Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Put in their Place

The girls looked at the scene of devastation with dismay.

All of their dolls had been decapitated. Their crockery sets had clearly been used as target practice with air pistols. The tyres on their prams and baby strollers had been removed and slashed, leaving the bodies of the vehicles resting on the muddy ground.

The girls knew who had been responsible. Ever since their brothers had a new boy, Darren, had moved into the road and had recruited their brothers into a gang he had formed, the girls had been the victims of raids and intimidation.

It had begun with demands for the girls to hand over their pocket money and had then escalated to thefts of some of the girls' underwear and clothing (mercifully from their bedrooms rather than in public) and now this latest incident where the boys confiscated all of their toys.

All of the girls were fuming. They had complained to their parents, who had punished their brothers by either corporal punishment or grounding them, but this had had no effect upon their behaviour. They immediately fell under the spell of their leader, Darren, again and the persecution continued.

After salvaging what they could of their toys, the girls held a council of war. Claire, their leader, gave a short speech "Girls, I don't know about you, but I have had enough. Reasoning with these boys has had no effect. Our parents' punishments have had no effect. We need to take matters into our own hands and teach the boys that they mess with us at their peril! I've had an idea."

The other girls looked at her expectedly. Claire stared at her sisters in arms. They were, like her, ten year old girls, dressed up in pretty frocks and wore hair ribbons in their long hair. But they also wore looks of determination and resolve on their childish features. They too, had had enough.

"Yes" continued Claire "Girls, we're going to put these boys in their place....."

Darren and his gang of six other boys were at the base they had set up in the woods near to where they and their victims lived. A pair of girls' frilly knickers fluttered from an improvised flagpole and Darren had stashed the money that they had stolen in an old sock that was hidden in a place known only to him.

Darren was pleased with himself. Since moving into the area only a few months ago, he had rapidly established a gang, a base, and good source of revenue. Before long, he would expand his operations to include neighbouring areas. The boys he led were chumps, dim and easily led, but that worked to his advantage. He had yet to meet a boy who was a match for him in either brains or brawn.

He gathered his gang together for another foray. It was pay day for most households and therefore pocket money day for the girls he preyed upon.

It was then that he saw movement, a glimpse of a girl's shiny pink frock and her white, frilled underwear just peeping out from beneath her short skirt from behind some bushes. Then the girl stepped out into a clearing and into full view.

The girl looked like a stereotypical little girl, with her cute ankle socks and shiny black mary-janes. Her creamy coloured, girlish, long legs seemed to go on forever until they reached the frills of her knickers and the skirt of the frock she wore. The girl had long blonde hair, tied up in bunches and barettes.

The things girls had to wear! Darren thought. He was thankful that he was a boy. Then he became annoyed when he realised that this girl obviously knew where his top secret base was! She would have to be taught to keep her mouth shut.

The girl smiled sweetly at the group of boys and bobbed them a dainty little curtsey - and then stuck her tongue out in a clear gesture of cheek and defiance. Darren was quick to anger and ordered his gang to catch the girl. But the girl had realised what the boys intended and took off with an astonishing burst of speed.

The whole gang pursued her. Darren marvelled at the speed of the girl as she dodged in and out of trees and bushes. An Olympic athlete would have a job keeping up with her. Then, as the whole gang entered a clearing, Darren thought he heard a feminine voice shout "Now!" and he and the rest of his gang suddenly felt themselves becoming entangled and then rising into the air.

Darren realised that he and his gang had been led into a trap. They were now all held within a thick rope net and they were swinging from the stout branch of a tree. Below, a group of girls were hauling at a rope and then tied if off, leaving the boys stranded and helpless in their prison.

Debbie clapped Sasha, the girl who had led the boys into the trap (and the best sprinter at school by a long way) on the back "Well done, Sash" and then, turning to all of her group, she said "Right girls. lets go and look at their base!" They walked off in the direction of Darren's base, ignoring the pleadings of the boys to let them go.

The boys remained suspended in the net for some time. A little later, the girls sauntered past them disdainfully, heading in the direction of their homes - and the homes where all of the boys except for Darren, who had no siblings, lived. They again ignored the boys' protests and pleas.

By now, the boys were becoming cold, hungry and thoroughly uncomfortable. They became very agitated as they saw their sisters wander past again, carrying some of the boys' toys, bikes and even their clothes and underwear. The boys howled in protest when they realised that their sisters had appropriated their possessions, including some of their more intimate possessions, and that there was nothing that they could do about it! The girls airily disregarded them and continued towards the boys' base.

The boys' stomachs were rumbling and they shivered. They then saw Claire appear, but she was no longer dressed in the little girl outfit that she normally wore. She was attired in her brother's clothes of shirt, jumper, trousers and flat, clumpy shoes. Claire held something shiny in her hand and was standing next to the taut rope that held the boys aloft.

The boys were at first puzzled by Claire's appearance. Then they realised that the shiny thing that Claire held in her small hand was a penknife that she had liberated from amongst her sibling's possessions. The realisation suddenly dawned on the seven male brains trapped within the net that Claire intended to cut the rope.

Seven voices tried to cry out "No, don't!" but Claire ignored them and sliced through the rope. The boys screamed as they felt themselves hurtling to the ground. The boys were stunned and bruised by the impact. But their ordeal was not over by any means, for the other girls, now dressed as their leader was, in their brothers' clothes, grabbed hold of the ropes that held the net closed and proceeded to drag the net, and its unwilling, helpless cargo, across the rough terrain, through bushes and even a stream.

The boys were bruised, scratched, dirty and soaking wet when their short journey ended. With one exception, all of the fight had spirit had gone out of the boys. Some of them were even crying. Darren, who was seething with anger and determined to gain vengeance, scornfully called them crybabies.

The girls had dragged them to their base. Now their former base, as the girls had taken it over. The girls had armed themselves with hockey sticks (which they did not hesitate to use when the need arose) and removed the boys from the net, one boy at a time, and leaving Darren until last. Each boy was taken out and escorted under a heavy guard of hockey stick wielding girls behind some bushes, where whatever happened next could not be seen by the boys left in the net.

Occasionally, there was a cry of pain and some blubbing, and Claire's voice, ordering her victim to go home, at which, in most cases, provoked more blubbing, which became quieter and then ceased althogether as the victim trudged home.

At last, it was Darren's turn. Intending to put up resistance, his spirit evaporated as he was confronted by seven girls, all armed with their hockey sticks and looking, not feminine or sweet, as girls should be, but threatening and aggressive.

Claire grabbed him by the shoulder "Come on you, time to get you out of those wet clothes and into something more suitable!" Darren was about to protest that if he hadn't been dragged through bushes and streams by these same girls, he wouldn't need a change of clothes, but judging from the looks on the faces of his guards, he judged that he would be wiser to keep his mouth shut.

Darren found himself being led behind the same bushes where the rest of his gang had been taken. "Get out of those wet things and get changed into these!" Claire ordered him. But Darren was stunned by what he was being asked to change into.

It was the complete outfit of a little girl. A pink gingham frock with lots of ribbons and lacy things, white frilly knickers, ankle socks and shiny black mary-janes.

"You must be joking!" Darren blurted out "I'm not wearing that lot!"

"We were hoping you would say that!" exclaimed Claire "Right girls! Bend him over and lets give him a richly deserved spanking!"

Despite struggling manfully, even Darren was no match for the combined strength of several girls and, humiliatingly, he found himself bent over with his bottom presented for a spanking. Darren decided to perservere and show these girls that he could take whatever punishment they cared to mete out to him. The girls took it in turns to spank him with a table tennis bat. Darren was able to endure the pain for a while, but fifteen minutes later, his bottom ached and Darren, to his shame, was shedding tears. He couldn't take any more and begged the girls to stop.

Claire handed him the little girls' outfit and told him to hurry up and get changed into it. Sobbing with not only the pain of his spanking, but with the humiliation of having to wear such a sissy outfit, Darren summoned up the courage to put the outfit on. Ten minutes later and Darren felt positively ridiculous in his frock and other girlish paraphenalia. The girls were in hysterics at the sight of their former tormenter dressed as a little girl.

They made him curtsey to them "like a good little boy". Sasha whipped out a digital camera from a pocket and snapped Darren as he performed a curtsey. Then, after saying how cute and sweet he looked, ordered him to go home, dressed as he was.

All of the fight knocked out of him, by his humiliating spanking and manner of dress, Darren set off in the direction of home, wondering how he was going to explain to his parents how he had ended up in his current predicament and hoping to avoid anyone seeing him dressed like this. It was too humiliating!

Five minutes into his journey and he ran into the rest of his gang. Darren's mouth dropped open at the sight of them. Steve was dressed as a ballerina, complete with a tutu and ballet slippers. David was dressed as in a nurse's uniform. Adam wore a saloon dancing girl's outfit, with fishnet stockings and full skirts. Robert was dressed up as a princess, in a flowing pink gown and a tiara. Mike wore a pink romper suit and a baby bonnet and looked to be on the verge of crying just like a baby and Nick was dressed as wonder woman, in his satin tights.

The worst thing was, Darren decided, was that they all looked very girlish and feminine in their new clothes. Himself included. The feminised boys stood shivering and wondering what to do and sniggering at Darren's altered appearance. Darren was shivering himself, as his legs and arms were fully exposed in his new dress, and eager to get indoors as soon as possible and away from view. Darren had never been so humiliated in his life!

As they were deciding what to do, Darren's heart sank when he saw a posse of mothers, including his own, striding towards them. The seven women stopped and howled with laughter at the sight of their sons dressed in their girlish outfits. They ordered their sons to take their hands and briskly marched them home, in full view of the residents of the street, who were in hysterics at the sight of the former bullies reduced to such a state.

Once home, each blubbing boy was made to blurt out how and why they had ended up dressed as they were. The mothers decided that the punishment inflicted upon the boys was fitting and appropriate. Since they had enjoyed bullying girls and destroying their toys, they could spend some time in dresses and playing with dollies.

So it was that it was the girls of the street who had become dominant and ruled the neighbourhood with a firm, but benign hand. Claire and her gang patrolled the streets, dressed as boys and armed with their hockey sticks whilst their brothers and their former leader, sat together in Darren's garden, dressed in frocks and their lace and frills and playing with their dolls. The other boys had become accustomed to their new clothes and had even become addicted to all things feminine, but a blushing Darren, hating his frocks and frillies and being made to play with dolls, scowled at Claire and her gang, who had usurped his rightful place and had turned him into a sissy boy.

Claire smiled sweetly at him and gave him a little wave "Hello Darren, what a pretty dress you are wearing today! It used to be one of mine actually, but you look so much sweeter in it!", and loving the way his face turned red at the compliments and the giggles of the girls with her.

Darren and his gang had been put in their place all right and Claire was loving every moment of it!


  1. Now girls rule the street, tomorrow they will rule the world.

  2. I love stories like this where the girls win big.

  3. the perfect punishment fo naughty silly boys

  4. A story I find myself returning to again and again. Oh the didactic beauty of ironic justice of the young Females' re-educative punishment of the once proud bully males. The scene of previously haughty males paraded demurely, daintily and docilely as described:

    Steve.... a tutu clad ballerina nurse's uniform skirted fishnet stocking saloon girl outfit flowing pink princess gown and tiara... etc....etc

    Then the evolution of the neighborhood inevitably where appropriate future total sex role reversal could and would not be deterred. If the feistiest self-proclaimed male tyrants had been so easily introduced to girlish obedience to Female supremacy, how might the less self-proclaimed males of the town keep their false 'masculinity'?

    Love to see an epilogue where Female Ascendancy spreads from neighborhood to town to city to province or state to nation to nation TO THE WORLD!

    1. The perfect epilogue would be that children were forced to go to school in school uniform, and be harassed by their partners. Over time the school will make the decision to make compulsory skirts for boys. After a few years, the skirts will become the usual dress of the male sex. The girls in the school will become alphas, and the roles will change. The harassment that in the previous world women suffered now will be inflicted on the boys and adult men. In the school the girls will have fun raising the skirt to the boys and revealing their panties, they will submit them and they will do with them what they please, whenever they want. Although the boys do not want. THE WORLD WILL BE OF WOMEN

  5. Know the blog ended, but have you ever followed up anywhere with more recent writing?

  6. One more note on a quote from the delicious story:

    "He had yet to meet a boy who was a match for him in either brains or brawn."

    Delightfully ironic in that he and all the inferior males met Females far more a match in

    "BRAINS or BRAWN"....

    in fact so much more so the young males summarily ended up dressed in

    "BRAIDS and BRAS!"

  7. great story can never decide which boy id like to be the baby maybe .wish you would write again