Sunday, 22 May 2011

In Her Shoes - Chapter Eight - Her First Pinny

After the fiasco at the press conference, I was upset and angry with myself and I went straight home. My mind was so pre-occupied with my humiliation that I scarcely noticed the looks other people were giving me. I was relieved when I got inside the flat and was able to shut the rest of the world out.

I heard the sound of the television from the living room. Good, I thought. That meant Milly was home. She could cook me a meal and I could take the weight off my feet. After taking off my coat and dumping my handbag, I walked into the living room.

Milly was curled up on the sofa, clad in her dressing gown, watching the television. After exchanging accounts of our day, I waited expectantly for Milly to offer to cook me a meal, but she made no sign of budging. In fact, she turned to me and said that I should cook her something.

I opened my mouth to object and then closed it again. Dressed as I was, I could hardly refuse and besides it would be a good experience for me. I went into the kitchen.

"Put your pinny on over your clothes!" Milly yelled from the living room.

I was bewildered. I didn't have a pinny! Then I found a bag on the kitchen table. Inside it was a flower patterned pinafore, edged with lace. It still had the price tag attached and I could see that it had been quite expensive.

I wasn't at all keen on wearing this overly feminine garment. But Milly was right. It would protect my work clothes. After removing the price tags I slipped it on and did it up. It was over the top and altogether too feminine but it had a strange, calming effect on me. The cares of the working day were over. All I had to do was cook my girlfriend a meal.

Since my university days, I had nearly always had a girlfriend to cook for me. When I was in between girlfriends, I ate out. My cooking skills were rusty to say the least, but I had a go. I cooked a risotto. It smelt lovely. I served it up to Milly whilst still wearing my pinny.

Milly smirked and told me I looked lovely in my pinny and that the food wasn't bad either. I took a dainty spoonful of my food and it did taste good. After a disastrous day at work, it was a great confidence boost to get something right.

When she had finished her meal, Milly gave me a kiss and thanked me. I felt a little quiver of pleasure at this approval. However, I had been given a glimpse of the inequities that still existed between the sexes. Even though I had been at work all day and even though I earned more than Milly, as a woman, I was expected to fill the traditional female role and cook.

I took off my pinny and we watched television together. Eventually, weariness overwhelmed me and I had to retire to bed.

I was abruptly awoken by my alarm clock. I groaned and grumpily got out of bed. I looked about for Milly to help me get ready for work but she was still in bed. I timidly tapped on the door and asked her if she could help me.

Her answer was no. She was having a lie in. It was high time I got ready for work on my own. Confused and uncertain, I showered and shaved my legs and armpits. I put scent on my hairless body and dressed in the same outfit I had worn yesterday. I brushed my hair and put my make up on. I felt foolish and ashamed at having to do all of these feminine activities.

I gathered my coat and handbag and went into work, ignoring the looks, sniggers and giggles of others. I was just reviewing my e-mails, when Chloe Bright, one of my colleagues, approached me. When she saw my face, her eyes widened. Then she became grave and asked me if I had done my make up myself, because, frankly, I looked bloody awful. I confessed that I had.

Chloe took my hand and gently pulled me off in the direction of the ladies. She wiped off my feeble effort and gave me a crash course in make up. She wiped off her own work, which was far better than my own, and made me make myself up. Within half an hour, my face was as well made up as it could be, and by my own hand.

When I got back to my desk, I was summoned to the editor's office. I was apprehensive, remembering the disaster of the day before and cringing. Ms Carruthers was not happy with me and felt it was not appropriate for me to continue to represent the newspaper in such a high profile role. She had decided that Chloe and I should switch roles. Chloe to cover politics and I to cover the womens' column.

I objected, but was overruled. The newspaper could not risk another embaressing episode, in front of the Prime Minister no less, just because a reporter couldn't remember to close her handbag.

I stumbled out of the editor's office, upset, but knowing that I had only myself to blame. Chloe stopped by to brief me on her role and I had to do the same with her. After Chloe had left, I looked despondently at my brief. I would be giving women advice on how to make flans, what was hot in fashion currently and talking about womens' issues. It was a far cry from the world of high politics.

When I got home, I took off my coat and dumped my handbag and slipped into my pinny. I immediately felt calmer and happier. Milly had left a note saying that she was out with girlfriends and that I shouldn't wait up for her.

I sat down, still wearing that ridiculous pinny, all alone. I was getting some idea what it was like to be the woman. Left at home whilst my significant other was out enjoying themselves with their friends.


  1. Sounds like the perfect world, women taking conrol and relegating males to servitude

  2. I will with open arms be willing to do this and just be one of the girls