Friday, 8 July 2011

Amy and Antony - Part Two

One Year Later.

Amy Adams, now aged thirteen, walked to school proudly. Her mother had presented her with her first bra, which Amy now wore underneath her school uniform. "My little girl, almost a woman!" had been her mother's words when Amy had slipped the bra on in her mother's room. The words had filled her with pride. To be a woman was the highest ideal in Amy's young life.

The training bra was a plain garment, with no feminine frills or adornments whatsoever, but at that moment it was the finest thing she had ever worn! Almost a woman!

The other girls in her year were also developing from girlhood towards womanhood. Whereas the talk had once been about school and lessons, now it was about bras and periods and, of course, boys.

Amy flushed at the thought of boys and doing....things....with boys. Yet she was intrigued and fascinated with the idea of one day coupling with a boy.

But, the boys of her year, especially that Barry Brooks, were still immature and obnoxious. Barry, now noticeably bigger and more powerfully built, was worse than ever, bullying poor Antony Starling and disregarding the rules.

Antony Starling, a small and gentle boy who seemed not to have grown at all in the past year as one would expect, was the only boy who interested Amy.

Amy caught up with her group of friends and they made their way into class together. Double math on a Monday morning. It was a good thing that math was one of Amy's strongest subjects. Added to that was that Barry Brooks and his mates were too thick to do even simple sums, let alone the complex equations that confronted Amy as she opened up her workbook, and so they were in remedial class whilst Amy was in the most advanced class, mainly populated by girls. Antony and one other boy were the only boys in the class of fifteen. Out of the corner of one eye, Amy watched Antony mentally wrestle with an equation.

Not for the first time, Amy thought, Antony was more like a girl than a boy. This intrigued her.

Amy forced herself back to her work. She was soon absorbed in the world of mathematics and the time passed quickly. Before she could complete the last exercise in the workbook, the teacher announced that class was over. Amy was disappointed. She packed her things away, ready to move on to her next class. History. Amy inwardly groaned as she remembered that Barry and his mates would be in the class. She would be lucky to get any work done.

But the teacher announced that the next class was cancelled. All pupils were to attend a special assembly. Puzzled, Amy made her way to the assembly hall.

The pupils sat, bewildered. Never before had a class been cancelled in favour of an assembly. Assemblies were held mid-week and little of note was ever announced there.

Mr Briggs, the Headteacher, shuffled out onto the stage. Amy noticed for the first time that he looked even older than usual. He seemed to have aged a decade in the space of a year. In his day, he had been a good teacher and headteacher, but due to his age and diminishing faculties he had become more lax and ineffectual. He had been quite unable to handle Barry Brooks.

In the slight stutter that he had had since childhood, Mr Briggs announced that, after almost thirty years in the teaching profession, he was taking early retirement. Today would be his last day. The Deputy Headteacher, Mr Tomms, presented him with a gold watch and the audience politely applauded.

Thanking everyone for his gift, Mr Briggs came to the announcement of who his successor was to be. Amy and everyone else present had assumed that it had to be Mr Tomms. However, Mr Tomms was only five years younger than the outgoing Headteacher and he was already becoming easily tired by his teaching duties.

Raising his voice to a level more like the days when he had been in his prime, Mr Briggs announced that his successor was to be....Dr Amelia Craig. Dr Amelia Craig came out from the shadows. She was at least fifteen years younger than her predecessor. She wore her hair cropped short and wore trousers, a plain blouse and a jacket. Her face looked strong and severe. Not someone you'd ever want to cross, was Amy's initial thought.

Amy spotted Barry, who was sitting two rows ahead of her, and his reaction. He'd not anticipated that Briggs would retire (although he had undoubtedly helped contribute to the decision) nor that Briggs successor would not be anyone other than Mr Tomms, who he could have managed as easily as Mr Briggs. His brow was furrowed with consternation that his new adversary was a woman, and a formidable looking one at that.

Dr Craig gave a short speech praising the work that the outgoing Headteacher had done in his thirty years service in general, and for the school in particular. Then, her tone becoming graver, said that in spite of Mr Briggs' contribution, there was much work to be done to raise the profile of the school to the level of excellence that all schools should aspire to attain and that she meant to do it. In spite of whatever obstacles that stood in her way. These would be overcome.

Amy noted that Dr Craig seemed to look directly at Barry Brooks as she uttered those last words so forcibly. Amy looked at Barry and saw that he looked rattled and uneasy. Good, Amy thought, remembering the times he had mercilessly tormented poor gentle Antony Starling.

For the next few weeks, Barry and his cronies played by the rules. To the surprise of Amy and the teachers, there was not the usual disruptive antics. Barry was trying to gauge what he could get away with under the new regime and get the measure of the new Headteacher.

But, when it came to Antony Starling, the despised sissy, Barry's self control slipped. Antony, for him, was an affront to conventional masculinity. A boy actually volunteering to do Home Economics! A boy who was so meek and docile!

Barry and his mates dragged Antony into the boys' toilets and made him put on a girls' skirt that they had filched from the girls' changing rooms, and confiscated his trousers. They pushed him out of the toilet block in his skirt to be ridiculed by the other students.

Amy saw him, almost clutching the walls for support, and raced towards him, taking his hand in hers and giving it a gentle squeeze. Antony gave her a weak smile in gratitude.

Barry, seeing what was happening, became incensed and advanced towards Amy. "What the hell are you doing?" he demanded, raising a fist. Amy closed her eyes, waiting for the impact. Barry was a powerfully built boy. He could do some serious damage. would be worth it, to protect poor vulnerable Antony.

But instead of the impact of the blow penetrating her senses, it was the sound of a voice. A strong, powerful female voice.

"Brooks! Don't you dare to even think about striking that girl!"

Amy opened her eyes to see Barry lowering his fist in confusion and Dr Craig in complete command of the situation.

Dr Craig spoke "Brooks, Starling and Adams, you will follow me to my office!"

The three pupils, Barry included, meekly followed the Headteacher to her office. Over the next hour, Dr Craig extracted the truth from Antony about how Antony had ended up dressed as he was. But Barry held out.

Amy had had least to do with the whole episode and was treated as if she was almost incidental. But at least she had the chance to observe that in spite of Dr Craig's diminuitive stature, it was Barry's nerve that was crumbling. But he was still defiant. That is, until, Dr Craig produced a cane and threatened to use it on Barry's bottom unless he confessed.

" aren't allowed to use a cane on me!" said Barry.

Dr Craig smirked at him "Oh, you silly boy. Of course I can! Canes haven't been banned. It's only because Mr Briggs refused to use one that you have been spared until now. If he had only worked out that but for his absurd principle he would still be Headteacher today and greatly
admired by staff and pupils alike...but, it has fallen to me to adminster your just punishment!"

Barry's face went white and he sank to his knees "Please Miss! Anything but the cane!"

Amy was amused to see the all powerful bully's arrogance and aggression evaporate in an instant and for him to become a cringing wretch.

Dr Craig's eyes narrowed "Anything but the cane. Anything?" she demanded.

"Yes Miss!"

Dr Craig lowered her cane, much to the relief of Barry. "Very well, Brooks. I will decide on an alternative punishment for you at my leisure. You are all dismissed!" she said imperiously.

Amy wondered what the "alternative punishment" might be, but she had more important matters on her mind. She turned to Antony, still clad in a girls' skirt.

"Are you OK" she asked him.

Antony nodded.

"Good. Now, let's see about getting you your trousers back!"

Antony smiled in gratitude.

The following day, Amy and Antony (restored to trousers) attended English class. The atmosphere was quiet due to the conspicuous absence of Barry Brooks. His usually rowdy mates sat in a confused silence, unsure what to do

The teacher took the rota, as always. Amy noticed that Barry Brooks' name was not mentioned and she wondered about that. Once the rota was done, the classroom door opened and Dr Craig strode through with an air of confidence and announced.

"Pupils of our great school! Owing to his unacceptable behaviour, I have decided to punish Barry Brooks in a fitting manner, as you will see for yourselves. Brooks! Get yourself in here right now!"

Amy, and everyone else in the classroom, burst into peels of laughter at the sight of the once great Barry Brooks, as he edged slowly into the room.

For he was dressed in a shiny pale pink babies' dress. He was clearly wearing a diaper over which a pair of white frilly knickers had been placed. The skirt of his dress was far too short to cover up his knickers, so they were on display. He wore a pair of cute booties and mittens, a pink, beribboned babies' bonnet and he had a pink dummy in his mouth.

His face was a picture to behold.

Amy - and Antony - marvelled at the transformation at the hands of Dr Craig of an incorrigible bully into a baby girl and shown off as such!


  1. I guess it's only the beginning of gender role reversal at the school.

  2. really great story so far... the plot is developing nicely... like the way part 2 skips to a year after the first part... that way the story has pace... am looking forward to reading more! And am wondering how long it will be before Amy asks Anthony to wear a skirt for her... or perhaps the new headmistress will change the school's uniform rules as well!