Sunday, 25 March 2012

Billy's Birthday Surprise

(Snippet from a woman's weekly magazine)

Have a problem son?

A friend of mine had one of those a few years ago.  Her soon to be fourteen year old son, Billy, had gotten in with the wrong crowd at school.  Usually well behaved and considerate, Billy became a tearaway.  He got into endless trouble over pranks.  In his last misadventure, he got suspended from school for a week for lobbing a stink bomb into the girls' toilets.

His mother was not amused.  What was even worse was Billy's disparaging remarks about girls and especially his sister, Marcia.  He would flex one of his biceps and say that girls were puny and hopeless.  Marcia stood her ground and pointed out that she was doing better in school than him even though she was two years his junior but these episodes were unpleasant and Billy's disrespect for the female sex was growing.

Billy's fourteenth birthday was approaching.  Billy wanted to get one of his ears pierced and have a diamond stud fitted so that he would gain street cred with the gang he was a member of.  He also wanted a denim jacket and a games console.

What he got was very different!

On the appointed day, Billy got up and found his games console at the foot of his bed.  So far, so good, but where was his denim jacket?  His mother explained that she simply hadn't had time to buy it and that she would take him shopping.  Billy went to the shopping mall with his mother and sister.

Instead of entering the menswear store where the denim jacket Billy wanted had been on display in the window, the trio went into the malls most expensive fashion boutique.  Billy was put out as his mother and sister picked through dresses.  This was supposed to be HIS day!

Billy's mother and Marcia decided on a pale pink satin prom dress with very thin straps to show off the wearer's shoulders and back to best advantage.  Billy was confused as the gown selected was too big for Marcia and much to small for his mother.  They then picked out a pair of white lace panties, a suspender belt and white stockings.  A cute little clutch bag and a pair of pale pink high heeled shoes were added.

By this time, Billy was growing bored and insisting they finish up here so that he could have his jacket.  Sighing, his mother put the purchases on her account.  The three shoppers left the boutique and headed to the menswear store.  Billy was made to carry the bags as he kept saying that he was so strong.  Stronger than a mere girl, anyway.

In the menswear store, to Billy's intense irritation, his mother began looking at socks and underwear.  She bought a set and ordered Billy to change into them.  When Billy said he did not need new underthings, his mother took off one of his trainers to reveal a sock with several holes in it.  Conceding defeat, Billy stormed in a huff into the changing cubicle.  He absolutely hated being outdone by a woman, even his own mother.

Billy changed into the new underwear and discovered his outer clothes were gone!  When he poked his head out (for he was practically naked) and demanded his clothes back, his mother and sister handed him the bags from the boutique and told him to get changed into his new dress.

Mother and Marcia had, they told Billy, decided to teach him a lesson he would never forget.  He would be going to the birthday party they were throwing for him wearing that gown.  When Billy predictably refused, it was pointed out to him that he could not stay in that cubicle all day.

With ill grace, Billy allowed his mother to help him into the gown.  But he refused to wear any of the other things.  Or carry a purse of all things!  Billy soon learned that this was a mistake.  Without shoes, his feet would hurt and without stockings his legs would be cold.  Mother purchased the denim jacket and to Billy's dismay passed it to his sister.  He had his pretty gown, he was told, so Marcia must have a gift too.

Soon after leaving the store, Billy had to admit defeat once again and put on the suspender belt, stockings and shoes.  He was ,of course, unused to high heels and clumped along miserably.  This was turning out to be the worst day of his life!

Billy was next taken to a beauty salon where his mother often had things done. His mother had made an appointment for him to get a full body wax, get his ears pierced (both of them!) and fitted with studs, get his eyebrows plucked and get his hair fixed.

The transformation at the end of the long (and for Billy, painful) process was incredible.  Billy made a very pretty and presentable girl, much to his horror and humiliation.  During the depilation process, Marcia took the opportunity to swipe Billy's pants and replace them with the lace panties so that Billy had to wear girls' underwear as well as outerwear.

Billy not only looked like a girl but he smelled like one too, as his body had been liberally sprayed with perfume, to his disgust.

The final part of the alteration was that Billy's face was made up and his nails, all of them, were shaped and painted pink.  He looked as much like a girl as his sister and he knew it!

A picture was taken with mother's digital camera of the boy who had been turned into an almost flawless image of femininity.  Billy even had to submit to carrying his purse, which he loathed as it symbolised for him something that only women and girls did.

The birthday boy was then taken to his party to be shown off.  The guests smirked and giggled in amusement  as "Billie" made his entrance.  The highlight of the party was the presentation of Billy's birthday present.  This was a small and delicate diamond tiara and it was placed on Billy's head.  The tiara enhanced further Billy's prettiness.  Billy was almost in tears at the shame and humiliation.

All his friends from the gang were there, looking at him with disdain.  He would not be welcome in their gang any more!

One of his other friends, Oswald, told him what a stunning girl he made and asked him for a dance.  Billy tried to refuse but his mother insisted.

Finally, Billy's humiliation was over and he was allowed out of the gown and other things once his guests had departed.

Free from the gang which was leading him down the wrong road, Billy became a better boy.  When he tried to jibe his sister or say that women were the weaker sex, his mother and sister only had to point to the photo of Billy the Prom Queen to shut him up.  Any mention of the episode made him blush.  Billy is now sixteen and has reverted to being a kind and considerate young man.

This just goes to show how even a small dose of femininity can turn a bad boy into a good one!