re-marry. Uncle Dan, can you come in here please"

There is the sound of running feet and a feminine looking figure dressed in a flowered patterned dress and high heels enters the room. The newcomer has long blonde hair and a made up face"

Wanda takes the woman's hand and pats it gently "This is my Uncle Dan and he is a cross-dresser. He used to do it secretly for years but eventually his former wife heard about it and, quite horribly, divorced him. Uncle Dan then found another woman, who enjoys dressing as a man, who accepted him as he was. She even agreed to allow Uncle Dan to be the bride!"

"Originally, the wedding was meant to be ordinary, except for the switch in the bride and groom roles, so I was slated to be bridesmaid and Luke was to be a pageboy. But, I went to see Uncle Dan and his soon to be wife and made a little suggestion. Wouldn't it be fun if everyone else was cross-dressed as well? They loved the idea!"

Wanda releases her Uncle's hand and take one of Luke's "Luke wasn't very happy at the change, were you Luke?"

The boy shakes his head.

"I mean, what must it be like to be getting used to the idea of being a pageboy and then suddenly being told that you were to be a bridesmaid instead? The gorgeous pink silk bridesmaid's dress with all its bows and lace originally meant for me had to be altered to fit Luke. He didn't much like the dainty lace underwear or the silk stockings or the high heels. And he positively hated having to wear a wig and have his face made up!"

"But.....just look at this!"

A picture of what looks like a girl in bridesmaid's attire flashes onto the screen. The girl is a tall, willowy and rather elegant figure wearing a pink silk dress that is much be-ribboned and adorned with lace and frills. The legs are encased in white silk stockings and the feet made to look dainty by being shod in pink silk high heels. The girl has long auburn hair that has flower decorations in and her features have been prettified by the careful use of make up. The girl carries a bouquet which adds to the image of perfect femininity.

"When I saw Luke all dressed up like that" continues Wanda "I thought, OMG, he looks prettier than me! Just goes to show girls, that we are not only ones who can be made to look pretty!"

Wanda waves her hand towards Luke "It only tool a dress and a bit of make up can turn this boy into a pretty bridesmaid! Just think how we could make our males prettier if we worked on it! I'll leave you with that thought Girls!

Wanda's smiling face fades out, to be replaced by the picture of Luke in the bridesmaids' dress again. The caption "Girlz Rule" is superimposed over it.

"My brother is really my SISTER!"

The scene begins in a suburban home. A little girl in a frock and tights plays with her dolls. Her fair hair is in ringlets and has ribbons tied in.

An older girl appears in the frame and gives a friendly wave "Hi Girls! I'm Gemma and this, believe it or not, is my little brother, Robert!"

Gemma gestures towards the girl-child brushing one of her dolls' hair.

"Mom, Dad and I want to make it clear from the get-go that this is not petticoat punishment or that Robert has in any way been forced into girlhood. The truth is that this is what Robert wants!"

"From a very early age, it became obvious that Robert was not willing to fit into the little boy role. He wanted to play with my dolls, he wanted to wear the same clothes as me and he even wanted to be called Roberta. All attempts to make him do boy things ended with him becoming upset to the point where we feared what he might do to himself".

"A psychologist quickly worked out that Robert had Gender Dysphoria. This means that he believes himself to be a girl and, therefore, wants to do girl stuff instead of the rough and tumble that boys indulge in. The psychologist recommended that we bring Robert up as a girl. In other words, to turn him into Roberta".

It upset Mom a lot to have to go out and buy little girls' clothes and toys for her son. Understandably. But we all got used to the idea. And Roberta is such a dear little girl. She loves her dolls and dressing up and playing with other girls, who all accept her as Roberta. They know, as we now do, that despite the casing that Roberta came in, underneath she is as much a girl as any girl I have ever known. And having a cute little sister is way better than having a brother, let me tell you!"

"So Girls!, if one or perhaps more of your young male relations picks up a doll or asks to try on one of your dresses, why not let him? Perhaps, just like Robert (or Roberta I should say), there is an inner girl inside every boy?"

"Girlz Rule!"


  1. Just wondering how on earth I missed this show??
    Thank you for the retrospective!

    1. It won't air for another seven years, for one thing.

  2. And Happy April Fools to you too :-)

  3. Every boy has his own way to the future. ;)

  4. Oh... do relate in more detail of the wonderful episodes seen on this show telling of the inevitable Sex Role-Reversed Future!!!

  5. Imagine this scene: a gang of boys is harassing the girls, raising their skirts and pulling their hairs. Suddenly you hear a voice that says
    "Girlz rule!" and after a brief fog you see the girls in pants lifting the skirts of the boys and exposing their panties.

  6. The teasing of the girls in the face of the vulnerability and shame of the boys in skirts will be cruel, and will break their masculine egos forever.

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