Monday, 23 May 2011

In Her Shoes - Chapter Nine - Knicker Power

Disappointed to find that my girlfriend was not home, I decided to have a bath and then went to bed. After such a tiring day, I fell into a deep and blissful sleep.

I was suddenly and rudely awakened by the sound of the front door of my flat crashing open and by the sounds of loud, female voices, laughing and giggling. Momentarily disorientated as a result of my disrupted slumber, it took me a few seconds to realise that Milly had come home and that she had brought a friend with her.

I looked at the alarm clock on my bedside table. It read 3.03 am. It was practically the middle of the night! Confusion turned to a surge of anger. I pulled my silk bedsheets aside and got out of bed, set on giving my inconsiderate girlfriend a piece of my mind.

I stomped out of the bedroom and into the living room where Milly and another woman had sprawled themselves on the sofa. They looked very drunk. Before I could even open my mouth to speak, the women collapsed into a fit of laughter.

With horror, I knew it was my appearance that was the cause of the hilarity. I was dressed in a pink nightdress with lots of frilly bits, with matching pink fluffy slippers. My bare legs were hairless and I had tied my long hair up with a pink ribbon.

I wore what a woman might wear when she retired for the night, but I was still obviously a man. With my height, build and faint traces of stubble on my chin, I could hardly pass for anything else.

When the women had stopped laughing, after a good few minutes, at my expense, Milly, in a slurred voice introduced me to her friend, Sadie. Sadie looked at me curiously.

"Oh, he's doing some thing for the paper he works for. Living as a woman for a month!" Milly told her.

Sadie's lipsticked mouth dropped open "Goodness! How many days has he done so far?"

"This is only his third day".

"You wouldn't think so to look at him! Cute nightdress and slippers and his hair all tied up in a sweet little ribbon! He looks like he's been doing it for a while!"

"He's a quick study, my Leo!" said Milly, with a hint of pride "He can already get himself ready for work without my help. Not that I gave him much choice! He can do his own make up and he is good around the house. In fact, he can demonstrate for us now! Leo! Be a darling and cook us up a snack will you?"

I was ready to object, but thought again. I couldn't argue Milly with a guest in the house, even if she was Milly's guest. But I was still angry at being woken up and angrier still with being talked about as if I wasn't in the same room. Besides, some food would help the girls sober up, so I stomped off to the kitchen, donned my pinny and cooked up omlette and chips.

I served up my food to the ladies, who each took a mouthful. "Hmmm....not bad" said Sadie. "You have got him well trained!" After the ladies had cleared their plates, they passed them to me. "Be a good girl and wash these up!" Milly ordered me.

Fuming at being treated like a maidservant, I stomped off into the kitchen and washed up. So, this was what it was like when one became a girl. Put upon, ignored most of the time and expected to wait on others. When I had finished, I went back to the living room to find it empty.

To my consternation, I heard noise from my own bedroom. The women had gone exploring in there. I rushed in to find a disturbing, and for me, deeply humiliating scene. Milly and Sadie were going through my underwear drawer. Milly had pulled out a pair of pink ruffled knickers and was showing them to Sadie, who was in hysterics.

"He actually wears these?"

"Of course. He's now a girl, so he has to wear girl underwear!" Milly noticed me for the first time. "Oh, hello! Don't mind us, we're just taking a look at your knicker drawer!" The women collapsed in hysterics at the idea of a six foot plus man having such a thing as a knicker drawer.

I blushed underneath my make up at this latest humilation. But I was as angry and indignant as a real woman would be when she found other people invading the drawer containing her most intimate apparel. I snatched the ruffled knickers from Milly's hands. Milly jumped back, startled. She knew she had overstepped the mark. I put the knickers back where they had come from and closed the drawer shut with a bang.

"I think your friend should leave now" I suggested "I'll call her a cab".

The women looked suitably subdued as I left. I summoned a taxi and it collected Sadie and took her home. Milly looked sheepish "I'm sorry about going through your kni...underwear drawer. It's the drink...and your unusual situation".

Mollified by the apology, I allowed her to kiss me before she went to bed. I looked down at my nightdress and remembered that I wore a pair of virginal white satin knickers, well trimmed with lace, underneath it. It was curious, but it gave me a strange sense of power that only I knew what I wore underneath my outer feminine clothing. A secret that was mine and mine alone, unless I chose to reveal it. Others could only guess at what colour my underwear was, or what style, or whether it had frills, ruffles, lace and ribbon frivolities upon it.

Oddly, when I thought of my knickers, it gave me a surge of power and confidence.


  1. He is a new male already. I wonder is he passive or active in bed now? ;)

  2. How quickly he has succumbed to the feminine role