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The Triumph of Women - 2010

"The Triumph of Women"

Chapter One - The Era of Male Dominance and the struggle for Equality

Traditional history, that is to say, history as mainly written by men, has consistently portrayed the male as the natural leader in politics, war and commerce due to his innate superiority over the weaker vessel, the female of the species, in terms of his greater physical strength, unequalled intellect and his moral superiority.

Females were constantly painted as weaker both physically and intellectually and moral degenerates who tried by their sexuality, feminine wiles and scheming to morally corrupt and emasculate the male by dragging him down to their level.

To be sure, at the beginning of human history, and until recent times, the male's greater physical strength gave him the advantage over his female peer in a pre-industrial society that depended upon brute strength not only to make and use tools and other items and to build the fabric of civilisation, but to defend a tribe or city or nation militarily from rivals.

This advantage, small as it was (for a female was in reality the equal of a male intellectually and morally and could conduct business at least as well as he could) proved to be sufficient to allow society to be henceforth dominated by males. Males occupied all of the positions of authority, were the only ones permitted to bear arms, and were heads of their households.

Females were regarded as the property of their husbands, fathers and brothers. Wives were expected to conceive and bear children, preferably sons, and channel her energies into pleasing her man, keeping house and child bearing and rearing. Daughters and sisters were to be married off, against their will in most cases, for the advantage of the family, that is to say, the advantage of its male members, who wielded the power.

Females in general were also "feminised" by their superior males. They had to wear revealing and constrictive clothing and footwear, cosmestics to beautify their bodies and their features for the benefit of men, jewellery bestowed upon them by their men as a symbol of their status as property and dependence upon the male. They were conditioned to be obedient, pleasing, yielding and ladylike. Femininity was an invention of men to keep women "in their place", for a woman was at least the equal of a man in every field of human endeavour. It was dinned into women and girls for centuries that politics, sports, business and warfare were for men only and for a woman to want to be involved in these masculine activities was unnatural and a perversion of their womanhood. This was not only reinforced by the secular authorities, but by the Church also.

Some women, as history records, tried to operate in a man's world and be equal to men, Queen Cleopatra and Joan of Arc being the most obvious examples, and were destroyed for their "unwomanly" and "perverse" behaviour.

Worse, by the nineteenth century, scientists were proclaiming that the female brain had such lower brain functions than the male that the female intellect was only slightly greater than that of an animal. Scientists were stating that the male was superior in every way to the female and that women were only fit to look after children.

But the male of the species was unwittingly becoming a victim of his own success, for in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, revolutionary advances in technology led to the industrialisation of western society. Massively increased output, on a scale never seen before, led for the first time to women being employed outside of the home in large numbers for the first time in history and becoming important to the economy as both producers and consumers of wealth. Most importantly, the new industrial society became less reliant on male strength as machines replaced muscle and a woman operating a machine could produce far more than ten men could have done in pre-industrial times.

The new economy needed a new type of worker, not a male with lots of brawn but limited education, but educated workers to operate machines, work in offices and shops and supervise staff. Employers soon found that even a reasonably educated woman could do any of those jobs as well as any man, and for less money. Education became widespread for both sexes, rather than just males as it had been before, and, as boys soon discovered, their sisters were often brighter than they were in the classroom.

But this progress, as valuable as it was, still left females at great disadvantage. At the beginning of the twentieth century, women still did not have the vote or equality under the law, and they were still being feminised in terms of dress and behaviour and to defer to the male as her superior in all things.

But women were now important to the new industrial economy and had more power than they had ever had before. Women agitated for the vote, seeing that this was the passport towards equality.

As a result of the two biggest wars in history, women secured the vote and equality under the law and dress codes and behaviours expected of women became relaxed. To the dismay of men, women began to outperform them at schools and universities, create and run their own businesses and enter the workforce in increasing numbers whilst males were falling behind in the classroom and increasingly being pushed out of the workplace as the industrial economy gave way to service economies that valued intellect, communication skills and team working, skills in which women were superior in general to men.

Chapter Two - The Dilemma of "Equality"

As I write this, in 2010, we are seeing the last phase of male dominance. Males are still dominant in the political and military spheres and in the sciences and engineering and computer technology and also in sports, but even in these areas, women are making serious inroads and will continue to do so until they overtake males. The still male-dominated Church is largely irrelevant in terms of wielding any temporal power and can be safely bypassed by women to become a small island in the midst of female supremacy.

Many more girls are leaving school with the qualifications needed for higher education than boys, and for every two men who obtain a bachelor's degree, three women will do the same, and this gender gap is widening each year. More females are graduating from university and are securing the high flying graduate jobs that lead to highly paid, high status jobs that fast track the holder to the top of their field of expertise. Male graduates are, it is reported, less successful in the modern economy than their female peers. Women are tipped to dominate the professions and business in a few decades and there is nothing that men can do to stop them.

Since the beginning of time, men have arrogantly assumed that they were the stronger sex. In less than fifty years, women have proved them wrong and that it is the male of the species who has been proven to be the weaker sex.

Intellectually, as we are seeing, the female brain is greatly superior to that of the male. The female brain is more rational, more focused, better organised and capable of performing several processes at once. The immature male brain is limited to one function, is easily distracted and is too easily preoccupied with ego and status as a prerequisite to sexual activity. A girl can focus on schoolwork for far longer than a boy, and the results are being seen.

Morally, males have used their power to inflict untold suffering upon the world by endless war and violence and have abused women for centuries. Men are by far guiltier of the worst atrocities than women. Men have long blamed women for sexual degeneracy but it is in fact the male who is more often obssessed with sexual activity and deviancy and who are dragging women down.

Even physically, women typically live longer than men and have greater endurance and agility. Any disparity in raw physical strength between a man and a woman can be remedied by her by weight training or by learning unarmed combat techniques that will allow even a girl to overpower a strong man. In the field of sports, women athletes are gradually gaining on men in all events and are set to overtake them. In time, women will be directly competing against and defeating men on the sports field and male achievement will be overshadowed by outstanding female performance.

Intellectually, women have little left to prove. We will see many scientific breakthroughs in the coming decades, by female achievement. Underachieving males will have little left to contribute and male achievement in scientific fields will become marginal, if not non-existent.

There are and always will be some exceptional males but they will be the exception rather than the rule. The truth is becoming apparent. Males are the weaker sex.

The rise of women over the last fifty or so years has been outstanding and we are on the brink of a revolution that could even surpass the industrial and information technology revolutions of the past, where female leadership and achievement will take mankind forward into a new age where women are dominant.

The decline of the male in those fifty years has been rapid. Proven to be the weaker sex, males have not only demonstrably lost the battle of the sexes, but also seem to have become too disorientated, listless and demotivated to even try to regain some of the ground that has been lost. There are some male supremacists around, but they are too few in number to be any threat to the new order and are so insignificant that they are ignored and are the subject of ridicule as their ideas of turning back the clock are so unrealistic and half-baked. The vast majority of men seem too demotivated and complacent to compete against women, perhaps subconsciously aware of their own inferiority.

This poses a dilemma. Women have long fought for equality, assuming that they were equal to men. They have now found that they are superior. How can equality exist between the sexes where one sex is clearly superior? The simple answer is, it cannot.

What has happened is not that men and women have not become equal, but that women have risen to become the new providers and leaders of society and men have become displaced from those roles. In theory, men still have the same rights and opportunities as women, but in practice they are failing to achieve as much as women and are being relegated accordingly. Humiliatingly for men, they cannot even argue that they are disadvantaged by laws or by deliberate policies of discrimination that previously held women back - they are in decline because of their intellectual, moral and physical inferiority to women.

Also, men and women now both have the "breadwinner" mentality. Males are stuck in their traditional roles as breadwinner and head of household, even though many of them are no longer capable of fulfiling those roles. Those that cannot are resentful and demoralised by their loss of status, role reversal into 'women's roles" and perceived humiliation at being dependent upon a woman and this can in some cases lead to violence and unpleasantness as the male reverts to using his physical power to assert his "authority" and this rarely leads to a positive outcome for either the male or his family. Women are also determined to be independent financially and are finding that they are of necessity becoming the breadwinner when their partners cannot work and are becoming the de facto head of their families. Some women are even taking the view that males are more trouble than they are worth and are excluding them from any role within the family. More and more men are being made to leave the family home - of which he was once the undisputed master - and have limited access to their children whilst the woman becomes a one-woman parent and head of the family.

This results in stressed out, unhappy career women trying to juggle career and children. She is "having it all" -all of the stress, responsibility and burdens that would break a lesser spirit. The male is deprived of any role in the workplace or in his own family and is impoverished, resentful and unhappy. The male is rapidly becoming irrelevant and redundant in every sense of the word.

This is not a recipe for a successful society. Men and women work better together, not when divided. The problems between the sexes have arisen because for centuries men and women have both been cast in the wrong roles.

Chapter Three - "Redefining Masculinity and Femininity?

With the spectacular collapse of the traditional male-dominated order that is underway, many people are now talking about a "redefinition of masculinity".

Let us deal with the redefinition of femininity first of all. In their struggle for equality in the last century, women have deliberately moved away from "traditional femininity" i.e being gentle, submissive, lacking any ambitions other than to look attractive and be pleasing and ladylike, and in order to compete with males have adopted traditionally masculine traits. Women have becoming noticeably more aggressive, competitive, assertive, ambitious and decisive and have become determined to be completely independent. Few women now exhibit the "traditional femininity" traits expected of them in the past. They retain their female sexuality, but their personalities have become more masculine. Men have been heard to complain that in some instances, living with a successful modern woman is like living with another man and that she is often more "masculine" than he is! Modern femininity consists of a veneer of traditional femininity on the surface but masculine traits at the core.

Women are also abandoning the clothes and accessories of traditional femininity. Many now wear trousers rather than skirts and dresses, eschew high heels, make up, jewellery and perfume. The traditional feminine clothing and accessories implies dependence upon winning a man to support her, which is now anathema to a modern woman. She is more than capable for supporting herself and so she no longer needs to resort to such extremes of fashion.

Women are now also deliberately aiming to outdo men in every aspect of their lives. They want better grades at school and degrees at university and, most importantly, higher paid and higher status jobs. At a lesser level, they want to beat men at sports and well, basically, everything, as it gives them a real buzz to beat men at school, the workplace and the sportsfield.

Redefining masculinity is a more difficult area. Many men still cling to traditional masculinity and are reluctant to give it up, even if they can no longer be a breadwinner and are dependent upon a woman financially, as many men increasingly are, and resent women who have become more successful and "masculine" than they are.

Some men are willing to become "new men"i.e. to accept that it is possible for them to be homemakers and child rearers and financially dependent upon a more successful spouse to some extent but still have pride in being a man, but this more enlightened and realistic redefinition of masculinity is slow to take hold and men fear that to become a "new man" will make them objects of contempt for women, who will see them as being less than men, and will lead to more marriages failing and fathers being seperated from their children

More extreme "redefinitions" of masculinity include castration (to remove the influence or poisoning influences of testosterone) and transgendering from male to female, but these ideas are not only painful and extreme but render the male subject incapable of reproduction afterwards, which is an undesirable outcome for women.

None of the above options for redefining masculinity are satisfactory answers to a society where women are becoming the dominant sex and have taken over many of the masculine roles and behaviours.

Women have demonstrated their superiority and have earned their right to hold the leadership and breadwinner roles. Somebody has to fill the positions of homemaker, childrearer and the more menial positions in the workplace that women have left behind them in their ascent. The obvious solution is that men should fill the positions left vacant by women. They should take over the responsibility for keeping the family home clean and tidy, bringing up the children, and if they do work, they will take low paid, low status jobs once held by women, such as maid, secretary, cleaner etc. As the inferior sex, these are the only jobs left for men to fill.

Moreover, as women now view males as their inferiors and fit only to serve them, in a delicious irony, women will begin to impose the feminisation upon males to keep them "in their place" that men once used against women. Women no longer want assertive, confident, masculine males in opposition to them, but submissive, compliant, pleasing males to serve them. Men will also be "encouraged" to wear feminine clothing to reinforce their new status and the behaviours that are expected from them.

Men will naturally resist this, but once women hold all the positions of authority and are the the breadwinners they will be able to break down male resistance by threatening to withold the husband's allowance upon which he depends for socialising with the other guys, his one outlet in which he can retain some degree of masculinity in a world where he is either a househusband or employed in some menial, traditionally feminine role. Another weapon at the disposal of women is to withold her sexual favours and to express her disapproval. Deprived of sex, female approval and any income, the male will soon submit to her will. The more cunning female will encourage her man to wear feminine lingerie under his masculine clothing as a "secret" known only between them, but she will disclose the "secret" to her girlfriends and encourage them to do the same to the men in their lives. Before long, all of the males attached to the women within this informal sisterhood will be wearing the feminine underwear that those same women have long done away with.

Over time, and with the help of the fashion industry, which will be gradually evolving male fashion into ever more feminine styles, a woman will force her husband into silk underwear, hosiery and maybe even a skirt. Once some men adopt feminine fashion, it will gradually become more acceptable and in a few generations male fashion will be transformed into the complete wardrobe of a woman in the middle years of the twentieth century, complete with sexy lingerie, high heels, make up and even a bra. The male body will have to be depilated regularly and adorned with jewellery bought for him by his wife, his hair styled, his eyebrows plucked and his ears pierced. Corsetry and petticoats may yet form part of male fashion.

The behaviours of the male in this new world will be those expected of a lady in the previous century. He will strive to be pretty and pleasing, submissive and devoid of opinion or ambition, other than to be a dutiful husband and father and will so because this is what society expects from him and is completely normal for a man.

Once women are in control, and this is not far off, they will never relinquish it. In time, men will be stripped of their rights under the law, and will never be allowed to have them back, for women are the stronger sex and are, as well, more ruthless and pitiless than the male, who will be kept in his place and in his skirts for ever.

Hell hath no fury like womankind scorned.


  1. A true work of scholarship, and one that fills me with hope for the future. The way in which females have overtaken males in school performance would be unimaginable to any previous generation. All the other role reversals in gender relations will follow. Most important will be the acceptance of women as the head of the family.

  2. What a wonderful view to the future of wo-mankind. I like it and all your other stories.

  3. Another Great Outlook. The Role reversal is in "Gear" and soon the Women will Control Society, and the Once Dominant male will be the Pretty "Trphy" to the Alpha Female! I LOVE It!

  4. >Humiliatingly for men, they cannot even argue that they are disadvantaged by laws.
    >Men are in decline because of their intellectual, moral and physical inferiority to women.
    >Men will take low paid, low status jobs once held by women, such as maid, secretary, cleaner etc. As the inferior sex, these are the only jobs left for men to fill.
    >Men will naturally resist this, but once women hold all the positions of authority and are the the breadwinners...
    >Men will be stripped of their rights under the law, and will never be allowed to have them back, for women are the stronger sex and are, as well, more ruthless and pitiless than the male, who will be kept in his place and in his skirts for ever.

    Your sentence expression is wonderful.

    Certainly,men are the weaker sex and second citizens.
    Men might not hope for them.
    But men should work with a very cheap salary putting on the uniform for a sexual appeal to emphasize the curve of their body.
    Men should follow the instruction of the female superior who is farther younger than them.
    A young female superior is obtaining the salary several times the subordinate men.
    However, they cannot defy her.
    Because the young superior is much smarter and stronger who has power over them.
    And the young superior can give appropriate instructions than subordinate men think in their small brain.
    Sometimes the young superior is a girl.
    The suprior girl call Subordinate adult men
    She beats plump hips of men who wore pretty panty .
    "You should shake hips more greatly and walk. That will seem to be a sexy boy." near distant future society.

  5. Nice work. I've done some things in a similar vein that you may enjoy:

  6. Being male and growning up in a single parent home aka/ female bread winner, I'm fine with the future of both men and women and their changing roles.

    In these modern times I have found /find myself in relationships with women who earn more than myself and tend to take the lead, while I'm more with being passive. Economics tend to dictate who has more power. Despite the old stereotypes I'm not threatened by change.

    Although, I do provide for myself and I'm in a comfortable position, plus I'm extremely capable of taking care of myself and domestic duties, I could be just as comfortable in the role of full time homemaker. In fact just a few years ago I believed I was going to be. Unfortunatley things didn't work out, but it was something we discussed and agreed on.

    I have no idea how far things will go as the roles change for men and women but I do know that men who embrace femininity and are comfortable in a feminine role can have a rewarding and successful relationship with today's modern women who tend to be driven and dominate.

    As the world changes and men are facing less career oppotunities, I don't see why men shouldn't take up more of a domestic role. Regardless of who's the breadwinner the home and family still requires lots of attention and work.

    I know numerous couples where the woman is the only one working these days due to the job market and the changed ecomomy. Men need to adapt and we can thrive and we can enjoy the rewards of supporting the successes of our spouses, as women have long done for men. It's happening regardless, so why not make it work instead of fighting it.

    Maybe the world world be a better and less violent place if men learned to express their feelings instead of bottling them up or being taught to deny them. By accepting femininity instead of male dominance men can learn to cope instead of lashing out with horrible results.

    Will there be a future of profession women who seek men who make good nurturing mothers and homemakers? I believe that time isn't to far away.

    I think that as men have less materialist appeal due to reversed economics, his appearance will be more critic than before. Watching his weight and dieting, correcting flaws with makeup or enhancing his appearence or wearing heels to appear taller. Even plastic surgery to fight aging. All things that can make anyone feel better and improve self-esteem.

    It wouldn't be too far of a stretch to think that men would be looking at women in terms of being a good provider, either.

    I don't believe any of this is to be feared, if anything likely a better world.

  7. I find it interesting that some women are adopting a borderline "supremacist" view in respect to the female vs. male gender. I didn't realize it was more about winning than equality to some. In general, statements such as "men are the weaker sex" or "Women are obviously superior" are not perceived as offensive or ignorant. However, if somebody said the opposite, and the shoe was on the other foot, this person would be seen as a bigot, ignorant, or chauvinistic. I find it ironic that after centuries of forceful subjection to ignorant and unreasonable standards and treatments, that some women are starting to sound a little like ignorant men. To say that women will do everything that men have in the past but better, is speculative at best. But the agenda is there, that women will, and should be, superior to men. I find this all very ironic. For example, to say that a female politician isn't as likely to plunge a nation into war... I don't think that has so much do with sex as much as being human. Why subject men to the same treatment that women have in the past? Is this about equality or revenge? I don't know. But as a male nurse, I can say that not every biased is towards women. Given women have had an extremely painful past, and have waited longer than any group of human beings to attain rights, and in some places still haven't. But be careful what you wish you, because maybe carrying a "traditional male role" isn't all its cracked up to be. Males can have difficulties with their traditional roles as well. It is typically harder for a males to attain full custody of a child, even when he has been proven to be a more reliable and loving parent. Men may also not be taken seriously when victimized in an abuse relationship. One last note, I'm not claiming to know what I'm talking about here, but just some food for thought, didn't mean to offend anyone. :)