Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The Prodigal Son - 2028 - Part 5 - The Deflowering

"Go on, Ray, open the box!" his mother said encouragingly.

Ray tentatively lifted the pink lid slowly.

Within lay a gown in a pale shade of pink, that glittered brightly in spite of the fact that this was the evening and the lighting in his mother's mansion was dim.

Ray's brain registered that he would have to wear this gown to his cousin's wedding. His hands, holding the gown, felt its coolness and silkiness. It felt divine, but at the same time, shameful.

He was a man and had been brought up to be one. Yet, in a very short span, women had become so dominant that they been able to impose the yoke of femininity that they had borne for centuries and that they had escaped from, upon men.

"What a charming gown!" exclaimed his mother.

"Exquisite" murmured Ray's sister, Emma.

"He'll look such a dish in it!" said his other sister, Heather.

Emma was thinking, remembering something "It's quite weird isn't it? In the old days, before we women came into our own, we were the ones who had to look pretty. Once, I had to wear the most god awful bridesmaids' dress ever devised! I have never been more embaressed in my life."

Ray remembered the occasion well. He had sneered and poked fun at his sister, thankful that as a boy he would never have to wear such frilly, feminine things. How wrong he had been! Now the shoe was on the other foot and it was his turn to have to wear pretty things.

Emma giggled "Thank goodness those days are over. It's a woman's world now!"

Ray glared at her in resentment. He picked up the box and the gown and retreated to his room, leaving the women to gloat over their pre-eminence over the male of the species.

He tossed the box onto his princess bed, with it's lacy canopy and curtains. The whole room and everything in it was feminine. And disturbingly, it was making him more feminine with every passing day. He had to get away from it for a while.

He donned a simple blouse and skirt, put on a coat and slung his handbag over his shoulder and went out. He rode the tram to one of the poorer districts of town and to a public house called the Duck and Ferret.

The pub had seen better days. So had most of the people in it. Including Ray's mate, Doug.

Doug was gawping at him. Ray recalled that, the last time they had met in person, he had still been in traditional male garb. Now he was dressed in an expensive skirt and blouse, hosiery and high heels and carried a designer handbag.

"Close your mouth, Doug. There are flies in here!" It was true. There were a couple of flies buzzing around the bar.

"You look gorgeous, Ray. What a lovely woman you make!"

"What a lovely man I make! This is how working men have to dress! If I truly was a woman, I would be wearing trousers and we wouldn't be having this meeting. Are you going to get me a drink?"

"I would if I could, darl..mate, but as you know I have a cashflow problem".

Ray sighed and reached for his handbag. He gave Doug some notes and sent him to the bar. Doug returned with a pint for himself and some pork scratchings and a glass of white wine for Ray.

Doug regarded the glass of wine "Blimey mate, you're drinking wine. That's a bird's drink! What have they done to you?"

Ray ignored the question and sipped his wine. He was used to better quality wine than this.

Doug asked him, in a low voice "Have you found anything out out about the security at that Ala whatever place?"

"It's called Al La Mode, Doug, and yes, I've found out about where the cameras are positioned and the routine of the security force, but I can't get hold of the combination for the safe. I'm a very junior assistant there".

"Crap!" said Doug "The guards and cameras are the easy part, but we can't be going around blowing up the safe. We have to have that combination! You're not just an employee, you're family! Exploit that!"

"Believe me, Doug, I'm as eager as you to end this. I don't know how much more I can take. Do you know what I'll be doing the weekend after next? I'll be pouncing about in a pink gown at my cousin's wedding! And he is the bride! He's got a white gown and veil and everything".

Doug shuddered "I feel for you, mate, I really do", he said with little sincerity "But I need that money yesterday. Vince Reardon had words with me the other day and left me in no doubt that my life won't be worth living if he doesn't get his money. Soon".

Ray sighed "I'll do my best. I have to go now. I'll contact you by phone when I have any news".

"See you, mate. Oh, and mate?"

Ray turned around enquiringly.

"You have fantastic legs!"

Ray left the pub and rode the tram to the city centre. He was running low on cash and decided to make a stop to visit a cashpoint. Now that he was earning, he had opened a bank account and had a cashpoint card. He had to trek for ten minutes until he found a cash point that didn't threaten to charge him for withdrawing his own money. He withdrew fifty pounds. It would be enough for sundry expenditure.

He began walking back to the tram stop, his heels clicking against the pavement. He clutched his handbag close to him. As he was about to round a corner, some girls, dressed in scruffy denims and leather jackets, jumped out and surrounded him. They were armed with knives.

Their leader, a tall girl of about seventeen or thereabouts with a shaved head and tattoos, brandished her knife at Ray's stomach. "Hand over the bag, bitch!'

Ray was helpless. Even if he had not been wearing a skirt and heels, he was no match for half a dozen knive wielding girls. He meekly handed his handbag over.

The leader opened the bag. She tossed out Ray's compact and cosmetics. They littered the floor. She impatiently opened Ray's purse and pulled out the money inside and then threw the purse and handbag aside also.

"Give me your jewellery, bitch". Reluctantly, Ray took off his necklace and watch and gave them to the girl.

One of the other girls piped up "Hey, Trace, look at what he's wearing! They're designer. I'd stake my last fag on it!"

Trace looked more closely at Ray's clothes and said "Take them off, bitch!"

Ray protested "I can't go around in just my underwear!"

Trace waved her blade menacingly in his direction "That's enough from you, bitch. Strip down to your undies!"

Ray wriggled out of his skirt, took off his jacket and unbuttoned his silk blouse, feeling ashamed.

Trace took the clothes from him and looked at the feminised male shivering in just his boy-bra, knickers and lace topped stockings "You look pretty cute like that, bitch. If I didn't have to go, I might even fancy you! C'mon girls, we're outta here".

The gang disappeared as quickly as they had arrived. Ray retrieved his handbag and most of its contents. He had to use his handbag to hide his groin. He was frightened and vulnerable and had no idea how he was going to get home.

He checked his purse. The girls had left his bank card. They were not that sophisticated, only after quick hits for cash and valuables easy to fence, he figured. He would have to go back to the cashpoint, as underdressed as he was, and withdraw more money.

After taking out another fifty pounds, Ray decided to flag down the first taxi that came along. It would be less embarrassing than using public transport. He waited in vain for several minutes, freezing his nuts off in the cold.

He was about to go and find the nearest tram stop when he saw two familiar faces. Debs and Charlie. The two women with whom he had had a disastrous encounter a few weeks ago. It took the two girls a few moments to recognise him and when they did they almost split their sides laughing.

Ray felt deeply humiliated for them to see him like this.

The girls composed themselves and took charge. Any residue of ill will from their previous encounter seemed to have gone. Charlie was wearing a long brown coat over her suit. She took it off and insisted Ray should wear it. Ray gratefully put it on. He was immediately warmer and felt less vulnerable.

The girls took him to the nearest pub and insisted on buying him a drink. Then another and another. They were really taking care of him. Ray was touched, especially considering he had behaved less than well when he had last met them.

Ray was beginning to enjoy himself and he lost track of time. He was shocked when last orders was called. He told the girls he had to get home.

"Don't be so silly. There are hardly any trams around this time of night" Debs said "And the taxis will rip you off. Come back to our place. We insist, don't we, Charlie?"

"Yeah" said Charlie "We'll be well put out if you don't stay over".

Ray would have preferred to have gone home, but these girls had helped him out at a time when he had really needed help. It would be churlish to refuse and besides he was tired out after his ordeal.

"Thanks, girls, it's really kind of you to take care of me. I wasn't very nice to you last time..."

"Oh, don't worry about that. Charlie and me have already forgotten all about...oh, do you know, I can't even remember what I'm supposed to have forgotten! Do you, Charlie?"

Charlie feigned looking dumb "No idea what you're talking about, Debs".

"There! You see, as far as we're concerned, we're mates. All three of us. And mates take care of each other".

The girls escorted him back to their flat and ran him a bath. Charlie put his underwear into the washing machine and set it off. Ray definitely felt better being in a nice flat and sitting in a warm bath.

When he got out, Charlie escorted him to the bedroom that she and Debs shared and gently pushed him inside. "There are some things for you to wear on the bed".

Ray had half-guessed what they would find for him to wear. The pink basque and thong set, fishnet stockings and pink stilettos they had tried to make him wear last time. Sighing, he put them on. After almost a fortnight in feminine clothing, the outfit seemed tame.

He went out and presented himself to the two women. The two women gave him admiring looks 'What a pretty man you are!"

"Yes!" Charlie almost growled, like a lioness. "We're going to enjoy ravishing you!"

Ray was shocked by the sudden transformation of the two women. They had become sexually aroused, and sexually aggressive, at the sight of him in a basque. They were all over him. Kissing and fondling him and cupping his balls in their hands.

A few weeks ago, the old Ray would have take control of the situation and taken them, but the feminised Ray was indecisive and timid and just accepted that these women were in control. He was deeply puzzled and disturbed at his own behaviour. Where had his masculine instincts gone?

Debs impatiently tore off his thong and flung it aside. The two girls steered him towards the bedroom and pushed him face down onto the double bed that the girls shared. Debs, a generously built girl, sat astride him. Ray was pinned and couldn't move. He could barely breathe underneath Debs's bulk. He wondered what they were up to. Some kind of kinky sex game.

Charlie pulled something out of a drawer. Ray's eyes widened when he saw it was a dildo. A huge dildo. Charlie stripped naked and straped the dildo to her groin. Ray knew what was coming next but was powerless to do anything. He watched in fascination and terror, as the girl mounted and thrust her member inside him.

"Go, Charlie!" shouted Debs "Deflower the pretty boy!" Charlie giggled.

Ray's mind tried to come to terms with what was happening to him. He was being taken, just like a woman. He was not only being made to fulfil a feminine role in the wider world, but to adopt the position of a female in the bedroom.

Charlie took several minutes to satisfy herself before swapping places with Debs and allowing Debs her turn. At last, it was over. The two girls released him. Ray began crying. He couldn't stop himself. The humiliation was too much! The girls comforted him and said what a good boy he had been before sending him off to sleep in the spare room.

Ray was sore and very humiliated, but, to his shame, a part of him had actually enjoyed the experience. For once, there was no pressure, no need to be in control, no need to be a man. All he had to do was to submit to the will of two stronger females and take all of the pleasure that they had to give him. It was almost kind of liberating!

In the morning, Ray and the girls had breakfast, all smiles and goodwill. Ray used the girls' phone to call the police and he had to spend a tedious few hours down the police station giving a statement. Not that he held out much hope of ever getting his clothes, money and jewellery back. When he got back to the flat, still wearing Charlie's coat, the girls had gone out.

They had left a note with a neighbour which read "Thanks for a wonderful evening. It was lovely taking you! You're now our pretty bitch. You must come round again, soon! Love, Debs and Charlie xxx".

Ray felt like tearing the note up. The girls had used him, against his will, for their own pleasure. Instead, he folded it up and slipped it into his purse and smiled, for he had, he realised, enjoyed the experience of being dominated, penetrated and used. It was the ultimate gender role reversal, he realised.


  1. Lovely story
    We have a lot in common

  2. I like that women wear strap-on dildo now. It's really ultimate sex role reversal.

  3. Great work, Russell --- I'm enjoying these stories.

  4. i've been deflowered about a year ago.

    Great story

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