Friday, 12 November 2010

To Love, Honour and Obey - 2019

With the traditional roles and status of men and women being almost entirely reversed in the the 21st Century, attitudes towards traditional courtship and wedding ceremonies underwent a similar reversal.

It is now increasingly the confident, successful woman or girl who will do the chasing. The male of the species, by now more poorly educated than girls, earning less than women and his fragile male ego shattered by the sudden fall of his gender, has now become the more passive element of the male-female dynamic.

Males, finding themselves unwanted or fit only for low status jobs in the workplace, are now wearing tight clothes, jewellery and even cosmetics in the hope of attracting a mate who will sweep him off his feet and offer him a better life. Males are increasingly spending their spare income on male grooming, depilation of their body hair and even cosmetic surgery to make themselves beautiful and alluring.

Males are having their ears, belly buttons and even their most intimate areas pierced to accommodate piercing jewellery to stand out from the herd.

Women, having long abandoned such frivolities, are bemused and gratified by the efforts of males to win their attention. Women now know that they have the upper hand in all areas of life, including relationships and can have their pick of the young boys and men putting themselves forward as suitors for her hand.

Most women are now dominant and regard all males as inferior specimens. Once she has selected her boyfriend, she will take control of him and take him in hand. She will insist on deciding when and wear they meet and what they will do. She will also dictate what he will wear.

Increasingly, young women are insisting on their boyfriends having no body hair, smelling nice, having tattoos and piercings and wearing dresses, skirts, hosiery, cosmetics and high heeled shoes. They are highly amused to see the once dominant male teetering along in his high heels, with the wind blowing up his skirt to reveal his shapely stockinged legs and a hint of the lacy lingerie he has been obliged to wear. Thus attired, the male feels deeply confused and helpless, and grateful for a strong woman to take care of him.

A woman likes to see her man dressed in a way appropriate to his new status in the new order.

The woman will take him to a restaurant, order his food for him and pay for it. She may then take him to a nightclub and dance with him, with her leading and him going backwards in high heels. She may then take him home and have her way with him, if she wishes, or dump him without a care once she grows bored with him or finds another male more alluring.

The woman is in command of the relationship always and the male must follow and submit.

Traditional wedding ceremonies became almost extinct once women became the dominant gender. It was no longer seemly for the strong female to yearn for a white wedding and all of the attendant bridal froth with a girlish glee that she no longer felt, focused as she was on her career and self-advancement.

In recent years, though, the old customs have been revived, but this time the woman is content to play the secondary role and wear a tuxedo whilst she insists that her husband to be takes centre stage attired in a white bridal gown, his waist encircled and reduced by a corset to enable him to fit into his gorgeous gown. His face will be covered by a lace trimmed veil and his hair will be styled and his visage beneath the veil beautifully made up, his luscious full red lips ready to receive the kiss of his beloved.

During the ceremony, the man will make vows to love, honour and obey his wife, whilst she will promise to love, protect and provide for him. Once married, the man will discard his bachelor name and take the family name of his wife, who will carry him over the threshold into her home and carry him up to the bedroom, where he remove his bridal gown to reveal his dainty white silk lingerie and stockings and wait for his wife to appear to take what is now hers.

This is the future.


  1. And the future looks BEAUTIFUL!

  2. I like your vision of the future too.

  3. This is the Future we all want...I think the Comments speak for themselves!

  4. I'm a man and I want the feminine role now, I already enjoy wearing four inch heels, skirts and dresses and I would like an assertive woman to whom I can pledge to love honor send obey as a submissive housewife but I would wear clip on earrings

  5. What, I wonder, would be the consequences of a hubby who failed to obey his wife, and have dinner waiting on the table when she returned home from work?

  6. Men have been forced to wear skirts, they must learn to live with the wind by blowing their skirts and lifting them, and learn to avoid showing their panties. Now women will be active and dominant sex, and they will want to know what pretty men hide her skirts

  7. Men have changed roles with women, and now it is the males who have been forced to wear short skirts and pretty underwear. Now it will be the women who search under the skirts of men, and they must defend themselves, avoid lifting their skirts. A beautiful world