Saturday, 24 July 2010

He protesteth too much I think!

Last night I did some random surfing on the net and came up with some very interesting threads.

There are abundant accounts of young males being beaten by girls and made to dress as girls as a punishment! Quite recent examples too, as recently as a few days ago in one case.

For example, a boy told a girl that girls were useless at computer games so the girl challenged this by challenging him to play a military tactical game with her. The girl won and said that as she had beaten him and he was therefore useless at playing computer games, by his own logic, he must therefore be a girl! So he had to dress as one.

There are endless tales of boys being beaten at basketball by their sisters or a member of the cheerleading squad and being punished by being made to wear the skimpy, revealing cheerleader costumes worn by the girls. One boy was told he would have to get a "shampoo and set" and the bewildered boy was asking on the net what this meant. A lot of girls delightedly mailed him back and told him in delicious detail what an experience he was in for!

One boy, beaten at basketball by a cheerleader who would have agreed to be his maid for a year (and he even made a point of showing her the maid's uniform she would have had to wear had she lost), wrote a plaintive e-mail and even set up a poll to ask if he should be made to wear the cheerleader's skimpy top and tiny skirt that was his punishment and wrote further e-mails bemoaning his fate. He had to wear the uniform and claimed it was humiliating.

To the humiliation of being beaten by a girl at a traditionally male activity goes the humiliation of being forced to wear girls' clothes as if to say you have been defeated by a "useless girl", so who is the "girl" now?

I suspect in all these cases, the boys did what I would have done in these situations and deliberately "threw the game" so that they would end up in girls' clothes! The young man who had to dress as a cheerleader protested a little too much for his "horror" at being made to dress as a girl to be convincing. I bet that, like me, they saw an opportunity to express their girly side and seized it with both hands!

In any event, it's good to see young males making sexist remarks and thinking girls are an easy win being put firmly in their place by girls! Keep it up, girls!, you're doing a great job of disabusing young males that they are in any way superior to a girl when the opposite is true! Girls Rock!


  1. Well, the higher girls rise, the lower boys fall.

  2. I think in many cases, the Young Girls before puberty can easily beat many of the boys without the boys "Throwing" the game. Even after puberty sets in, Girls become Weaker because they do not develop their strength and physical skills while boys do. Look at the young Tomboys, Most boys are Afraid of these if the Girls do not voluntarily become "Weaker", many woyuld Defeat males in Sports contests! Just look at Wrestling as an example when the weights are the same!

  3. Patti, I don't think physical strength is as big a factor as skill and experience, after all, women can play any sport a man can play despite typically being physically less powerful and can even beat him if she is the more skilled and experienced player. It's the fact that skill and experience are factors that makes the accounts above less credible. Girls aren't into computer games and even less into games about war - does it sound believeable that a girl playing a game she has never played before can beat a player with more experience? Is it credible that a member of the cheer squad who is physically fit admittedly but is not a regular basketball player can defeat a boy who plays more often? I think not! Either the girls were incredibly quick and smart or the boys threw the game because they wanted to be punished by girls! I think I know the answer.

    1. this is true when I was beaten by a female at kickboxing

  4. as i've said before the sexes are equal just differe while men normally are more physically strong and better at understanding and interpreting patterns which is why they excel at science and maths women make up for this in being generally stronger at the more creative and artististic skils and their patience and ablitity to stick at things longer. thats not to say that boys can't learn to be more artistic and girls become physically fitter. russels probaly right on this one the boys wanted to be beaten

  5. Children feel terrified when they are forced to dress as girls, with skirts and panties. Until now they have been the ones who sent, and to reaffirm it they raised the skirts to the girls to embarrass us. But when the boys are forced to wear skirts 👗, they know that the girls will want to see their panties.

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